tagNonHumanKissed by Lightning Ch. 01

Kissed by Lightning Ch. 01


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Stefani blinked her eyes softly, startled to see the sun streaming through the car window she was leaning on. She jolted upwards with a gasp remembering what happened, a sharp pain stung her on the left shoulder and she looked down to find her jacket soaked in blood. Letting out a hiss she sat up, looking around wildly. Lucian turned in the seat, directing his gaze to hers, up to that moment she was willing to believe that it had all been a nightmare but the look he gave her spoke otherwise.

Her eyes teared up, a broken sob escaped her lips. She rubbed at her eyes, trying to avoid the bruise on her cheek. Stefani was a strong girl, whatever was going on she'd face it and find some way to overcome it. Her body shivered slightly, she could feel the drug finally had left her blood stream but it left her feeling weak and groggy. Also the blood loss might have to do with why her body felt so heavy. Her lips were dried and her skin felt clammy and a little too cold to be normal.

"Where are we going?" Her voice came out in a little whisper, her throat was still sore. Stefani leaned back against the window again, looking out into the road they were on.

"To the O'Faolain. It's the largest pack up here in Canada. We'll figure it all out there" Lucian's voice was soothing even though his eyes were hard.

"You're Stefani?" Johnson asked and looked back at her through the rearview mirror. She gave him a nod, she winced at the motioned caused her cheek to throb painfully. Her fingers came up to lightly caress the injured area, Johnson's eyes were drawn to it. "Who gave you that?"

"From what I understand. A vampire." Her voice was icy and there was a slow building fury behind those words. Both men stiffened and the car sped up. "You're human, how did you get mixed up with them?" Lucian asked, his pale gray eyes looked at her suspiciously. "He was my date." She whispered, as she focused back on that night.

It had been three to fours days since then, she assumed but her mind was still a little hazy. "Thank you, for coming to help us. Cole-- would have wanted this." Her voice choked up at his name and both men in the car stiffened at his name.

She smiled softly thinking about him, the irony was that she should have seen this coming. Cole had always been the self sacrificing type and he had a natural protective streak when it came to her. The thought made her eyes water, It was her fault.

"Stefani.. There are several things we should talk about. You will be interrogated in the compound as a safety precaution. We'll have the healers look over your injuries and get your shoulder patched up. You're stepping into our world and things work differently here. We're werewolves Stefani." Lucian spoke with an air of authority that reassured her, but she heard the underlying threat.

"It's not like the legends and Halloween stories, we are not evil or eat humans. You will be safe with us. We'll decide what to do with you and what pack to send you to but until we figure out who has taken Cole, everything is going to be very strict." He sounded almost fatherly as he gave her the talk, her heart ached. Although Cole hadn't been blood related he was the only family she knew.

"I just want to go home." Stefani's yearning made both men exhale a breath. Lucian's eyes met hers. "We'll speak to the Alphas of the four families and see what course of action will be taken. I gave my word to protect you. I know things are confusing right now but hopefully the Alpha will be able to better explain things."

The car turned right and into an unpaved road among the trees, she could barely tell road from regular forest path. Stefani winced as the road got really bumpy, the small truck they were in was clearly not made for this kind of terrain. The wound on her shoulder was burning and she felt blood seeping out of her body, she pressed her hands against it to stop the bleeding.

"Thank you." She whispered softly, focusing on the light breaking through the trees and how fantastic it was.

"Sunlight doesn't affect you?" She asked trying to distract herself from the pain.

"No. Moonlight also doesn't control our transformations either. Silver is deadly to us if left inside the body for a long time, we're not cursed either. We're like the improved super human, with slight canine tendencies." He said with a smile, understanding her questions. Johnson seemed to roll his eyes at her questions. It must have been two hours that they were still on the forest path when Lucian spoke up.

"Tell us a little about yourself," Stefani looked up at the rearview mirror, seeing their curious glances. "I just turned twenty-one a couple days ago. I work at the little moonlight cafe, in downtown Montreal as a waitress. I have for a couple years. Sometimes it's hard to get by on my salary but I always find a way to make it work..." She smiled at the thought, she'd give anything to go back to those every day life problems.

"Cole always disapproved of my job choice, he even offered to give me a job at his firm. He always had this idea that he was somehow the boss of me, let me tell you. I quickly disabused him of that notion."

Both men listened and asked a question here and there, which Stefani gladly answered. Her body was trembling a little harder now and she felt weaker but she simply bit her lip and pushed down the feeling. "How did you meet Cole?" Johnson asked what they were both dying to know.

Stefani smiled, "He saved my life." She answered and looked out the window as the forest started thinning out a little bit.

They turned a couple times, it honestly felt to her as if they were going in circles. It wasn't until they arrived to a tall black gate that she sat up a little straighter, ignoring the numbing pain. "Johnson here," he spoke to the little intercom, Lucian looked back at Stefani, taking in her pale bruised complexion. She had this weary resigned look that made him re-think coming to this pack. The pack Alpha wasn't exactly the most docile man and the young woman sitting in the backseat looked terrified beneath the strong exterior she was putting up. She had this sick complexion, as she took in the compound he felt an ache in his chest, she seemed familiar.

Driving into the compound was something she would never forget. It was like a small city, with it's diving stores and homes. They drove further into the paved road of the compound, coming to a road that lead further into the forest, the bumps along the way causing hisses to escape her mouth. She focused on how weird it was to see wolves walking around with people, some in clothes, some fully naked.

"We're almost there. Just hold on" Johnson sped up the car, Stefani felt strength leaving her as she fought down every little groan. There were no more buildings for several minutes. They came up onto a paved road that lead them to this huge mansion. It wasn't luxurious by any means, but it did speak of wealth and sophistication. They came up to the front doors, the car stopped, giving Stefani a couple seconds to try to adjust her aching body.

Both men stepped out of the car as several people came up towards them to help, they appeared to be the working class. They all bowed their heads in respect to the men. Lucian went over to open the door for Stefani. She sat up lightly, looking up at him with a soft smile on her face. Soft tears running down her cheeks.

"I've never been good with pain" Her voice was a whisper as he leaned down and helped her up on her feet. "I can carry you" Lucian offered but she shook her head, she didn't know much about wolves, but she understood that in the animal world, respect came to the strong. She had to hold her head up high and show these people she wasn't a weak little female. Johnson carried the bag that Cole had given them, and Lucian had her bag slung over his right shoulder, as she leaned into his left side.

The couple attendants looked at her suspiciously, she didn't lower her gaze as they sniffed the air around her. Clearly scenting her blood which made them a little anxious. They walked forward into the house. Stefani looked around as Lucian lead her into the large foyer, the floor was made of dark marble and the walls were lined with dark wood. The expensive kind. It was a very beautiful home and she wondered who it belonged to.

Walking was taking a lot out of her, but she pushed forward. They finally came to a stop in something that looked like a huge living room, as Lucian guided her to sit on one of the sofas, she let herself fall back and rest her cheek against the sofa. Her eyes closing.

"You called for me?" An elderly woman stepped into the room, pushing a cart inside. Johnson motioned her to come over. "She's been shot. Silver. Left shoulder. She also has several other bruises. She's lost a lot of blood." Lucian's tone was hard as he stroked Stefani's hair. She barely noticed, not until he was moving her over and laying her fully on the sofa.

The elderly woman came over and she opened her eyes. Smiling softly. "You're very pretty" Her words were slurred and she faded quickly. Lucian looked concerned, but could still hear her steady heartbeat. Elba, moved quickly, opening her jacket, revealing the big shirt soaked in blood. Elba took a deep breath as she cut it down to the young girls breast and started washing out the wound.

"I'm going to find the Alpha, will you call the other Alphas to conference in. The Mactire's should probably be called in to come. It should be a couple hours, so we'll let her rest but we need her awake for that." Johnson proposed, Lucian agreed and got right on it, picking up his phone and making the arrangements. He kept an eye on Elba and Stefani. It was several minutes later that Elba spoke up. "She's going to be fine, Lucian. She just needs rest and nutrition." She picked up her things and started to push out of the room. Something told him that she wasn't going to be. He looked down at the unconscious girl, something about her was so familiar and yet he couldn't describe it.


The O'Faolain Alpha was behind a slender body, as he thrust into her harder the woman moaned his name in pleasure. Her juices sliding down her toned thighs. His balls hitting her clit hard creating electricity to run up her spine. She was fully naked before him on her knees, while he still was fully clothed. It was a fast meeting as he picked up speed.

His thighs trembled slightly as he fully penetrated her pussy once before pulling out and ejaculating all over her back. He wiped his cock on her hard perfectly tanned ass, and fixed his jeans. The slender blonde was panting hard on the bed, completely spent. Rain looked down at her, not particularly pleased. Yes, the sex was good but nothing special. If he wanted to be honest, he didn't really care for it, or her for that matter.

"Alpha." She whispered breathless and looked up at him seductively, making him cringe. "Go get showered and get back to work beta." His tone was cold as he brushed back his hair and walked out of the room. Walking through the halls of his compound, he acknowledge that he should probably break it off with Sarah, the blonde beta was stunningly beautiful and one of the strongest women in the pack but rumor had it that she insisted that he was going to be her mate.

If there was one thing Alpha O'Faolain denied was the possibility of him ever mating to any woman. He'd seen the weakness in having a mate, how that crippled a man, could possibly be his death. He refused to be attached to a woman like that. His wolf growl inside him, as he paced back and forth in his mind. "You dog, no woman could handle us" He whispered to himself as he passed several omegas in the halls who bowed to him.

It wasn't till he reached the foyer that he stopped abruptly. He sniffed the air, it took him a second to pick up on what was wrong. There was an intruder on his territory, he smelled foreign blood and he didn't like it. He stalked towards the meeting room, when he came up to his uncle standing between him and the door where the intruder was. "Alpha" His uncle bowed his head in respect. Rain growled.

"What are you hiding Johnson? I smell an intruder on pack lands." His uncle took a deep breath. "Rain, there is a situation. You must let us explain, but the other alphas must be in conference as well." His uncle wasn't a man of many words, although he was concerned about the scent, he did trust his uncle, so he relaxed a bit.

Rain took a deep breath, inhaling at the the scent, it was faint. His wolf was growling with anxiety. Rain fought to control his beast, it had been a very long time that his animal tried to push through and take control. "The Mactire's should be arriving in the morning, if you come with me. I'll introduce you." His Uncle held the door opened for him, as Rain stepped through, he heard a soft tinkling laughter ring through the air.

Coming out into the lounge, he saw Lucian first. The big man was impossible to miss, he stood by a sofa, his back to them and he couldn't see anyone else until Lucian turned around. The first thing he noticed was that his light blue dress shirt was soaked in the front as if he'd spilled something. There was a huge grin on the man's face, his gray eyes hardened as he spotted the alpha.

Another giggle broke through the silence and Lucian stepped to the side. Rain's eyes lowered and he gasped. He inhaled softly, letting a breeze of the woman's scent wash over him, Her brown eyes widen as they met his. It all happened in a matter of seconds, his wolf broke free and his body shifted out of his human form. Lucian and Johnson didn't even have a chance to stop him, as his wolf darted forward and slammed into the female, sending her sprawling to the floor. He heard her breath whoosh out as she hit the ground, she hissed in pain.

Rain pressed his nose against her neck, inhaling her scent but as it washed over him he froze. There was cold terrified fear, mixed in with the sweet scent of strawberries with the metallic smell of blood . His wolf howled loudly, coming up to it's full height, the huge black wolf looked down at a set of terrified brown eyes, tears forming in her eyes, what startled him the most was the dark bruise on her cheek. He was about to shift when a brown ball of fur tackled him from the side and off the woman.

Stefani was frozen to the floor, her breathing coming out in sharp gasps. Tears blurred her vision, she felt Lucian rush over and help her up. She looked at the two wolves in the room who suddenly made her realize how small the room had become. The huge black wolf was growling at the dark brown wolf who she knew was Johnson.

She took a deep breath, "What is your problem! Are you a bloody dog! You can't just tackle people like that!" She shouted at him before she could stop herself. Both wolves looked up at her startled, Lucian was laughing softly. Stefani turned around and with the help of Lucian sat down on the sofa, she hissed as Lucian pulled the bandage off.

"You're wound opened again. I'll go call Elba..... Will you be ok?" Lucian lowered himself to stare right into her eyes, she nodded, glancing at the huge black wolf with clear dislike. Lucian rushed out of the room.

Rain sat back down on his haunches, his tail hitting the floor impatiently. 'Back off Johnson' Rain growled to the brown wolf. 'Rain she's human and injured. If you can't control yourself it's better to move her.' His uncle replied and he growled impatiently. Johnson stood between him and the girl, his wolf didn't like it. 'Don't forget who your Alpha is O'Faolain. I will control myself. I just don't understand what happened.' He said with a stern voice, trying to looking over Johnson at the female.

He took a better look and he growled again. Her cheek was bruised, her bottom lip had a cut, both of her wrist were bandaged. She was staring intently on the apple sauce she was eating, but he notice her wincing as she moved the spoon. His eyes moved lower to her shoulder, the large men's shirt she was wearing had a huge taint of blood, he wrinkled his nose and howled softly as her scent hit him again. She jolted slightly and glared at him.

'We should shift outside, so we don't startle her.' His uncles' voice cut through his initial reaction to walk over to her. He nodded and keeping his eyes on her, he moved towards the back of the room, where'd they come from. He stepped out into the hall and shifted as his uncle leaned against the wall with his arms crossed.

"What happened in there?" He asked curious, with a grin on his face. Rain growled at him, "Nothing, my wolf is just on edge at some intruder in our territory. You should watch your tongue uncle" His uncle only grinned and moved out of the way. Elba, the healer was rushing behind Lucian in their direction. Lucian held out sweatpants and T-shirts to them both, as Elba stepped into the room.

"I see you still have problems controlling your wolf, young O'Faolain. I would appreciate it if you tried harder around the human. She is fragile, they break very easily. You'd do good to remember that." Lucian's voice was stern but Rain herd the amusement in his tone. With a frown they all walked back into the room. "Miss, I have clothes for you to change into. They might be more fitting." Elba's soft voice was reassuring but Stefani shook her head. "I'm alright with this, thank you." She politely turned the woman down, as she continued eating her apple sauce. Her shoulder was throbbing and the pain killers weren't helping yet. She took a deep breath as she saw Elba bow her head, she assumed that the men were back.

Elba quickly rushed out of the room, Stefani settled on the sofa as Lucian came around and sat next to her. "Feeling any better?" he asked concerned, stroking her brown hair lightly, her face was still pale white but she was getting some color back. "If no other supernatural creature decided to use me as their personal pin cushion I'd probably feel better." She said stubbornly, trying to eat her applesauce, she ignored the growl behind her. Lucian grinned.

"Well maybe now we can formally introduce you." Johnson smiled as she finally turned her head around slightly. Finally getting a good look at the man before her. She swallowed hard, he was beautiful. He had long black hair, loose around his shoulders. He was huge, taller than Cole and both men in the room. He had this cocky air about him in the way he stood. His dark brown eyes were smoldering and they pierced into her soul. She shivered slightly as he stepped forward, a little fear slicing through her but she swallowed it down.

She stood up a little wobbly, her body still wasn't anywhere near full strength. "This is Alpha O'Faolain" Lucian spoke next to her and she froze. Her eyes stayed on him, outraged. "Is it normal for the Alpha to attack injured human females or is this monster harassment week?" Her voice was sharp and she saw him glare at her.

Rain was trembling, the female dare speak to him with that kind of tone. Johnson stepped forward, laughing softly. "It seems it only took a little food and sleep to get you back into the world of the living" Rain looked over to his uncle, clearly both men must have lost their minds to tolerate her tone. He took a deep breath. "I apologize for the way I behaved, but I am not very good with trespassers on my lands. I hope this won't scar the little injured human female." The apology sounded sincere but what pissed Stefani the most was that it sounded more towards the men than her. She took a deep breath and sat back down, she hissed as her shoulder stung.

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