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Kissed by Lightning Ch. 09



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While I was writting this chapter, I found myself listening to the lonely by Christina Perri. Over and over. Just a thought.

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Rain sat at the head of a long onyx table. His huge body framed by an even bigger chair. His dark hair tied back and his brown eyes hinted with flecks of gold as his wolf came closer to the surface. Rain sighed with frustration. All the different alphas and elders had arrived throughout the day. All had been settled within the great hall. It was a mansion in it's own right. Everyone always assumed his manor was a "mansion" but in comparison to the great hall it made his manor look like nothing but a fancy cabin.

The great hall had been made for war. It ran over thousands of kilometers, with huge imposing walls and the finest security measures. Rain rarely had use for it. It was large enough to fit three of the largest packs in the world and then some. But Rain valued privacy, or the illusion of privacy. Being Alpha meant that his life was for the wolves, and he liked it that way. Wolves needed to know that their alpha as leader and protector had their best interest at heart. That as Alpha he did everything he could to succeed in both. They were a large family, in which he was the head chief and he took his position seriously.

But there was still something wonderful about being able to go up to his private rooms where only certain people had access. Everyone needed some alone time and even though he rarely got any, it was the small moments in his life when it was silent that he found pleasure.

He looked over at the men and woman in his care and he grimaced. He didn't know how to approach the subject. There were many things that were unclear, no facts were concrete and the idea of waiting ducks while the enemy trespassed on his land with his mate wasn't a favorable one. He grimaced, his was going to be a very long meeting.

The meeting was of the highest confidentiality, only Alphas and Elders were invited. At a later time it would be decided who else was to be informed of the situation. Currently it was important that all Alphas were informed so that they each made their own judgment on how to protect their packs.

Cole wasn't in the main hall yet. The plan was that Rain would tell him when to make his appearance. He knew that it was the elders who would react most strongly. Thankfully the Mactire elders sat by their son quietly and hadn't given any indication of distress. Hale Mactire lounged in his chair, with a nonchalant air. Rain appreciated that in the end, clearing his throat, he rose up followed by Hale.

"Alpha, elders thank you for coming. I'm sure you are all wondering why we've called for this and rest assure there is reason. I would like to first ask of you to have an open mind and hold all questions until we're finished. This story is not mine to tell, it's his."

The huge double doors opened wide as Cole strode into the room. Silence fell quickly as the elders laid eyes on the imposing figure of the deceased Mactire brother. The other alphas had heard of him at the video conference but didn't know much of him. The elders stared at him as he walked towards them and back to the Mactire elders in awe. Cole came to stand next to Rain and Hale.

"Many of you might know him as Cole Mactire. The eldest son of the Mactire pack." He let the silence hang for a couple seconds before continuing.

"I shall introduce the court. The European Pack led by Alpha Darius Faol, his Elders Lucian and Eanna Faol. The Eastern hemisphere with Italian Descent Alpha Dominick Lupino, his Elder Elba Lupino. Alpha Hale Mactire leader of the Southern hemisphere, his Elders Faust and Audrina Mactire. Finally, my trusted advisor and current Elder Johnson O'Faolain."

Each person rose as they were called forth and Cole nodded grimly, his pokerface on. Rain motioned for everyone to sit. Cole sat to his left, in front of his brother. Cole focused on memorizing the faces he didn't know. Dominick lupino looked every bit the Italian type, with all the dark features and bulky appearance. His brown hair was cropped short and also had a slight bump of a crooked nose, from fights he assumed. He was average height. Now that he thought about it, Elba looked oddly familiar to her alpha.

Darius Faol was a complete opposite with the blonde hair of his father, gray eyes and an equally tan complexion that most wolves had. He was lean as opposed to Dominick's bulk. He looked very much so like his father. He had slight features of his mother though. Eanna sat with her back straight. Her light brown hair was pulled back in a pony tail lightly streaked with silver and her dark brown eyes bore deep into Cole's cold eyes.

"How is this possible?" Eanna Faol broke the silence, sitting at the edge of her seat next to her mate Lucian.

"It is a long story mate. One that will have to wait." Lucian patted her hand affectionately, understanding the erratic emotions flowing down their mate bond. Eanna was opening her mouth as Cole interrupted.

"It is better now than later. They must understand the severity of this situation."

Rain nodded, choosing to stay silent. In the royal court, they were all equals. All great alphas of equal rights, but Rain was the head of the court, something he had gained over the many years of honing his skills, body and mind. He didn't see himself as greater than anyone else, he just took it as his job description to have everyones best interest at heart. It was in his very nature.

With that thought, Cole went off into a history he fought hard to forget. While Rain's mind drifted to a pair of brown eyes, pink pouty lips, creamy pale skin and brown locks of hair.


The cell was dark and cold. The metal bars encasing each cell was heavily enforced with charms that shocked anyone who came near it. The dungeons stretched out as far as they eye could see, each cell filled with it's own individual monster or more. Stefani was laid out on her back. Her black hair curled around her head as she laid unconscious. At the far end of the cell was a small female figure curled up against the corner shadows. Fear shook her body with tremors as she watched the slumbering vampire in her cell.

Looking around at the other cells, she could almost taste the concentration of fear in the air. It tingled in the back of her throat even as her own blood thirst beat at her senses. Her body was still trying to heal itself from the last round of torture at the keepers hands. She shuddered, tucking her head by her pulled up knees. It wouldn't be long until the young vampire would awaken from the turn and there was no doubt that she'd be thirsty. She'd be in agony until her first drink, it was natural of course.

She choked up a little as she thought back on her older brother. They cut off his head in front of her, that was the price for treason. She had been locked up ever since, without a sip of blood. Letting her hunger torment her and now they placed her with a newly turned vampire. That was how it would end for her....

Drained by one of her kind.

Although she was terrified, cold and starving as she looked down upon the glorious face of this newly turned woman and felt a sense of dread settled upon her. They were succeeding. If she awoke and her mind was still sane...... They would win it all. Caroline couldn't allow that to happen.

Everything her brother had done to penetrate the defenses of the rogues, learn as much information as he could and deliver it to the girls' protector, would be in vain. She couldn't allow that to happen. She made a promise to her brother.

Looking up at the unconscious girl, her red eyes blazed with deathly purpose.


Several hours later

Stefani was floating in a sea of darkness, unsure of why her body felt so heavy, she just rode out the waves. Through the fogginess she tried to think, but the threads of her mind were so severely torn, her whole essence throbbed with confusion. There was also a red tint to everything and a fire burning in her chest that made it difficult to think of anything else.

Although her body needed more blissful rest, her mind couldn't rest with the growing inferno in her chest. Steadily she came closer and closer to the surface but the closer she got, the hotter her body became. Her eye lids fluttered rapidly as she broke out from the sea of her subconsciousness.

She jolted upwards, dragging air into her lungs. Hunching over, she grabbed at her chest in pain while shivers rocked her frame. Tears poured from her eyes, rolling down her face. She felt surrounded by real darkness, but was too afraid to look around.

Minutes ticked away endlessly as she dwelled deeper into the heat in her heart.

"When you first change, the hunger will batter you until you feed."

Stefani snapped to attention as she heard the comment, she crawled backwards, away from where the voice had come from. Her heart was beating so loudly she could hear it in her ears.

"I'm not the one you should be scared of"

"Show yourself!" Stefani's rough voice echoed in the dark cell. She grasped at her throat, it felt as though she'd been screaming for a long time and now her vocals threatened to collapse within her.

"Do you remember anything?" Stefani focused on the soft voice, it was a girl. She relaxed slightly but then thought about what the girl had asked. She tried to think back at the last thing she remembered but all she could think about was the fire that had overwhelmed her, had ripped her apart. Fresh tears gathered in her eyes while she wrapped her arms around herself.

"I don't" Her voice was a broken whisper. A reflection of how she felt. Broken, and lost.

"My name is Caroline. I'm going to help you" Her voice was a melody by now, almost hypnotizing. A pair of red eyes pierced hers and she shivered slightly in fear.

"Can you remember your name?" As her voice got closer, it was easier to distinguish her shadow from the darkness.

Stefani thought about it for a second. The hunger became stronger but she forced it down. Her vision blurred for a second as she realized she didn't know her own name. How could that be?!

"No" It came out as a soft croak.

Caroline approached slowly, her own injured body refusing to move faster. She could tell that the girl was scared but what shocked her the most was the lost shattered expression on her face. Caroline hadn't been able to see her eyes yet, because the girl kept them lowered but her pain was almost tangible. The poor girl.

Caroline crouched down low to the floor, holding back a groan as her tattered body refused to move on. She let out a hard breath.

"Do you feel the hunger?" Caroline asked, knowingly. The same hunger was beating at her senses relentlessly but she was much older and could control it in a way that the new turn in front of her couldn't. Caroline could see the girl's body shaking, the way she hugged herself as if to keep the fire from exploding. Caroline could see the signs clearly because she'd been going through the same thing for weeks. There was no escaping that kind of pain. A small part of her ached with sympathy.

"Is that what the pain is? Hunger?" Stefani's mind was spinning slightly as Caroline got closer. She felt almost intoxicated by the other woman's scent.

"Yes. You're probably feeling a little intoxicated right now because I'm so close. That means you're hungry for blood."

Caroline's voice was almost a whisper and it took several minutes for Stefani to understand what she meant. She shook her head in denial.

"I just want food." Even as she spoke, deep down Stefani felt a shift inside her, as if knowing that she was hungry for blood, caused her body to crave it even more. She hunched over, taking in sharp breaths trying to calm the bubbling inferno in her chest.

"You went through a big change, little one. You can deny it all you want but the hunger will consume you and eventually your desire will cause you to bite the first thing in your path." Caroline's voice became even lower, if that was possible.

"What am I?" Stefani's rough voice gave away the fear she felt and Caroline had to force herself to be strong.

"Right now, you're a Vampire"

Silence fell in the cell. Water drops echoed through the creepy tunnels they were being kept in. Stefani stiffened momentarily, her face growing warm. She recalled the way everything in her mind had turned red as if blood was all her mind could think of. She remembered the fire that shattered her soul. There was also no denying the soreness in her body, as if she'd been changed somehow. Even if she didn't recall what she had been before. Closing her eyes, she focused on trying to remember something. Flashes of blue florescent water came to mind, the way it suffocated her, filling her lungs with liquid flames. That's all she could remember.

"Is that what you are? Why your eyes are red" The eery red eyes of Caroline fell on her.

With a simple nod of acknowledgment she continued. "Our eyes only turn red when we are desperately in need of blood, but with a steadily diet of blood, our eyes go back to the way they use to be before the change. Your eyes are red now too."

Stefani nodded.

"I'm sure your eyes are still sensitive. Which is why you're still having problems with the dark but eventually you'll be able to see as well in the dark as in daylight." Stefani nodded slowly. She leaned back against bars behind her and let out a breath. Her mind tried not to focus on the changes her body must have suffered, she felt them all. She felt raw. As if she had been ripped open, turned inside out and left out naked to the world.

Several minutes must have passed as her mind became a little more stable and she started asking questions.

"Where are we? Why are we in a cell? Why are you here? Why am I here? What's going on?" It all tumbled out of her in a rush. She tried to catch her breath as Caroline let out a bitter laugh.

"Calm down child. We have still have some time for that. Just try to rest." Caroline ran a hand through her messy curls.

"I can't go back to sleep!" Stefani almost screamed out, even as her vocal cords strained with the effort. She couldn't go back to the nightmares and the flames.

"Please." Her whimper started cracking at Caroline's wall.

With a sigh, Caroline leaned back against the rock of the far wall and looked up at the ceiling.

"Somewhere in Northern Canada, underneath the dark forest. We're in the dungeons of the rogues headquarters, which is part of a series of underground mines. I don't know the exact location only certain people are allowed to physically drive up here. The rest of us, we're required to materialize."

Stefani's head was spinning slightly. "Materialize?"

"It's a form of transportation, I guess you can say. It's hard to explain. I'm still young myself, an elder would explain this in more detail but I don't think you'll be getting a crash course on vampire life so soon. After all they want to keep you vulnerable." Caroline's voice died in a whisper.

"To keep me vulnerable? Why? Who would want that?" Her voice trembled as she asked, a shiver ran down her spine.

"The rogues."

"What is that?"

"All the supernatural beings describe a rogue of their own kind to be someone who has lost his way among the sane. Led by dangerous reckless tendencies all rogues are usually killed if they can't be rehabilitated. Most of them can't be. Turning rogue for a vampire is to give in to our inner darkness. The part of us that makes us monsters."

She paused before continuing. "We just happen to be in captivity of two of the worst rogues in history."

Stefani shook her head trying to clear out the fog and the hunger that crawled beneath her skin.

She heard the words but her mind was having trouble understanding everything. The synapses in her head must have been damaged at some point.

"Why are we here?"

"I betrayed them."

Caroline's eyes pierced Stefani's and she shuddered as she watched the pained expression in those fire red eyes. Her own eyes were drooping, as a heaviness came upon her.

"And you're here to kill me." Caroline's voice was shaky but with an underlying tone of acceptance. Stefani's throat closed up as the fire intensified. She must have heard wrong.

"What?" Her whole body was so heavy and she was so tired. Maybe sleeping wasn't such a bad idea after all. Tears gathered in her eyes. She didn't want to go back to the darkness but it seemed pointless to fight something she had no control over. The last thing she heard was Caroline's voice whispering. "You should rest."


Stefani lifted her eye lids softly as she took in the overwhelming darkness. It seemed to her like it was all a nightmare, the kind she couldn't wake up from. She rubbed her palm softly over her eyes, trying to take away the drowsiness she felt.

Thankfully the awful burn was settled in the pit of her stomach for the moment. Her body also ached a bit less, her body had begun healing.

She looked around the cell, her eyes only capable of adjusting a tiny bit. In her blurry mind she tried to go over her conversation with Caroline, the bizarre conversation. A part of her had a hard time understanding and believing but there was something in her gut that told her that the best thing to do was accept it and find a way to survive.

Although her body was weak and heavy, she wasn't going to give up. Startled at her own thoughts, she wondered where the sudden misplaced courage came from.

"I'm glad you got some rest" Caroline's soft voice filtered through her mind softly.

"He's going to come for you soon. I can feel the darkness shift as he gets closer. We all can. The seers whisper while we sleep. They wanted me to warn you." Caroline's voice was rough as her hand wrapped around a flimsy rock by her feet. The seers were a pair of young twins who had been trapped in the dungeons for their ability to see into the divine, which often showed them the past, present and future. Although they were all prisoners, they had found loopholes to communicate with each other, not enough to help them escape, but enough to help them survive.

Caroline let out a sigh, this was their only shot of getting to her before they did.

"You mustn't believe anything he tells you. He will lie, cheat and play you like a puppet until you give up what he most desires. Don't let him win over you little one. Try to remember who you were."

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