tagNonHumanKissed by Lightning Ch. 11

Kissed by Lightning Ch. 11


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One of the largest entertaining rooms had been turned into a huge infirmary station while warriors poured in carrying the wounded. Hale Mactire approached Rain, who leaned heavily against one of the walls by the doors. He watched the alpha's troubled gaze, it was the first time Hale has seen Rain show this level of emotion.

"Did you see her body?" His voice was cold and detached. Hale frowned. He remembered Stefani's abused body clearly, making his wolf growl dangerously.

"She is safe now. We need to focus on that."

Rain took a glance at the Mactire alpha and let out a sigh. He let a moment of silence build for a couple of minutes while he inspected the healing on his warriors.

"Inform the council that I've called for the priestess of the local witch coven to help in the protection of the compound, as well as reading her memories. I've also contacted an elder vampire friend of mine, so we can discuss the situation. Hale, I don't think-" Rain's comment went unsaid as a small elderly omega called out his name in distress. He straightened and met her half way.

"It's the girl, my Alpha. Please, you must come. They refuse to be separated. Hurry Please!" She almost fell to her knees had Rain not reached out to steadied her, with a nod both he and Hale followed.

Stefani and Cole had been placed in the same rooms in a separate wing while most of the healers dealt with the inflow of injured, only two had stayed behind. As they were moving Cole out of the joint room they had both began to thrash in pain, making it impossible to move either of them.

As Rain and Hale walked into the large medical room, he noticed Stefani laying on a bed in one corner while Cole laid in the opposite corner. Both seemed to be reacting almost in tune with the other's pain. Cole's parents stood around him, several betas had to pin him down to the bed, his body coming in and out of shifts.

Rain focused on Stefani as her body writhed. Inhuman noises-the sounds of the tortured-came from the throat. Her fingers and heels dug into the mattress beneath her and the several omegas around her tried restraining her body. Tears spilled from her closed eyes. Rain walked toward her on autopilot, unsure of what he was doing. The omegas parted, letting him closer to her. His hands touched her skin and she mumbled in confusion but calmed down noticeably. In the same moment Cole had also calmed for that moment.

Rain brushed a hand over her bruised damp cheek and leaned down placing his lips on her forehead. She sobbed his name and it shattered him. Something inside him seem to break at her condition. Every one of her screams ripped through him. Surprising him with the level of intensity he felt for her. She clawed and fought, but he simply pressed his hands on her shoulders to keep her from moving.

He ordered the omegas to leave him to his privacy and settled for running his hands over her scarred body gently, mumbling soft words to calm her. It took several minutes for her thrashing to cease. In the end, her body gave out and she rested. Rain looked down upon her, taking a moment to notice the darkness of her hair. It wasn't the only changes to her body. She was thinner and leaner even underneath the pile of bruises he could tell. He let out a sigh and settled himself on a chair next to her bed.

"The fevers are starting my alpha. We can take it from here." His brown haired pack healer, Carol, informed him as she brought over a table with a large basin and several pieces of cloth.

"Give that to me." Rain picked up a small cloth dipped it into the ice cold water and soothingly placed on it her quickly heating forehead. He didn't notice the curious glances his healers gave him but he noticed Stefani's body jerking from the cold. It was going to be a long night.

For the next couple of hours Stefani slept. When she opened her eyes, her brain felt thick. Feverish. She couldn't hold onto a solid thought. She saw a familiar figure with brown eyes gazing upon her. A dark expression crossed his features as he brushed a hand over her cheek. Wherever it was she was lying. Before she could speak, the man put something cold and wet against her forehead and she wanted to protest, but it was surprisingly soothing. Her tongue didn't want to cooperate and the fire in her chest was muted but present. Then she closed her eyes in attempt to clear her vision with a slow blink because she started seeing two of him.

All around her, she sensed an unimaginable amount of voices speaking from different directions. She couldn't hide as they screamed at her. She couldn't sense her body and yet she felt pain, as if her entire essence radiated agony. A sharp tug at her chest had her unconscious mind concerned.

When she reopened her eyes, the man was clearer. Rain. He looked as handsome as she recalled in her fuzzy memories. Even in her foggy state and though she didn't know him well, she recognized the lines of worry on his face. He held a cup with water for her and propped her up enough that she could sip. The liquid felt like a miracle against her dry throat and yet it didn't quench the thirst she felt. Tears filled her eyes for a second and she closed her eyes to bring the flashes of images into focus. This time when she opened them, Rain was wearing a different shirt and he looked like he'd just stepped out of the shower. Her brain finally clued in that she was blacking out rather than blinking, it was the best she could do as her thoughts scattered.

The voices were relentless but over time they became more like an addictive melody, beckoning her from the dark, a siren's call. She whimpered. Through the masses of voices she felt the muted presence of Cole's energy in her body like a ghost. She sensed his suffering and through her foggy mind she somehow understood the cause. She had to get to him. She was the only one that could help but the voices were relentless and there were so many pouring freely into her, it felt like she would drown.

Stefani slowly lifted her eyes open and saw raw emotion flash though Rain's eyes. She wished the fog in her brain would clear so she could ask him what was wrong. She looked beside her. She was in some kind of hospital, on a bed. Her vision grew more indistinct when she tried to see beyond the bed. There were only a few splashes of color around the room. Were those people? But then Rain held a glass of water to her lips and assisted her in drinking it, and she suddenly didn't care. He laid her back against the pillow, her mind cleared for a moment. "Have to help Cole," she whispered.

He frowned. She tried to say more, but her eyelids felt like weights and she once again faded.

This time, she dreamed.

She stood at the edge of a cliff, fog and darkness filled everything in sight. The wind teased at her hair, causing the wild locks to fly around her. From the shadows Varcolac and Rodan stepped forward, smiles on their faces.

"We have won." They whispered. She wanted to run but there was no where to go. In the distance behind them she heard the siren like voices, calling out to her and it dawned on her that a strong part of her was drawn to them. She screamed.

"You must answer the call, Rose or you will die. You must open the gate." Voices flew around her. She fell to her knees, sobbing. Her lips parted and she felt her fangs lengthen in her mouth, she cried harder. She looked up as a loud growl filled the darkness. It was a small white wolf that seemed to glow in the dark. It stood facing the rogues, growling with it's hackles raised. The rogues laughed and the wolf howled to the darkened skies. Thunder rumbled and a moment later lightning fell from the sky at the rogues.

"The pain will never end unless you open the gate," they whispered. Stefani screamed. Strike after strike of lightning fell, making the rogues retreat. The wolf turned to face her. She saw it's deadly red eyes staring back at her, it's front canines longer than the average wolves, appearing more like fangs. Suddenly it was jumping at her. Stefani stumbled back and fell over the cliff into a sea of darkness. Her scream died in her throat as she jolted upward on the bed. Stefani panted hard. She felt a bit more coherent and took a moment to noticed the huge weight on her chest that strangely hadn't been there before.

There was only a dim light on in the room against the high ceiling. Slowly she lifted her head, she was thankful for the small amount of light even as she struggled to get past the stinging in her eyes. Now she could focus on the entire room. She noticed Cole laying on the opposite side of the room, hooked up to machines.

Looking down at herself for a moment she noticed she was covered only with a sheet. She noticed the burns, the scars, and the bruises along her body and bit her lip from crying out. For a while, she simply sat and stared off into the room. Blurry memories from her mental nebulousness slowly filtered back to her. But looking around she didn't see sign of Rain anywhere and part of her wonder if it had been a hallucination caused by the after affects of the drug.

The exact circumstances that had led her to this bed weren't clear but she knew her body was recovering. There was an icy fear that followed that thought.

Someone had left a glass of water on the bedside table an arm's reach away from her. She carefully lifted the glass to her lips, finishing every drop and yet her thirst was still strong. When she set it back down her hand shook. She was obviously still weak or maybe it was fear?

She heard the soft beeps in the room, noticing that one set of beeps were hers and the other were Cole's. She noticed that his heart beat was unsteady and weak. She swallowed hard. The omega male in the room, still hadn't noticed she was awake as he kept looking over charts.

She heard the doors open and several people entered but she couldn't tell who it was because there was a sheet curtain that blocked her view of the door.

Faust and Audrina Mactire stepped around their son's bed quietly, both had unshed tears in their eyes as they saw his fragile state. They knew his heart was beating slower than it should be. Hale followed soon after, taking a moment to look over his brothers bare chest and back up to his face. He had just met his brother and now there was a strong possibility of loosing him, the idea unsettled him greatly. An eerie silence fell across the room.

"I need to help him." Stefani voice was a raspy whisper as her throat burned. She knew she had startled the Mactire's because they all stiffened in unison. Her eyes were glued to Cole's form.

Hale turned first taking a glance at Stefani. She clutched the sheet to her chest like a shield and her eyes were glued to his brother's lying form. He gasped as he took a moment to look at her lowered eyes. They were red. Deep pools of hell fire red. He swallowed hard. His alpha mind moving swiftly through the meaning of that. She looked up at him for a moment, saw the disgust in his eyes and averted her eyes quickly. As his parents turned around, they had the same reaction.

Stefani's heart constricted painfully. She recalled the soft tempered alpha and the few moments they had spent before she was taken. She guess that her eyes must have been blazing red due to her hunger but she refused to acknowledge anything else until she helped Cole. The Mactire's were frozen to the ground, unable to make a coherent phrase. She let out a breathless sigh and began to shift, taking off the ends of the cables on her chest. Her legs shook as her feet touched the cold floor and she wrapped the sheet securely around her body to hide her nakedness. She ignored the sting of the material against her skin.

Her body felt like a noodle she thought while she wobble by the bed a couple times before walking slowly to Cole's bed. Tears filled her eyes as she saw Faust step in front of her before she could reach his son.

"It would be best if you stayed away from my son." His voice was clipped and hard. His brown eyes were blazing in fury.

"I'm the only one who can help him." She coughed from the ache in her throat. Audrina stepped forward to stand beside her mate.

Stefani saw their resentment. They though this was her fault, sadly she didn't blame them. "We don't have time for this. Let me help him!" She looked up at him, imploring him with everything she had. Her eyes stung as moisture filled them.

"Mother. Father. Step aside." Hale ordered quietly. His gaze never leaving her. He saw the pain behind her red eyes. He knew that she sensed their reactions and felt shamed for it. His parents growled softly, their eyes flashing gold. She stepped closer to Cole's bed. She almost broke down while her gaze took in his abnormally pale complexion, the sweat breaking out over his skin, and the lines of pain and worry over his face. She placed a hand on his cheek.

"There is no sign of injury but he still won't react to any of our healers. He's been in a coma for two days." The male in the room spoke up, while glancing at the charts. He send out a quick message to a beta, letting them know she was awake. She nodded.

"It's his soul." She whispered. The people in the room frowned. She didn't understand it herself, but she knew that somehow the connection that she and Cole had shared was gone but something had been left behind, a bit of essence within her that belonged to Cole. She knew she had to give it back. Stefani also sensed that foreign element in him. Something the rogues had done to him that had changed his biology slightly. He needed something only she could provide. She shifted closer.

"I tried to be strong, Cole." She whispered numbly as she began to crawl up on the bed, moaning softly at the pain it caused. Her body trembled in shock as she felt the contact of his body. Horrible blurry images flashing through her mind. She felt his parents move to stop her but Hale held them off. They growled.

She straddled his lap, keeping the bed sheet around herself. She placed a hand over his heart where she felt a shock of energy. "Cole, you have to wake up. Please. Don't leave me alone with these people. Cole come back." Tears poured down her cheeks. She felt a shift in her upper gums and cried harder. Bringing her wrist to her lips, she slid a sharp fang through the skin. Small rivers of red slid down over her skin onto the white sheets. The wolves around her growled. The fire in her chest ignited with a fury while pain rolled through her in waves.

"What are you doing?" Audrina asked shocked at the metallic sting in the air. Stefani shook her head and moved forward before anyone could stop her, she placed her bleeding wrist to Cole's mouth. She felt his lips part.

"My life is yours to take, Cole. I free you." She sobbed while opening her mind and through their skin to skin connection she pushed the small essence she had of him into his body.

She sensed someone shift behind her but she pressed her wrist tighter to his lips and prayed that her blood was making itself into his system. Faust and the omega had to hold back his mate in her wolf form as she shook trying to get at the whimpering girl on top of her son. Hale shouted for her to stop but Stefani didn't listen. She felt his hard grip over her arm yanking her back but before she could go far, Cole's eyes blaze open with a confused fury and gripped her wrist tighter to his mouth. At that exact moment, his heart beat spiked several minutes later it settled normally.

Hale gaped at his brother who sucked greedily from Stefani's wrist. The scent of blood was thick in the air and he mentally shouted for Rain to come. He stared dumbfounded as Stefani trembled almost violently as if the skin to skin contact was more agonizing than the cut itself. He noted that Cole's eyes were focused on her wrist as if nothing else existed. Stefani placed a hand on his head, patting him lightly. He saw the blood rush from her face and the unsettling noises of his brother drinking her blood filled the room. Faust Mactire was now looking just as shocked as he felt. He sensed Rain closer and shook his head, trying to clear his mind.

Her world began to dim rapidly and within seconds she was falling over him. Her head on his shoulder, her hair tumbling around both of them. Through her hazy vision she saw a shadow enter the room, a pair of beautiful golden eyes blazed through her darkened vision. Relief was the last thing she felt as she tumbled into a dark abyss.

Rain growled as he saw Stefani curled on top of Cole. He stomped closer, rage leaving him in waves. It took him a second to realize what was happening and he roared in fury. Cole had Stefani's bleeding wrist pressed tightly to his mouth as he sucked greedily. He saw her unconscious, pale abused body and yanked her up and out of his bed in seconds. Hale had to pin down his brother as he began moving to drag Stefani back to him. He could see the fogginess in his eyes. As if he acted out of instinct rather than choice.

His brothers mouth and chin were covered in blood. Cole laid back and closed his eyes and let sleep take him. When his breath evened out his mother shifted back and ran over to him. Sobbing loudly.

Rain held Stefani almost tenderly as he brought her back to bed. Figured the moment he leaves her side, she'd get herself into trouble. He cursed. It was worse than he originally thought. Thankfully, his vampire friend would be arriving in the morning and might have a better idea on how to deal with this. He looked back at Cole, a lot of things making sense now. He shuddered.

"Little fool." He whispered hotly against her ear and set her down, gently. She turned, leaning towards his voice. He smiled. The omega healer came over, checked her pulse and wrapped up her bleeding wrist. He brushed her hair away from her face and placed a cool towel on her head. Shaking his head at his own actions, his fist clenched.

"Hale." Rain called out to him, they needed to talk.


The Mactire elders requested Cole to be placed in a separate room, which Rain respected. He could scent their fear and their resentment. He also had Stefani moved to a more secure location. Leaving her in one of the infirmary quarters that locked from the outside for protection. Everyone in the Grand Hall was rushing with a job to do. The injured were healing up fast and on the way to rehabilitate. All foreign Alphas and Elders had their own pack duties to deal with so they pretty much stayed out of sight but within pack lands.

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