tagLesbian SexKisses Sweeter Than Wine Ch. 02

Kisses Sweeter Than Wine Ch. 02


Kassandra paced around her truck as time was dragging on, every few minutes she'd look for Lilly's car. Any car that looked like Lilly described, Kassandra's heart skipped a beat, or perhaps beat double. Her heartbeat was felt in her throat, as the minutes ticked slowly away. Exhaling she gained her composure, the butterflies within her stomach fluttered around faster in the shape of an eight.

As noontime set in closer the sun felt hotter, the temperature on the bank read eighty six degrees. Kassandra felt sweat beads upon her brow as well as her upper chest where the suns rays kissed her flesh. Deciding to grab two bottles of cold spring water she walked across the street to the small local grocery store. Kassandra purchased two raspberry flavored waters, and then headed back out the door. As it opened she looked over across the street at her truck, pulling in was a jet black Mercedes-Benz S 65 AMC. Kassandra knew right away that it was Lilly, there was no other in this town or any surrounding that would drive a city car like that.

Quickly she headed out to the curb, looking left she made sure nobody was entering the intersection of the town square, and then proceeded to head across the street to meet her. Kassandra was nervous, the sweat beads formed upon her brow not only from the heat but nerves. Her hands shook, her breaths quickened as her heart raced. The closer she got the more excited she felt. Kassandra watched as the female behind the wheel applied a touch of lipstick to her lip in the rear view mirror. She must have noticed Kassandra because a smile appeared upon her newly deep crimson color lips. Her car door opened as she stepped out turning around and looked to Kassandra as she approached her.

Stopping at the left rear corner of the Benz Kassandra spoke, "Please tell me you're Lilly, and not some strange woman that's going to whip out her cell then call the police then charge me for harassment." Kassandra smiled as she said it, her stomach now in knots as she clutched the two waters within each hand. Almost dropping one as the sun caused the outside of the cold bottle to get slick from the heat. Quickly she caught it within her grip tighter as she looked at the semi-city girl before her. She was like Kassandra, dressed down in a pair of tight fitting jeans, t-shirt and Nike sneakers. Her hair was pushed back by her sunglasses, her eyes bright in color; her hair was tri-colored. A blend of red, brown and blond, the more the sun shined upon it, the more it glistened in rich colors. Lilly laughed as she held her hand out to Kassandra, "No need to worry Ma'am, I'm Lilly so I won't call the local sheriff."

Kassandra laughed as well as Lilly tried to imitate a southern accent in a Scarlet O'Hara kind of way. This to Kassandra made her even sexier than she already is. "Whew, guess this must be my lucky day then. Welcome to Missouri Lilly, it's finally a pleasure to meet the woman behind the screen." Kassandra placed one bottle of water upon her truck bed, the other she held in her hand while offering Lilly a shake with the other. "Here not sure you like raspberry flavor. With the heat, I was sure you could use something to quench your thirst." Kassandra said, in offering of the cold beverage. "Oh, and don't you ever refer to me as Ma'am again!" She said with a smile and laugh.

"Good call Madam Writer," she said taking it, cracking it open and drinking a bit of it. "That was definitely what the doctor ordered other than one to two weeks of rest and relaxation. Have you had lunch Kass? I'm actually starving. I didn't want to stop and waste time along the way, wanted to get the drive done with. Mind if we hit something close by? Any place that serves edible food is fine with me."

"Lady Editor, who deals with my porn and other crap that I write, it would be an honor to escort you to the local hole in the wall BBQ Pit. We can dine on greasy food and watered down drinks. OK?" Kassandra winked then hugged Lilly, holding to her for a few moments. Lilly responded in the same manner, needing that hug just like Kassandra did.

As they broke the hug they stood looking to each other and burst out laughing, shaking their heads at each other like best friends from High school. "Lead the way, and I shall follow," Lilly replied.

Both knew then that Lilly coming there was what each needed. Lilly grabbed her purse and locked her car as she turned and took place aside Kassandra letting her guide the way across the cracked worn, macadam street. Kassandra lead then to a small restaurant along the main square called 'Grandma's Kitchen.' She opened the door for her guest, as a young blond walked toward them and smiled. "Welcome, May I show you to a table?"

"Yes please, something out of the way of traffic if you wouldn't mind," Kassandra replied.

"Sure things Ma'am, that's not a problem," the blond hostess said. She placed two menus upon a corner table, and proceeded to tell the ladies what the lunch specials were for that day. Everything said in one breath, and then she smiled and replied, "I will send a waitress right over ladies."

"Thank you," both replied back to the young girl as she walked away.

"Actually, I am starving now that my stomach heard her mention food. Kassandra said as she looked over the menu. The waitress made her way over as both women placed their orders. They began to talk, laugh get acquainted. Everything seemed to come easy to both as far as conversation went. Lilly laughed so hard her soda spit out from her mouth, and all over her plate. Luckily by that time she'd already finished her grilled chicken salad. "Oh my gaud, you used to always say you spit your drink out on the screen when you read my nightly jokes!" Kassandra about fell out laughing, they both did.

"This one is definitely on me Kassandra, please. I won't take no as an answer." Lilly said as she snatched the check from the table quickly. Lilly opened her purse and placed cash down upon the table, as they watched the waitress return with mints taking the cash and bill with. Kassandra pushed the change toward Lilly as she gave the waitress her tip.

"I got the tip, to late to say no girlfriend," Kassandra said as they got up and proceeded toward the door. They turned a few heads of the local male ranchers, walking out the door.

"Okay, you follow me Lilly and I'll lead you to your new home for a week or two." Kassandra said as they crossed the road, getting a few honks from the local cattlemen. They laughed as they each unlocked their doors.

Lilly turned as she was about to get into her car, "Better not lose me girl, I'd be driving in circles for ever around here."

"I promise I won't. I remember what it was like to be new here, plus I still get lost!" Kassandra said as she laughed, then got into her truck starting it. Backing out she pulled back and went forth waiting for Lilly to get behind her, once she was Kassandra lead the way out of town.

Both tapping along to the radio, feeling the fresh afternoon breeze as it blew around their hair. Lilly was glancing around as she drove along, noticing the lush green foliage, full trees and wild flowers in bloom. The vibrant colors were as breathtaking as Kassandra described it; the mountains were just as wonderful as Lilly looked around her. She now understood why Kassandra could never describe what her eyes saw before her.

Lilly turned behind Kassandra down a gravel road, to the left was nothing but thick assorted green trees ranging from cedars to oaks, low brush and other ground covering. The trees hung above like a lush canopy, thick leafy growth like everything else around her. Along the right side down over an embankment was the one creek, still filled with crystal clear water. She drove across four water bridges, where the road has the flowing water over it followed by two single lane cement bridges. Again she could understand when Kassandra had said after the heavy rains she was stuck in her home with no way out. They drove through an entrance way where Kassandra got out and opened the heavy Iron Gate between the pillars of stone that lined her driveway for the first fifty or so feet, then got back in her truck and continued to drive along.

They turned down another drive; so far they drove two and a half miles back into the thick green wooded area. She continued to follow her seeing the pastures coming into view. Lilly noticed how the sheep, cattle, horses and goats all roaming the same area on her left. On her right were buffalos, geese, and ducks sharing another area with a creek within it. Kassandra pulled up along the side of her rustic cabin home, making room for Lilly to pull in aside her. Kassandra jumped out and whistled loudly, as all her dogs came running for each direction as she placed them all into their kennels. She called out again making a funny sound, as Lilly looked around. Next from the brush came the peacocks, which Kassandra wanted to make sure they were all in sight. Mating season was in full swing around the ranch. Lilly got out and just watched in amazement, as all the creatures she told about were now real to her.

Kassandra grabbed a piece of PCV pipe and held it in her hand as she walked over to Lilly. "The male peacocks tend to sneak up on people, and try to peck or mate them." She laughed and awaited Lilly to open the trunk. "Welcome to my ranch Lilly, I hope you find it to your liking. Now, shall we grab you things and get you situated? Kassandra asked.

"Kass this place is absolutely gorgeous. I tried to imagine it every time you spoke about the trees, the mountains all of it. Never would I have guessed it was this nice, this breathtaking." Lilly hit the button for her trunk as it popped open. Kassandra grabbed one of the two suitcases, as well as her briefcase. Lilly grabbed the other suitcase, as well as the duffel bag then closed the trunk following Kassandra.

The two headed to the house, walking up along the curved wooden staircase, and across the oak porch. Every other thing like the posts, railings were all done in unfinished pieces of cedar. Kassandra never locked her door; there was never a need where she was located. Once entering Kassandra lead Lilly to one of the three guest bedrooms and placed her luggage down upon the bed. She turned to Lilly and said, "Okay, phone works, the dresser is empty and same with the closet. You have your own bathroom as well. I need to go feed all my 'kids' then I'll be back. Make yourself at home, the phone has unlimited long distance if you need to make calls, feel free too. I'll be back in about thirty to forty five minutes."

"Okay, I'll call into the office and let them have the number for here in case of an emergency. Then I'll get my stuff put away and see you when you return. Would you mind if I took a shower Kassandra?"

"Yes, I mind!" she replied with a laugh. "No Lilly, please as I said make your self at home. I hung fresh towels and everything you need is in there. If I've forgotten anything holler. Enjoy your shower; I'll see you in a bit." Kassandra turned and headed to her bathroom, where she changed into the same shorts and shirt she'd worn that morning for feeding. She grabbed her boots and sat on the front porch looking out into the pastures with a smile. Kassandra knew once Lilly left she'd feel that lonely feeling again for companionship. She was determined not to think about that now. Lacing up her boots, she heard the sound of the shower and smiled again as she headed out.

Lilly undressed, turned the shower on, and stepped behind the etched glass doors. She allowed felt the warm water cascading down over he face, her soft body as her hands ran through her wet strands. Everything was perfect; there wasn't anything Kassandra left out. Lilly grabbed the mesh ball and lathered it up with the jasmine body gel, washing every inch of her flesh. She laughed as Kassandra even had one of those shower radios hanging there before her. She turned it on, finding a local rock and roll station and sang along with it.

Kassandra skewered another roll of hay and dropped it into the right pasture, then did the same to another for the left pasture. She parked the old red ranch truck and walked both pastures making sure the watering holes had sufficient amounts of water within them. She head counted the young, making sure the coyotes, bear or wolves got any like they have in the past few weeks. Getting back in the truck she drove to one of the out buildings and dropped two full buckets of feed out for the birds. She made sure the small trough was filled with kibble for the dogs, and the other filled with water.

Grabbing the hose she turned it on, filling a kiddy pool full for the young ducks and geese to play in. While doing that she sprayed herself down lightly with the cool water. It must have hit to about ninety five degrees or higher since they had left town. Finishing up she went back up to the house, and decided that she was in need of a shower as well. Swinging the screen door open she heard a soft, yet lovely singing voice coming from the one guest bathroom. She laughed to herself as Lilly was singing away. She could make out the old Peter, Paul and Mary tune as she listened while taking her boots off. Lilly was singing one of Kassandra's favorite classic tunes; this one was always stuck in her head.

Lilly sang along with the song, not knowing she had an audience listening in the other room. "I got me a girl, I kissed her and then...Oh lord, I kissed her again. Oh, kisses sweeter than wine, Oh, kisses sweeter than wine. I asked her to marry and be my sweet wife, and we would be so happy the rest of our lives..." She turned the radio off, as well as the water stepping out from it. She dried her hair with the towel then dried off the rest of herself. Lilly opened the door, as she caught the backside of Kassandra dressed in a tank and cut off denim jean shorts. She watched as she slipped from her view up the cedar staircase to the loft.

Kassandra reminded Lilly of those hot and hunky road workers you see in work boots, cut offs and white 'wife beaters'. They smile as you drive by them, showing off their tanned sweat glistening bodies as you smile back as you pass them. Kassandra was just as hot if not hotter then any guy Lilly seen along the road; if anything she would give those guys a run for their money. There wouldn't be too many females that would honestly not vote that Kassandra was just as sexy if not sexier than any male.

Lilly shook the thoughts out of her head as she returned to what was now her bedroom for the next two weeks. Lilly knew that one week here wasn't going to be enough for her; she was taking both weeks and enjoying herself with Kassandra. She heard the shower above running, as she immediately imagined Kassandra suddenly naked. She was standing under the waterfall of the cool water. Her body glistening with trickles of water running down it.

A tingle went through her whole body as her mind raced with sensual images of the beautiful auburn-haired rancher in the shower. Lilly had never been with a female before sexual. For the longest time she had wondered what it would be like to make love to a sexy woman. Her last relationship with a man lasted two long and dragged out for to many years. There were good times, there were bad and then there was abomination. After that relationship ended Lilly threw herself into work, letting that be her life force, best friend as well as lover. It paid off for her so far. She was able to buy a nice house outside the city, afford a new Mercedes-Benz and do a few things she always wanted to.

Lilly opened the dresser drawer and pulled out a pair of silk red panties, and slipped them on. Opening the closet she reached out taking the red and black short summer dress from the hanger and slipped it over her head. She slipped her arms through the holes as it fell down her body. Lilly was five foot and eleven inches. She towered Kassandra by six inches. She brushed her long tri-colored hair letting it cascade down her back and shoulders, running her long fingers through it for body. Exiting the bedroom, she stopped hung her towel and wandered around the house looking things over.

Kassandra loved art, painting and reading as Lilly noticed so much through the house. She heard Kassandra walking down the steps as she exited what was Kassandra's study. "Sorry, I was just looking around. I hope you don't mind."

"Not at all Lilly, please feel free to. There are eleven rooms you can wander through when you like. Come on, I have fresh lemonade made it should be ice cold by now. We can have it out on the front porch over looking the pastures and the mountains."

Kassandra poured two tall glasses of lemonade adding ice and a slice of lemon for garnish to both then carried them out on the porch. She offered Lilly one and sat across from her at the homemade cedar table.

"Thank you Kassandra," Lilly replied as she accepted the drink. "I have decided you have me for two weeks. After that, I might not wish to return back to Michigan." She said with a serious look upon her face. Both women were dressed in summer dresses that barely covered their behinds. Both females were bra less and both very sexy. Any man that could turn either down would either be gay or blind.

Kassandra laughed as she crossed her legs looking out to the mountains, then to Lilly. "Kass will do, and you would be welcomed here for as long as you liked. I figured for tonight we could just relax, cook out and maybe watch the sun go down while eating. Wine is chilling as we speak, and from there on we could do whatever we wished. If you have anything to work on, go ahead and do so, I have a painting I could finish up. I have a chapter I started that could be worked on as well." Kassandra stood up and walked into the house. Lilly heard soft relaxation music starts to pipe through outside speakers that were tucked away within the overhead roof of the porch.

"That's nice music, it's befitting of the surroundings Kass," Lilly said as she exited the house taking her seat again. They continued to talk and laugh as time moved on into the early evening. Kassandra grilled the steaks, baked the potatoes while Lilly got the outside table set and everything else put upon it. She opened a bottle of wine, pouring two glasses for them. They ate supper while the sun lowered behind the mountains, and darkness began to settle in. Kassandra had all the animals away for the night. She closed the gate on the porch and turned about watching Lilly bend over before her clearing off the table.

Kassandra felt wetness between her thighs, as Lilly's creamy ivory cheeks peeked out from under the short dress. She stood there watching the lovely woman for a few minutes then joined her in the cleaning up of supper. She swallowed hard each time Lilly bent forth exposing herself from behind giving Kassandra peeks and glimpses.

They choose to relax outside once again. Lilly couldn't get enough of the tranquility she felt since she arrived. She listened to the sounds of the night, the whippoorwills singing their song from the trees above, while the night owls answered their calls from cedar to cedar. Lilly heard the howls of the coyotes and wolves in the distance, she looked to Kassandra and spoke, "So, I take it those are the howls of packs running and roaming around us?"

"M-m-h-m, that's why I keep a gate across the porch, one that's high. I've never had anything up on the porch since I've been here. I like to sit out here all hours of the night, figured it was better protection just in case. Don't worry I'm a crack shot as I said, and you said you could handle a gun so were good. Speaking of, I'll show you where all my weapons are. You can see my collection on the wall of swords, daggers, knives and other assorted weapons I've collected."

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