tagToys & MasturbationKissing Cathy Ch. 03

Kissing Cathy Ch. 03


Mike walked into the bedroom, after working in the yard, just as Cathy entered the bedroom from the bathroom. His eyes lit up and he smiled when he saw her wearing only a towel. "If I had known you were in the shower, I would have finished in the yard sooner so I could've joined you," he said as he walked to her.

"Looks like you'll have to be alone in the shower this time," Cathy said as they kissed. Mike started to take the towel off Cathy but she stopped him.

"You need a shower first," she said, "and when you get out, I'll be here waiting for you."

"I'll take a shower in record time," Mike said with a smile.

"Don't be too fast," Cathy replied. "I want you to be clean, dry and shaven, okay?"

'You got it."

"And one more thing. When you walk into the bedroom, I want to see your fingers wrapped around your hard dick and giving it some nice strokes. You can do that for me, can't you?"

"You know I can," Mike said as he headed towards the bathroom. He was naked and in the shower in a flash. Mike had half a hard on as he washed, thinking about Cathy. He ran his soapy hand up and down his dick, getting it clean and fully hard.

Cathy stood in the doorway, watching Mike through the clear glass shower door. "That looks like fun," she said to him.

Mike turned, he hadn't know she was there. "Yes it is. I was just thinking of you. And it's even more fun now that I can see you," he said as he continued to stroke on his dick.

"Then you should enjoy seeing even more of me," Cathy said as she took off the towel that covered her. She ran her fingers across her tits and tweaked her nipples as she watched Mike masturbate. "Are you thinking about cumming on my tits?"

"Yes," Mike moaned as he kept his hand moving up and down his cock.

"Well then, you just keep thinking nice thoughts like that. I'll be in the bedroom waiting for you. Remember, dry yourself and shave that stubble off your face before you leave the bathroom. And save that load of cum for me, okay?" Cathy said as she left and closed the door behind her.

Mike gave his dick a few more strokes as he thought what a fantastic woman Cathy is. Then he hurried to finish his shower and get ready for her.

Cathy sighed as she leaned against the bathroom door and thought what a fantastic guy Mike is. He'll be out in a few minutes and I want my surprise ready for him. She walked to her dresser and pulled out the dildo she had hidden under her clothes. Cathy smiled as she looked at the realistic rubber dick she had bought yesterday without Mike's knowledge. Mike loves watching me masturbate with my fingers, she thought, I bet he'll really get off seeing me use this.

Cathy got on the bed, propping herself up on the headboard with lots of pillows behind her. She brought the dildo close to her face to get a good look at it. Sure looks like the real thing, wonder how it tastes, she thought as she opened her mouth and began sucking on the fake dick. The size is right but the texture is different.

Now for the big test, she removed the dildo from her mouth and lined it up with her pussy lips. She rubbed the head up and down her opening a few times, she was already wet with anticipation, then she pushed it a few inches inside her. Cathy gasped at the feeling of putting a dick inside herself, it felt good and she had total control of it. She pulled it almost all the way out then pushed it in an inch further than it was before. She twisted it around and felt the rubber veins move against the walls of her pussy, another new sensation. Again, she pulled her dick, as she was now beginning to think of it, almost all the way out and slowly pushed it in another inch further and twisted it around once more, moaning softly. I've only given myself a few strokes with my new dick and I'm in heaven already, she thought. Mike likes varying the strokes on his dick when he's jerking off, so I'll try that, too.

Cathy decided to go for short strokes, so she pulled the dildo out just a little then slowly pushed it in, again going just a little further in than the stroke before. Very nice, she thought and continued giving herself short strokes, going a little deeper each time. Soon the rubber dick was buried as deep as it would go, leaving only enough of it outside of her for her thumb and finger to hold on to. She looked down between her legs as she pulled the dildo out until only the head was inside her then pushed it all the way back in, twisting it as it slid. This looks almost as good as it feels, she thought as she watched herself stroke and twist her new dick in and out of her pussy.

Cathy was on a high sexual plateau, enjoying the sight and feel of the rubber dick sliding in and out of her when she heard Mike's electric razor. She turned to her left, looked at the bathroom door and knew Mike would be coming to her very shortly. She closed her eyes and slowly removed her new dick from inside her, leaving her with a momentary sense of emptiness. She held the dildo and idly rubbed the base of it against her clit. Cathy opened her eyes and gasped at the sight. Her hand was wrapped around a large cock that seemed to be a part of her and she was getting sexual pleasure from stroking it. She turned to her right and looked at herself in the large wall mirror. It looked like she had a dick and was masturbating. She watched herself stroke her dick up and down with her hand as she felt an orgasm approach. I have a dick and I'm jerking off, this is so much fun, she thought as a small orgasm washed over her.

As Cathy came down she thought about Mike and the big surprise in store for him, so she hid the dildo under a pillow.

Mike was just about ready for Cathy. All he had left to do was wrap his fingers around his cock and make himself fully hard. This is the fun part, he thought as he began masturbating. His dick was at full strength very quickly, so he opened the bathroom door and walked into the bedroom while continuing to pump his dick up and down. He looked at Cathy, naked and beautiful on the bed and remembered the first time he jerked off on her. That was great but it's even better now because she is awake the entire time.

Cathy watched Mike approach her. "You look so hot when you masturbate," she said. "Does thinking of me make you so horny that you have to jerk off?"

"Yeah, you know it does," Mike replied, "and I'm glad you get horny watching me stroke my dick because I really enjoy putting on a show for you."

"I love watching you make yourself cum, the look on your face is fantastic when your dick spurts all over my tits. But I don't want you to cum on my tits, at least not yet. I want to suck your dick first. Would that be okay with you?" Cathy said with a smile.

"You know I just want to please you, so of course you can suck my dick until your heart is content," Mike teased back as he walked to the bed. Cathy opened her mouth as he approached, her head was crotch high to Mike, who stopped stroking his dick and just held it so it was pointing at her mouth. They both let out a moan as she began sucking his cock.

Mike loved the sight and feel of his dick in Cathy's mouth. Her lips were pursed out to form a big O that slid up and down his shaft. All too soon Cathy removed his cock from her mouth and slowly stroked it while it was inches from her face.

"I'd like to try something a little different, okay?" Cathy said as she licked his cum slit.

"What ever you like," Mike replied, as he pictured his dick spurting cum all over Cathy's face. He has seen his sperm cover her tits and drool from her chin but not coat her face. Cathy's stroking his cock made that something he thought he might soon see.

Cathy reached under the pillows for the dildo and said, "I thought you might like to watch me use my new dick." She brought the dildo to her mouth, gave it a lick then positioned it at the entrance to her pussy. "Would you like to watch me fuck myself with my dick?" she asked as she spread her legs wide and let go of Mike's dick so she could she could use both of her hands on the dildo.

Mike could only nod as he watched Cathy slowly slide the dildo all the way inside her pussy. He saw her eyes roll back in her head as she gave herself long slow strokes with her fake cock. He grabbed his own dick and stroked it with the same motion Cathy was using on herself.

Cathy's eyes regained focus when she felt Mike's dick rub her cheek. She watched him masturbate, inches from her face, stroke for stroke to what she was giving herself. She brought her left hand to his cock and moved his fingers out of the way. "Let me do that for you," she said. "You don't mind if I jerk you off, do you?" Mike could not speak as he admired the view below him but was able to shake his head.

"Good," Cathy whispered as she stroked Mike's dick with the same cadence as she fucked herself with the dildo. "I've watched you jerk off enough that I know how you like your cock stroked. Now I want you to watch me fuck myself with my dick so you can see how I like my dick stroked in my pussy. You do like watching me use my dick, don't you?"

The pleasure centers in Mike's mind were hitting on all cylinders as he saw Cathy's dick, as he now thought of it, too, slide in and out of her pussy. And Cathy's hands were stroking his cock just inches from her face. Again, he pictured globs of his cum covering her face. "I love what I'm seeing," he said, and what I'm thinking."

"What are you thinking?" Cathy asked.

"I'm thinking about cumming all over your face when you cum on your dick. I'm picturing what big globs of my cum would look like on your face, dripping down your chin and landing on your tits."

"Will you kiss me when my face is covered with your sperm?" Cathy asked. She already knew the answer but loved hearing it from Mike.

"You know I will," he said. "I'll even lick my cum off your face and feed it to you. Would you like that?"

"You know I always love getting a mouth full of cum from you," Cathy said as she moved both of her hands to behind her head. "But I want to suck your dick before you shoot your load all over my face. And I want to feel your hands on my dick as it fucks me. I just want to lay back and enjoy two dicks inside me at once." Cathy turned her head towards Mike, pursed her lips into a big O and waited for his dick to enter her mouth.

Mike put just the head of his cock inside Cathy's mouth as he reached between her legs to grab hold of her dick that was half way in her pussy. He slid the dildo all the way in her as his ears heard and his dick felt her moan. He began thrusting and twisting Cathy's dick inside her, just as he had seen her do it. He expected Cathy to start bobbing her head up and down his cock as she usually did when it was in her mouth but she remained still, even though she was sucking the head and rubbing her tongue across it.

Mike and Cathy's eyes were locked as Mike pulled Cathy's dick almost all the way out of her pussy. As he pushed her dick deep inside her, he also pushed his cock further into her mouth. Cathy's eyes rolled back in her head as she felt both dicks begin to fuck her.

Cathy was using a lot of will power to just lay still. Her impulse was to buck her hips to the thrusting of the dick in her pussy and to bob her head up and down on Mike's cock in her mouth. But for now she wanted to feel what it is like to be motionless and have the pleasure pounded into her. And it did feel good. As Mike slid her rubber dick deep into her pussy, he also filled her mouth with his cock. Then both dicks would withdraw from her openings simultaneously and then fill her up again.

Mike watched his cock pump in and out of Cathy's mouth. This is different but very nice, he thought. Usually he kept still and Cathy did all the moving when his dick was in her mouth. But now I'm fucking her mouth and it looks and feels so good. "Does it feel good to have me stroke your dick inside you while you suck my cock?" he asked.

Cathy could only moan for an answer.

"I'll take that as a yes," Mike said. "It looks really hot to be fucking you with your dick and you know that seeing my dick in your mouth is one of my favorite sights. I'm glad you like having two cocks in you at once. How bout we change the pace a little?"

For a moment, Mike held both dicks deep inside Cathy. Then he slowly pulled the dildo almost all the way out of her pussy but kept her mouth full of his dick. When he pushed the dildo back inside her, he pulled his dick partially from her mouth. "One cock slides in as one slides out. You look so hot right now. The only way you could look any hotter would be to have my cum all over your face. And that will happen soon but first I want to see you cum on your dick."

Cathy felt as though the two dicks in her were connected as they see-sawed back and forth through her body. Her body was tingling as an orgasm started in her abdomen, spread through out her entire being and took over all her senses. She couldn't help but to thrust her hips to meet her dick that was fucking her and had to pull her mouth from Mike's dick so she could scream.

Mike watched in awe as Cathy writhed in pleasure.

Finally, Cathy could take no more, the orgasm had become too intense, she placed her hands between her legs and made him stop fucking her in mid stroke, leaving the dildo halfway inside her. She tried to lie still again but involuntary bucked her hips a few times from orgasmic aftershocks.

"It looks like you really enjoy your new dick," Mike said with a smile.

"That was fantastic. It feels so good to have you stroke my dick inside me," Cathy said as she came down from her orgasm. Mike's cock was pulsating just inches from her face. "Now it's time for you to cum," she said as she wrapped her hand around his dick and began stroking it. "I'm going to jerk you off so you can cum on my face. You do want to see your sperm drooling down my face, don't you?"

"Yes," Mike gasped as he watched Cathy masturbate him.

Cathy gently tickled Mike's balls as she continued to slowly move her other hand up and down his cock. "I hope you have a nice load in here for me. I want it. I want to see it shoot from your dick and feel it land on my face," she said. "I want you to cover my face with your cum. Are you ready to cum for me?"

"Yes," Mike gasped again as Cathy began to stroke faster on his dick. His first spurt landed on her cheek, followed quickly by another. Cathy turned so the next couple ropes of cum hit her other cheek. She looked at Mike as she felt his hot juice land on her face and flow down to her chest. That look on his face is priceless, she thought, as she continued to pump more cum from his balls. The spurts became dribbles which Cathy made land on her nose and cheeks. When the dribbles slowed, Cathy rubbed Mike's cum slit across her closed lips, covering her mouth and chin with sperm.

Mike could barely believe the feeling, and the sight, of his dick shooting cum on Cathy's face. He moaned in pleasure as Cathy jerked him off and his seed dripped from her face to her chest. The intensity of the orgasm increased a notch when Cathy rubbed the head of his cock across her lips.

"I know you have some more cum in there for me," Cathy said with a smile, "and I'm going to suck it out of you." Cathy then took Mike's dick in her mouth, bobbed her head up and down his hard rod, and sucked his balls dry.

Mike screamed from the sensory overload. He gazed at Cathy, her cum covered cheeks were concaved inward from the pressure she was applying to his cock, trying to suck out more cum that he did not have to give. He could take no more and had to pull his dick from her mouth as he continued to scream with pleasure.

Cathy knew Mike was totally satisfied when he removed his dick from her mouth. She was glad she could please him as she did because he always totally satisfied her. She leaned back, looked at Mike and relaxed in a warm glow as she felt his sperm on her face, dripping onto her chest. "How do I look?" she asked.

"Gorgeous," Mike replied as he stared wide eyed upon his beautiful cum covered woman. "You know I am going to kiss you and lick you but I have to enjoy this sight of you for a moment before I do."

"Then maybe you should get the camera and take a few pictures so you can enjoy this view later, too," Cathy said.

Mike was shocked at her statement but it didn't slow him down in getting the digital camera from the drawer and taking a few good shots of Cathy smiling into the lens.

"Now," Cathy said, "put the camera on the dresser, zoom in on me, turn on the video, then come over here and kiss me."

Mike, in a daze, set the camera up at a good angle, Cathy in frame from head to abdomen, turned it on and went to her. "You look amazing," he said as he was face to face with her and looked closely at her cum covered face and chest. He leaned forward and they kissed passionately, he could taste his cum on her lips. "You taste like cum," he whispered, "and I like it."

Mike licked and slurped his mouth across Cathy's right cheek, sucking in all his cum from that side of her face. He held his mouth closed as he smiled at Cathy before kissing her again. Their tongues intertwined, moving his sperm back and forth from each other's mouth.

"You taste like cum, too, you know," Cathy said as they broke the kiss. "And I like that taste from your mouth." She glanced down Mike's body to look at his dick, the source of their pleasure, and was pleased and excited that he was still hard. "How can you still have a hard on after just cumming so much all over me?" she asked.

"I guess it's that you are the most erotic woman I've ever seen," Mike replied.

"I want that hard dick in me, now," Cathy said. "Lay down on the bed and let me ride you."

Mike laid down on his back as Cathy wasted no time getting on top of him and impaled herself his dick, taking all of it on the first plunge.

Mike gazed up at Cathy as he felt his cock surrounded by the soft warm walls of her pussy and saw strands of his cum hanging from her tits and face. "You're covered in cum and it's dripping from you," he said as he opened his mouth and leaned towards her bouncing body to catch a hanging rope of cum on his tongue that was about to fall from Cathy's right tit.

Cathy was thrilled at the sight of Mike catching the cum dripping from her tit with his mouth. "Lay back, be still and open your mouth," she told him as she positioned her left tit, and the strand of sperm that was hanging from it, over Mike's face. She lowered herself towards him so that first the dripping cum and then her tit was in Mike's mouth. "Drink your cum from my tit," she almost screamed while bouncing her hips on his hard cock.

Mike sucked and slurped on Cathy's wet tit and saw the look of ecstasy on her face. He also saw all the cum that was still there and dripping from her chin. He pushed Cathy up a bit to get her tit out of his mouth and said, "you still have a lot of my sperm on your face that you jerked off there. I really like the way it looks but I think it's time I lick it off and feed it to you."

Cathy lowered her face to Mike and ran her chin and cheek across his lips and outstretched tongue. Then she kissed him and tried to suck as much of his cum out of his mouth as she could as an orgasm spread from her pussy to throughout her entire body.

Mike was in sensory overload from Cathy riding his cock, the sight her cum covered body and feel of their cum filled kisses. What little sperm was left in his balls was pumped out, with extreme intensity, into Cathy's thriving pussy. They screamed in unison with pleasure.

After resting for a few minutes, Cathy went to turn off the camera. When she reached it, she whispered something that Mike couldn't hear before she turned it off.

As they lay in the afterglow of their love making session, Cathy smiled and asked, "Do you think you'll masturbate when you look at the pictures of me covered with your cum and the video of us having sex?"

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