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Kiss of the Spider Woman


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Sylvia pulled to a stop in the driveway of a comfortably old, but well-maintained farmhouse just as her graduate advisor was coming out the kitchen door. She got out of the car and waved, "Hey, Professor Phillips."

"Hey, Sylvia, what brings you out here on so early on a Saturday?"

The student hung her head and got in step with her mentor. "I broke up with Will last night and needed to talk about it, if it's okay?"

"Sure, come on out to the barn. I've got some stock tending to do and we can gab while I feed the beasties. So you dumped William, huh? I thought you two were about to become a serious item."

Sylvia swung her bag back over her shoulder and shook out her hair. "So did I, kind of. I mean, he finally asked if I wanted to move in with him and I had been thinking about it. I went over to his place to tell him 'yes' but when I got there he had about eight of his friends in the living room. They were watching The Social Network on DVD for about the seventy-fifth time. I looked around and realized that if I let Will move in with me I'd have all his Star Wars posters and figurines, his beer can collection and the World of Warcraft perpetually on my computer. That's when I decided that no matter how sweet he can be I was not going to live with such a slacker dude."

Angela Phillips nodded gravely in agreement. "I understand completely. Here I am, a tenured professor at thirty-five, with no inclination to have anything to do with men my own age. It's sad, really."

"It is! I don't know whether to enter a convent, try other women or restrict my dating to men over forty."

"There's nothing wrong with either other women or men over forty, Sylvia. I've enjoyed both, occasionally at the same time."

She opened the door to the barn. To Sylvia's surprise the interior held no horses, goats or sheep. Instead there were terrariums stacked high and the atmosphere was damp and warm, much warmer than the April outside. Inside each glass box was an enormous, hairy spider. At their entrance, many of the monstrous forms lifted their gross bodies high and raised their four front legs threateningly.

"Ewww! Professor Phillips, what are those? They're horrible."

"Phoneutria nigriventer, Sylvia, they're also known as the banana spider, wandering spider or, as I prefer to call them, the Brazilian hard-on spider."

Sylvia shook her head at the answer and slowly turned to her advisor, "Brazilian hard-on spider? Okay, do I really want to know about this?"

Angie laughed. She filled a box with live crickets, picked up a set of forceps and went about dropping an insect into each spider's lair. As the crickets fell into the terrariums the spiders leaped onto them and bit. Instantly the cricket succumbed and was soon reduced to a dry husk as the predatory arachnid drained its vital fluids.

Sylvia was puzzled. "You keep spiders as pets?"

"Not pets, honey, research subjects."

Sylvia slapped herself on the forehead, "Of course! Many important pharmaceuticals come from natural sources. I presume these nasty looking things have nasty venom?"

Professor Phillips nodded gravely. "It's the arachnid world's worst. Fortunately they most often bite without envenomation and since 1996 there has been effective anti-venom available so no deaths have been reported since then. However, from the pharmacological standpoint they are very, very interesting. Do you know that every adult male who has ever been bitten by one of these has had a very hard, two hour erection?"

"No!" Sylvia's face went from amazement to realization to glee in the space of seconds, "Two hours?"

"Mm-hmm, and the specific toxin has been identified; a peptide called Tx2-6 causes it. The first person who tames the peptide and makes it a treatment for erectile dysfunction will make a fortune."

"And how close are you?"

Professor Phillips answer came out of the kind of smile you get from your cat after it eats your canary. "I've already done it. Better yet, I've figured out how to administer it through nasal spray instead of injection. All I need now is human trials and FDA approval. Want to come along?"

"Come along, where?"

The older woman put the remaining crickets back in their pen and walked her student over to a couple of butterfly chairs. She filled two mugs with coffee, handed one to Sylvia and settled back. "Sylvia, do you know Konrad and Melissa Koenig? He teaches evolutionary theory. " "Oh, yes! Such a dear sweet man—and Ms. Koenig is so funny."

"She is, and quite passionate, too. I've been in a stable relationship with them for about a year and half. Unfortunately, poor Konrad has ED and really can't join into our play the way he—and we—would like. They were married on the very first Earth Day clear back in 1970, so with it coming up again next week, Melissa and I thought that my new compound would make a wonderful anniversary present. We're going to abduct Konrad, give him this stuff and have our way with him. Like I said, want to come along?"

"Come along as what, an official observer or something?"

Angie sniggered, "No, as part of their anniversary present. Both Dr. and Ms. Koenig would be delighted to enjoy your body, young lady. And so would I, for that matter. But it's your choice."

Sylvia was stunned. Never in her life had she been propositioned so baldly and never before had she been propositioned by a woman. She had been joking when she mentioned trying woman because young men were getting on her last nerve—at least she thought she was. But there was a steamy, predatory gleam in her advisor's eye that spoke of unbridled lust and nameless, decadent delights.

"Let me get this straight. You and Ms. Koenig are going to abduct Professor Koenig, take him somewhere, give him this—this Tx2-6 derivative and then you want to hand me to him? So he can celebrate his new virility with a woman young enough to be his—his granddaughter?"

"Got it in one, Sylvia, plus when he's had plenty of fun with you, Missy and I will take turns entertaining him and being entertained by you. You get to play the sex toy in this scenario, girl. Believe me it will give you a whole new viewpoint. Like I told you, I know from experience there's much to be said for other women and men over forty. What have you got to lose?"

"I—I've never been in a top/bottom relationship. All the guys I've hooked up with—we just jumped into bed and fucked. Is it really better?"

"For some of us it's as hot as it gets. Usually I'm the top. You'll do what I say and like it! And you will. But every now and again I get topped. It's great to be down on my knees sucking and licking then get bent over a table and fucked 'til I scream. Not everyone agrees. But there's only one way to find out, you know."

Shakily Sylvia reached into her bag and pulled out her cell phone. She thumbed through the apps until she came to the calendar.

"The twenty-second, well, Will and I were supposed to be going to the local comicon but that's off. Mid-terms are over so I don't have the need to spend the entire weekend studying or writing. You said that you were in a stable relationship with the Koenigs?"

"I am."

"What if he decides he wants to keep me?"

"Have you been reading the Sleeping Beauty trilogy or something? That's the wrong question. It's 'what if we decide we want to keep you?' and the answer is it depends on whether or not you want to be kept. Either way it has no affect on my being your advisor. We keep school and—uh, playground completely separate, understand?"

"Oh, good, that was going to be my next question. I only call you Angie when we're off campus?" "You can call me Angie anywhere."


Sylvia opened the hotel suite door and stepped inside. The bedroom to the left is yours . . . Okay, that's this one. She went inside, closed the door behind her and put the tote bag Angie had given her on the bed. Dumping it out, she looked over the contents. An ornate incense burner and several cones of incense caught her eye. She put it on the dresser, mounted a cone in it and lit a match. When the top of the cone glowed and began to smoke she blew out the match and discarded it. Next there were some small red light bulbs. She had been told to replace all the lamp lights with them, so she did. There was a large squeeze bottle of moisturizing cream but that would have to wait until she showered and there was an atomizer. The perfume, she was told, had been carefully matched to compliment the incense so she set it on the dresser next to the burner. And lastly there was the vibrator. There was nothing left to do now but strip, shower and prepare herself.

As she dried herself she looked in the full length mirror. Her long, stringy pony tail was gone, replaced with a short, but sexy shag cut and her whole body was bare and smooth. The full Brazilian waxing two days ago had hurt but now that the irritation was gone Sylvia had to admit that she looked pretty good that way. Maybe she should keep it up.

A whole body treatment with the moisturizing cream left her soft and even smoother. She completed her new look with just a little eye makeup and lipstick then padded back to the bedroom. Two squirts into the air with the atomizer and a quick pirouette through the mist finished the business, now to get serious.

"Sylvia," Angie had said, "I'm giving Konny a dose that's a little stronger than the one I expect to commercialize. He isn't going to be in any mood for foreplay so you need to be hot and ready when we open the door. I'm giving you this vibrator to get warmed up for him. Use it well."

The young woman started the device on low and ran it around her nipples. They stood to attention in appreciation. She sighed softly. She ran the vibrator around each breast and then slid it down her body. She rolled up on one side, caressed her buttocks with it and began to smile as she hummed to herself. Angie said they'd be here at ten. That's half an hour away. I wonder how many orgasms I can have in thirty minutes...


Konrad Koenig was warming to his task. Richard Dawkins' most recent book had offended him from several standpoints and the review he had been commissioned to write would blister paint when he finished. It was bad enough that the two of them disagreed vehemently over Darwinian interpretation but what really set Professor Koenig's teeth on edge was Dawkins' sanctimoniousness. Coming from an atheist, it was creepy.

He was so intent on his writing he didn't hear his wife enter the study until she bent over and whispered in his ear, "Happy anniversary, honey," and slipped a black sack over his head. As he yelped in protest, Angie grabbed his wrists and cuffed them together.

"Dawkins can wait, baby," Angie said through her smile, "but we can't. We're all going out together for the day and Missy and I have a big surprise for you. Now be good and play along so you can be naughty."

They guided him out to the garage and helped him into the back seat. Melissa sat next to him and as Angie started the engine, removed the hood. "What are you two . . .?"

"We're abducting you, sweetie. Now I'm going to replace that hood with these opaque glasses. You don't get to see anything until I take them off again, okay?"

Professor Koenig mumbled grudging assent. He had been somewhat out of sorts all morning and the opportunity to vent his spleen on the keyboard was not something he wanted to give up. But being out-numbered and already headed down the street, there was nothing for him to do but go with whatever flow the two women in his life decreed. Then his wife's hand gently took his chin. "Konny, I want you to take a deep sniff. Ready, Now!"

Konrad inhaled deeply and then tentatively sniffed again. The mist had no smell but it gave him an odd tingling sensation in his nasal passages. "Melissa, what in Hell was that stuff?"

His wife giggled softly. "It's part of your anniversary present, honey. Now just sit back and relax. We have a little ways to go, yet."


After five orgasms, Sylvia turned the vibrator back down as far as it would go. Whenever the others showed up, she would be ready. Reaching over to the night stand, she took a hand mirror off and held it between her thighs. Her labia were puffed up and dark pink. With no hair covering them the effect was even hotter than she imagined. As well, she was wet and glistening, the slick lubricating secretions giving her sex a shine that she was sure would hit Konrad Koenig right where he lived. I hope that stuff is as good as Angie thinks it is. I really, really need a hard cock inside me. I just hope he doesn't have a heart attack or something . . .


The desk clerk at the Hyatt looked up to see a distinguished looking couple enter the lobby. The man had dark glasses on and carried a white cane but wasn't using it. Instead he had his hand on his wife's arm, following her lead through the room to the elevators. What most struck the gay young man was the very serious bulge in the gentleman's trousers. He didn't resent the woman for her anticipatory smile but having not gotten laid in a week, he was a bit jealous. and he's blind, too. Kinky!

When the Koenigs got to the room, Konrad removed his glasses with one hand and grabbed his wife's butt with the other.

"Oh no, you don't," she said with a grin, "You get to play with me later. Right now all you do is get out of those clothes."

As she undid his belt and pushed his trousers and boxers down, the sight of his erection made her pause. It was as though the previous forty years had never passed. Even a horndog teenage athlete would have been hard pressed to match it. The helmet shown a deep purple, the veins bulged and it stood up steeply, quivering. She whistled.

"Yeah," Konrad mumbled, "Whatever is in that nasal spray makes Viagra look like a placebo; is it something Angie whipped up?"

"It is. And it will take the world by storm. Oh, hi again, Angie. Just look at this."

Dr. Phillips leered, "And to think it's all for us—afterward, that is. Right now," she opened the door to Sylvia's bedroom, "it's all for her. Happy anniversary, Konrad, my love, just look what we've got for you."

Before he say anything, the women pushed Konrad into the room as Sylvia spread her knees, lifted her pelvis and reached out her arms. "Hi, Professor K, come and get your present, you know you want it!"

It was the final straw. His bad humor had been cheerfully ignored, his spite interrupted, his freedom curtailed and his dignity bruised. Besides, he was hornier than he'd been in years and a pretty woman was tempting him. With an agonized snarl, Konrad threw himself on the bed and onto Sylvia. He entered her with a grunt and enough force to make her squeak and settled down to pound her into the mattress. She dug her nails into his back, crying out in heated passion.

The other two women looked on approvingly. "Wow, it looks like we are in for it, aren't we? You're sure he won't just shoot his load into her and fall asleep?"

"Not a chance. My experimental mice get so hard they can't ejaculate until they're almost exhausted. I think the same will apply to Konny. We have plenty of time to play while he does her." She unzipped her velvet jumpsuit and dropped it on the carpet.

"Naughty Angela, going around all commando like that," Melissa commented at her lover's naked body. In response she quickly tossed her suit coat aside and undid the fastenings on her skirt. Angela stuck the tip of her tongue out lasciviously and went into the other bedroom. She pulled open a dresser drawer, withdrew a thigh band with a large, realistic dildo attached and strapped it on her leg. As Melissa entered, Angie tossed her a strap on dildo.

"I have every reason to believe we have about two hours but I can't be sure. I'm setting the timer for thirty minutes. I'll go pull Konrad off her and take her place so you can play with the little sweetie. Give her another half hour and then he's all yours."

She tried to continue but Melissa's mouth muffled her words and her probing tongue disconnected Angie's brain. Whatever she was going to say was far less important than the woman in her arms who dragged her down onto the waiting bed. When the kiss finally ended Angela rolled over on top of her lover and ran her tongue around the stiff nipples.

"Mmm," Melissa sighed, "baby, you're going to put me in a quandary. With hubby all powered back up again deciding which of you to spread for will be difficult."

Angie came up for air. "No it won't. We'll just put you between us. You can eat me while he fucks you or I can fuck you while he buggers you—or me, for that matter. Threesomes are hot!"

"I'm looking forward to one already."

While the happy scene played out in the next room, Konrad Koenig finally got himself back under control. He looked down at the young face beneath him and without missing a stroke asked "Sylvia, what are you doing here?"

"Mmmm, I appear to be getting fucked."

"Smart ass—smart very pretty and wiggly ass, actually. What I meant was 'why are you here'?" Sylvia closed her eyes, arched her back and cried out. After stretching out the orgasm as long as she could, she said, between pants, "Angie told me about her new drug and wanted to know if I would to be part of the first human trial. I like you a lot and I was pissed off with my ex-boyfriend so I decided to see if all those things I've hear about older men are true. And believe, me, Dr. K., they are. There is definitely fire in the furnace."

Konrad withdrew and rolled over to sit on the edge of the bed. He pulled Sylvia to him and she straddled his lap, grinding herself on his still solid hard-on. She put her arms around his neck and rubbed her face against his, cooing and humming. And that was the scene Angela saw when she entered the room a half hour later.

She stood silently in the door for a moment and then gestured to Melissa and pointed. It was an 'Awwwww' moment.

"Do you think she's really going to go along with being had by another woman?" Melissa whispered. "The pretty thing looks so happy where she is."

"One does not expand one's horizons by sitting in one place," Angela replied pedantically, "I'll go 'cut in' and send her over to you. Maybe that position is good for her."

A hand on her shoulder made Sylvia look up, directly at the bare breast of her graduate advisor.

"You two dance divinely," Angela whispered with a grin, "but may I cut in?"

Sylvia pouted. "Is it time to switch already?"

"It is. And you are waited for." Angie pointed toward the door where Melissa stood, hands on hips, with a large purple dildo protruding from her crotch.

The silver haired woman lifted her chin and looked out seductively through lowered eyelids. "My dear husband has enjoyed your company I'm sure, young lady, but it's my turn to sample your wares. Come along, dear, while Angie takes her turn on the vintage stud. After all, it's her work that made this all possible."

Sylvia got off Konrad's lap, reluctantly. As she approached Ms. Koening she remarked with a shy look, "I've never been with a woman before."

"So I hear. But about ten years ago I could have said the same thing and all I can say now is there's a first time for everything. I'm actually sorry that I waited so long. At least you're finding out with a whole life ahead of you." She took Sylvia in her arms. Pressing breast to breast and squeezing the girl's butt she pulled her to her mouth and kissed her deeply. Sylvia could feel the lifelike silicone pressing against her belly and smelled Melissa's desire. Being kissed by a horny woman was different, she thought. When a guy kissed her he was penetrating, intrusive but this kiss enveloped her, pulled her in. Melissa was dominating submissively. It was an interesting sensation. When the kiss finally broke, Sylvia groggily looked back to see Konrad on his back being vigorously ridden. Then Melissa pulled her across the hall and into the other bedroom. Sylvia crawled up onto the bed but before she could roll on to her back she felt a hand on each hip.

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