tagLoving WivesKissing and Hugging with Fred

Kissing and Hugging with Fred


My wife Teri is one busy lady. In addition to running her own real estate business, she goes to the gym, swims twice a week and serves on the board of the local chamber of commerce. Both of us love to go out dancing when we happen to be free on the same evening. I wanted to learn some salsa dance steps, so when a friend told us about a new Latin dancing class, we began taking the class in the city two nights a week, and stayed afterward to dance at the club where classes were held.

At forty-one, Teri was far and away the most gorgeous woman on the dance floor. Her usual dance costume featured a smoothly fitting skirt that showed off her long lovely bare legs. To make sure her skirt showed no ugly panty line, she didn't wearing any panties. She also didn't wear a bra under her blouse because, she said, her breasts were small enough to have natural uplift, and the blouse felt good on her nipples. She denied that there was anything overly sexy about her costume. A real estate professional has to look her best at all times, right? Of course that includes her recreational dance attire. Meanwhile every time we went dancing I got to hear this one guy swear he could smell the intoxicating musk of her naked pussy once she had been dancing awhile. She shrugged when I told her that, and said, "Some people have overactive imaginations." She didn't change her outfit.

Anyway with her dark hair and 120 pounds of luscious curves, Teri looked every inch a Latin dancer, and she has the undulating hips to match. Our instructor Frederico usually called on her to be his partner when he demonstrated new steps. When Frederico pressed his abdomen against hers while demonstrating a dance, I noticed that Teri never pulled away.

I have to admit that I felt waves of conflicting emotions when I watched them together: intense jealousy and equally intense arousal. I knew she enjoyed the impact that watching had on me because when she returned to the table after dancing with Frederico or another guy, she always rested her palm on my lap to confirm that I had a hard-on. In fact, she was so used to finding me with a rigid cock that she would just lean over and whisper, "Tell Old Faithful he can erupt for me when we get home."

Teri has always known that I have fantasies about watching her fuck other guys. "There's no way I'm going to do that," was her usual rejoinder. But she sometimes asked questions that got me talking about my fantasies. I've always been sure she would enjoy being completely out of control if she ever did the wild things I imagined for her.

Our instructor was christened with a whole string of Spanish names, which he shortened to Frederico Mendez on his business cards. He always introduced himself to new students as Frederico, but after class he insisted that everyone call him Fred. Plain ol' Fred, a regular guy who happened to have piercing black eyes, a lean muscular body and killer dance moves.

All the women in the class were hot for him. When they began singing a song they thought of to tease him with, Teri always joined in. The song they picked was that old one about seven little girls sitting in the back seat hugging and a-kissing with Fred. If you don't know that one, ask your grandmother about it. The song has the driver asking one of the girls to come join him in the front seat, but oh no, they're having none of that. They tell the driver to keep his mind on the driving, his hands on the wheel, and his snoopy eyes on the road ahead, while they have their fun in the back seat kissing and hugging with Fred. Dee doody doom doom, dee doody doom doom. It's a cute song.

When the women sang it for him after class, Fred would pretend the song "confused" him. He would ask what kind of back seat it was that could hold seven girls hugging and kissing him (Fred) all at the same time. "Not that I would mind finding out," he would say with a big leering grin.

Fred and I were only casually friendly, so I was surprised to hear him call me at work one day to ask if Teri and I could give him a ride home that evening after class. He had just sold his car, he said, because he had to go back to Puerto Rico for an indefinite stay.

"Meaning no more class? I'm really sorry to hear that," I said.

"Yes, I'll miss it too, Garrett. I think you know that I'll particularly miss Teri."

Something about the way he said Teri's name made my cock start to harden. For a long moment, neither of us said anything. Fred left it to me to break the silence.

"Why did you call me instead of Teri?" I asked.

"Well, because you're the driver, Garrett," he replied in a husky voice.

"The driver." Again his words hovered in the silence, but I was sure I knew exactly what he meant. "In the song, you mean," I finally ventured.


My heart started to pound. "Does she know you're calling me?"

"No she doesn't," he replied.

"But you think she'll—"

"I know she will if you mention that song before we get in your car."

Frederico had plenty of experience knowing which men loved watching their wives dance with other men. He somehow intuited that I would welcome his fucking my wife and was sure that my wife would surrender her scruples and climb in the back seat with him if I followed his instructions. "I'd like for us to leave without a fuss," he said. "When you park, do it in the garage around the corner," he said. "Will you do that?"

"Yes," I said.

We never had any trouble finding a parking space on the street on class nights, but I knew the dance hall shared a corridor connected to the parking garage. Parking there would let us slip out unobtrusively.

Fred asked me not to tell anyone else that this would be the last class. He said he'd email everyone later to say goodbye.


"You're awfully quiet," Teri said at dinner that night.

"Well, it seems that this is our last dance class with Fred, " I said.

Teri shot me a challenging look. "What are you talking about?"

"Hey, it's not my idea," I said. "He called me at the office."

I told her he didn't want the rest of the class to know. "He has no car and wants us to give him a ride home. He told me he'll miss you particularly," I added. She stopped chewing and looked at me intently.

"Do you mind?" she asked.

Mind what he wanted to do to her, was that what she meant? I looked straight in her eyes and shook my head slowly. "No I don't."

We didn't talk much during that ride to our last class. But when I drove past an empty space near the dance hall and turned into the parking garage, Teri asked what I was doing.

"Fred asked me to park in the garage," I told her.

I was sure Fred wanted to make a fast getaway because he was eager for what would happen next, and I wondered whether my wife knew that too. When Teri squeezed my hand I decided she had already guessed that I had given Fred tacit permission to fuck her.

During this particular class Fred actually paid less than usual attention to Teri, asking two other women to help him demonstrate steps and turns. After class, Fred danced with several women before he asked Teri to join him. Teri danced once more with me and once with another guy.

I had drinks for both Fred and Teri on the table when I motioned Fred to sit down with us, with Teri in the middle. As usual she quickly slid her hand onto my lap for a moment, discovering my raging hard-on while my mind raced through all the possibilities. When I squeezed her thigh, I wondered whether Fred was doing the same thing on the other side.

"Did your husband tell you?" Fred said to Teri as he polished off his drink and stood up. "You two are giving me a ride."

"Oh, I see. Does that mean I'm supposed to toss this down?" Teri said with a smile." Okay then, bottoms up." She tossed off her daiquiri.

While we walked rapidly to the garage Fred told Teri he was leaving for Puerto Rico. She took his arm and said everyone would really miss him. She was still holding his arm when I returned from paying for parking.

When I hit unlocked the car, Fred's hand was already on the door to the back seat. He opened the door and motioned Teri to get in.

"You know how my song goes," he said with a big smile.

"Seven little girls, yeah." I said. "I only see one."

Teri climbed in back with a laugh. He climbed in after her.

When I looked in the rear-view mirror, Teri's eyes caught mine.

"Wow' I mimed silently as she blew me a kiss. Then I asked, "Where to?"

"Into Golden Gate Park," Fred told me.

"This is crazy, you guys," Teri murmured.

My hands trembled as I gripped the wheel. I adjusted the mirror in time to see them reach for one another.

"Tell the driver what you're doing, Teri," he said to her.

"Looks like I'm hugging and kissing with Fred," she replied with a throaty chuckle. Then she said "mmmmph" as her mouth suddenly was smothered by his.

I could hear a lot of moving around back there, and fragments of excited whispers. In the mirror I saw her kick off her shoes as I turned into the park and cruised slowly through the darkness. The sounds from the back seat mesmerized my senses. Alcohol fragrance on rapid breath, belt buckle and zipper unfastening, urgent mouths exploring flesh. My thoughts came at me in electrifying headlines. Through the darkness I could see flashes of Teri's white flesh as Fred peeled back her skirt and blouse.

"Oh god," she cried. "Garrett, he's going to fuck me."

In the mirror I could see her legs thrown wide open. Then I felt her naked foot rubbing the back of my neck. The sensation was so powerful that I had to pull over and stop the car. When I turned off the headlights we were plunged into total darkness.

Teri's foot jerked away from my neck as he pounded into her. I turned my head to watch as she wrapped her legs around his back. With the car engine turned off, the sound of moistened bodies slapping together mesmerized me as he brought her to a series of noisy orgasms and finally came himself.

When they were done, I was silent while they whispered to one another. I started the car and found my way out of the park. When we reached Fred's place, Teri stayed on her back, rubbing her legs against one another languorously. Fred got out of the car and crouched down to look me in the eye. "I'll never forget this," he told me.

"I'm sure you won't," I replied.

He leaned down again and blew Teri a kiss. For a second I thought he was going to climb right back in the car, but he turned and walked off.

"Are you okay about having a whore for a wife?" Teri asked me as her naked foot once more stroked the back of my neck.

"Careful what you do to me with that foot," I said. "I have to stay focused on driving back into the park."


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What a loving wife. Loving everyone but you.

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