tagNonHumanKissed by Lightning Ch. 13 Pt. 1

Kissed by Lightning Ch. 13 Pt. 1


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I'm sorry It's taken so long for me to post.

My final exam is coming up and I've been cramming like a lunatic.... That and a whole bunch of other real life issues have been popping up.

I guess the first thing I should address is that I'm so completely moved and humbled by everyone's encouraging comments. I wish I could thank you all personally for all the support you've given me. There isn't a day when I don't come back to the comments and let all of your words fill me up. You guys are the best possible audience a girl could ask for. You always make me smile, especially when I'm down, I hope that maybe KBL can do that for some of you.

( And Yes, I'm a girl for those who didn't know hahaha)

I can't say it's been easy for me. Nothing ever is. But I'm in a good place and even though there are some gray areas in my life, KBL will always be the brightest shinning part of my life and something I can't give up on. I really am sorry I've made you guys wait so long. I've also been suffering from some writers block which thankfully is starting to dissipate.

This chapter isn't very long or exciting as the last, I warn you all. I do have more writing material finished but I really need to go over with a fine comb and edit it. Especially because there will be a lot of training and fighting in the later scenes, speaking of which- I'd like to know if anyone would like to share some knowledge on those aspects.

For those who are looking for a quick fix, this story may not be for you but I think you'd be surprised to enjoy some of it.

I'd like to thank my wonderful, patient editor- ManyOysters, who is crazy busy with his own life but still makes time to do wonderful edits on my erratic work.

OHHH, i almost forgot. Chapter 13 will be broken up into two parts. Just be on the look out for that.

With love,



Lithinia was on the bed allowing her body to heal; the room had a quiet atmosphere in the early hours of dawn. Outside, the wind was still, and the animals still slept. The world was now sound-free and peacefully silent. But in the sleeping confines of the witch's mind, there were voices. They spoke to her in jumbled masses, their whispers and words a mixed-up mess. The priestess found herself floating in darkness as something blurry took shape up ahead.

There was a blazing fire that emanated waves of heat as it grew, its red and orange hues undulated like waves in the darkness. Behind it were blurry shapes shadowed by an abnormal glowing light. Lithinia floated towards the fire. Even as she neared it and watched the blurry figures take on human shapes, she couldn't identify any of their features.

Lithinia stepped forward into the room, her feet now firmly planted on the ground. The vision around her solidified. She realized it wasn't a room at all but a cave: an enormous cave, stretching the length of two football fields, its ceiling so high it was barely visible. Bioluminescent mushrooms, algae and exotic-looking planets carpeted the ceiling and part of the walls. A waterfall against one wall flowed into a river that ran through the center of the cavern. The sparkling river divided a huge island from the rest of the cave floor. It was the island that was surrounded by an impenetrable wall of fire.

Lithinia sensed the magic that pulsed from the ground in steady beats, resonating within her, as it recognized her power. She was humbled. Whatever this place was, it was sacred and pure. But, it only took a second before it turned hellish. The air grew so heavy it became hard to breath. Lithinia closed her eyes and gasped for air. She'd never been so affected by a vision before.

Her eyes snapped open as the ground shook beneath her and screams pierced her ears. She caught glimpses of the weary, familiar faces of the wolves and vampires she'd met recently desperately battling black and red-eyed vampires. Her sisters, who usually stuck to her side, were nowhere to be seen. Ignoring the fear that rose in her chest, she crept forward. Lithinia knew there was something she needed to know but everything was moving so quickly, she could barely grasp onto any specific image or the feeling behind it. The vision seemed to flicker in and out of focus until it settled again.

Suddenly she caught a glimpse of a startling pair of eyes. She gasped. Lithinia could only catch a glance through the flickering fire between them but the girl's whole body radiated like a white star.

'Priestess. It's time.' There was an undertone in the feminine voice that was strangely familiar but it was layered with multiple voices on top of it as if millions were speaking through her and with her. Lithinia took several moments to understand what she had said. That voice was strangely captivating, almost hypnotic.

The female's voice set an unsettling hum through Lithinia's body that she identified as magic. Magic so strong and pure flowing from the girl's voice and into her own body that Lithinia could do nothing more than stand in awe. Around her the sounds of war grew louder.

Lithinia sensed the presence of several spirits seconds before, the countless voices filtered into her mind, letting the importance of their words flow into her.

Spirits had never before attempted direct contact with her in such a way or interfered in a vision.

'You must let destiny run its course.' The spirits whispered.

It felt like centuries before their presence left her, but in truth, only the span of a heartbeat had passed. Falling to her knees on the soft grass, something drew her gaze upwards.

The abnormal light from behind the fire grew until Lithinia was forced to look away. She felt her magic pulled out of her without her control, reaching out to every member to whom she had a connection.

A moment later as the female's voice whispered in her mind, 'Protect them,' the blinding figure stepped forward. Lithinia could only watch baffled as a pulsing explosion came from the glowing girl's body, causing the rocky cave to collapse over them. Then everything went dark.


With a sudden start, Lithinia woke from the startling vision and sat up in a feathered bed that was far softer than her own. Her fine black hair waved about her face like a wispy halo. She let out a shaky breath and the hair around her face danced.

She understood.

"Lithinia?" Ostara's worried voice made Lithinia smile. She turned to find her youngest sister rushing towards her.

"Hello little sister..... Where is she?"

Ostara reached over to her sister and helped her into a more comfortable sitting position. "You've been unconscious for two days, sister... I'm so glad you're awake." Lithinia gave an acknowledging nod and waited for her sister to continue. Lithinia smoothed her black hair behind her shoulders, her black eyes met her sister's gaze warmly as Ostara brought a cup of water to her sisters lips.

"From what I understand, the girl, Stefani, has spent the whole time with the vampires. She's been refusing to leave or speak with anyone else.... The council's meeting today and while you're there, Syfien and I can go over to the main compound and begin purifying the grounds... Speaking of which, Syfien has become rather annoying due to her empath senses, so you might want to dampen your own abilities, so you won't be as affected."

Lithinia smiled at Ostara's irritated tone. Ostara had always been the impatient one of the three. Unable to sit still and wait for things to happen she was definitely the kind of witch to go out and do it herself. It was a charming quality that could become worrisome if not constructed properly. When their parents had passed away five years ago, they'd left both sisters' care in her hands, and she took that responsibility seriously. She'd taken in her younger sisters at the age of twenty-five and even though they were only several years apart, five to Syfien and ten to Ostara, she'd raised them as her own.

Now Ostara was a calm, most of the time, twenty-year old witch and as fragile as she was determined. Her tough exterior was only a defense mechanism that she'd adopted after their parents' death. She had been fifteen when it happened and had suffered greatly. Lithinia sometimes feared she'd sheltered Ostara to the point of it becoming damaging, but in her heart she knew Ostara could overcome any and all obstacles. That was just the kind of witch she was.

"Where is our dear Syfien?"

"Meditating in the court yard. You know how she likes to zone out before a big ritual." Ostara let out a frustrated breath that made Lithinia chuckle. She was glad for the update and stretched out, she gave a low grunt, feeling her muscles contract painfully.

Syfien was the more sensitive of the three, but there was a special brightness in her soul. She was the first to defend the weak, and the first to burst into a fit of rage or tears over the flimsiest of things. Her empathetic senses had grown exponentially since she had turned twenty-five, almost overshadowing Lithinia's own abilities in that aspect. It also made Lithinia the one most capable of understanding Syfien's struggles.

Empathy was a gift that was not to be taken lightly. Without the proper spells in place, the emotions of others could prove dangerous to an empath's psyche. Syfien suffered from lack of attentiveness at times, which hindered her with the protection spells, which in turn made her great emotional fits legendary and frequent. Nevertheless, Syfien retained an aura that radiated calmness. She brought joy and peace without chanting a word or using her magic. Lithinia loved her sisters with a motherly ache and held them as dearly as she did her coven.

Lithinia let out a sigh.

"Come my priestess. I'll help you bathe. We have to get you fed, dressed and to that meeting... Wouldn't want to keep the vampire elder waiting," teased Ostara, giving Lithinia a big grin. Ordinarily Lithinia appreciated seeing this side of her younger sister, which she didn't show to many people, but at the moment it seemed wildly inappropriate. Her cheeks flushed pink, but she said nothing. Ostara gave a laugh and helped the priestess to her feet.


On the opposite side of the building, separate quarters had been reserved for the vampires. They were housed in a spacious apartment, far enough that it didn't make the wolves or the vampires overly uncomfortable, but close enough to reach the main hall in minutes. Cole's family was the closest to them, housed in a similarly large suite.

Luciano leaned against the dark stone of the balcony and looked absently toward the woods. His bare chest tightened as he thought back on the past two days. His elder brother had settled the infant in the empty room of their suit. And, of course, Katrina had spent the full two days locked up with the girl.

He frowned. Luciano acknowledged her recent absence bothered him more than he'd care to admit out loud. They'd been almost inseparable since they met hundreds of years ago---she was his best friend after all. The only reason it bothered him so much was because he knew infants could be uncontrollable. He also worried that her empathetic senses were biting off more than she could handle with this one. He brushed a hand through his blonde hair in frustration.

He should be more concerned with the current situation and what this meant to his people, rather than his best friend's absence. The tattoo-like marking on the back of his left shoulder pulsed softly, bringing him out of his thoughts. But before he could acknowledge it, the most beautiful sound in the world broke the silence.

"Good morning. Luciano." Regardless of how long they'd known each other, Katrina's voice still made him shiver. There was something sinfully seductive in every tone of her every word. He'd learned to just let it brush over him and wait till its effects passed.

His body automatically turned toward her voice. He walked into their quarters and swallowed hard. She was in the kitchen, struggling to reach for something in the cabinets. Katrina was wearing tiny pajamas. They were gray silk, reaching only to mid thigh, and as she stretched, the edges teasingly moved higher. He was used to her revealing wardrobe, but he'd never seen her in pj's without a robe. His eyes roamed over her long, lean golden legs and up to her tight ass. He looked away ashamed, cleared his throat and tried to ignore the way his fangs had grown.

Without thinking, he walked up behind her and took out the box of cereal, setting it down on the counter next to her. He forced himself to control the heat that crept up his face and toward his groin but couldn't make himself move away from her tantalizing scent. Katrina smiled, oblivious to his thoughts and simply let his minty scent envelop her. Neither one noticed how still they'd both become.

She turned to face him, and their sudden proximity surprised them both. She could feel the heat of his breath brush against her skin, making her breasts perk up. Katrina swallowed hard. The marking on her thigh warmed noticeably, and she saw it glow lightly. Giving him a smiling nod, she moved past him to get the milk, hoping he hadn't noticed the way her cheeks lit up.

"She likes cereal." Katrina explained without needing to hear the question. Luciano nodded blankly. It felt as though his mind had been momentarily stunned. He shook himself out of it and walked over to get bowls, spoons and a large tray. He'd been too long without a woman. That was it.

Opposed to what most people thought, vampires could eat regular food. It wasn't detrimental to do so, and it was initially done out of social habit. Eventually, after several long decades, most vampires left the habit all together, but Katrina still loved regular food. In fact, it was the trait that had caught Luciano's attention more than anything else when they'd first met. She genuinely loved food with an obsessing passion that bordered on becoming unhealthy. They both knew it was their vampire metabolism that kept her so fucking gorgeous! He frowned at the thought. When had he started thinking about her like that?

"Will you join us?"

"Will she allow it?"

Katrina nodded, placing all the stuff on the tray. Luciano reached over to pick up the tray before she could even think about doing it herself. He was always the gentleman. As they walked, she glanced at his lean, muscular chest and felt her cheeks tingle with warmth. Would it kill him to wear a shirt?!

They walked into the guest room. He pressed his lips together tightly as he scanned the room. It looked like the other rooms, except it didn't have its own bathroom. It was a medium-sized room with a pair of windows that extended from floor to ceiling on one side draped by brown and white curtains. A queen-sized bed sat at the end of the room covered in brown and white sheets with too many scattered pillows.

Stefani was curled up against one of the windows. Her hands held the dark curtains to the side as she looked out. The room had little streaks of sunshine coming in through the curtains but otherwise there was no other light. Katrina led him to the bed, and she began to fix all the stuff she'd brought. No one spoke, and he simply sat on the bed, resting his back against the headboard.

He smiled at Katrina, who was so focused on setting the three separate bowls, spoons, and napkins, that she was biting her lower lip subconsciously. It was an endearing quirk, if not slightly arousing. He let out a frustrated sigh as heat washed over his body. He needed to get laid.

Katrina had really been the one who got him to eat as much as he did. His family wasn't one to indulge in food often, maybe on certain occasions but when he met Katrina that changed. Eating became a daily habit for him. She liked to try out different recipes and have him test them out. He winced at the memory of a couple dishes that had been a complete disaster to his digestive system.

"Come eat, young lady, before it gets cold." She scolded like a mother hen which caused Luciano to laugh. Who knew she could be so maternal?

Stefani looked in their direction as if noticing them for the first time and gave them a small smile. Luciano thought that was a good look for her. She came over and crawled on the bed at the opposite edge of where Luciano sat. Stefani picked up a bowl and began to prepare her breakfast.

"I wasn't expecting that we could eat regular food." Her low voice surprised him. She hadn't spoken a word to anyone other than Katrina for the past two days. He'd forgotten how strangely captivating her voice was. While Katrina's voice was like smooth molten fudge to his ears, Stefani's voice was electric. Katrina smiled and glanced at Luciano teasingly.

"Are you kidding! It's a very popular habit in my family." She snickered to herself as she took a huge spoon full of her fruit loops. Luciano rolled his eyes and poured the milk.

"By that she obviously means herself! Her parents just watch her eat most of the time. She's a total fatty." Luciano grinned in amusement at Katrina's shocked expression. Her mouth hanging open so wide he could see her food.

"Ew! Shut your mouth, pig." He laughed harder as she swallowed hard and growled in annoyance. Tilting her chin away from him in mock anger.

"Watch your mouth, Lucia." Her tone was light as she used the nickname he despised. Luciano hissed under his breath as he felt warmth settle over his cheeks, he glanced shyly in Stefani's direction. Stefani watched their teasing and found herself chuckling. They bickered like an old married couple.

"That's what everyone says! As if I'd ever marry this fatty, I'd go broke with all the trips to the market." Luciano picked out the thought from Stefani's mind without even meaning to and responded automatically. Honestly, he couldn't picture being mated to anyone. The moment the words left him though, he frowned.

"Well, you're not my type at all, so I wouldn't marry you either! I'm not into girls, Lucia." Katrina teased but Stefani sensed the pang of hurt in her voice as well as the strange expression that flashed through Katrina's eyes for a second. Stefani found it odd but before she could comment on it she tensed at Luciano's reaction.

Luciano's face darkened a bit and his anger rose unexpectedly. He just shoved more food into his mouth to keep himself from saying something he'd regret. Katrina simply laughed it off knowing she'd won but Stefani couldn't help but stiffen at his reaction. She forced herself to calm down. They were the good vampires! She told herself and almost groaned out loud. She would have never guessed she'd ever had that kind of thought outside of a romance novel.

She took a spoon full of her own fruit loops to disctract herself from the direction of her thoughts and let out a contented sigh as her stomach settled. She chewed softly and was pleasantly surprised that her stomach seemed to appreciate the substance. She'd always been a food lover, she thought with a smile.

Stefani could admit to being a little tense when Luciano came in but found herself relaxing at his easy going personality during their meal. She'd had two days to cry her eyes out and feel sorry for herself, it was time to move forward.

Stefani was holding on by a thread but every minute that passed she felt a little clearer. Emotionally, she knew something had been damaged, maybe beyond repair. There was an overwhelming grief that tore at her even now, in the small insignificant moments of the day. Still, over the last couple of days, she'd felt an icy layer come over her, sheltering the delicate shattered pieces of her soul that were left. It made her need to survive a little stronger.

Katrina was surprisingly very good company to keep, she was like Sasha in many ways. And although it hurt to be around her sometimes, it helped Stefani's sorrow ease. Never leaving her side for a moment, Katrina had focused on nothing but healing her body and mind for the past two days with an unrelenting determination that had left them both exhausted.

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