tagNonHumanKissed by Lightning Ch. 03

Kissed by Lightning Ch. 03



I want to thank all of you for all your comments and support.

Every time I read them, I get this huge smile on your face, good or bad. I like all of your honesty, so thank you. That being said, I want to apologize for the typo on Stefani's age. She's twenty-five.

Just want to thank my editor Mikothebaby again, for all her hard work and patience with me.


Cole fought to surface the heavy drugged state he was in, only half managing to succeed as he heard Stefani's soft voice in his mind. He couldn't remember what had happened, but as he opened his eyes, his body tensed. Taking sharp short breaths to stop the spinning and push down the nausea as the smell of dried blood hit his nostrils.

With a groan, he pulled against the thick silver manacles clasped on his wrist hanging his body from the ceiling. He let out a growl. He was in a dark room, his keen eyes took in every nook and cranny of the cell he was in and in the distance he heard footsteps. He waited.

Varcolac stepped into the cell, his eyes meeting a pair of hazel eyes. He grinned at the flash of anger and recognition in the man's eyes. "You've been sniffing around dog." His voice was low, as he paced around the room. Cole simply grunted and from the corner of his eyes kept an eye on the vampire before him.

"I know who you are Mactire. I know what you mean to the packs. But most importantly, I know you've been hiding something that belongs to us." He hardened his features, not letting the vampire see a reaction to his statement. Inside, there was a deep realization of what he meant.

"You can deny it, but we'll get it back. In the meantime, we're gonna play a little game." His fangs gleamed in the darkness, his presence behind Cole making him recoil every muscle in his body. "How long do you think it'll take before you scream? I say maybe twenty"

The cell filled with silence as Cole hardened his core, knowing things were going to get bad but in his mind, he looked down into Stefani's brown eyes, her warmth, her strength and he knew it was all worth it. Cole was about to block off his connection to Stefani when white stars burst behind his eye lids as a slash of fire burn down his naked back. He groaned, gripping the silver chains holding him tightly as his back was whipped raw.

Stefani jolted awake, her lungs demanding air as she took in big gasps of air. Her eyes struggling to adjust to the dark room, fear crawled up her spine and settled itself heavily in her heart. A single tear slipped past her eyes, followed by a throbbing in her head. A warm hand rubbed her back, making her wince in pain. Looking back sharply, her eyes met a pair of dark brown eyes that burned right into her soul.

"Alpha?" She whispered in confusion. Her eyes took him in. He was sitting right beside her, his large body taking up most of the bed. She took a deep breath to calm her beating heart.

A frown crossed Rain's face as his title left her lips. He didn't like it. He wanted her to whisper his real name. "Are you alright?" His tone was soft and he was trying to sound as reassuring as possible. She looked away, falling back on the bed and laying down next to his big body. His body heat dwarfed the coolness of her skin, making her enjoy his presence for once.

"I don't know anymore." Her whisper almost went unnoticed. He looked down at her for a second before laying back down. Her skin against his made him shiver slightly as his cock got hard as a rock. He couldn't remember a woman ever giving him such a powerful reaction. He swallowed hard.

"I just want to go home. I want everything to go back the way it used to be." Her voice trembled slightly, her eyes focused on the ceiling above them. She didn't know why she was telling him but something inside her trusted him.

"You know you can never go back. You only have two options... and I really am sorry that this has happened to you" His voice was stern and guarded. Stefani let out a sigh. She had already figured this crazy monster world survived mostly because humans were oblivious to their existence. There was no way she could go back to her life with the knowledge she had, and she honestly didn't know if it was safe anymore.

Stefani shifted and winced slightly at the pain. The painkillers had clearly left her system. Rain sat up, walked over to the cart at the far end of the room, picked up the pills and a glass of water and brought it over to her.

"The omegas must have left this here for you. They've also brought food." He handed her the pills, letting her take them and after a couple seconds he went over to roll the cart towards her. She sat on the bed as he revealed the food to her and pulled her towards the food.

"You know, you're really pushy, no wonder your an alpha." Her voice was teasing and he saw the twinkle in her eye. He drew up a chair and sat across from her.

"Mactire, he mentioned a safe with information. I want to know about that" His voice was in full control, the alpha needed his answers. She nodded and chewed on her sandwich softly.

"I know where it is and the code, but I'm not just going to give it to you. I don't know what's going to happen but I need to get my affairs in order back home. I also want to get some stuff from my apartment. I would like a room for myself if this is to be the place I'll be staying from now on. Also, I would like to be informed of everything that is going on regarding Cole and the rogues." She crossed her arms and waited for him to agree to her terms. He glared at her. The stubborn little minx thought she could bargain with him. He could kill her easily and it would all be over.

"I could just torture you for the information," he admitted truthfully.

"You would have done so already."

"You understand that you will need to be turned, it's either that or death. We can't allow you back into the human world. But I agree to your terms." His voice could cut steel and she already missed the soft side of his personality she had seen only moments before. She let out a breath but nodded. She'd find some way to cope with whatever being a werewolf meant.

"I can have one of my betas take you back to your place and get whatever is in the safe. But have it clear, what's in that safe is the main priority. You'll be departing in the morning." She nodded and kept eating in silence. Stefani had this uneasy feeling that something bad was happening. Shaking her head, she looked up into his eyes.

"You realize that I don't enjoy waking up to strange men in my bed, alpha. So please refrain from doing it again." Her voice was soft but the underlying tone made Rain stiffen. He simply gave her a smoldering look that made her want to swallow back the words and look away, but she refused to show him any weakness. She locked eyes with him. An electrifying tension filled the room, lighting up everything for a second before he stood up and stormed out of the room. A small smile pulled across her lips.


Rain was restless as the week went by. Stefani and his beta, Noah, left for Montreal. It had been a couple days and they should have been on their way back days ago, it still left him unsettled and he didn't really understand why. He kept thinking of the human female and it made him angry. His body ached, his wolf was pissed off and there was no pleasing him. With a sigh, he went off to find Sarah.

He left the mansion in search of the female beta. He found her tumbling around in her wolf form, probably on her break and as he saw her, his frustration rose. He growled as his eyes met her cold blue eyes and instantly she shifted back to her human form. A warm heat spreading through her eyes and he noticed a shiver run through her body. "I was waiting till you needed me alpha," her voice husky and out of breath.

Rain wrapped his hand behind her neck and pulled her lips to his, smashing them hard. Making sure she understood what he was interested in today. She understood perfectly and rivaled him in brutality. She worked fast on his jeans, loosening his cock from the confinements. He pressed his hands into her ass and lifted her as she wrapped her legs around his waist.

Her blonde hair loose around her shoulders, he growled as he pressed her body into a tree. Sex wasn't something to be shy and his pack liked to watch as he took his women, it proved him to be a fitting male. But at that very moment his cock was hard more from his frustration at not having a certain brown eyed human, rather than lust for his beta.

She arched against him as he bit into her rosy pink nipples. His wolf was howling loudly, almost begging him to stop but he pressed on, pushing her higher up and with one quick thrust buried himself deep inside the blonde beta. Her pussy was boiling hot and it was fitting but not tight or loose.

He groaned as he pumped in and out of her pussy. He heard tires in the distance but all his body cared about was reaching that finish line. Sarah moaned his name into his ear, and he pushed her head away and bit harder into her nipples. He opened his eyes and saw the dark escalade turn up into his driveway, but he didn't care. He wanted to cum so badly. She reached down to his shirt and split it open and grabbed at his hard chest.

He pushed harder making Sarah crazy with need. He pulled on her hair and she came hard, her legs shaking around him. He pulled out and came all over her stomach, some of his thick cum shooting up onto her breast. Her chest heaved up and down as she panted. He brushed a strand of hair out of her face and her blue eyes met his gaze. He tried to feel something for her, he honestly did. But it just wasn't happening.

He buckled his pants back up. "Go shower," he ordered, before she could speak a word. Then without another word, he turned around, yanked his shirt back into place and froze.

Looking up, he met the pair of brown eyes he'd been dying to see. For a moment he saw a flash of jealousy and then it set on a cold mask of indifference. Her eyes shifted away from him as she walked into the mansion. The omegas pulled two duffle bags from the trunk and Noah waited patiently for his alpha to move. Rain felt a cold whiplash of guilt that made his stomach turn painfully. His wolf was soberly silent.

"Noah, I was wondering when you'd grace us with your presence." His voice was filled with sarcasm. He bottled up all his emotions, sealing up every thought and feeling.

"I was being pre-cautious, my lord. I feared we would be tracked. Stefani... she's waiting at the meeting room to show you what we've found." His report was short and he nodded, giving a command to an omega to find Hale. They both made their way upstairs to find Stefani sitting at the table, a black suitcase on the table in front of her.

She was looking intently at the suitcase not even bothering to look up as they came in. Her face was devoid of any emotion. Rain took the head of the table and Noah the right as she sat two seats away to the left.

"This was the only thing in the safe, alpha. We haven't opened it and we also picked up some stuff from Stefani's place." He nodded.

"Open it." Stefani was struggling to keep her emotions under control and put in the lock code. It was her birthday. It clicked open and she held it wide open to them, picking up the stack of papers and set them down on the table. Rain reached for the papers. They were photographs, all of them taken in that private detective style, mainly of two men. The other photographs were of missing people flyers. Rain could see the resemblance that some of those people could be creatures and he growled. He looked up at Noah, who was looking through the pictures, then looked up at Stefani and their eyes met momentarily.

"Give it to him" She stared at him for a second, biting her bottom lip. She brushed her hands over the healing bruise and let out a breath, reaching into her bag she took out a manila envelope and slid it across the table.

"What is this?" His voice came out a little wary as he looked up at Stefani, trying to meet her eyes but her gaze was firmly attached to the envelope. He read the letter and growled. "This must be a joke?" Rain growled out as he looked up at Noah who was quiet somber.

"We found it at her apartment. The stench of vampires saturated the air. We only got what she needed and we left as soon as possible. There was a shirt drenched in blood, it smelled familiar, had the Mactire scent." Stefani stiffened at the memory of walking into her small apartment and seeing a bloody rag laying across the dining table. She had burst into tears, almost going into a numb daze as she read the letter. She sobbed the entire time she packed.

The door burst open as Hale Mactire strode in with Elba. Rain kept his gaze locked with Noah, their silent conversation not going very pleasant. "I'm so glad your back! Seriously there's so much you have to see on pack lands." Hale went straight to Stefani and hugged her from behind. She stiffened but smiled warmly and pressed her palms against his forearms. He sat to Rain's right and noticed everyone's stiff behavior.

"What's going on?" Hale asked, hating that he'd had to ask for things lately.

"There's been a ransom note sent." Rains voice sent shivers down Stefani's spine. He locked his eyes on her, even though she was looking everywhere but where he wanted, into his eyes. He handed Hale the document and he read out loud for Elba.

"Let's just get to the point. I have someone you want, a Mactire heir. We demand a small payment of five thousand dollars. We don't wish to start trouble. We would like the human female in your company to deliver the payment so as to make sure we are fully secured that the transaction goes as planned. She should be human to present us the money. Sunset on the Friday of this week, at the circle. She comes alone."

His voice was hard and he stared at the paper dazed. He looked up at Stefani who was deep in thought. He could see her resolve as he remembered her words a couple days ago but now he was torn. "Things must always be complicated" He said and looked into the other alphas eyes. Elba shifted on her feet.

"Alphas, we have to get him back. We can't allow him to spend more time with the rogues. He is from the Mactire pack, of pure descent, a first son. His powers are transcendent even more so with age. We could take precautions and bring warriors but we must get him back." Rain bit back his rude remark at the insolent elder but he also agreed.

He looked at Stefani, her wavy brown hair pulled into a pony tail and the gray t-shirt she wore had a low v-neck that gave him an ample view of her collarbone. He looked at her and he couldn't imagine letting her go out to the vampires, leaving her vulnerable. But even he admitted some sacrifices had to be made. So then why did it feel like the wrong thing to do.

"I agree. I'm just human, so there's not much they could want with me. I'll do it.' Her voice was steady and she was glad it didn't reveal her inner turmoil.

Hale's fist turned white, "I can't let you do this..." His voice was soft but frustrated.

"I'm not asking for your permission. Once you have him, he might have more information to provide you. Information you all know is needed. I'm doing this, alpha O'Faolain, alpha Mactire." She stood from her chair, her gaze meeting Rain's eyes.

He saw determination. He nodded, his tongue lost somewhere in the bottom of this stomach, Hale growled. "Leave us!" He ordered both women out. Without a glance, Stefani picked up her bag and headed to her room at the compound.

"We'll transfer the money and have it ready in two days. We need to work on the protection detail." Hale's voice had a calculating sense that Rain had always appreciated. "Why does it feel so wrong to let her do this?" He asked slightly confused at his own emotions. He was a protector and now he was forced to let her go just like that. But he admitted, he'd just met her, his brother... was crucial. Rain stayed silent, still looking out at the door, Stefani walked out from. Something wasn't right.

It was a long walk to the compound. An elderly omega led her to one of the lower rooms. Noah had explained to her that she was now possibly lower than the omegas. She had no standing on her own in the pack and she understood. She entered the little room. It was really like a medium size room with its own small personal bathroom and a little desk.

She set her bag on the bed and sat down, staring into space as she picked up several papers from her bag. Spreading them on the bed, her blood turned to ice. In every picture was a different angle of her. At the cafe, walking down the street, getting into the bus, having coffee with Sasha. Each picture had a target sign on it. At the far right there was a solitary index car with bold letters written in black, which literally made fear almost overwhelm her. "You belong to us"

Looking up at the room, she let the tears pour down her cheeks. Everything had been turned upside down. She didn't understand but it didn't matter. She understood enough, the real exchange was her life for Coles'.

She trembled, part of her wanting to be safe but the greater part of her gave in easily. Cole Mactire had saved her life. He stood by her and loved her for so many years and she'd only been a burden to him. She was going to bring him back, even if it killed her. Her determination hardened her feelings a little. She also knew she couldn't tell them. They'd stall and hesitate because the vampires wanted something with her but she was past caring about her own safety. She just wanted Cole safe. She fell back on the pile of pictures, tucking into a ball while her body shook.

She tried to focus on that, but her mind kept coming back to what she'd seen outside in the driveway. The alpha with his cock buried deep inside a lovely blonde, who panted his name in pleasure. She couldn't tear her eyes away from the sight that made her heart hurt so bad it left her breathless.

She watched as Sarah came so hard she looked like her energy had fully left her. She watched as he pulled out and came all over her body. She remembered being jealous and for a second she wished it had been her. But that was insane. She sort of hated him... didn't she? She'd known him for about 24 hrs tops and there she went falling for the lunatic. She groaned and cried. It felt like some sort of betrayal. She shook her head, trying to push the image out of her mind.

She looked down at the pictures, her face always in profile and she shivered. She wasn't anything special, she could never hope to capture the alpha's attention only some sick twisted vampire would be attracted to her.

She was losing her mind.

She pushed away those feelings, tried to forget about the way the alpha made her heart beat faster and louder every time he was in the room or how his eyes pierced her soul, her heart. She willed her body to forget him, to put him away forever. She resigned herself to her fate.

'You are not alone, I'm here. Be strong. I'm gonna bring you home. Just hold on Cole,' her voice drifted over the weak link and she felt him. His heavy dull essence filling her with dread, she prayed he could last that long. She knew that he couldn't answer back but she could feel his disagreement so hard it snapped her out of her self pity party. 'It's my turn to protect you' she responded and set about to fix her room.


Cole groaned, tears slipping past his eyes as her voice floated into his mind. He shook with dread, his mouth was dry and his throat was on fire. Looking around, the dim candle light showed the dungy cell in a new light, literally. It had been several days that he'd been stuck in the dark. They'd experimented on him, did something to him. He could feel the difference in his body. He was stronger but too drugged to do anything about it. His mind was slow and foggy and he struggled to keep his bond to Stefani blocked.

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