tagNonHumanKissed by Lightning Ch. 13 Pt. 3

Kissed by Lightning Ch. 13 Pt. 3



I'm so sorry it's been so long since I'm posted! Schools been crazy!

Apart from the crazy writers block that's been dragging me down, Its been hard to find a stable, decent, cool editor to work with me :(

I'm honestly not even that bad!!!

But anyway! I wanted to thank Felicia for helping me edit this chapter and working through my bad grammar! :)

I also look forward to this summer break because I'm gonna be finishing up this story in a couple more chapters! So I'm excited about that!

To those of you who are still hanging around, Thank you. I know I've been a difficult writer and maybe I'm not 5 star but I'm just trying to bring something from my heart you know.. damn that sounds corny ahhahaha

I definitely understand that it's hard to get back into the flow of a story if it's taken so long but I suggest you read the last chapter just to review ^.^ and maybe you'll get the feel for it more. This chapter is also a bit long.

I hope you guys enjoy it.

Don't forget to leave me comments and feedback!! I love it all!!!


*********** **************

Rain leaned heavily against the wall and heard the vampire's scream. The man's agony was palpable, clearly written on his face and he hoped the female would survive. Although with the amount of blood that soaked her gown, he didn't see good odds. Rain looked down at his mate and saw the wound at her side was already starting to heal at an alarming rate. He couldn't explain how he knew Stefani was just resting but his wolf seemed positive of it. Noah sent him a quick message, letting him know that the portal had closed, there were no injured and that all the damage had been contained. Rain let out a breath with relief. His pack and his mate were safe, for now. Reaching out with his mind he guided his warriors in what to do next.

Luciano cut into his wrist again as it had started to heal and quickly brought it back down to her mouth. Leaning forward he pressed his lips to Katrina's temple and whispered hotly against her ear, letting his tears fall over her cheek. He didn't know he could feel this strongly for someone until the idea of never hearing her laughter again hit him. He tightened his grip and pressed her tighter to him. This couldn't be real!

This couldn't be real! Luciano thought in shock and cried numbly as he wrapped himself around her body. He hissed into the silent room.

Katrina! Come back!


What felt like hours for the group as Luciano's grief tore through his body was really only moments. It was a the time of moment that had the power to steal your breath completely as the heaviness of the situation burned itself into your skin.

"Guess I scared you huh?" A choked whisper fluttered through the silence causing him to pull back and look down sharply. Luciano gasped. Katrina's eyes were closed but fluttering and her blood stained lips were moving tenderly over his now healed wrist. He choked down a hysterical laugh and rubbed at his eyes. Not caring that both men in the room were witnessing his weakness.

She was alive!

Katrina's eyes opened. Her strange yellowish brown eyes had a thin red line around them that melted him to the core. He didn't think he'd ever seen anything so---- inspiring.

"Beautiful." Luciano whispered roughly, unable to hide the grief in his voice.

"You know this dress reminded me of your eyes....Guess I'm going to have to buy a new one...." Even though Katrina tried to make her tone light it was a low, broken whisper that caused his chest to clench painfully. His blood boiled in anger at her current state even as relief flooded his entire system. Luciano ignored the jumble of raw emotions he'd never experience feeling at this level before, putting that aside he needed to focus on her. She was alive and he sent a silent prayer that it wasn't a dream!

Luciano chuckled and pulled Katrina up higher onto his lap, cradling her closer to him. Her head rested on his shoulder weakly, small tremors rocked her body from shock. Katrina let his minty scent wash over her as she relaxed and strangely it soothed the worst of her pain. Already she could feel her body healing, slowly but surely.

Luciano nuzzled her neck, running his fangs up the column of her neck, to her ear hoping to keep the words private. "Don't ever do that to me again brat...." His strained tone made her eyes tear up even as her body began to heat up at his proximity. It was a confusing reaction.

"Don't hog her, Luciano." His brothers teasing tone didn't irk Luciano as it usually did. He straightened while Raven came around to crouch in front of them. Katrina was too weak to do anything but glance in his direction.

"You realize, your father will attempt to kill me for this." Katrina broke into a sobbing laugh that had both men concerned. Once she calmed down, Raven brushed a hand over her cheek and held up a bag of blood for her. Luciano took the bag from his brother and brought it up to Katrina's mouth, letting her pierce the bag on her own. Her eyes closed and she sighed contently. It was at that moment that Luciano allowed himself to finally relax.

She was going to be fine.

Luciano looked around the room, noticing the splatters of blood and the strange piles of dark ash. The soft gulps emerging from Katrina's throat as she fed did not escape his notice and he felt heat rise over his face. Raven followed his brother's gaze with a frown, moving over to inspect the offending substance. Several quiet minutes passed before he spoke.

"It's Vampire ash. What's left of them anyway." He spoke for both Luciano and Rain's benefit. Rain looked up at the vampire elder, who's suit was perfectly intact, not a spot of blood on it after the brutal fight. The only indication was his blonde hair slightly ruffled from the run.

"How is that possible?" Rain asked. They'd all heard the explosion but that didn't explain why the vampires had turned to ash while the girls had stayed mostly intact.

"It was her...." Katrina's voice was a little thicker, the empty bag of blood forgotten on her lap. All eyes turned to her as she spoke. Katrina frowned and tried to piece together the last things she had seen.

"There was gold light everywhere.. It was coming from her body like fog. It was the strangest thing and it tingled when it touched me.... It was so strange and hard to explain in words but somehow I know it's what saved me." Katrina's gaze lifted and moved over to Stefani's sleeping form on the alphas lap. She ignored the strange tingle of her mark.

Three wolves walked into the suite cautiously and waited for the alpha to acknowledge them. It was the medical team he'd sent for.

"Come. We'll move to my quarters and discuss it there." Rain stood, unwilling to hand Stefani over to anyone and waited until the vampires were ready to follow him out. He left strict instructions to lock down this side of the wing and have guards at the door. The healers followed behind him, fussing at him to see the girl.

Katrina complained as Luciano rose with her in his arms. She blushed when his heated gaze bore into her and he slapped a bag of blood to her fangs to shut her up. She fed without struggle, allowing her body to accept the much needed substance.

Raven chuckled and walked past his brother to walk beside the large naked alpha carrying his ward. He found it a little disturbing how comfortable Rain felt about being naked around them. Wolves were definitely too liberal in that department. He let his eyes gaze over Stefani, gladly noticing that her injuries were healing. But in the back of his mind he knew that this would set her back emotionally. That had probably been the intention and knowing Varcolac as well as he did, that was probably the right assumption.

It was a long walk to the alpha's quarters, which was on the upper floors. Rain didn't usually bring guests but he wanted these particular guests close by for the time being, so the best place to keep them would be his personal suite. He missed the quietness of his own suite back in the compound and being away from his pack weighed heavily on his thoughts.

Luciano and Katrina stayed quiet the whole way. Luciano held her tightly to his body which kept her a constant state of quiet arousal. Considering she'd almost died moments ago she thought it was an absurd thought. She trembled and nuzzled her lips over his neck, taking in more of his scent.


Varcolac sat on this huge throne like chair, his chin tilted down slightly with irritation as he rubbed the bridge of his nose. His fangs throbbed painfully through his parted lips. The stench of blood and ash filled the room, covering it with a thick gray fog. He opened his eyes and looked down at the unconscious figures before him.

He struggled to contain his anger as the only prisoner conscious stepped forward. The young witch trembled but straightened her back and looked up to meet his glare defiantly.

Varcolac hissed at her insolence but enjoyed watching the witch flinch away from him.

"You have failed me witchling."

"We were not expecting witches to come to their aid, my lord. Especially not a high priestess! We did as you asked and we reached the girl successfully. They have received your message!" The young witch raised her chin a bit but kept her tone submissive. There was a certain fire in her green eyes that contradicted her tone.

Rodan stepped forward to the right of the vampire rogue and his red gaze burned into the witch. Varcolac's eyes narrowed in his direction as he let out a heavy sigh.

"For your sakes, let us hope our message was properly understood. Take them back to the dungeons. Make sure to give this one, another round in the labs." Rodan's voice was clear and soft but dripping with venom. He grinned as two vampires yanked the young female back and dragged the rest of the females out of the hall.

Varcolac ran a hand through his hair frustrated, a small smile tugged at his lips as the witches struggle against his warriors.

"If there's one thing we can count on, is that wolves are predictable creatures. To save her, they'll have to set her free."

Rodan grunted in annoyance and without a second thought walked out of the room, leaving Varcolac to his thoughts.

"The dogs will bring you right into my hands.... We'll be together soon, little Rose." He whispered to himself and tried to reach her through their bond again. She was muted but he sensed grief pouring over her in waves. He grinned.

Maybe their mission hadn't been a total failure.


Cole ran up the halls of the great hall with Hale by his side and his parents behind them. His mother had complained when he rushed off but he ignored it. He'd been neglecting Stefani for too long. That was going to change as soon as he got to her.

The fight had sent shots of adrenaline through his body that he hadn't experience for hundreds of years. It was liberating to fight along side his wolf. He felt like he'd finally come home but couldn't deny feeling like he'd fail Stefani. None of this was fair to her, he had to get his shit together and focus on her.

Now that the fight was over and he'd heard the alpha and the vampires had rushed off mid-battle, he ran like death was on his heels back to the great hall. He couldn't begin to imagine losing her again! Shaking his head from those thoughts he ran upwards to the Alpha's quarters, surprised that the guards allowed him through but figured that Rain had sensed him coming.

Cole's breath left in a rush as he slammed through Rain's double doors. The entire Mactire family filed into the huge living room and followed the alphas scent to his main room.

Rain looked up not surprised but annoyed at the loud entrance. He was sitting down on the ground outside the bathroom door with Luciano on the other side. Raven was sitting on the alpha's bed, drinking some of the darkest wine he found in his kitchen.

"What happened?" Cole's alarmed voice made the vampire elder smile in appreciation. This other wolf seemed as worried about his ward as he was. Maybe there was hope for the dogs after all!

"They're getting cleaned up." Rain nodded his head back to the bathroom they guarded. He motioned for the Mactire's to come in and make themselves comfortable. He stared at Audrina's petite form walk through his large room and over to them. She only glanced at him momentarily before stepping into the bathroom to help the girls, surprising most of them. They'd all sensed her previous resentment towards Stefani and wondered what had changed.

Katrina had demanded she take a quick shower before they even thought to ask any questions of her but as Luciano placed her feet on the ground, her body had given out. The argument then became how to get her cleaned up without her having to stand. It was out of the question to have anyone bathe her and thankfully Rain had a huge tub which solved the problem quickly. Luciano had placed her gently in the tub and Rain followed by placing a still unconscious Stefani in with her, nodding to the vampire with caution.

While Katrina cleaned them both up, the three males had unwillingly left the room to give them privacy, but the men decided to go no further than the door. So they decided to just sit outside and wait until they were called for. He barely had time to sit down and relax before the Mactires' had barged in.

Rain couldn't deny the jealousy that flashed through him as he thought of his mate in a bathtub with another female but he knew they needed this. He would never understand the female mind! He thought with a grunt. Thankfully, they'd only been there for about twenty minutes.

Rain let his head drop back and let out a depressing sigh. "I found this tucked in the waist band of her pants." Rain threw the piece of paper at Raven, who caught it easily.

"Coordinates" Raven spoke in a somber tone and his eyes met Rain's still golden eyes. The room fell silent for several minutes as they let that sink in. The rogues had left them a message...a location.

"We'll deal with it in the morning." Hale's tone cut through the silence. He leaned heavily against the frame of the door. Too much had happened today.

"I don't want Katrina touching Stefani... Is that clear?" Luciano stared off into space as he spoke. Rain arched an eyebrow, not quiet understanding what the young vampire was implying. Raven's eyes bore into his brother's before looking up at the bathroom door in deep thought. The Mactire's also found this confusing.

"Katrina will use her healing energy to heal the girl. She'll do it subconsciously without even thinking about it, when she needs to focus on healing herself. In fact, I'm sure she's doing it as we speak.... I rather not give her more opportunities to do so and just keep them separate for the moment." He let out a frustrated breath as he ran a hand through his hair. Luciano didn't know how to protect that girl from her own empathetic abilities. She was not cut out to be a vampire! She was way too bright.

His emotions felt raw and exposed, being kept separate from Katrina at the moment felt like talons were piercing his heart. He didn't understand it and decided to ignore it but couldn't deny that his whole existence had just shifted on its axis. He couldn't quite know whether this change was for good or bad.

Rain understood and even if he wanted Stefani healed, he knew the vampire should focus on healing herself before anyone else. It humbled him to know Katrina tried so hard to work on his mate. Rain would have to find some way of repaying the vampire.

Several long minutes later, the door opened, bringing both men to their feet in surprise. Audrina's eyes looked up at the O'Faolain alpha as his gaze bore down into her's before moving to the bundle she carried in her arms. Stefani was cradled in his grip tenderly, wearing his black silk robe. Rain reached down to pull her up from Audrina's grip and held her body up to his. He nuzzled Stefani's neck for a moment before moving away from the door, allowing Audrina to walk out. Audrina had a small smile on her face as she asked Luciano to go in and walked off to give her mate a kiss. Hale and Cole grinned at their parents PDA. Some things really didn't change.

Cole moved over to follow Rain as he walked out to the living room. Rain sat in the middle of the largest black leather sofa. Positioning Stefani over his lap, her head tucked to his shoulder, he made sure the robe was securely shut from prying eyes. Cole sat down to his left and reached out to grab her limp hand. Rain tensed but said nothing until Raven sat to his right and petted Stefani's damp hair gently. Rain's wolf growled in anger and then in annoyance as neither male removed their offending contact. Hale laughed.

Luciano frowned at his brother, who followed the group out into the living room. He swallowed hard and walked quickly into the bathroom, shutting the door behind him before his breath lodged itself at the base of his throat.

Katrina was sitting sideways at the edge of the enormous bathtub with one of her legs still in, her wet dark hair fell easily to the tops of her shoulders. Every inch of her amazing body was naked and dripping with water. An irresistible sight.

He tried to avoid looking at the distinct fang marks that had yet to heal but couldn't control the fury that rose. Luciano felt his chest constrict painfully as she turned her eyes to him. There was a bit more color in her face and her piercing brown-gold eyes still had pupils thinned to slits as they pierced into his soul. Katrina reached out a hand to him, not needing to use words.

Luciano moved to her side before he could stop himself and felt his body tremble slightly as her body heat warmed him. Katrina looked up at him and he broke. He would have given her anything she asked for in that moment, as long as she kept looking at him like that. Like they were the only two people in the world and in his mind they were.

"I didn't think wearing the alpha's robe would be fitting." Katrina let out a small cough as her throat burned and she wrinkled her nose in distaste. Her body shivered and she told herself it was because of the chill but frankly having Luciano so close while she was so very naked and wet was wreaking havoc on her.

Damn right! Luciano thought with a frown, moving out of the room at lightning speed to drag a shirt from his suit case, an omega must have brought in earlier. It didn't occur to him that he completely dismissed her own suitcase until he picked out a lace pair of panties from it. He stepped back into the bathroom a moment later, carried his shirt and underwear over to her.

Katrina's eyebrow rose as she reached over to bring a towel around her body, patting herself dry. Her cheeks were burning and she refused to look up at Luciano. She could feel his eyes moving over her bare skin and heat pooled between her legs. She hoped he couldn't tell. Quickly slipping into the bit of lace, she faced him.

Luciano helped her stand when she was dry. He looked into her eyes as he peeled the towel off her body with a swift yank and helped her slide her arms into his shirt. A line of electricity seemed to erupt around them as he did the buttons in the front slowly. He didn't know what was happening to him or why he was reacting this way but he noticed her reaction as well. She swallowed visibly and her fangs peaked out from her lips, teasing him with their adorable sharpness.

Luciano held his breath as he ran his hands up over her stomach, over the swell of her breast, to her neck. She stumbled closer, placing her hands on his chest. He was in a trance as he gripped her neck tightly and brought his mouth down over hers.

Fire broke out over them. Katrina pushed her weak body onto her tiptoes to reach his mouth better as he wrapped his other arm behind her small waist to yank her tighter against his hard body. She moaned into his mouth and his tongue took full advantage. Katrina felt like she was drowning in the hottest sweetest fudge and would have gladly died in it. Surprisingly her entire body tingled as healing energy coursed through her in brilliant waves. Instinctively, she pushed some of that energy toward him. The emerald light that flared around them went unnoticed.

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