tagNonHumanKiss of the Moon Ch. 10

Kiss of the Moon Ch. 10


Author's note: All characters and companies mentioned in this story have no existence outside the imagination of the author, and have no relation whatsoever to anyone or anything bearing the same name or names. Events portrayed in this story are pure invention and are not been based on any events that have happen in real life. All the characters involved in any sexual acts if their ages are not mentioned before hand; are over 18 years of age. Enjoy

Hi everyone,

Sorry about the long wait for this chapter but it is a heafty one at 28 pages. I hope you enjoy this chapter, and again all comments are welcome but please if you ask a question leave a way for me to get back to you. Anonymous feed back although welcomed it is impossible to answer the questions posed to me.

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Chapter 10

Amy's eyes shot open, "ROCKET," she warned.

Susan slammed on the breaks and turned the wheel hoping her actions would avoid connecting with the rocket. The rocket whizzed passed the front of the car and slammed into a parked car, where it exploded. The sounds of bullets striking the armour sounded much like hail stones striking a tin roof. Bullets lodged in the glass but didn't travel further as the glass was rated as bullet proof.

"Where are those shots coming from?" Sarge called into the cars' radio, "Susan get us moving find us a spot where we aren't so venerable."

"Rocket…reverse," Amy warned Susan.

Susan threw the car in reverse and narrowly avoided another rocket. People screamed and ran trying to get out of the way, as Susan threw the car back into drive and drove onto the pavement followed by the other car. She pulled on the wheel hard to negotiate the tight turn and shot out across an intersection and down a vacant bit of road. Sarge steadied Amy as she had slammed into him, as Susan took another hair tight bend at speed.

"Sorry should have warned you Susan's a mad driver," Sarge told her.

"Not as bad as Gillian," Alanna commented while looking behind them, "he just took out a fire hydrant and hot dog vender to make that turn."

Susan finally pulled over and was out of the car using the door to shield herself as she scanned the area. "Clear," she called out. Sarge hopped out and scanned the area his gun ready. They had only managed to get two blocks away but it was still far enough to regroup. They got out of their cars, and realized that any hope that Amy had been wrong was gone.

"How the hell did they know we were taking that route?" Mac demanded. He was shaken by the unexpected attack.

"They didn't, they probably had positioned ambush spots all over the place," Lock-heart told Mac.

Amy took several deep breaths and sat on a planter box, she quivered gently.

Susan knelt before Amy, "You okay?"

Amy shrugged.

"It's okay. Just take a few moments," Susan told her then she got up and walked over the Alanna to check that she was okay.

Amy's senses started to scream at her, "Get down," she called out but she knew she was too late in reacting.

The exploding car near them sent them all flying.


"Amy," a voice called.

Amy groaned in response.

"Over here," Gillian called, "Drifter, give me a hand."

"We'll cover you," Sarge called out.

Amy felt whatever was holding her down being lifted and tossed aside, she then felt Susan roll her over carefully knowing she could have suffered spinal damage. Susan grabbed the piece of shrapnel lodged in Amy's throat and she yanked it out, tossed it away and held the wound closed for several moments allowing the wound to knit together.

"What happened?" Amy asked slowly getting her bearings.

"Pipe bombs were set off, we just happened to be close to one," Susan told her. "I love these bomber jackets. Saved my life. Can you move on your own?" Susan asked.

"Yes," Amy replied as Susan pulled her to her feet.

"I see I still got that piece of shrapnel in my neck," Amy said to herself, "We have to go."

"Danger?" Sarge asked.

"Not yet but I'm getting a serious case of déjà vu," Amy commented.

Amy's phone went off, it was an almost alien noise after the gunfire and explosions. Amy dug her phone out of her pocket, flipped it open, and put it to her ear, "Amy speaking."


Amy quickly hung up knowing mobiles could be tracked and crushed her phone in her hands, breaking the signal so that whoever was trying to keep track of her failed.

"Definitely need to go NOW."

Everyone nodded.

"Lets head back," Amy suggested as she started to move in the direction she felt compelled to go.

Sarge stopped her, "Wait, you want to head back to the fighting?"

Amy nodded, "No one will expect us to go back."

"My team and I are meant to protect you. Heading back to the fighting could get you captured," he retorted.

"Bob told you to follow my orders," Amy reminded him.

"The President told us to protect you," Sarge retorted.

Susan sat forward, "Sarge… she's immortal, can physically teleport herself out of captivity and she can take a whole heap of damage before blacking out. The president doesn't know what we know. He hasn't seen what we have."

"Look," Amy said interrupting, "A whole heap of innocent people are going to be killed if we don't contain this and all of them human. Last time it was about getting me to the president this time it's about us making a stand and fighting, so that we can limit the damage these fools do," Amy told him.

Sarge sighed; he couldn't fight that kind of reasoning. He nodded, "Okay, we fight. You're the boss lady."

Amy gave him the finger and he chuckled.

Amy's senses grumbled, "Take cover," she warned.

Everyone followed Amy behind a car. The shock wave blew smoke into their faces and she coughed, as everyone turned to her.

"What was that?" Alanna asked.

"The fates must have really hated that building," Amy answered.

Everyone chuckled.

Sarge cleared his throat, "Out of the frying pan," he said. "All right standard Alpha lets move," he ordered.

Everyone paired up, one Were to one Marine except for Alanna who was paired with Amy. Sarge pulled out his map of the city.

"Where's the fighting at?" He asked the Were knowing they would be able to pinpoint the fighting he could barely hear. They all pointed to the nearest fighting three blocks over. "Okay we'll go left follow down two blocks and head to the square." Sarge folded his map and hung it back around his neck. "Mac, Drifter you're my point men, Lock-heart and Gillian your eyes are up, I want to know if there are snipers before Amy warns us. Sammy I want you watching my back, we're taking rear, Amy, Alanna you're after Lock-heart and Gillian, Sienna and Susan your after Amy and Alanna."

Everyone nodded and started to move. They all got to the corner of the building they were to turn left down. They were walking in order of who would go around the corner. As Mac and Drifter went around the corner they kept low as they ran for the cover of the closest car. Lock -heart and Susan covered them as they secured their spot. Lock-heart was already searching for snipers, knowing one decent shot could kill his team mates. Gillian and Lock-heart were next out choosing a different car to take cover behind. They were quickly followed by Amy and Alanna, who decided to take cover with Gillian and Lock-heart.

Sienna and Susan were next out choosing a car further up than the others. Sarge and Sammy were the last out; they took their cover with Sienna and Susan. Sarge turned to Mac and Drifter, he pointed to his eyes then to the nearest corner, then left and right. Mac nodded and touched Drifter. Drifter nodded, they ran to opposite corners, and pressed their backs to the walls then quickly glanced around to make sure the coast was clear. They both turned to Sarge and gestured okay.

Sarge quickly double-checked his map and where the nearest fighting was. He pointed to Drifter and flicked his hand, Drifter had to get back to Mac before he would okay the next move. Drifter nodded and quickly dashed back to Mac. Sarge knew this slow progress was cumbersome but it would keep the human side of the team alive. He raised his hand and made a throwing motion that meant move forward.

They managed to go a block and a half before Amy's senses roared. She got to her feet and managed to do a belly slide across the bonnet of the car she was crouched behind, as bullets landed where she had been only moments before. Sarge and Sammy turned from their vantage spot and Sarge went to pull his gun up and fire but Sammy picked him up by his belt and threw him back. Sarge slid across the boot of the car and landed on his back, he rolled over to be protected by the wheel.

Sammy followed him taking several shots in the back. Sienna spotted a man trying to get close enough to get a clear shot at them. She shifted into hybrid form and went after him, she took bullets as if they were paintball pellets, not flinching; they were merely a nuisance like mozzie bites. Drifter joined Amy and Alanna and he pushed the car they were hiding behind so it cut the road in half crossways giving them better cover. He turned the car onto its side preventing people from shooting under the car. Alanna and Amy moved another car parallel to the one already turned and turned it on it's side giving them more cover.

Sienna joined them shifting back into her human form coughing as a bullet had lodged into a lung. Blood covered her hands but everyone ignored it as Susan quickly started pulling slugs from Sienna's chest.

Mac joined them, "We're being boxed in. They are coming in from both sides," he yelled over the gunfire.

Susan turned to Amy, "Do something, don't you have a super bad arse hybrid form like them?" She asked.

"How many times do I have to tell you, I'm Ancient, not Were. Granted I have a Were form and some Were characteristics but I have no fucking idea if I even have a Hybrid form," Amy said angrily.

"Ask Alanna then," Susan retorted.

"Na-ah… I'm not sixteen yet, I'm forbidden to use my hybrid form," Alanna retorted. The others quickly joined them.

"I got four," Mac declared.

"I got two," Drifter added.

"I got three," Sarge supplied.

"And I got one that makes ten," Sienna slid in as Susan removed the last bullet.

Alanna started pulling bullets from Sammy's back so the holes could heal cleanly. "I counted twenty two so we have another twelve to stop before we can move on," Alanna added.

Susan moved to Gillian and removed a bullet from his neck.

"Rocket," Amy yelled.

Everyone glanced for a safe place to take cover but there were none. They were hiding between two cars that could be filled with petrol and they could do nothing but hope the idiot wielding the rocket launcher was a bad shot.

Alanna knew that a direct hit to any of the cars would be a lethal one for the humans. Alanna focused for a moment, she ignored the fact that she had never done anything so big before. The rocket bounced off an invisible shield, over their heads and into the car some of the enemy were using for cover where it exploded taking out at least another five maybe six men.

Everyone turned to Amy suspecting her to be the source of the rockets odd behaviour.

"Not me… that was not me," Amy told them.

Alanna panted gently as she released the shield.

"It was you?" Amy partially asked and partially accused Alanna.

Alanna nodded and sipped some water. "I've never done anything so big before. I only started to realise I could cast shields about 2 months ago. It started small, stopping a water bomb, but I've been working on it."

"A handy talent," Drifter stated.

Everyone nodded.

"Are you good?" Amy asked.

Alanna thought about it, surprisingly she felt more than okay, "Yes, but I don't know how often I can cast such large shields, before it tires me," she told them.

"Then save them for emergencies," Amy told her.

"Did that count?" Alanna asked with a smirk hoping to lighten the mood a little.

"YES!" Everyone told her.

Alanna chuckled as she watched some of them roll their eyes.

Sienna, how do you summon your hybrid form? Amy asked.

Sienna frowned, Amy you aren't meant to learn that for another year. You are meant to be completely comfortable with your straight animal form, it's tendencies and cravings before mixing your human side with your animal side, Sienna told her.

I understand that but I need to know now Sienna. Anything could happen, and I may need it, Amy retorted.

Amy we don't even know if you have a hybrid form, not every Were does and you're not completely Were, Gillian told her, and if you do have a hybrid form we have no idea what you are capable in that form. You could be a danger to everyone around you, Human, Were and Other.

Amy sighed, I know but in cat form I have no control, it's all instinct and what the cat can be bothered to do. I'm useless to you, Amy retorted.

Gillian sighed, Amy was always right, how many times in the past had he said that. Alanna you're allowed to shift into your hybrid form, I know you've been practising with your age mates.

Alanna nodded.

Sienna moved to sit next Amy, "It's going to be difficult, the first time always is. What you have to do is when you let your beast come forward you have to grab it with your human side and mesh them together, don't let go. The beast side will fight it, but you have to hold on. Once it happens the first time, you have it for life and the beast will accept the sharing."

"From there your body will obey both, when it shifts and you will have your hybrid body. Which side is in control can vary, sometimes the beast will be in control, other times you will. It all depends on how much each side wants to be in control," Gillian told her.

Sammy grabbed Amy's shoulder, "But do this only in a dire emergency Amy. After your first turn you could barely move. We don't know how your body will react to the hybrid form. We can't afford for you to be out for the count the moment you take back your human form," Sammy added hoping her Alpha would listen to them.

"And before you say anything we are a good hour from the nearest Ley line crossing. I had Taliesin and Mryddin check yesterday," Drifter tacked on.

"Okay but I still needed to know," Amy retorted.

"Emergency only Amy. Wolfgang will mount our hides if you are captured because we gave you the wrong advice," Gillian said, trying to make her know why they were preaching caution.

Amy nodded her acceptance.

"Lets do some cleaning," Sienna said aside to Sammy and Alanna.

They smirked and nodded knowing what Sienna had in mind.

"Count me in," Amy said.

Before anyone could stop them all four women were around the other side of the car they were using for cover and charging at the last group.

The men fired their guns aimlessly into the women; Amy took four to her chest before she reached the closest of the gunmen. He fired another shot point blank into Amy's chest. She didn't move or fall down just arched an eyebrow and tore the riffle from his hands.

Amy decided to give him a chance to surrender, as he barely looked old enough to drink. He fumbled for his side arm. Amy sighed and moved, to him her movements were almost too fast to follow, but to Amy it seemed like she was moving at a snails pace. She reached up slowly, with regret in her eyes as his locked with hers. Her hands cupped his face as fear flashed in his eyes.

Amy jerked his head to the side in a blur snapping his neck; she gently lowered him to the ground remembering that this is was someone's son.

"Die daemon bitch," was yelled at Amy as cold metal touched her right temple.

Amy moved, quick as lightening, and swatted the gun from his hand. She stood and grabbed his wrists applying pressure that would have even Wolfgang in immense pain.

Amy's eyes opened in surprise as she studied the man who had tried to lodge a bullet in her skull. She had remembered his voice from her hop, remembered the venomous tone he had used shouting out that same sentence, but she hadn't had a chance to meet him. By the time she came around Wolfgang had beaten him to death, badly enough that he was unrecognizable.

"Now Father, what ever happened to brotherly love and the love for all of gods creatures?" Amy mocked.

The man wore fatigues and was covered with weapons, but he also wore a collar. Amy couldn't tell exactly which faith but she was pretty sure he was either Catholic or Christian. He started to sweat as the pain of her grip got to him. Amy loosened it slightly compensating for the fact he was human.

"You are not of gods creatures," he sprouted as if commencing a sermon.

"If god in his infallible wisdom created everything, that means he created us. We were created for a reason. There is no hell mister Preacher man, no daemons, no fiery abyss; humans have created this fictional world to build morals, to keep your species from being nothing more than rutting animals. All in the justification of a god who doesn't give a flying fuck," Amy told him solemnly.

She walked him to the nearest street sign. Drifter helped her bend the sign around his body and arms to keep him put until he could be arrested and charged with hate crimes. They did the same to whoever else they had managed to subdue.

"Spawn of Satan I smite you," he sprouted after long moments of silence. Amy's little spiel had rocked him slightly, he wondered for a brief moment if she was right then quickly dismissed her ideas.

"Shut him up," Amy growled.

Alanna pulled his shoes off, slipped his socks off his feet. She pulled a face, balled one of the socks up and jammed it into his mouth. She then sliced his other sock down the sides until she go to the toe and use that to tie the gag in place.

Sienna started to remove his weapons.

"Don't bother, suicide is a mortal sin, he'll go to hell if he kills himself," Amy told her. Sienna glared at him and took his guns but left him a knife, as it wouldn't be able to free him.

"He could still hurt someone," Sienna told Amy.

Alanna studied him for a moment, "If you are the righteous ones, if your cause is the cause of god, why hasn't your god stuck us down? Why hasn't he freed you to continue on his crusade?" Alanna asked, trying to reason with him.

He glared at Alanna with utter loathing in his eyes.

Alanna sighed, she was saddened by his attitude; she had done nothing to him to warrant such animosity. "Face facts preacher… he or she created us all and he or she wants us to live together or we never would have been created to be so diverse. You can either step into the twenty first century and join us because we will win, or you can take your knife and end your life. Your choice," she told him as she walked away from him.

"Line up you four…" Sarge said loudly. He glared at the four women in turn, as Susan started to pull fragments of bullets out of Alanna's chest. "What do you think you were doing?" He demanded, "We are a team," he continued before they could answer, "We move as a team, work as a team. I want no more rogue behaviour, it was reckless and put the team in danger," he berated them.

He took a deep breath and glared at them one at a time, "Well?" He asked wanting an explanation or a response from them.

They said nothing. They knew they had caused him a fright but they had gotten the job done.

Sarge turned to Amy, "I expect better from you Amy…" he began.

"Sarge, no offence or anything but I'm not some pussy footed diplomat. I'm an Alpha and I'm more capable of taking care of myself then you are," Amy told him, "Now stop trying to wrap me in cotton wool and treat me like an actual member of this team," Amy demanded.

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