tagNonHumanKissed by Lightning Ch. 08

Kissed by Lightning Ch. 08


Happpy New Year!

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Well I just wanted to thank my new editor *drumroll*--- BatteriesNotIncluded!!!!! Who's been helping me with my chapters.

I had to say goodbye to my old editor and it's taken my a while to find a new one. :)

I'm so sorry for leaving for so long, I ran into writers block which I'm still fighting and I've had midterms. Thankfully I've been doing really well.

I hope you all know that I don't plan on leaving this story unfinished so If I run into a bump I'm going to keep going, even if it takes me a while. :)

I think you're all going to hate me by the time it's over but I'm like trembling with excitment.

Here's chapter 8, not the best I admit but it's preliminary to the rest you know. :)

Wishing everyone the best. I hope some of you are willing to wait till the very end. :)




Rain, in his wolf form, was racing through the woods. The trees blurred past him, as a howl erupted from his muzzle. There was a sense of despair filling every ounce of his essence. His lungs expanded and contracted with his labored, angry breathing. The wolf didn't slow down until his little cottage came into sight. He came to a total halt in front of it.

For a couple of minutes, the wolf just paced in anger, unsure of where the aggression was coming from. Rain tried to reason with the beast.

Out of thin air, a woman appeared at the entrance of the cottage with her back facing him. Her skin was luminous in a silver gown, which glowed subtly against the earthy cottage. Her brown locks of hair cascaded all the way down to the back of her knees and were woven with white crystals.

He was convinced that the strange woman must be a light fairy, bright and ethereal.

Unthinkingly, the wolf stepped closer. He watched as the woman stiffened, her head turning slowly in his direction. A pair of golden eyes met his and thunder cracked in the sky. As the tension between the two grew, his wolf became agitated and ran forward. In a fraction of a second, she offered him a sad smile and then faded from existence, as he crashed against the cottage door.

Rain jolted awake. Leaning forward and shaking the slumber from his mind, a soft wind tussled his dark hair. His bare chest heaved for breath. Looking around the dark room with his heightened senses, he could see everything in the room was trashed.

There were pieces of wood scattered around the room and papers gliding through the air. It was a total mess. He groaned. His element must have reacted to his dream. It'd happened a couple times before, when he was a pup.

For Christ sake! What was happening to him?!

Rubbing the sleep from his eyes, he opened the balcony doors without a thought. Letting the negative wind leave the room, he picked himself up and walked out onto the balcony. Leaning both hands on the railing, he looked out over his sleeping compound. The balcony had a magnificent view of the pack lands.

The entire third floor of the manor was remodeled to be his living quarters. Only three people had access to his place. It was equipped with its own kitchen, living room, library, office and security room, which monitored all of the cameras and sensors. It was his space and he'd never allowed anyone up here.

The night air hugged around him, caressing him like a seductive whisper. He let out a hard breath. That girl was haunting his dreams. Haunting his beast and every part of his soul.

"Stefani..." He whispered in a tone he didn't recognize. His voice carried through the night. The thought of her brought the despair he'd felt in his dream right back into his consciousness. He walked back into his room, the curtains fluttering behind him. A growl rumbled in his chest. His skin trembled as his wolf chewed at the barriers that held him back.

A growl ripped from Rain's throat, as a pulse emanated from his body, sending everything in the room in all directions. He felt his wolf rush to the front of his mind. As he ran forward and leapt from the balcony, his human skin exploded and changed. Landing swiftly, four black paws dug into the dark soil. His untamed energy manifested in visible blue fluorescent light seeping from his paws and fluttering around him like tendrils in the wind. Both Rain and his wolf managed to tame that energy back and the light faded away.

In the blink of an eye, he was gone. The black wolf ran through the woods and sped through the trees with precision. Within minutes he came to a halt at the foot of the cottage. The wind hugged him close, embracing him in its billions of particles. The wolf took deep breaths to calm its quickened heartbeat and changed quickly.

Rain's naked human body was comforted by the moonlight for a second before he entered the cozy cottage. The image of Stefani in a translucent moonlight dress was scorched into his mind.

Rain walked through the living room and headed for the master room. Opening the door, he was assaulted by her scent which saturated the air. It ignited his beast in a way nothing ever had. Rain struggled to keep the savage animal at bay while he found a pair of sweats. He sat down at the foot of the huge four post mahogany bed and rubbed his face.

Closing his eyes and focusing on his breathing, her scent burned itself straight into his soul. He recalled the way her soft, supple body had arched against his; the way her silky hair felt wrapped around his fist; her soft lips embracing his, and the way her hot mouth engulfed his tongue.

He groaned as his cock threatened to burst the seams of his sweats. He shook his head. When he had looked down at her in his wolf form, she was clearly terrified, but her body reacted to him. Her sweet arousal had been enough proof. Every part of her was drawn to him, just as he seemed to be drawn to her.

He ran his fingers through his inky black hair.

It was so simple. Right in front of his face from the very beginning! He'd been too distracted to pay any attention to his wolf's reaction to her.

As much as he wanted to deny it, Stefani Haven was his true mate.

Did it make him the biggest asshole in the planet to take so long to realize that? He definitely thought so.

His wolf sat down impatiently in his mind and grunted in agreement. Rain's logical mind tried to get a grip. He was Alpha, one of the most feared creatures among the world of the paranormal. He had control over the wind element and could kill with a mere thought. Yet the idea of having a mate terrified him. He'd lived for so long, he'd seen so many things that he'd come to believe he didn't need or want a true mate. His wolf chuckled as best as a wolf could, at the idiotic idea.

Honestly speaking, there had been a muted spark of hope that he'd find the one person to share his eternity with. He'd grown lonely and bored.

He shook his head.

No. He didn't want a mate. He couldn't.

His father, the person he'd idolized his whole life, died trying to protect his mother from a pack of rogues. They shouldn't have been able to overpowered a royal alpha pair, but his mother had been half way through her second pregnancy. It had made her vulnerable and a liability.

From what they gathered, his father put up a good fight but the moment his mother had been taken hostage, his father ceased. The safety of his mate was his priority. He literally sat there and took it.

Rain had been overseas in the Lupino pack and in the last seconds of their lives, they sent him an unwavering amount of love through their bond. It brought him to his knees even an entire ocean away. They bonded him with their love and hope, settling the heavy chains of alpha on his soul.

In the end, his father, mother and unborn sister had died. Love had done nothing to save them. It was that love that left him alone for the rest of eternity.

He would never forget that day. The memory still haunted him.

He had unleashed his power, coming close to destroying most of the Lupino compound had he not been restrained by the alpha at the time.

Since that day, he kept his element under lock and key, refusing to use it unless necessary. He'd locked away his heart in the same dark place within his subconscious.

Love had no place in his world. It would weaken him, creating a liability he didn't need. He held great respect for other true mated pairs, for women as well but he avoided commitment like the plague.

A pair of soft brown eyes slid into his mind and he hissed. His eyes burned and his fist clenched tightly. He couldn't hide from it any more. Stefani was definitely his mate and the fates weren't being kind to his commitment sensibilities.

As he finally accepted that fact, it felt as if the world suddenly tipped on its axis. Heavy chains settled upon him, in which the most important thing was her safety.

His blood heated, as his chest expanded, drawing in a deep breath.

He'd let his true mate be taken by bloody vampires! He fell back on the bed, his arm covering his face.

"Please forgive me." His voice trembled. His heart throbbed painfully. He'd seen what they had done to Cole, he didn't even want to imagine what they'd do to her. He howled, his beast drowning in shame and rage.

If he'd realized earlier maybe he could have avoided this situation. He should have fought for her, he thought bitterly.

He'd never forgive himself for his actions but he could only move forward.

His body glowed a soft icy blue. His pupils dilated and his irises changed to an icy gold. "I'm going to get you back, mate. I just hope it won't be too late."


Several Hours later.

Cole walked into the empty training grounds. He made sure no one was there, before sitting down in the center of the field. Taking a deep breath, he closed his eyes, searching for his wolf in every corner of his mind. He could sense the animal in his mind, but it was muted somehow. Cole could feel it reacting to his presence so he decided to just talk to the wolf.

"I'm sorry I've kept you locked in for so long, but you understand that it was necessary. We had to keep her safe." His words were soft. There was no response, only a low burning anger.

"You are a part of me, as much as I am a part of you. I don't know what they did to you, but we're going to fix it. I'm going to make it better." He felt the wolf draw closer in acceptance.

There was a strange burn in his chest and a hunger that no amount of food or water had quenched. He swallowed hard. In the back of his mind, he felt like there was something he was missing.

Cole let his wolf come forward but as close as his wolf was to the surface the shift wasn't happening. Cole breathed a little harder, pushing at the change to happen but nothing. The wolf whimpered in his mind.

The wolf was a part of his soul. Something tangible that he could touch with his mind and the change was like an explosion of those two minds colliding and transforming. It had taken a lot of patience and self control to keep his animal at bay for over two hundred years and now the possibility that he could never shift again was horrifying.

Was it something the vampires had done to him? Or was it caging the animal over the years?

Opening his silver rimmed, hazel eyes, he stood up. Staring up at the cave ceiling, he let out a breath.

"Stefani... I should have shown what I was. Now I may never get the chance."

He was never going to forgive himself if anything happened to her. He'd taken an oath to protect her, to keep her safe and now she was too far out of his reach.

He prayed that he would get her back in time.

He felt a soft wind ruffle his short brown hair. He stiffened and turned around as the alpha's voice called out his family name.


Rain found Cole standing in the middle of the field. As he walked over to the older Mactire, he smiled softly. He wondered if he should tell Cole of his earlier epiphany but thought better of it. Cole was jumpy enough as it was. Telling him that he'd found his true mate in Stefani, well, that probably wouldn't be the best conversation to have right now.

"The alphas are scheduled to arrive tomorrow. After that we have about three days to the full moon." Rain's voice was hard edged but with a twinge of respect, which surprised Cole.

With a nod, he took a deep breath. Cole understood what the alpha needed.

"A few weeks ago, before this mess ever happened, I was told that the rogues were getting restless. I knew they were coming for her but I put off hiding her because, well, she's as unmoving as a female wolf protecting her cubs. I knew she'd refuse to leave unless I gave her a reasonable explanation. So I waited until her birthday to ask her, that way I could use the celebration as an excuse. I thought I had more time. I didn't imagine they were already on the move." Cole explained.

"The rogues, Rodan and Varcolac, were experimenting with paranormal creatures, trying to make a hybrid creature that could hold both the soul of a wolf and a vampire." He continued.

"That's impossible! No creature could withstand the blood lust of both creatures. Not to mention that they're natural born enemies. They couldn't coexist." Rain's voice was bewildered. A wolf and a vampire! It was blasphemy.

"That's what I thought too. However, regardless of what we believe to be true or not, if they were to succeed it would be catastrophic. A creature capable of both would be unstoppable, uncontrolled. It would put everyone and everything in danger." Cole shook the thought from his mind.

"You think they'll try that with Stefani?" Rain asked in a menacing tone, his wolf shifting closer to the surface as his eyes turned a shade of gold.

"I don't know! All I know is that we can't leave her with those bastards. We can't afford to let them succeed with their experiments. Dammit!" Cole ran his hand through his hair anxiously, taking a slow deep breath he continued.

"They're going to bring her to the circle on the full moon for her first change. They probably won't bring a full army, they'll want to stay hidden. They'll expect that we'll be too distracted with our search for her and we won't count on them coming onto pack lands."

Rain rubbed his face anxiously, his eyes burning a low golden color.

"So it's safe to assume that you have a source on the inside." Rain's comment was clearly a statement and not a question.

"I haven't heard from them since their last report." Cole knew something must have happened to them, but he tried to keep a positive mind about it.

Cole studied the alpha with close scrutiny. There was something odd about Rain. It was as if he'd just discovered something important. He attempted to ignore it and continued to speak.

"The meeting tomorrow must be geared towards the destruction of their operation and finding Stefani. I can't do it alone, and even your pack won't be able to do it alone. The four royal packs have to work together. The alphas have to learn more about their powers and use that to our advantage. There is more to their plan than I've been able to uncover. I know that creating the ultimate creature is not their ultimate goal but regardless what that true goal is, we have to stop them at all cost."

Rain let out a hard breath.

'Cole...' A soft whisper broke through Cole's mind. For a brief second, he felt her all around him. Her essence, sweet and bright, embracing him and then it was gone. Cole stiffened, his hands balled into tight fists bursting with blue flames. Anger swept over him in waves. He closed his eyes, struggling to control his erratic emotions.

"Cole!" Rain's alpha command cut through his emotional struggle.

The fire died down and he shook his head apologetically.

"I heard her. Stefani"


Stefani screamed into the darkness that surrounded her. It had been gradual at first and suddenly the fire had burst, consuming everything in its path. It ripped her soul apart, tearing at the connections that held her entire personality whole. Her essence was being shredded by fire and all she could do was scream as it tore her in all directions.

She was so deep into the darkness, she didn't think she'd ever come out. Her mind had stopped fighting. Now it just accepted the torment. Her soul cried, but no one heard. She curled into a ball, weeping as the storm of fire swept over her again. Suddenly, the darkness took on a reddish tint as hunger ripped through her. She screamed.

The blue fluorescent water that she floated in, pounded slightly. The monitors along the walls took notice of it and alerted everyone in the room that the change was almost complete. Varcolac sat in his throne-like chair, his short black hair brushed back, with his green eyes staring intently at Stefani's curled up form.

A wicked smile spread across his face. His fangs peaked through his lips, as the water pounded again. It had been several hours since they had deposited her in the tank and yet her body was accepting the change faster than any other he'd every witnessed. In a couple minutes, she would emerged from the coma-like trance she was in and the next phase would begin.

Stephanie shifted, her body uncurling slowly. Her eye lids fluttered rapidly and the water pounded so hard, it rattled the glass encasing her. Her body trembled almost violently. Varcolac inched forward in his seat, looking fascinated by the current events.

Everything happened quickly. Varcolac held his breath as her eye lids lifted slowly. He found himself staring into a pair of black vampiric eyes. They pierced into his soul for a moment just before the glass tank exploded. He shielded his face as glass flew everywhere.

Stefani was limp on the ground. The wet black silk dress clung to every curve on her body. Varcolac could see the slight differences in her body. Her body was skinnier and toned. Her brown hair was now black as midnight and her skin looked baby smooth. He smiled and walked over to her. Picking her up swiftly, he looked down at her slumbering form.

"Welcome home, Pet." His voice filtered through the fogginess that was her mind and she didn't know why it scared her so much. She only knew that the fire had faded to a low burn.

Varcolac took her to one of the cells in the dungeons. Laying her softly down on the ground, he moved a stray lock out of her face and looked up at the terrified figure crouched across the cell. With a smile, making sure to flash his fangs, he walked out.

The hunger would consume her when she woke up. Leaving her a snack was his way of welcoming her into his family.

When a vampire shared his blood with another they became connected by blood for all of eternity. His powerful ancient blood would grant her immortality and powers. That is, if her mind had survived the turn. Not many did.

He found himself hoping that she would.

Stefani was laying on her back, little shivers rocking her body, as she struggled to the surface of her heavy mind. She swam upwards and a dark wave would push her back down. Her body was heavy and in the end she just rode out the waves.

There was something she had to do, but she couldn't remember what it was. For a moment, she tried forcing herself to remember. Her mind proved too tired, and the darkness consumed her again.


Cole stood by one of the glass walls in the main dining hall. His eyes focused far off into the forest, as if looking for something. He chewed nervously on his bottom lip. Although he shied away from tapping into his connection with Stefani, he saw the way it fluttered in his mind. Something was definitely wrong. Her light at the back of his mind, was now muted as if there was something blocking him.

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