tagNonHumanKisses from Hell

Kisses from Hell


Part One: A Strange Visit


Angela startled awake as a sudden explosion of sound and light filled the room. She twisted around in her bed, tangling herself in her sheets. She blinked frantically in an attempt to make out who or what was in the room with her.

"Justin McClare," came a deeply ominous, though somehow feminine voice, "I am here for your soul. Please cooperate and..."

There was a pause. Angela's eyes adjusted enough to make out a figure next to her bed. She tried desperately to devise a way of escaping, or perhaps subduing the intruder. Nothing came to mind.

"Hang on," said the figure. The glow faded. The rush of sound ceased entirely. "You're not Justin McClare, are you?"

Angela gaped in stunned disbelief. A woman holding a clipboard peered back at her. She wore an impossibly tight business suit with a skirt and cleavage combo that tapdanced on the line between modest and slutty.

'Woman' was perhaps a generous descriptor. Certainly she was female, but there were several things not quite right. The horns, for instance, which were small enough to almost pass notice, but were distinctly inhuman. The reddish tinge to her skin which couldn't have been caused by any kind of sunburn Angela had ever witnessed. The eyes that blazed with controlled fire, or indeed the teeth that glinted terrifyingly when they appeared between full, blood-red lips.

"Wha..." Angela tried.

"You're not even a boy," the woman complained, her gaze flicking back and forth from her clipboard to Angela. "This isn't right."

"Who the hell are you?" Angela finally managed.

The woman smiled brightly. Angela rather wished she hadn't. The twin rows of teeth in her mouth wouldn't have looked out of place on the most fearsome of sharks. "So sorry. Where are my manners. I'm Lilith, and I'd like to say I'll be your demon today, except I'm not really here for you."

Angela's speech faculties left her again. "Wha... bah... who?"

"Now it's pretty evident you aren't the Justin guy I've been sent for. You look nothing alike. You're far prettier than the picture I got, and are much more... feminine, just generally."

Angela followed Lilith's gaze downward and squeaked in surprise and embarrassment as she realized her chest was totally uncovered. She'd been sleeping naked, and when she'd thrown her covers around she'd left herself severely exposed. She hastily yanked her blanket up over her tits to protect them from being stared at any longer.

"Don't look at me like that," she said in a pathetic whine.

Lilith cocked her head. "Like what? I can assure you, you have nothing to be ashamed of. Your breasts are quite lovely for a human. I mean, mine are better." She cupped one of her boobs with her free hand. "But that's only to be expected. The perks of being a succubus, you know."

"I... you..." Angela flailed mentally for a moment, then seized upon a line of action. "Out!" She pointed at the doorway. "Get the fuck out!"

"Well now, really. There's no need for-"

"Out out out!"

Lilith folded her hands across her clipboard and waited for Angela's outburst to settle down. Angela, for her part, found it difficult to maintain righteous indignation in the face of such a total lack of response.

"Are you done?" Lilith asked after a moment of silence.

Angela curled up into a tighter, more compact self-embrace. She pulled her knees to her chest and wrapped her blanket protectively around herself. "Yes," she mumbled sulkily.

"Good. Now then. Can you tell me where to find Justin?"

"How could I? I don't know who the hell you're talking about?"

"Really?" Lilith arched a single perfect eyebrow. "You wouldn't be trying to protect him, would you?"

"No! I seriously don't know who you're talking about."

"Even though this is listed as his address?"

"Well... maybe he used to live here? I've only been here a few months."


"That's all I know. Now can you please leave? You're freaking me out."

Lilith shrugged and dropped her clipboard. There was no sound of it hitting the floor. "I can assure you I don't mean to freak you out."

"Yeah, well... you do. I mean, how did you even get in here? I swear I locked the front door last night."

"Oh that's just precious." Lilith hissed in amusement. "I mentioned being a demon, did I not?"

"Yeah, but-"

"What makes you think I need doors?"

"I... have no idea. Just... please go?"

Lilith stood up a little straighter. For the first time, Angela noted a thin, whippy tail swishing back and forth behind her.

"You're really scared, huh?" Lilith said.

"Of course I am!"

"That's not necessary."

"It absolutely is. A strange lady... no, a demon lady... goddamn, just like, in my room. And I'm still not totally convinced about who or what you are, or what you're doing here." Angela jabbed a finger. "But I'm pretty damn convinced you could bite my head off without even thinking about it."

Lilith remained impassive. "It's the teeth, right? People do take issue with them."

"And the sudden unexpected violation of my space," Angela repeated. "Don't forget that."

Lilith shrugged. "I'm sorry you feel that way. I haven't done anything remotely threatening to you."

"You're a threat unto yourself."

Another fierce smile. "Aw, thanks."

"That wasn't a compliment."

"Maybe it wasn't meant as one. I'm allowed to appreciate the sentiment if I want."

Angela hugged her legs tighter. Her grip had been getting loose. She wasn't doing very well at out-arguing her intruder, and she sure as hell couldn't physically overpower her. She felt helpless in the face of an unexpected and kind of scary situation.

"Could you please go," she said in a small, hopeless tone.

Lilith studied her for a few seconds, then seemed to reach a decision. "How about I go make coffee?"


"Yes, you need a chance to wake up."

"I'm pretty woke up."

Lilith ignored Angela. She turned and slipped silently out of the room. Her ass swayed in such a way that the eye couldn't help being drawn to it as she walked. Her tail poked out through her clothes to swish to its own rhythm.

The light faded with Lilith's exit. The room was pitched back into pre-dawn dimness.

Angela closed her eyes painfully tight and waited. For several seconds she had hope that she could make it all go away. Then faint sounds from her kitchen reached her, and she knew it wouldn't be so simple.

"Fucking hell," she muttered.

She considered staying right where she was. The safety of her bed was at best an illusion, but it was a comforting illusion.

Angela stepped onto the floor, probing delicately with her bare toes in case there were unseen pitfalls. The floor remained a simple floor. She squared her shoulders and pulled her blanket snug around her. She had to deal with the problem. No one else was going to do it for her.

Her blanket dragged softly as she padded out of her bedroom. The faint, intermittent noises grew louder as she approached the kitchen.

Lilith was humming cheerfully to herself. Her tail gave a particularly firm swish as she pushed the button on Angela's coffee maker to start it running.

"You're really making coffee?" Angela said aloud.

"I said I was, didn't I?"

"You did. But don't you have, like, other things to do? Demon things?"

"Like what? Rending poor defenseless humans limb from limb? Feasting on their entrails?" The shine in Lilith's eyes and the glint of her teeth took on an even more sinister appearance for a moment.

Angela took an involuntary step backward. "Um..."

"It's all baseless stereotyping, you know."

Lilith hopped up easily to perch on an empty bit of counter. Her legs dangled like a bored child's. The sudden shifts between appearing deadly and benign were difficult to process.

"Are they?"

"Well... not baseless, exactly. Exaggerated, let's say." Lilith rolled her eyes. "Point is, I'm not going to eat you. You can stop backing away all trembling and nervous."

A cat, Angela decided. A big jungle cat. She could look cute and cuddly, and like you could just curl up and take a nap with her. But you knew that if she wanted to, she could swat you with one massive paw and tear your throat out. Wouldn't even hardly notice the effort.

"I could call the police," she said with more bravery than she felt.

"You could. You'd need your phone for that, though."

Lilith held up a hand. Angela's phone dangled tenuously from between two elegant fingers.

"You stole my phone?"

"No. Just wanted to borrow it. I need the password though."

"But... why?"

"So I can look up buddy there. Justin. See if I can find him on facebook or something."

Angela shifted her grip to hold her blanket closed with one hand. She ran her other hand through her hair, then shook her head. "So you just want to look something up?"


"Why not use my computer then?"

Lilith's feet stopped swinging. She tilted her head, then grinned slowly. Her lips, thankfully, stayed closed this time. "That's a way better idea. Thanks."

Like the cat Angela imagined her to be, she bounced from the counter and landed silently several feet closer. How she could move like that in the heels she wore, Angela couldn't begin to fathom.

"Can I have my phone back then?" Angela asked.

Lilith paused. She was so close Angela imagined she could feel the heat from her eyes. "Sure thing."

A small toss, a lucky one-handed catch, and Angela had her phone back. She really could call the police now. That was her best option, right? What else could she do? Call a priest maybe?

Angela watched Lilith strut away in search of the battered laptop that she'd had since college. She couldn't help staring. She'd never seen a skirt hug an ass the way Lilith's did. And the way she moved her hips...

Well, she claimed to be a succubus after all. Unfair stereotypes or no, seduction was supposed to be what they did. In that outfit she wouldn't have to try very hard.

The coffee maker beeped. Angela walked a last few wooden steps to it and tried to poor herself a cup with her trembling hand. She spilled some, but was overall fairly successful.

Her blanket was beginning to severely hamper her movements now. She nearly tripped over it as she tried to step to the side to reach the sugar. In frustration, she whipped it off and tried to hurl it into the corner. It didn't make a very good projectile, and kind of just spread messily across the floor.

Now totally naked, Angela sugared her coffee and took her first sip. In spite of everything, the coffee was good. She took another sip, cradling her mug in both hands. It was hot and soothing, and the flavour of it... she could swear that nothing in the cupboard could taste the way it tasted. It was rich and smooth, reminding her, bizarrely, of hot chocolate. What exactly had Lilith put in it?

"Well, that fucking sucks."

Angela ignored Lilith's annoyed return. She felt calmer the more she drank. That was probably a bad sign. Some part of her wanted to throw her cup away, to not partake in whatever hellish beverage she'd been tricked into drinking. The larger part of her was happy for anything that made her morning a little better.

"Apparently buddy got himself killed," Lilith continued. "He went and did skateboard tricks right in front of..." She trailed off. A grin quirked at the corner of her mouth. "Well hello."

"Skateboard tricks?" Angela asked absently.

"Nevermind that."

Lilith glided closer. And gliding was about the right word for it, Angela decided. It couldn't be called walking when she moved so noiselessly in those heels. She felt a pang of envy at just how effortlessly sexy this demonic woman was.

"You can't be serious," Angela said. She set down her mug and backed away as Lilith reached for her with lustful eyes. "Back off."

"Yeah, I didn't really think so," Lilith said with a heavy sigh. "But you were standing there all naked and sexy. I can't help trying, you know? It's just how I am."

Angela blushed and crossed her arms. "M'not all that sexy right now," she mumbled. "Jus' woke up, hair's all messy, no makeup or nothin'."

"Maybe you believe that. You should try seeing yourself through my eyes."

"What does that mean."

Lilith didn't answer. She reached out and brushed Angela's breast with the lightest of touches. Her long, pointed fingernails scraped delicately at the sensitive flesh.

Angela couldn't move. The thrills that ran through her from such a simple, limited caress took her by surprise. Her nipples hardened and her pussy twinged longingly.

It was ridiculous. She wasn't attracted to this... this... demon. She didn't want to be touched.

Though she had taken off her blanket. And she was holding still while her tit was fondled. What was wrong with her.

"Stop that," she croaked.

Lilith pulled her hand away. "Sorry. Couldn't help it."

"The hell you couldn't. Aren't you s'posed to be seducing dudes?"

"Usually, yes. They're much easier for one thing. But a lovely girl like you..." Her eyes flashed. "Sometimes..."

"Ok. I'm just going to put my blanket back on. Actually, I'm going to go get dressed for real."

Lilith danced away and snatched up the discarded blanket. "Uh uh. No need for that. I'll behave."


"I like you like this."

Angela rolled her eyes. "Goddamn. You're pervier than a teenage boy."

Lilith made a rude, scoffing sound. "Teenage boys got nothin' on me, baby. You think they're horny all the time? Try being a succubus. We're constantly thinking about sex, cocks, tits, cum... you know, whatever."


"Another exaggeration, perhaps. Still, hornier than the horniest of boys you've ever met, is my point."

Angela chewed her lip and looked Lilith up and down. "I'm not sure I really wanted to know that. And... I think it might still be best if I get dressed. Maybe moreso than before I knew just how... single-minded you are."

"Look on the bright side. Now you're more worried about being dragged into bed than being eaten."

"That's not as comforting as you might think." Angela sighed. "Although you're right, it does help a little."

"I thought it might."

Angela picked up her mug and stepped cautiously around Lilith. She felt lustful eyes on her as she walked past. She tried not to think about how her bare ass was almost certainly getting stared at.

She curled up on her worn, second-hand sofa, mug still safely clasped in her hands. Resumed sips once again trickled a calming warmth through her veins.

"What did you do to this coffee anyway?" she asked.

"You probably don't want to know," Lilith answered. She settled easily on the arm at the opposite side of the couch. She didn't seem to care even slightly that the angle let Angela see right up her skirt to the tiny pair of hellfire-red panties beneath. "It's not harmful or addictive though."

Angela frowned suspiciously at her beverage. "Are you sure?"

"Pretty damn sure, yeah. Vices are kinda my thing. I know addictive, and that ain't it."

Angela shook her head to clear it. She wanted to set her coffee down now that she had 'harmful' and 'addictive' in her head, but it was too delicious and reassuring.

"Anyway," she said.

"Anyway?" Lilith repeated.

"This guy you were looking for."


"Justin. He's dead?"


"Doing... skateboard stuff?"

"Uh huh. Increased athletic ability was part of the deal he made for his soul. That and a bigger penis, of course. Guys are always asking for bigger dicks." Lilith waved her hand. "And some more usual and boring stuff. Money, fame, sex. All to varying degrees. Rarely love, though. Hardly anyone straight up asks for that. Just the things they think can buy it."

"Cynical much?"

"Damn straight I am. You try getting in people's heads, seeing their desires, their lusts and greed and shit. See how open-minded you stay."

Angela took another sip. "Bigger dick, huh?"


"Was he, like, super small before or something."

"Not really. Roughly average. Decided he wanted fourteen inches, though. I don't-"

"Fourteen inches?! What the hell did he think he was gonna do with that?!"

"I dunno. Fuck chicks, I guess. Or be a porn star. Or both."

"My pussy hurts just thinking about it." Angela shuddered. "Fucking idiot."

"Well, yeah. All that and he still died trying to impress people with stupid tricks. Idiot is right."

Angela tried to look Lilith in the eye. Her gaze kept getting drawn by those sleek thighs and the gap between them. She turned her head forward again and blinked slowly, trying to focus herself.

"So I guess you're done here then, right?" Angela said. "I mean, no soul to collect, not much point sticking around."

"You'd think so, wouldn't you."

"Yes. I would. You're going to tell me I'm wrong, aren't you?"

"Kinda, yeah."

"But you don't specifically need to be in my apartment, right? You can at least go somewhere else?"

"Ouch. You make it sound like you don't like me."

Angela widened her eyes in a supremely annoyed expression. "I think I've been very clear about my feelings. You just showed up here, acting like you had every right to invade my privacy."

"Yeah, I did. I find it works out better that way. Like, for instance, you're already warming up to me."

"Am not."

"Are too. Drinking my coffee, conversing almost like normal acquaintances, sitting around naked... yeah, you're starting to like me."

Angela put her coffee down and stood up. "That's it. Getting dressed. For real this time."

"Aw, nooo." Lilith stuck her bottom lip out in a pout. She even pouted sexy. Of course she fucking did. "Don't do that. I'll be good."

"No you won't. You just keep perving on me. You said yourself you're always thinking about sex and stuff."

"Yeah, but-"

"Nope. Getting dressed."



Angela got herself dressed and ready for the day without much interruption from her uninvited houseguest. Lilith had tried to follow her into the bathroom once, but she was getting better at standing up to the demonic interloper. It helped that she didn't seem to be in any immediate physical danger.

Lilith, for her part, had firmly commandeered Angela's laptop. She sat cross-legged on the couch and stared at the screen, occasionally tapping out short bursts on the keyboard. As long as it kept her occupied, Angela was basically fine with giving up the computer for a while.

"So what's the deal with your skirt?" Angela finally asked as she walked by.

"Hm? What about my skirt? You like it?"

"I... well, I kinda do, actually. But my question was more, like, how does it work?"

Lilith politely raised an eyebrow and waited for a question that made sense.

"You know," Angela said, waving a hand in exasperation. "Like, it's so tight you shouldn't be able to walk."

"Makes my butt look awesome, doesn't it?"

Angela almost nodded, but restrained herself. "But then you can sit all cross-legged like that. And even the way you're prowling around, hopping into seats and whatever. I don't get it. Nothing I've ever tried to wear would function that way."

Lilith gave a toothsome grin. Angela was beginning to get used to them. Only a small flutter of pure terror zipped through her before fading.

"It's not really clothing in the traditional sense," Lilith explained. "It's more something I project."


"Like this."

Lilith raised a hand and snapped her fingers, possibly just for effect. Her clothes vanished in an instant. She was left totally naked in exactly the same pose she'd been sitting in the whole time.

It was impossible not to gape. If ever Angela had seen a body made for tempting sexual sin, this was it. Impossibly perfect proportions, silky smooth skin, breasts that one instinctively wanted to play with or suck on...

Even the details that weren't quite right didn't seem important. The reddish tinged skin suited her, somehow. The eyes, the horns, the amused swishing tail, they all fit the sensual package in a way Angela wouldn't have believed if she wasn't staring right at it.

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