tagIncest/TabooKissin' Cousins

Kissin' Cousins


It seems like it started three years ago at my uncle's funeral, although the seeds were actually sewn almost thirty years prior. I had become re-acquainted with Uncle Ted's five daughters, whom I hadn't seen since the early eighties. At the funeral we all agreed to get together every few years, a family reunion of sorts. We all camped, some of us more elaborately than others, so it seemed natural to meet at a campground for our first get-together.

The girls ranged in age from five years my senior to almost ten years younger than me. While it was nice catching up on old times with all of them, I found myself strangely attracted to Shelly, the youngest of the girls, and spent more time with her. We talked, joked, laughed and flirted until she asked me if I wanted to see the fifth wheel that she, her husband, and two girls had driven to the campground. I graciously accepted, joking that I would then give her a tour of my pop-up later.

She opened the door, stepped in, looked around quickly and held the door for me. I wasn't clear of the door for five seconds before she turned, wrapped her arms around my neck and laid a wet kiss on me. My natural reaction to a kiss is to return the favor and found my tongue in her mouth before I realized what I was doing and with whom. Breaking off the kiss I started to speak. She put a finger to my lips and said, "I've been waiting to do that since I first saw you at fifteen. I was instantly attracted to you. You were sooo mature, and you didn't totally blow me off, even if I was just a kid."

I smiled and said, "I'm flattered that you remembered! If you hadn't been so young, I might have taken things further then. But what about your husband?"

"Ronnie? He's passed out, drunk, up at the picnic pavilion. I hadn't planned on telling him, had you?"

"Well, no, I guess not." I replied, just before she jumped up into my arms again, her tongue sliding all around my teeth and tongue. She had timed it just right, my hands were in front of me and were trapped between us, mashing her small, bra-less breasts against my palms as her legs wound around my waist.

"God! You make me horny!" she panted, breaking the kiss, grinding her hips against my hardening manhood. Suspended by one arm, she pulled up her shirt, allowing my hands to touch her soft skin, topped by pebble hard nipples. My cock twitched. "And I think I make you horny, too!" she said, smiling at me as she continued to hump at the lump in my shorts. "Fuck me!"

"But, but, your married." I stammered "And we're cousins!" I was totally confused! Part of me wanted, desperately to get inside her, and part of me knew it was wrong.

Seeing my confusion, she gently whispered, "Ronnie and I haven't had sex in several years, and I'm aching to feel a cock induced orgasm." She continued to roll her hips against me. "Won't you please fulfill this poor little girl's fantasy?" she added with a coquettish grin.

Her nipples were burning holes in my palms and the heat of her pussy radiated into my pants. She began licking my ears. "Please?" she whispered.

I gave in. "How do you want it?" I asked.

"Up against the door! Right here! Right now! Kind of like Sonny and the bridesmaid in The Godfather."

I reached down cupping her as cheeks, surprised to find no panties under her skirt. "Awfully sure of yourself, aren't you?" I said smiling as my fingers caressed her damp puss lips.

"I haven't met a man yet, who will turn down good pussy." she answered unzipping my fly and pulling out my stiff penis.

Turning toward the door, I backed her against it, pressing the dusty rose head of my cock against her weeping hole. I dropped my hands and felt her swallow my cock deep into the wet, warm depths of her hungry cunt.

"Ohhh! God! Its been so long! You feel so good inside me. " she crooned as I pushed effortlessly in and out, in and out. "Cum for your baby cousin." she added, licking my ear again.

My response was to shove harder and faster, lifting her ass and dropping it as I thrust upward into her wetness. She held on with both hands, as I assaulted her eager pussy, grunting and groaning each time I collided with her swollen clit. Finding that I was able to hold her up with one hand I pinched her nipples with the other, squeezing the hard nub, then rolling it between my thumb and forefinger.

"Yes! Yes! Yes! Fuck me! Make me cum!" she ordered as she began bouncing up and down on my stiffness, babbling about how good it felt to have a cock deep inside her. Sensing her desperation I rammed into her fast and hard, hard enough to make her small pointed breasts jiggle.

As she began to climb toward an orgasm, I let go of her ass and began rubbing her clit. "Oh fuck! Oh yes!" she moaned. Our bodies slapped together with each stroke. I felt the muscles of her cunt clasping at my cock as it sunk deep and withdrew. I thrust harder and deeper, banging against the door.

She kissed me, biting my lower lip, as her orgasm swept over her, her cunt milking my cock, trying to coax my seed from my balls. I sucked on her upper lip, grunting as I shot generous globs of sperm up inside her insatiable pussy.

Lifting her off my deflating member, I gently dropped her down into a chair. Still panting, she said, "That...was incredible! I haven't been that well fucked in years! Thank you!" Now at eye level with my cum coated penis, she leaned over and planted a kiss on the crown, licking the coating of love juice from it. I groaned and twitched as the sensation of her tongue and lips sent shivers down my spine. Looking up at me she smiled as she licked the cum from my cock and balls. "We're not done yet,are we.?"

"How could I possibly say no! You've got me by the balls." I answered.

Laughing at my joke, she stood, grabbed my reviving shaft and led me to the bedroom. "I need more cock! And by the look of it, you need more pussy." she said, "How do you want it?"

Stripping quickly, I said, "You on top, so I can suck on those delicious little nipples of yours"

We both grunted as she settled down on me, my cock sliding easily into her generously lubricated cunt. Grabbing my hands she placed them on her tiny breasts. "Fuck me..Cous! Make me cum again." she panted as she rose and fell on my rock hard dick.

Reluctantly removing my hands from her chest, I placed one on her ass and the other on her clit as I leaned her down, capturing her right nipple in my mouth, sucking voraciously.

"Oh God! That feels so good!" she groaned as she ground her clit against my thumb, and held my head to her breast. Establishing a rhythm, I bounced her up and down , our bodies slapping together, her wet pussy squishing and farting with each stroke. She came again, the walls of her steamy cunt clasping around my cock. Not letting up I continued to saw in and out of her freshening pussy, my honey soaked thumb still strumming on her now very sensitive clit.

I could tell she was building quickly toward another climax. She babbled, her chest heaved, and she held my mouth captive on her engorged nipple. I, too was nearing another orgasm. It hit me first. I warned her seconds before it hit. " Yeah, cous! Fill me up!" she panted as the first of three bursts of sperm shot out of my cock, washing the walls of her womb.

I shrank quickly, slid out, and gently rolled her over onto her back. Looking down at her pretty face, I said, "I have a surprise for you."

Looking up, a question in her eyes but no words on her lips, she smiled. I leaned over and began licking the sheen of sweat that had formed between her breasts. Moving south, across her belly and down to her cum and pussy juice matted bush. Tugging gently on the hairs, I licked up the evidence of our tryst. My tongue slid into the furrow of her puffy cuntlips. I drank the combination of cums, moaning at how good it tasted. Spreading her legs, I pushed my face into her gash, sucking out gobs of sperm and pools of her sweet love juice. All the while, I was teasing her clit with my finger as I licked and sucked my way down her crack to her ass and back up again. She bucked and moaned as she reached yet another orgasm, pumping more of her sweet warmth onto my awaiting tongue.

"No more! Please!" she pleaded as she grabbed my head and pulled it up toward hers. I lay on top of her and we kissed for several minutes, swapping the treasure I had collected from her luscious cunt. I reluctantly rolled off of her and suggested that we get dressed and rejoin the party.

As we exited her camper, she turned to me and smiled, thanking me for making her feel like a woman again. Then she said, "Now, when is the next family reunion?"

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