tagNonHumanKissed by Lightning Ch. 04

Kissed by Lightning Ch. 04


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A very persistent knock awoke Stefani. Her eyes blinked opened and she winced as the sunlight burned her eyes slightly. Rubbing the sleep from her eyes. She stood up and dragged herself to the door. Her eyes met a pair of silver rimmed-hazel eyes and gave a warm smile.

"Is it morning already?" Her voice was groggy. She turned around and headed for the bathroom. Her long white t shirt reached about mid thigh or higher and her breast perked up against the thin shirt. Finishing her human necessities, she walked back into the room, her eyes gazing over the foot of the bed cautiously and up to Hale's eyes as she sat on the bed. "To what do I owe the pleasure?" He smiled at her question.

"If you have nothing to do, I thought I'd show you around pack lands." Hale's voice was commanding and she smiled. Pulling her hair into a messy ponytail, she nodded.

"I'll meet you out front, try to wear comfortable shoes." He closed the door behind him, leaving her to get dressed. She took a deep breath, rubbing at her wound tenderly.

Hale stood by the entrance of one of the omega living quarters, he watched as the omegas all began their daily routines, admiring their productivity and efficiency. The O'Faolain provided so much for his own people, there was a healthiness in the environment he admired. Hale though of ways of implanting some of that into his own pack as Stefani stepped out of the building and walked towards him.

He smiled. She wore a soft white skirt with a brown long sleeved v-neck blouse. Her hair fell in waves of brown and gold around her shoulders. The wind tousled those locks of hair like a caress, she smiled at the freshness of the cooling air. He couldn't help his reaction, but she took his breath away.

"I want to show you something." Stefani followed Hale as he guided her through the busy compound. She kept close to his side but made sure to check out the place, her curiosity getting the best of her.

Everyone went about their tasks but always stopped to get a good sniff, which was a little weird. Hale led her behind several buildings and they came to a little gated area. It took her a second to realize there were cubs in the gates. It was a play pen.

Her smile widened as he took her hand and led her into the play pen. There must have been about thirty or more little wolves, all different shades of brown or gray. They all stopped their tumbling and playing as Hale stepped forward. The cubs must sense that he was an alpha in his own right. The wheels in her mind turned, thinking of the psychology and physiology of a werewolf.

"I want you to meet someone. She's a very special friend of mine. I'd like you all to be very careful because she's human and we all know they break easily." His voice was full of mischief so she let it go but stepped forward and gave them a small wave. She hadn't been trained in proper wolf etiquette so she hoped she came off as non-threatening as possible.

The cubs approached her slowly as if regarding her as threat. She sat down on the grass and waited for them to familiarize themselves with her. She smiled as a little dark brown cub plopped down on her lap and yawned, burying it's little body on her thigh. She stroked his soft fur completely mesmerized.

Laughter bubbled from her lips as several cubs threw themselves on her body, knocking her down with a lot more forced than she expected. They licked at her playfully. Her laughter drew attention from the wolves passing by, who watched at first with concern and then with a certain amusement and fondness. Hale leaned against the gates.

Rain sat in his study, going over the tedious paperwork that came with being alpha. He had been up all night doing paper work, trying to keep his mind off things. Everything seemed to be in order as he signed all the documentation and permissions for the businesses working outside of the compound. Although he provided everything for the pack, some were always looking for things to do and he encouraged his pack to mingle with the human population. Only once they were trained and fully in control were they allowed that opportunity. He also had to make sure that they spend equal times at the compound.

He was proud of the packs accomplishments and their thirst for knowledge. They were good honest people, who were only bettered by being together. His father would have been proud of all they'd accomplished. Placing the papers down, he stood, moving around the room. Going over to the huge glass wall to the right, he gazed out into the busy compound. It was his duty to protect his pack, his kin.

A pair of brown eyes went through his mind, making him growl in frustration. She was just a human. A human he couldn't keep his mind off. He felt wretched knowing she had watched him with Sarah and if he thought about it, he was worried she would get the wrong impression. He frowned, walking back to his desk. Her opinion of him shouldn't matter as much as it did and that thought scared him.

"Once Mactire is safe, we'll figure out what to do with her," he whispered to himself. His wolf howled, unsure of why his wolf reacted that way, he closed his eyes and pushed the feeling back.

Dragging a giggling Stefani over his shoulder, Hale headed for the mansion. Having spend most of the day playing with the cubs it was about time they had some lunch. She wiggled around, tapped at his back furiously but couldn't stop the laughter from leaving her body. She had refused to leave the playpen, having so much fun with the cubs. A frown had crossed his face and he had picked her up without a thought, slung her over his shoulder and stomped away toward the mansion.

She wailed as he growled in amusement. He had been frustrated at first. No one denied an alpha, it was a concept she didn't quiet understand, but as her laughter had filled him, that frustration turned into a strange form of happiness. He skipped around making her bounce and whine like a little kid. It made his heart ached that he'd never had a sibling to share a childhood with.

They reached the driveway, he didn't slow down, just kept going

"Hale put me down this instant!" Her voice choked up as she tried to catch her breath from laughing and the position she was in. He shook his head, walking through the open doors held by the omegas. She hissed.

"What will people think?! Put me down!" He completely ignored her, walking through the halls toward the dining hall. She struggled to away from his iron grip.

"Alphas don't like being told no, you might want to keep that in mind next time you decide to deny an order from one," he teased her and she poked his back repeatedly.

"No! no, no, no, no!" She chanted.

"You need a good lesson in discipline young lady. I beat you by a couple hundred years so respect your elders!" He laughed as she snorted in irritation, he was reaching the set of double doors, leading to the dinning room when she smiled.

"Just cause you're ancient does not mean you get the right to order me around, old man!"

The room they entered fell into silence and all the people sitting in the long rectangular table waited for the alpha to blow up over the disrespect. Hale burst out laughing, walking over to table and meeting the gaze of the O'Faolain alpha whose gaze was boiling in rage for some reason.

Lucian had a huge smile on his face as Rain looked over Hale and Stefani's plum behind. "She refused to come to lunch, so I had to persuade her" His tone was full of mischief.

"Persuade!!" Stefani screeched as she started to pound on his back and kicked wildly. "Put me down you big old oaf!" She let out an irritated growl. He chuckled and plopped her down on the ground.

"You just saved yourself a huge ass kicking buddy! Just cause your bigger doesn't mean I can't kick it!" She hissed as she made her way to a spot as far from Rain as possible, Hale looked at her hard for a second with a grin on his face. He took the spot at Rain's right.

"I would ask that you not man handle my guest, Mactire" Rain's voice was icy cold as the omegas started bringing out their food. Stefani snorted, rolling her eyes.

"I don't recall your manners being any better" She mumbled under her breath, causing loud and humorous laughter to break through the table. Rain pinned her with his gaze but she refused to meet his eyes. He let out a breath and dug savagely into his meal.

Everyone at the table had their own smaller conversations. Rain at the head of the table watched and listened to all they had to say. Hale eat happily next to him, "So what have you been up to Mactire?" Rain's voice was disinterested but he was curious to hear what Stefani had done all day. She sat the farthest away from him and her gaze stayed on the table the whole time she ate her meal.

"I took Stefani to the cubs. She seemed to connect with them. It was a pain to get her to leave. All the cubs took a great interest in her, even the troublesome ones."

Rain nodded, curious as to how easily the wolves had taken to her. "I hoped I haven't overstepped my boundaries by taking her there." His voice was full of concern but Rain knew as long as he had been there to protect the young it was acceptable.

Stefani ate slowly, keeping her gaze to the expensive dark wooden table, refusing to meet anyone's eyes. A small headache forming in the back of her mind, she felt hot too and her mouth felt dry, no matter how much liquid she drank. Rubbing the soreness from her eyes she finished the little she had on her plate. As the group started to finish, most of them started to leave to their mundane daily routines. Leaving Hale and Rain engrossed in conversation and her to wander around the dining hall.

She stood and walked around the grand room, she hadn't really gotten a good look of it, coming in. She went over to the large window wall, which looked out into the forest and the lake further down. Pressing her hand against the window she was quiet. She could feel him, like a distant star dimmed by fog. He had this heaviness about him that worried her. For a second, she contemplated telling the alphas. She honestly thought about it, but once she told them how deeply connected they were, she wasn't sure what their reaction would be, much less if they'd let her give the ransom.

"If you want, I can give you a tour of pack lands?" A shiver ran up her spine, humming throughout her body, she felt lost in that daze that was his voice. Rain cleared his throat, snapping Stefani back to attention. Turning around, she met his gaze momentarily, looking around the room, Hale was gone.

"I wouldn't want to impose on you alpha. I know you have...duties to attend to," she kept her voice even. He stepped closer drawing her in his aura of warmth. 'Don't melt dammit!' she reprimanded her behavior and stepped back, bumping hard into the window.

"You can call me Rain. That is my name." He growled softly, looking for her eyes as she tried desperately to avoid his. "My afternoon is free and I'd like to show you something." His voice left no room for argument and she nodded. He smiled and before he could stop himself he brushed a stray lock of hair behind her ear, making her tremble. Her lips parted, her brown eyes snapped up to his. Their innocence and honesty shocked him, forcing him to step away from her.

Stefani was hesitant to leave with the huge alpha, but she really had no way of turning him down. She was even more hesitant as he started to lead her through the woods and away from the compound, in what seemed to be a long hike. She let out a breath. She really hadn't worn appropriate shoes, looking down at her flats but at least the long sleeve was keeping her sufficiently warm.

They'd been hiking through random trees for hours in comfortable silence, he kept his distance from her, refusing to touch her or even look at her. She bumped into something hard, snapping out of her mind. Rain watched as she stepped next to him, he nodded forwards and her eyes followed, she gasped.

It was a little cottage or a cabin, both words could have applied. It was smaller than any other building she'd seen in the compound, but it was secluded as well. It had this magical charm about it, almost seemed to be made from the woods. As if the little cabin blended into one with nature. He held out his hand to her, without thinking about it, she took it.

Pleasure filled him as her skin touched his. He led her into his private cabin. He didn't know why he'd taken her there but he wanted to give her something for everything she'd lost. As they came into the cabin, he heard her awe, saw her twinkling eyes as they took every inch of the small cabin.

It was actually huge compared to a normal cabin, he enjoyed the space. He had come here a lot when his parents had died. His heart ached at the memory. The kitchen was equipped with the latest but the living room/ dinning room was decorated in warm rugs and warm colors. There was only one bedroom, to the far right, the door that lead to it made of dark brown wood to match the rest of the decor. The room was his favorite, a huge king size bed with four dark posts of thick wood, the sheets made of fine champagne silk. The bathroom was smaller than the one back at the mansion, complete with a luxurious tub and a small shower.

Stefani stepped further into the room, rubbing her arms softly to heat up her cold skin. The inside was gorgeous, like something out of a movie. It was cozy, personal and perfect.

"Why did you bring me here?" She moved around the room, looking at the various frames filled with pictures of people and wolves, some made her smile. Some made her heart ache for a family she never had.

"You can come here whenever you want. I know things will get difficult but you can always have a place to feel at home. I want you to understand that even though you are being forced into this life, you can find a way to enjoy it." He sounded sincere. She looked back at him with curiosity. "The pack rarely comes through this area, so there's enough privacy. I don't usually do this..." his voice faded and she nodded, looking around the room again.

"Is it yours?" She could hear his hesitation.

"My parents gave it to me, a couple months before they died." Stefani could feel his pain, she looked up into his eyes and she could see his soul. See how hard he struggled to hide it from her.

"I'm sorry."

Thunder broke the silence in the room and soon after lightning lit up the room. Stefani took a deep breath, sitting down on one of the chocolate brown sofas, tucking her legs in. Rain went over to the windows. He pursed his lips at the sudden change in weather. He looked over at her, he could probably make it back in no time, but she might take hours in this kind of weather just to get back, not to mention might get sick. Sending a mental message to Hale, he let him know that they'd arrive in the morning.

"Looks like we might have to stay here the night." She had her eyes closed. Walking over to the sofa, he sat down next to her.

"You aren't scared of thunder storms are you?" He was amused. Sometimes she seemed like a pissed off bitch or a female cub.

"Of course not!" She scoffed, she wasn't. She was just unsettled from it, Cole had always been there with her, to calm her. They would sit on her small sofa, watching movies, as she curled up into his arms. Tears formed in her eyes at the thought of him and what they could be doing to him. Rain didn't like the teary expression on her face. She was clearly engrossed in her own thoughts. He smiled and draped one heavy arm over her shoulders dragging her body to his side.

She stiffened but as thunder struck, she jumped and pressed her body tighter to his, leaning her head to his chest. She worked on controlling her breathing and her heartbeat. It was one thing to let Cole hug her this intimately, but it was a whole other experience with the alpha. His body was slightly bigger than Cole's; his body was hard and enticing. She pressed her ear to his chest, feeling his fast heartbeat and wondered about that. She felt soft flutters at the edge of her mind. Cole.

"You know, whenever there was a storm, Cole would always come over and we'd sit and watch movies all night, till I fell asleep. I always felt safe with him. Turns out I didn't know anything about him. He's been lying all this time... how could I feel so safe with someone I don't even know?" The guilt, confusion and anger seeped into her voice. She wasn't angry with him but how could she not have seen it.

Rain stroked her soft wavy hair, it felt like silk between his fingers. He could hear the pain in her voice. "It's taboo for us to inform humans of our existence. No matter how much he probably wanted to tell you, he probably didn't want to put you in any risk."

That sounded reasonable but why did it still feel like she was missing something big. She let one arm drape over his stomach, in a loose embrace.

"Thank you for letting me do this. It means a lot that you're letting me help" she whispered, her eyes closed as she enjoyed the way he ran his fingers in her hair. Rain couldn't answer, couldn't admit to her, much less to himself how desperately he or his wolf didn't want to allow her to step out into the circle unprotected, fragile and alone to face the vampires. The alpha in him understood and supported the decision. Cole Mactire was one of the first pure blood descendants, his blood alone held magic and the many years he'd had them would prove worthy, in the hands of the vampires that could be a disaster.

"We're going to get him back. After that we'll figure out what to do with you." He answered honestly, his wolf stirred in anger but he was content to be holding her. He grinned at the beast, who had been irritable for days and his sudden change of attitude at being around her.

Stefani refused to answer, fearing that her voice would crack or that she'd give too much away. She wouldn't be coming back she knew that much. She was trying to come to terms with it but she forced herself not to think about it. Lightning crashed, fillinging the room with its electric light, thunder roaring through the small cabin. Surely the small wooden house wouldn't stand up to such a strong storm.

She snuck a glance up at Rain's face. She took a sharp breath when their eyes met. She would later blame it on her fear of storms, how he tried to console her and protect her from that fear, and she would grow to reject and crave it even more but at that moment, she couldn't stop from leaning up as he leaned down.

He pressed his lips to hers, his hand firmly embedded to the back of her neck wrapped in her hair. She sighed in pleasure as his lips sought to devour hers. Heat rose inside her sharply, his tongue seeking entrance into her mouth that she wouldn't allow. He pulled back her hair making her gasp as he thrust into her, making her groan. She would have smiled at his dominance if her mouth had been freed, but she found herself with no desire to be free of him.

Rain groaned, diving into her hot mouth was like plunging into liquid sunshine. She was sweet, soft and she gave herself fully to him. He slid his arm under her and straddled her on his lap, not once breaking lip contact. Her hands moved slowly over his tight muscular arms, letting one hand cup his neck as the other stayed firmly at his chest, right above his heart. Her hands burned at his skin, seemed to shoot right into his body making him tremble with need.

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