Kiss or Kill


Author's Notes: Olga's lovely screen caps, as well as watching (okay, rewatching!) the "good parts" of Lawyers, Guns & Money and Pas de Deux suggested a PWP missing scene... Not to mention a couple of "nudges" from Laurel! {g}

Special thanks to Tulip for the quick beta! I owe you!

:: :: ::

'I'm gonna kill him!'

Sarah Mackenzie stood there for a second, just staring at him, the towel that she'd been using to dry her hair dangling from one hand.


After everything they'd been through in the past three days, particularly today, and now Clayton Webb was standing there, trying to pull his "Need to know" crap on her again. Her eyes narrowed in irritation as she directed a searing glare in his direction.

'Damn him!'

And there was that incredibly annoying smirk on his face again. She'd swear that he was deliberately trying to push her buttons, or push her right over the edge into insanity. First, there'd been that incredibly tense meeting that morning with Raul Garcia, which neither one of them had been completely certain that they'd come out of alive; then Clay had decided, without consulting her, to "plug a leak" on the way home by putting a bullet into the head of their driver, and alleged leak, Alvaro. Not to mention having to hike half the way back to town in all that heat and humidity, finally snagging a bone jarring ride with a friendly, if unwashed, farmer, in a truck with no suspension system or air-conditioning.

And now Clay had the gall to insist that she stay here in the hotel, while he went to confer with Ed Hardy, the CIA Section Chief in Ciudad del Este.

'After everything we've been through, and he's still trying to lock me out. Thanks a lot, partner! The man *must* have a death wish.'

As he turned towards the door, Sarah picked up a can of Sprite off of the nightstand and threw it, hitting Clay squarely in the middle of his back. She hadn't thrown it hard enough to hurt him, just hard enough to get his attention. He whipped around, annoyance written on every feature, along with a look of smug superiority that she'd been the one to cave in to the simmering tension first.

As Clay opened his mouth, to undoubtedly voice some arrogant, annoying comment about her loss of control, Sarah did what Marines are supposed to do: she acted. Giving a low growl, she sprang, knocking him down to the carpeting. They hit the floor together with a muffled thud, and Clay let out a low gasp as he tried to catch his breath. Sarah's fist hit him in the chest twice before his instincts kicked in and he grabbed her wrist, stopping her assault. They were literally nose to nose, their lips a scant inch apart, only the cloth of Sarah's thin robe and Clay's summer-weight clothing separating them. They stayed motionless for about ten seconds, before all of the tension -- sexual and otherwise -- which had been gradually building between the two of them for the past eight years, and heightened by the past three days' contact, let loose.

As if a dam had burst, they exploded into motion, writhing around on the floor, their bodies entwined, their hands grabbing at each other, suddenly frantic with the need to act. Staring up at the woman pinning him to the floor, Clay moved first, pulling her as close to him as humanly possible, practically molding Sarah to his body, suddenly needing that physical contact with her.

In the second that he moved, Sarah knew that this was going to be one of the few times in her life that she wouldn't regret losing control with a man. In the past, her lovers had generally gone wrong in one of two ways: they'd either tried to physically dominate her, trying to compensate for the way in which her physical strength and ability intimidated them, or, they'd gone to the opposite extreme, and treated her as if she were some fragile little butterfly. She could already tell that Clay wouldn't make either mistake; he'd made it abundantly clear earlier that he wasn't afraid of her, and while he was careful not to hurt her, he wasn't afraid to use his physical strength to try and gain an advantage over her.

The first kiss between them was forceful -- brutal and wet, with tongues plunging and exploring. Sarah responded in kind to every move Clay made, wordlessly letting him know exactly what it was that she needed and wanted from him. After what seemed like an infinity, his mouth finally left hers, moving over her cheek to her ear, then down the length of her neck to where her robe exposed her shoulder.

When he finally spoke, it was to whisper her name, "Sarah." He said it so quietly, so reverently, that she couldn't tell if it were a plea, or a prayer, but whichever one it was, it sent a shockwave of feeling straight to her center.

Clay's long, elegant, usually nimble fingers were suddenly clumsy as he clutched at her robe, loosening it, trying to remove the obstacle it posed to his exploration of her body. He snatched frantically at the thin silk that covered her chest, his lips following the path of the fabric along her shoulder, then back across her collarbone and down, exposing her generous breasts, with their erect nipples, to his hungry eyes.

Oddly enough, the sight of her naked breasts seemed to calm him somewhat; instead of frantically grasping at her, Clay's hands tentatively reached out, gently cupping their weight, reveling in the sensation of her nipples as the heat in them all but burned the skin on the palms of his hands. Although she enjoyed the gentle touches Clay was giving her, Sarah ached to be touched more intimately. Reaching down with one hand, she pulled at the belt on her robe until it opened, then threw the silky garment out of her way, and waited for his reaction.

"God, Sarah," he whispered breathily in her ear. "You're just as beautiful as I always knew you'd be..."

At his words, Sarah released the breath that she hadn't even been aware that she'd been holding. Silly or not, she'd been wondering if she would please him.

Clay continued to stroke her breasts, delighting in the soft, silky texture of her skin, the weight in his hands, before beginning to tweak her nipples into erect peaks with his fingers. Sarah's hands clutched at his shoulders to steady herself, letting herself get lost in every sensation that was being created through the touch of his hands, his fingers, and, finally, his lips and tongue. His hands moved around her back to glide up and down her back, over her ass, gently squeezing and massaging the flesh they found there. When he finally closed his lips over one aching nipple and firmly sucked, Sarah could hear herself let out a small whimper. Waves of pleasure rolled through her, almost making her lose her balance, as he continued to caress her, his actions eliciting soft moans that she unsuccessfully tried to still.

Sarah's own fingers pulled at Clay's shirt, sending the buttons at the neck flying, then pulling it up and over his head, sending his hair into wild disorder. She then turned their attention to the rest of his clothes, removing his shoes and socks, and his pants, along with his briefs, in short order. Freed from the confining clothes, Clay's cock sprang proudly erect. As insecure and anxious as he'd been over professional matters the past few days, there were no traces of those insecurities now; he demonstrated none of the anxiety that she'd felt at being exposed to his gaze, but merely waited, unashamed and unabashed, letting her look at him as he had looked at her.

Although they'd shared a hotel room and a bed, they'd given each other as much privacy as possible, each dressing and undressing in the bathroom. Glimpses caught of the other in partial undress had been ignored, or, if not totally ignored, had been viewed surreptitiously, out of the corner of an eye. But now what she saw when she looked at him surprised her, just a little. Clay's body was not that of a paper-pusher, or a desk jockey. Instead, what Sarah saw was the trim, fit body of an athlete, a man who obviously spent a great deal of time working out, the well-honed body of a soldier who kept himself in top physical condition. It was a surprisingly muscular body, with elegant lines that made her unconsciously lick her lips in appreciation.

"God, you're beautiful," she murmured, almost to herself.

There seemed to be no further need for words; their groans and gasps as they began an exploration of each other's body seemed to say everything that was needed. When Sarah leaned down for another kiss, her nipples sank into the light dusting of hair on Clay's chest, enjoying the sensation that movement created. As her body moved, one of Clay's thighs and his cock slid almost effortlessly between her thighs; their hands clutched at each other, and their mouths fused, as if they might not ever separate again. Sarah sighed reluctantly when they ended the kiss; kissing was good, touching was good, but now she wanted more.

Her fingers reached down between their bodies, wrapped themselves around his cock, stroking it, rubbing the soft skin of her hand and body against him. Clay groaned with delight at the sensation of his throbbing erection sliding along her skin, Sarah's hand moving up and down his length with a rhythm born of experience. The long, slender fingers of her other hand gently played with his balls, and she teased him by running the back of her hand along his scrotum, noticing the involuntary tightening in his body at her touch.

What Sarah was doing to him felt fantastic, but this had started out as a need to assert dominance, and he wasn't going to just lie back and let her run the show. He shifted his weight, throwing her from her perch onto the floor next to him.

Clay propped himself up on one elbow, and gently began running his hands down the sloping curves of Sarah's exquisitely toned body. Then, unable to wait any longer, his fingers dipped into Sarah's damp folds, unerringly finding her clit, and gently applying enough pressure to make her writhe beneath him, moaning aloud her pleasure at his touch. Taking advantage of Sarah's position, Clay leaned in and resumed his assault on Sarah's breasts. Her large, erect nipples stood proudly at attention, practically demanding a return of his attention, and this time Clay was patient, taking the time to suck, bite, and lick each of them in turn, until the room was filled with Sarah's incoherent murmurings.

Despite renewing his ministrations to her breasts, Clay didn't let up his attentions to her warm, moist center, and his fingers continued their relentless assault as he began to kiss a gentle trail down Sarah's torso. He moved slowly, but inexorably, down, down to her stomach, taking some time to explore and tease her exquisitely sensitive navel, then, finally, reaching the small patch of dark curls at the juncture of her slender, muscular legs.

As he knelt between Sarah's silky thighs, Clay gently pushed her legs a little further apart. Glancing up, he saw that Sarah's eyes were half shut, as she concentrated on the sensations he was raising within her. "C'mon, Sarah, open your eyes," he implored, wanting to know that she wasn't imagining someone else in his place, that she was seeing only him right now. Sarah complied with his request; then, with their eyes locked on one another, Clay slowly lowered his mouth to Sarah's hot, wet mound. The musky scent of her arousal assaulted his senses, and, when his tongue finally reached out to taste her, he was almost overwhelmed by the sensation.

Clay used his lips, his tongue, and his teeth, nibbling, licking, and gently biting everywhere he could reach. In reaction to all these actions and their resultant sensations, Sarah involuntarily pushed herself up against Clay's face, while softly moaning, "Oh, God, that feels so good!" As Clay's mouth moved along her folds and found her eager clitoris, already erect in anticipation of his attention, Sarah groaned her appreciation at his actions. His tongue laved all around her clit, sending flickers of heat throughout Sarah's heaving body.

Clay continued his actions, wanting to drive Sarah to the same fevered pitch that he could feel himself rapidly approaching. He gently slid two fingers into Sarah's slick, warm channel, thrusting them in and out. All the while, his mouth continued a relentless assault on Sarah's clit. He gradually increased the pace of his thrusting fingers, absurdly pleased that the volume and frequency of Sarah's gasps and moans kept pace with his actions.

If Sarah's life had depended on it, the usually articulate lawyer wouldn't have been able to string two words together that could coherently describe the sensations running through her aching, tortured flesh. Clay continued to suck her clit, harder and harder, feeling that small piece of flesh swell in his mouth, even as he continued to thrust his fingers over and over into Sarah's warmth. He was using everything at his disposal—lips, teeth, and tongue—in his attempts to bring her release. It wasn't long before Sarah began to feel that familiar tightening in her stomach, a clenching of muscles and tendons that moved down to her pulsing, throbbing center. The intensity of the feeling was new to her; she couldn't remember ever having allowed herself to feel this way, this out of control, with a man before.

As she moved closer and closer to the explosion waiting to happen in her groin, Sarah's hips began to buck wildly against Clay's face, her climax so close to the surface that it was only seconds away.

As he continued to thrust his fingers in and out of Sarah's body, Clay could feel her inner muscles contracting and massaging his fingers. As he glanced up, watching the range of emotions passing over Sarah's face, moving from desire to wonder, Clay could feel himself becoming even more aroused, even closer to his own explosion. The only thing that kept him from touching himself, from bringing himself some much needed relief, was the knowledge that his own turn would soon come.

Clay's mouth never stopped its attentions to Sarah's clit, even as she writhed in climax. As she finally exploded, arching up off of the floor, Sarah sighed his name, "Oh, Clay..." Hearing his name on her lips at that moment was the most wonderful feeling of his life.

Clay continued with some gentle attentions, licking and tasting every bit of skin within his reach, intent on drawing out every possible sensation for the both of them. Sarah finally collapsed back onto the rug, her beautiful golden body glistening with the fine sheen of sweat brought on by her exertions.

When Sarah could finally move, she looked down at Clay's cock, noting that it was hard and swollen, red, with a drop of moisture already glistening at the tip. But Clay made no immediate move to enter her; instead, he continued to nibble and suck at her nipples, until she began to move around again, betraying her rising excitement.

Looking at the flush covering her chest, the light film of sweat covering her, the way she was breathing, Clay's mind began to narrow in on the idea of possessing Sarah, of thrusting his cock into her, over and over again, bringing them both pleasure, and he began to run his hands over her silky skin, grinding his body into hers.

Sarah was still burning, the desire that she'd felt earlier hardly assuaged by the climaxes that she'd just experienced. Her aching, throbbing core still wanted to be filled; she desperately wanted to feel Clay's hardness entering her. With a growl of frustration and anticipation, Sarah brought her face close to Clay's. She was not surprised to find that he was smiling, looking incredibly pleased with himself, and more than a little smug.

'Well, we'll just see about that!'

Sarah rolled over until she was once more on top of him, pushing him down to the floor with one hand to keep him stationary. One hand reached down, grasping his cock, as she moved to straddle him. Positioning him between her thighs, she thrust down, letting the head of his shaft slide between her engorged folds, letting it pierce her body. As she continued to push down, Clay's cock slipped smoothly into her core, which was already slick with anticipation.

As he felt his length being engulfed by Sarah, Clay couldn't prevent a gasp from escaping his mouth. The sensation was incredible, like being enveloped in a wet, satiny sheath, like sliding into a pool of hot liquid, sending jabs of pleasure throughout his entire body. Without conscious thought, he grasped her thighs, pulling her down further onto his cock, while he pushed up from the floor, driving his cock as deeply into her as he could manage.

Mindless gasps issued from his mouth as Sarah rode him, pulling herself most of the way off of his cock, before dropping back down onto him. "Oh, yes, Sarah," he moaned, inhaling the musky scent of her sex while she plunged up and down on his erection.

On top of him, Sarah was also moaning in ecstasy. Sitting astride him, her muscular thighs rose and fell rapidly, impaling her core on his hard length. Each downward stroke slammed her clit against his pubic bone, shooting waves of pleasure throughout her body. Her fingers stroked her own breasts, pinching the erect nipples. Slight tremors wracked her body as she felt an approaching orgasm, and she stilled, burying Clay's cock deeply inside of her core.

She was so lost in the sensations that were being created, that she missed the subtle signals that would have told her that the man beneath her was about to make a move, attempting to wrest control away from her.

Rolling them over, Clay loomed over her for a moment, and then paused, looking down at Sarah. He'd never have believed in a million years that this would happen, but, by God, he wasn't going to question it. He entered her again in one hard thrust, pumping his cock into her like a man possessed. Each time he partially withdrew, her labia clung to his cock, as if unwilling to release the welcome intruder. With each thrust forward, he disappeared into her moist core, pounding himself into her, burying himself in her molten center. His balls slapped against her, heightening Sarah's pleasure, and forcing wordless cries of pleasure from her.

As they neared their peaks, the unmistakable scent of sex filled the room, and Clay's wordless groans mingled with Sarah's moans. Finally, unable to take any more, Clay buried his head in Sarah's neck, muffling his yell, as he slammed his cock into Sarah's center one more time. He could feel himself erupting like a geyser into her body, his climax rising out of him, deeper and more intense than he would have ever believed possible.

The sensation of Clay's explosion inside of her sent Sarah over the edge, too. She climaxed, feeling his cock filling her channel, frantic cries of ecstasy coming from her lips. Her spasming walls gripped his shaft, feeling it bury itself deeply inside of her. With a few final, weakening thrusts, Clay slumped over onto Sarah's body, just barely keeping himself from crushing her. He rolled off of her, falling to the floor, his cock reluctantly slipping out of her sheath. Their mingled secretions flowed from Sarah's core, the mixture oozing out of her and wetting her thighs. Sarah let herself relax into the buffering mattress of the carpeting, managing to curl herself around Clay's motionless body. The only movement either made was the rise and fall of their chests as they breathed.

Clay lay still, sweating, after tremors still running through his body. His skin felt highly sensitized; the sensation of Sarah lying next to him, her skin caressing his with each breath, was the only thing that convinced him that this wasn't a dream or fantasy.

"God, Sarah. I thought there for a minute that you were going to kill me," he confessed, gasping between each word. "And then this... What happened?" he asked, a smug look once more on his face.

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