tagNonHumanKissed by Lightning Ch. 10

Kissed by Lightning Ch. 10


Hi everyone,

I'm so excited for this chapter, I've really put a lot into this chapter.

I wanted to thank my editor Metalarmada for all his help and he's been so quick on editing too. :)

I guess I should warn you that this chapter probably isn't for the soft hearted. (There's no rape)

I wanted to thank all my readers for keeping up with my updates and having faith this story. This is obviously not the last chapter and I'm currently starting chapter 11. I've been keeping up with everyone's comments and I have to admit, I'm humbled. There's no better way to describe it. When certain kinds of people do a small act of kindness for a stranger, like me, well how could I not be humbled by that? To have my fellow writers defend the work and my readers who are willing to put up with my clumsy messy dark writing. I admit I'm soft hearted myself and it's been rough for me to see some of the less constructive criticism on my work but that doesn't mean that I've lost faith in this story. I love my characters and my story and I wouldn't change anything I've writing. So thank you for sticking around with me. <3

I think what people don't understand, is the love and the care that writers put into a character, into a plot, regardless of how dark and vile it is. I didn't understand either until I started writing. I don't blame anyone for what they've said, I simply respect it and I try to find a way that I can make up for it in the future.

I haven't myself been in a position to experience all of what has happened so literally. But I guess what I was trying to show was the bumps. The bumps in life that have a way of breaking us, the kinds of moments that can change who we use to be or even make us forget who that was. Life to me is chaos, it has it's darkness but there wouldn't be light without dark. I might not be religious but I believe in that. I believe that this story can go one of two ways and I hope that through the struggles, the tears, the blood and the pain, my characters will be able to soar. I want to be able to offer people hope. I know it's fiction and all in my imagination but maybe there will be one person out there, who's hurting and my words might touch that person enough to ease enough pain, to give them light.

I love feedback and comments so keep writing to me. There's nothing more fantastic to me than listening to your comments/advice/criticism.


Varcolac picked up the unconscious form of his Rose from the floor. Her naked body was draped over his arms as he walked out of his rooms and into the dark corridors. He had chosen a deep burgundy dress shirt with black slacks, with his hair brushed back, and he smiled deviously.

His body was still buzzing from the explosive orgasm he'd received from her sweet body. Licking his lips, he came upon two set of double doors that parted easily and, without missing a beat he strode inside. He could see the clear signs of distress mar her delicate features and he was pleased to see that her body was still taking a long time to heal itself. It would take a while for his marks to completely fade from her skin.

Coming up to a metal table in the middle of the dark room, he laid down his princess, he willed candles to light up all across the room. Moving at vampire speed he restrained her wrists and ankles to the table just as the doors opened again. He didn't need to look back to see who it was.


"I hope you didn't excessively damage our guest, Vampire?" Rodan's rough voice cut through the silence, Varcolac only looked down into the face of his Rose with a sick satisfaction.

"She handled me all too well, Wolf. You need not be concerned." His voice dripped venom, finally looking up into the eery red eyes of the wolf.

Rodan remained silent for a brief second as he inspected Rose's tattered body. "I can take it from here, Vampire"

Varcolac looked down at Rose's pale skin, now covered with dark bruising and cuts, he smiled. Taking slow and even steps, he left the room.

"I'll come for her tomorrow at midnight for her feeding."

Rodan watched the doors close behind V and struggled to contain his natural instinct to get rid of the bloodsucker. He leaned over to pull on the thick cable cords on the floor, carefully wrapping a single cord to each one of Rose's limbs and neck. She winced as his fingers grazed her skin making him smile triumphantly.

After many hundreds of years of plotting all the pieces were finally falling into place.

Rose saw flashes of images as her mind came in and out of focus. Her body was a live wire of pain. No nerve left untouched and the burning in her throat managed to consume everything else, until her mind saw things in a tint of red. As darkness swept down and engulfed her, she had no energy left to fight it.

Rodan walked over to one of the machines by the wall, he flipped on all the switches, carefully taking his time. His red eyes sparkling as he looked back at her unconscious body. Pressing down on the biggest red button on the board, only a few seconds passed as static broke the silence which was followed by her hollow screams.


The group had adjourned, already having spent most of the day strategizing and planning a defensive attack. It had been a real pain to deal with some of the more cynical wolves but in the end a contingency plan was made. The next couple of days were specifically for training. Rain had his war advisors on the case, all of them moving with stealth to meet this upcoming deadline.

Rain stood in the center of the training field, watching as the fellow alphas and elders gathered around. Cole stood stiff as he watched his own mother step onto the circle they had formed. It was Rain's decision to have everyone train their powers together, he knew that uniting them would give them an advantage.

Moving his gaze around the group, his eyes settled on Cole who stood a couple feet to his right.

"Pair up. We'll start with hand-to-hand combat without changing into your wolf. Use your abilities if you have them and learn how to block them if you don't. The rogues won't play fair, so keep that in mind."

Rain's gaze fell onto Cole's, who nodded. He'd pair off with Rain first. Silently the group broke off into their own little pairs and scattered around. The training field offered them more than enough room to practice in.

Cole and Rain stood facing each other, both had unreadable expressions on their faces.

"Do you feel her?" Rain's voice bordered on emotional when he spoke. He cleared his throat and watched as Cole's fist clenched.

"I can sense her in the back of my mind but the connection is strained." Cole and Rain began to circle each other.

Rain's brown eyes bore in Cole's hazel brown eyes with silver rims.

A horn sounded through the silence and the training began. Cole clenched his fist and moved in for a strike but was easily dodged. Fire burst from his fist as he used the heat trajectory of his body to send Rain flying backwards. Rain landed on his feet softly, in the blink of an eye he was shoving Cole straight into a rocky wall with a wind pulse. Rain stood straight and cracked his knuckles as he walked over to where Cole was struggling to come back up.

"Let's see if we can get you back into shape." Rain grinned slightly and their training began. All around them the other pairs were grunting and groaning from the impacts. Fire, water, earth and wind erupted through the room within each individual battle.

Cole's eyes blazed gold for a brief second before throwing a spinning kick that made Rain step back as he jumped back on his feet.

"Didn't your parents teach you to respect your elders." Cole grinned as his pupils expanded slightly. He ran straight towards Rain, so fast that it surprised him, within seconds he picked up Rain and threw him across the room, clashing into the group with Johnson and his mother.

Dust floated in the air as Rain got up, growling slightly with the challenge he ran at Cole and Cole ran to meet him half way. They both collided hard and spun over the ground, both equally matched. Cole felt fire rush through his veins but he could only make the fire spread over his fist. So he used that as a weapon against Rain, getting a couple good punches. Rain on the other hand struggled to keep his element in check, even as he created invisible hands of air to use against Cole who all but grunted at each hit.

Around them, the other groups were in a better shape. All focusing on using their energies in the most productive way. Audrina kept her eyes on Cole and deliberated disrupting their "training" which clearly looked more like a fight.

"You must let them resolve their own problems, Mate" Faust's voice was like velvet through her mind and she nodded facing Johnson as he threw a high kick her way, she dodged and struck out with her own leg.

Rain and Cole were both sweating and panting as they once again collided on the ground. At one point of the training it became personal. All the frustration that Rain had inside was slowly leaking out with each hit to the Mactire. His breath came out in a rush as Cole kneaded him in the stomach, even as he punched him in the face hard enough to send him flying several feet back.

Cole looked up at the frustrated face of the Alpha O'Faolain and let out a sigh. His body was sore and tired from the exercise and he was still trying to heal. It was going to be a long day.


Rain stood outside in the balcony, looking out into the woods, the sun was close to falling over the horizon. He had washed and cleansed some of the larger injuries from the training, making sure to wrap them all securely.

His quarters in the great hall was luxurious and spacious. Twenty-five people could have lived in his suites with enough room to be comfortable. He itched to go back to his own manor. He let out a heavy sigh.

A soft knock came from his quarters and he walked back inside. He had summoned Cole, after all, there were things that had to be discussed.

"Come in."

Cole stepped through the door. He was sore as hell and wasn't looking forward to this conversation. He knew that this whole bonding business was going to come back and bite him in the ass.


Cole didn't speak a word, simply walked out into the balcony and looked out over the woods in awe of the scenery for a moment.


As their eyes met, Cole sensed his resentment, he swallowed hard.

"There was no other choice and if you'd known the Havens you would understand. When they told you to do something there was always a good reason." Cole felt a shift beneath his subconsciousness, as his wolf tried to come closer in defense. He shook his head.

"I didn't notice." Rain's voice came out as a rough whisper that surprised Cole into a blinking blur.

Cole looked at him for a moment noticing some kind of pain flash through his eyes. Rain purposefully avoided his gaze.

"I didn't notice the signs, when she came to us. She was wounded and frail and her scent was human. I never imagined that she would be bonded." There was a sense of misery that stroke Cole deep as he wondered on the sudden change of heart of the O'Faolain Alpha who was known for being cold hearted.

"Why do you care?"

Rain shifted, his short brown hair ruffled in the wind. His broad shoulders straightened for a moment as he stood up to his full height and bore down his gaze at Cole.

"She is my mate."

Cole's spine stiffened. Disbelief crossed every fiber of his being at the confession from the huge alpha but he heard the underlying emotion that Rain tried so hard to contain. Cole cleared his throat several times, opening his mouth to speak but closing it automatically not knowing what to say.

Only the wind through the trees could be heard as both men stood in the Alphas' balcony.

"I spend most of my time trying to avoid her or jumping at her because I didn't know what unsettled my wolf. I didn't realize until it was too late. I let her get taken by the rogues. I didn't pay attention." Rain ran his hand through his hair frustrated.

Cole just stood there in shock as silence fell upon them again.

He swallowed hard as he watched the dejected emotion written all over Rain's body language. Stefani was the only family he'd had for years. It was her bright, ethereal personality that brought him out the depths of despair. He had been alone for so long until the little bundle of joy was placed in his arms. He had watched her grow up most of her life, into the beautiful resilient young woman that she had become. He had also felt her emptiness. The emptiness that came with being separated from your wolf, the curse that he'd place upon her in her infancy. That weighed heavily on his soul. He looked at the male in front of him, his strength and vitality and let out a breath.

From the time she had grown into a teenager he also knew that she was not his fated mate. She was beautiful and alluring but she harbored only the strongest of sibling feelings in him. He recalled that Dawn Haven had hoped that he would end up becoming her mate at some point, but he had always know that she was fated to be with a mate who could bring her out of the depths of the hell he'd helped to put her in.

Cole reached out to place a hand on Rain's rigged shoulder and spoke. "I hope you have better luck with her than I've had my friend."

Rain looked startled. He had though the Mactire eldest would be furious.

"I can feel her Wolf essence trapped within my soul as her Human self grows older and she gets dimmer. I apologize Rain. I don't know what problems this will cause for a possible mating, or even if mating is possible. I also don't know what would happen if I released the bond. I can only hope that when we get her back, she is safe and unchanged."

Rain let out a frustrated breath as he felt his chest constrict. He didn't understand the feelings running through him. He didn't want a mate, but the thought of not being able to mate with her, rocked him to his core.

He'd spent so much of his life, turning off emotions. He couldn't handle the deaths of his parents, the people he'd loved and respected most. He couldn't deal so he shut down, it was the way his self-preservation worked.

His wolf sat patiently in his mind, somber at the thought. It was then that he realized all the agony he had placed his wolf under. A creature who only wanted the simple things in life. Even now, Rain's human self could sense the creatures need to protect and provide for his mate. To join with her and create beautiful pups. He rubbed his face anxiously, he couldn't let all this foreign emotion overwhelm him. He would deal with it when Stefani was back, until then all his energy had to be focused on her safe return.

"Tell me more about her?" Rain asked softly. He watched as Cole looked out into the darkened woods with a light smile.

"She's trouble." Leaving both men filling the silence with their laughter as Cole began his tale.


The following day Varcolac arrived punctually as the large double doors to Rodan's play-room parted. He paced himself as he watched Rose's limp body hanging from black wires several feet off the floor. He admired the careful craftsmanship of the wires as they wrapped themselves around her arms, neck, legs and torso. Her body hung at an odd angle with one arm raised above her head and the other pressed to her body, her beautiful black hair cascaded over her lifeless face. He saw the bruising on her cheek and the slashes he'd made across her upper body and a smile lit up his face.

"Have you made any progress, Wolf?"

Rodan simply smiled and nodded as the wires started to loosen around Rose's body, while lowering to the floor. As her toes skimmed the floor, the wires loosened completely and she fell to her side like dead weight.

Varcolac walked over slowly to her side and picked her up in his arms. There was no reaction. A frown pulled tight at his forehead.

"You have not damaged her beyond repair, have you?" He asked nonchalant but inside his mind was a flurry mess of violence.

Rodan walked around the center table and looked down at the slumbering Rose in his arms. "That remains to be seen."

Varcolac set his lips in a tight line as he spoke. "We'll depart tomorrow morning."

As he walked the halls, once more with his Rose, he took complete liberty to watch her. Her pouty lips were a shade lighter as was her whole entire complexion. He could sense her exhaustion had pushed her deep into her numbed mind.

He walked with very little sense of direction. Simply staring. She looked nothing like his Rose but she was his, regardless. She ignited the strongest of emotions within him and although he neglected to believe it, he felt softer emotions for her too. A small twinge of guilt flashed through his eyes as he looked over her tattered body, but just as fast as it made it's presence known, the rogue fury shoved it down before he could analyze it further.

It took him several minutes to reach his destination, he sent out a call to one of his servants to meet him at the dungeons. The darkened halls only illuminated by candle light were cold, he only noticed because Rose's body began to tremble almost violently.

He finally reached one of the main cells, with a thought, the barred door slid open, granting him access. He placed her on the small mattress at the far end of the cell and dragged a soft wool blanket and wrapped it around her shivering form. He frowned. He didn't care to understand where such tender actions were coming from.

"My lord. You called for me?"

He took several minutes of silently looking down at Rose's slumbering form before looking back to gaze into a lowered pair of lightly-tinted red eyes. The small brown haired girl looked up, awaiting her duties. He tilted his head towards his prisoner.

"Clean her up and dress her. You don't have much time, so get to work." He said in a harsh tone, he noticed her nod and flinch as he walked past her. He smiled as he quickly materialized to a different section of the dungeons to pick up her meal while sending a thought to one of his warriors to pick up the traitor.

He grinned wickedly at the small bundle at the corner of the cell. He saw perfectly in the dark but it was the soft candle light that illuminated the untamed blonde hair, making it impossible for it to be hidden from view. The cell doors slid open with a horrible creek and the prisoner squeaked like a mouse.

In a blink of an eye he was beside her, in another he had her thrown over his shoulder and she barely had time to gasp in surprise. He grinned and started to run through the wide maze of the dungeons. Her screams filled his soul with satisfaction.

It took him a couple minutes to reach the other side of the dungeons, where his precious prisoner was being held. He grinned wickedly as he stopped in front of the cell he'd just left. The naked girl over his shoulder was limp and panting heavily from his unexpected speed. Stepping quickly into the room, his gaze admiring the handy work of his slave. Rose wore a red silk gown that covered her from neck to wrist, the ends of the high neckline and wrist were woven into intricate designs of black lace. He smiled content, flashing his fangs to the small vampire girl.

"You have done well. You're free to go."

A flash of relief swept through the slave girl as she made haste to leave the dungeon cell. She gave a small glance back at the slumbering female on the dingy mattress and swallowed hard. Soon she was swept up by the darkness and she was gone.

Rose's delicate face was pulled into a small frown, even in her sleep she looked unsettled. He shook his head while walking to the other side of the cell, dropping the girl on his shoulder rather roughly, she grunted from the impact. He crouched down, staring into her frightened cerulean blue eyes with his own emerald green eyes. He could see the dark purple bruises along the column of her neck, shoulders, arms and legs. She trembled as he reached up with his hand behind her to reach for the shackles. His hypnotizing gaze keeping her immobile as he worked to get her hands and ankles restrained. The restraints were very limited in the amount of movement that it gave the bearer.

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