Kiss of the Sun


By Friday of that week, Dana asked Lilly to close the shop so she could go out on a date with a new guy. A chatty customer kept Lilly there until after six, when she was finally able to make the trip over to the property as she did every day. It had become a habit for her, to see the crews and talk with whomever she could. They had become familiar and part of a routine that was beginning to mean a lot to her. When she pulled the little car to a stop, all the trucks were gone. A sadness crept through her as she got out and walked up to the house.

It really was beginning to look like an actual place that one could live in. The wood frames were up and to her surprise, the crew had filled them in during the day. Walking over to the tent that was set up for the crews to look over the plans, Lilly smiled at the flower that rested in the corner. One of the guys had left a coffee mug out on the table, out of habit she had taken the mug to the water hose and cleaned it out. Wild flowers surrounded the property and rather than turning the mug over to be used the following day, she pulled some flowers from the soil and put them in the mug. Just the sight of the flowers that were still there warmed her.

"So are you going to avoid me for another week?"

She hadn't heard him drive up, and turned to face the man with the golden voice. "I should be asking you the same thing, Jason." Even with the light shade from a cloud overhead, Jason looked as handsome as ever. A day's worth of stubble covered his jaw making him look like a rugged man running from the law. Only this law-abiding gentleman was as cool as ever.

"Lilly." His voice was gentile as he walked over to her. "We've seen each other practically every day, I wanted to give you space."

"Space for what?"

"For starters, you were looking for an apartment. Finding a place to live is more important than me harassing you."

She smiled, "I like your harassing."

He ran a knuckle along her neck and spoke gruffly. "I do too. Would you like to see what all they did today? You seem to have become our non-governmental inspector."

Nodding, she followed him into the house to look around. The orange sarong she'd turned into a skirt fluffed out with each gust of wind. Because there were still beams exposed, both wore hard hats. Several of the soon-to-be walls were tagged and marked with red pen. Lilly stopped at the back of the house and lost her breath.

"That is an impressive view."

Jason came up behind her, "We looked over the plans and were able to extend the window by four inches, to give the best view possible."

"It's breathtaking." Lilly couldn't take the fluttering in her belly and moved away from the window. Whether it was to get away from the powerful scent from Jason or escape the view she couldn't tell.

The heat hovered in between the wood boards, and made Lilly flush. Her skin was beginning to perspire so rather than soak through the knit white tank, she went back outside.

"Are you hungry?"

"Looking for another dinner date?"

"Maybe. You didn't like the first?"

She looked up into his eyes and spoke the truth. "I liked it a little too much."

"Come on. I picked up some ahi yesterday and haven't grilled it yet."

Secretly she had hoped Jason would be there that night, openly she was more than glad to hear his voice. The sound alone turned made her insides liquefy, causing her to forget rhyme or reason. Had she been avoiding him on some unknown level? She hated to admit that her nerves had kicked into high gear with each trip out to the site. Through the meal, she found out that he had been working on signing another housing project. She told him about her experience of doing a drive by in what he described as the 'seedier' side of town. Now seated on the back deck, she watched as Jason cleared the table. He had seared the tuna to perfection and served it on a bed of mixed greens with thinly sliced cucumbers. She felt the unmistakable heat from something and tasted wasabi on her lips as she licked them. Jason watched as she ran a finger over the wet path.

Shaking her head at his open perusal, she dropped her voice. "How's the dinner date going?"

"I thought it was two people having a friendly evening. But so far so good."

"Good can always be better." Following her instincts, Lilly stood up and moved into the house. Because of the layout, part of the sectional couch blocked the view from the bay window. Lilly chose to sit on the far end and scooted her feet beneath her. The air inside of the house was much cooler, and she didn't fail to notice that Jason had undone a button at the base of his neck. Even though they sat close to each other, Jason kept some distance and sipped the chilled wine. Before, she had always been timid with men, especially around boyfriends, but he was different. With him she wanted to explore, and in that kiss they shared—it made her believe he wanted to too.

Jason rolled his head to the back of the couch. "You're not making this very easy."

"I'm not trying to do anything."

He looked over at her with knowing eyes, reading right through her charade. Placing the goblet on the end-table, Jason used his other free hand and cupped the side of Lilly's face with his palm. His thumb stroked her cheek that was warmed from the wine. Jason searchingly gazed into her eyes before dropping his lips to hers, sealing them together. A light moan rippled from her mouth to his as he eased his tongue across the bow. Gripping his arm, she dug her nails into the taut skin as he began to devour her mouth.

From their kiss, she could taste the sweetness of the wine and feel the thickness of his tongue as it delved farther. Jason's hands plowed through Lilly's hair, holding her head in place as their kiss turned fervent with need. A low guttural moan erupted from his mouth when they finally pulled away. Lilly's heart was beating so fast she placed a hand over her heart and the other over her mouth to stifle a laugh, and savor the vibration from his moan.

His growing arousal was hard and ready, a full bulge pressing against the thick denim urging to break out. Even though the pressure was there, he remained still, trying to catch his own breath. Not wanting to lose the momentum of the moment, Lilly lowered a hand and lightly stroked Jason's as he held onto her side. Passion and excitement from the barest of grazes clouded all judgment, causing goose bumps to run up his blazing skin. The heat around them was so thick neither could deny it any more. Leaning down, Jason captured her mouth for another passionate kiss. As their tongues tangled and intertwined, their fingers stroked each other's. Desire curbed any rational thinking, and she began mumbling little love words into Jason's mouth. Love words of wonder about him, asking him to take her to bed and sweet words instigating him to make the move.

Nearly crumbling from such raw need, he pulled away and stood up. Through a lust-filled fog Lilly looked up at him and accepted his hand as he extended it out to her. Their heavy breaths filled the hallway as they walked toward the master bedroom. Normally she would have taken a closer look and paid attention to his plain bedspread, the dresser that had a major chip at the side and the pink blinds. The loud beating of her heart changed her usually astute focus and made her feel drunk, intoxicated by a sea of sensations that was exploding like little firecrackers.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" His voice barely cut through the loud pounding in her head.

For an instant she wasn't sure she could answer him, but as he stood there ready and proud, with her own body actively responding—she was more than sure. "Yes, are you?"

Kissing the corner of her mouth, he lingered a second longer before speaking huskily. "I've never been more sure."

With deft fingers, Jason slowly peeled the flimsy tank top over Lilly's head and got his first glance at her splendor. He stood in awe as her small breasts rose and fell with each exhale. Placing a hand at the slope, he stroked lightly to get familiar with her body's responses. Lilly in turn rocked her body against his in approval, grinding into his arousal as it twitched inside of his jeans.

"Please, Jason."

He spoke against her open mouth. "What do you want?"

In short frenzied pants, she murmured, "I want please me."

A devil's laugh rolled from his lips, rumbling against hers. "Oh I will, I promise you."

Lilly fell back onto the bed and watched as Jason slowly unbuttoned her shorts and dragged them down her slender legs. She lay in her underwear feeling completely aware of herself, even as he was still fully dressed. Reaching for his belt loops, she tugged on one forcing him to lean down. Looking directly into his eyes she undid his jeans and rolled them down his sturdy hips. Her nails tickled the firm skin inch by inch until he shucked the material off. Impatiently, he tore the shirt over his head and let it fall to the floor. At the sight of the full shape of him, her fingers trembled at the tops of his boxers. Taking a shaky breath, she lowered the cotton only to have his arousal spring forward.

Nerves settled into her bones, but stilled as Jason's fingers tenderly ran along her shivering skin. He must have sensed the shift and rather than ravishing her, he moved slower. Dropping soft lips to the back of her knees, he left a licentious torment in its path. With each tender kiss, her body shook and quivered. It had been so long since she had been with a man that she forgot how good each touch felt. When his mouth made it to her belly button, she lifted her hips in an immediate wanton need for more.

Lilly stroked Jason's skin and rolled her head to the side as his tongue teased a nipple through the thin gossamer silk of the bra. The cool air blew against her breast as he abandoned it to move to its twin, the bud of her nipple tightened from the cold and her burning hunger. Completely controlled by desire, she raised a leg to rub against his hip, wetness pressing onto him, making his head snap up.

"You wanted me to please you, right? If you keep up like that, it'll be over in a few minutes." She whimpered and pulled his face up to hers, their lips met passionately. "I want you, but...."

"But what?"

Their bodies stilled while Jason struggled with his own desires. With a growl, he reached for the hook of her bra and tore off the lacy garment. While she lay breathless by the movement, she couldn't help but giggle at the perplexed look on his face. Widening her legs to accommodate his muscular frame, Jason settled in between, lowering his mouth to her neck and licked a sweet trail from her collarbone to her earlobe. Perplexed be damned. The steel strength of him pulsed against her core, teasing her with its need. Not wanting to wait a minute longer, Jason inserted a finger into her warmest spot and moved rhythmically. Lilly's hips moved with the synchronized pattern, and when he inserted another finger she cried out.

Testing her readiness, Jason eased his fingers out and positioned himself above her. Reaching down, he cupped her side. With his eyes locked on hers, he entered her in a solid thrust. The pressure burned and Lilly cried out in pain at first, but as he thrust so slowly those cries turned to moans of pleasure. Together their moves quickly turned frenetic as if they couldn't get enough of each other. He plunged hard and fast into her, issuing little hiccups to escape her lips. Instinctively, Lilly wrapped her legs around Jason's hips pulling his body closer. Sweat dripped off his shoulders, and as he felt her body clench down hard onto him, shuddering from her orgasm, he buckled and cried out, finding his own release.

In the haze of what just happened in the bed, Jason rolled over to the side and collapsed onto the comforter. The air continued blowing from the vent, so Lilly curled up next to him knowing his heat would keep her warm. Feeling utterly at peace, he dropped his lips to her messy hair. Without thinking, she stroked his chest lightly with the pads of her fingers until he quietly fell asleep. For some time, Lilly lay there listening to the heavy breathing and continued running her fingers along his skin. Trailing through the thick pelt of hair, she moved her finger up the crease to trace a pectoral. His body was hard as steel, whereas hers was soft and pliant. The contrast was different and yet still felt all the more amazing. As her eyelids began to feel heavy, for the first time in months a sense of tranquility drifted amidst the ocean breeze, cocooning itself all of the way to the bottom of her soul.


The following morning she woke up alone in the large bed. Curled under the duvet, Lilly stretched out lazily and tried to shield herself from the blinding sunlight. The clock next to the bed read eight, and when she felt the area next to her it was cold. Knowing Jason had to be somewhere, she crawled out of the bed and put on his shirt. From the hallway, she could hear the low passing of a car in the distance and figured windows were open. Following the breeze she ambled toward the kitchen only to see Jason sitting out on the deck in his boxers sipping coffee.

"Good morning." Her voice was still gravely from just waking.

"Morning, sleep okay?" He tugged on her hip, pulling her close enough for her to bend down and kiss his waiting lips.

"I did, you are very comfortable to sleep with."

"Once I lay down, I don't move. You, however, were all over me. Do you want some coffee?"

"Yes, please." As Jason got up, he stole another kiss from Lilly and walked back to the kitchen. While he poured the coffee, she shouted out to him. "The only reason I was all over you was because it was cold in your room!"

Who was this woman, and where did her mouth come from? Lilly couldn't believe how unabashed she was. Her last boyfriend dressed minutes after the act was over with and was out the door before she could set the alarm for the morning. Jason however, was in his boxers and looking as if he wasn't going anywhere anytime soon.

"So what are you doing today?"

Lilly sipped the scalding coffee and kept her gaze out, focused on the ocean that was miles away. "I was hoping to please a man whose shirt I seem to have borrowed, and then go to the flea market and look around."

"Please me?"

"Who said it was you?"

Jason laughed at the fake displeasure of her tone which only brought a smile from Lilly. They sat there for some time talking, but their words held far more meaning than the light chitchat. When each had enough of verbal foreplay, they found their way back into the bedroom, where it was Lilly's turn to take to Jason's body and make him feel everything that he had done for her the night before. She took him into her warm mouth until his body trembled and shook uncontrollably. It wasn't until he cried out and she felt a small burst did joy consume her. With a violent thrust, he released himself within her mouth, leaving her to soothe him until he calmed. His body was quick to recover and soon she found herself turned around and facing a gorgeous torture that she couldn't deny.

That weekend quickly turned into another month. Because her apartment was so small, Lilly almost felt embarrassed to bring Jason over. Being the man that he was, he praised her for even having her own home during the construction. She still hadn't told him about the inheritance and as their relationship grew, the burden was beginning to weigh heavily on her. It wasn't that she was ashamed; it was hard to explain the gifting when she still didn't understand it. The house itself was moving further along and when she went on her daily check on that late May day, instead of Jason walking her through it was Rick.

"It stinks in here, but that's the drywall. It'll take a couple of weeks, but as soon as we get done you can start thinking about spending some more time inside."

"Really? That soon?"

"Start buying your furniture if you haven't already. I mean, don't get it delivered or anything because we need to install the hardwood, but you can at least start to plan it all out."

"I had completely forgotten about that part." It was the truth, with her time spent with Jason as well as work and, well, simply living, the smaller things slipped her mind.

"I'd say it's about that time to start thinking, Lilly." Even then, Rick was still gruff and hardly displaying any signs of emotion. The thought hadn't skipped past her.

That evening she drove over to Jason's house knowing what she needed to do. For the past month, she hadn't once thought of Charles. Not even when his lawyer called to check in and see how the progress of the house was, and also to see if she needed any living expenses paid for. Nervousness once again plagued her for the first time in months. Things with Jason were wonderful and unexpected. She was feeling more comfortable than ever, comfortable enough to tell him about Charles because there was no reason to keep anything from him. As expected, the front door was left unlocked and as she entered, the soft sounds of jazz could be heard drifting down the hall.

Following the beautiful vocals of Ella Fitzgerald, Lilly walked into the main room to find Jason sitting relaxed on the couch facing the ocean.

"I see you made it safely."

Lilly sat down next to Jason and kissed him lightly. "I did. It smells delicious, but I thought we were cooking together?"

Out of habit, the two had begun cooking the dinner meal together. A nicely formed ritual that both looked forward to each day. "We are, I was slow cooking some beef for tomorrow."

Lilly nodded. Jason could sense that something was different, since she didn't usually not answer, so he tipped her chin with his thumb forcing her to look him in the eyes. "Everything all right over there?"

"" Lilly blew out a breath and gave a nervous laugh. Jason was as patient as ever and waited for her as if he didn't have anywhere else to go. "I have to tell you something."

"It looks that way. Do you need a few minutes?" She shook her head no. "You're not a man are you?"

She gasped and slapped his shirt covered chest. "No! Oh my god, I should hope you'd know the answer to that by now!"

"These procedures these days, you never know."

Lilly completely understood what Jason was doing, and it made her appreciate him all the more. By his casual demeanor, he was easing her worry for what she had to tell him. "I've been wanting to tell you something for a while now, but was afraid. Apprehensive really, and still a little afraid."

Jason leaned forward and placed a hand on her thigh in a comforting gesture. "I'm not going to pressure you, sweetheart. Whatever you want to say, whenever you're ready you will."

"I know. That's why I have to tell you now." He nodded and waited for her to continue. "I want to tell you about what brought me here. A long time ago, I met a man that meant more to me than some of the closest people I've ever known. He opened my eyes and got me excited about things. Life, traveling...actually living. He was a patient at a clinic I worked at that came in from time to time. I used to get so excited when he came in, hearing him talk about all of his adventures. I don't know what happened, but one day we started to talk about things outside of simple conversations and the weather. He was someone I looked up to, trusted and admired. I guess somewhere over the years I sort of formed a crush on him, but not in that way. He was someone who always cared when I thought nobody else did. Anyway, not too long ago he passed away, and for some ungodly reason, wrote me into his will. The shack was his."

There were a couple of minutes of silence before he said anything. "Did you have an affair with him?" His voice was teasing, but the curiosity in his eyes was a dead giveaway.

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