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Kissing Cousin


As a teenager, I was always attracted to my female cousins; one was better looking than the other. I remember, back then, feeling guilty about being attracted to my cousins but it wasn't like they were my sisters. Besides, my erotic thoughts about them were, mostly, my fodder for jerking-off. I was always horny and was always walking around with a noticeable erection pushing against the material of my pants. I caught more than one of my cousins looking at my bulge a few times.

Our family was close and I had lots of cousins, 25 female and 17 male. My grandfather had eleven kids, so he was the reason for such a big family. Each year we had summer outings where we would all go to the beach. I always looked forward to those because I'd get to see my hot cousins in their bathing suits.

When you were as horny as I was and were afforded with so many opportunities by the sheer number of so many cousins, it was not difficult to expose myself to my cousins and to sneak a peek of them when they were changing in or out of their bathing suits. Our hormones were raging. The hard part was making it appear accidental and I would go through great lengths to accomplish that so as not to make them aware that I was a pervert, which I was and as are all guys that age. It turned out that with one cousin in particular, Vivian, I did not have to go through the masquerade of pretending that whenever she saw my cock, it was accidental because she wanted to see it as much as I wanted to show her it.

I already had a history with her. She looked like a slut. She always wore lots of makeup and tight fitting, low cut tops with very short skirts. No one would suspect that she was as inexperienced as me and that she was a virgin. She was always flirting with me and flashing me her panties by bending over in front of me or sitting with her legs open enough for me to see her panty clad pussy. Then, there were all the down blouse views of her rack and she had a great set of tits. Later, after she graduated high school, her parents split and she needed a place to stay, until she started college in the fall. She came to live with us. We were both the same age, 18.

Back then, we were not as sexually aware as kids are today. We had no sexy videos, MTV, or Internet to teach us sex. We had our peers whispering and giggling what they saw, heard or read. We were innocent, yet at the same time so very sexually repressed. I think the sexual enlightenment that we have today is better than the repressed sexuality we had in the past. It is always better to have things out in the open. God forbid if you were gay, back then, you would never step out of the closet and God forbid if you were pregnant and not married. You were a disgrace to your family and were not allowed to finish school. Today, it is commonplace to see pregnant girls in high school.

The judging that stemmed from the sexual repression of the adults was much worse back then, and when you add in religion, especially the Catholics and Protestants where you were not allowed to make a normal transition from teenager to young adult to adult, is it any wonder why so many of us have grown up with a serious of sexual perversions. (Okay, give me a short skirt with white cotton panties, any day.)

Anyway, Vivian always had the knack of coming into my room as I was changing out of or into my underwear. It was a total turn on for me to have my hot cousin see my cock and after a while, I would make sure that I was always either changing into or out of my underwear to give her a show. (Damn, I must have worn twenty pairs of briefs a week.) She'd lean against the door jam talking to me and staring at my cock while I changed. After a few weeks of this game of exhibitionism and voyeurism, she asked me if she could touch it.

No, Vivian, how can you possibly ask me if you can touch my cock, you slut? Now, get out of my room. Yeah, right. Can you touch it? Of course you can touch it.

"Sure, okay," I said not believing my ears that my hot cousin just made my fantasy come true by asking me if she could touch my cock.

She was first girl who touched my penis and my penis was the first one that she ever held in her hand. I guess we both figured it was okay because we were not lovers but cousins, sort of what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, only in this instance, what happens in the family stays in the family.

It was so exciting the first time not only for my hot cousin to see my cock, to stare at my cock, but now to feel my cock holding it in her hand. My parents weren't home and Vivian and I were alone. I sat on the bed wearing only my t-shirt and she sat next to me. She did not remove her eyes from my cock for a second. She reached her hand over my thigh and touched it with her fingertips.

"It feels weird like Play dough," she said still staring at it.

As soon as she touched it, it responded by growing a little.

"Wow, it got bigger," she said touching it again with her fingers.

Again, my cock responded to her touch.

"It's still getting bigger." She lifted it up and held it in her hand squeezing it, touching it, fondling it, and caressing it. "How big does it get?"

"About 7 inches."

"You measured your cock?"

"All guys do. It's a guy thing."

"It's getting hard, really hard." She squeezed it again. "I like how it feels." She looked up at me. "Am I doing this to you?


"Am I turning you on?" She giggled.


"Do you want me to play with you?"

"Oh, God yes."

"I mean, can I watch you cum off if I masturbate you?"

"Oh, please."

"Well, tell me if I am doing something wrong of if I am hurting you."

She started stroking me slowly, very slowly.

"Yeah, that feels good."

"Do you want me to do it faster?"

"Yeah, just a little bit."

She moved her hand back and forth faster.

"This is fun," she giggled. "I've never touched a boy before." She stared at my hard cock. "I like how it feels and fits in my hand." She looked up at me. "Am I doing it right?"

"Oh, God, yes." I tensed my body. "Don't stop." I could feel my cheeks getting redder and my breath getting quicker. "Do it a little faster."

"Like this?"

"Yeah," I said enjoying the rush of my cousin jerking me off. "But, hold my prick a little tighter in your hand."

"Like this?"

"Yeah, that's it," I said totally enjoying the first time a woman has jerked me off. "Now, just move your hand a little faster."

"How's that?" She really started jerking me off, now. "Does that feel good?"

"Oh, my God, yes." I leaned back perched on my elbows. "It feels incredible."

"How much longer Freddie, my arm is getting tired."

"Switch hands, but don't stop." She switched hands. I closed my eyes and put my head back. "I'm gonna cum."

With that, I erupted. Cum spurted up on her blouse, across her chest, her forearm and all over her hand.

"Oh, my God, Freddie, there is so much of it. It feels warm, gooey, and slimy." She looked at me. "Are you okay? You look weird, sleepy."

"Yeah, yeah, I'm fine." I sat up. "Geez, that was great."

"Can I do it again?"

"No, not now?"

"When, then?"

"Later today, this afternoon."

She jerked me off, again, just before my parents came home. She was enjoying jerking me off as much as I was enjoying her jerking me off.

"When can I jerk you off, again?"

Someone pinch me, I'm dreaming.

"Tomorrow. When my parents leave."


She left my room. I cleaned myself up and dressed. That was my first hand job. It did not matter that it was my cousin giving me the hand job. It still felt good. C'mon, seriously, when you were a testosterone filled 18-year-old guy, how many of you guys would turn down a hand job from your hot cousin, a cousin you have lusted over for years. Yeah, I figured as much.

The next morning, she entered my room again. Only, this time she was still in her nightgown and her dark nipples were already making an appearance in the cotton material. I could not take my eyes of her nipples. She had great tits. I saw them last summer when she lost her top after a wave knocked her down at the beach. I was hoping, maybe, that she would let me feel them while she jerked me off.

I was wearing my pajama bottoms and no underwear and sitting on the bed waiting for her.

"I see you are already ready for me to play with you?" She said staring at my obvious erection.

I removed my pajama bottoms and my cock sprang to attention. She wasted no time wrapping her hand around my dick and started stroking me.

"Does that feel good?"


She stroked me faster. I closed my eyes. When I opened my eyes, she had her eyes closed and was fingering her nipples through her nightgown with her other hand. I watched her until she opened her eyes.

"I'm sorry. It just feels good when I play with my nipples while I jerk you off."

"Can I do that for you?"

She looked at me funny. She stopped stroking my cock but still held it in her hand and did not respond right away.

"I dunno," she said.

"Please? I've never touched a girl's tit before."

"Okay," she gave me a warning look, "but gently. My nipples are very sensitive."

I reached and felt her breast through her cotton nightgown. Just feeling the weight of her tit was such a turn on, my cock responded. It felt so soft, yet so firm, like nothing I have ever felt before. Never would I wash my hand, again, after holding my Cousin Vivian's tit.

"Your cock is pulsating and getting harder; it jumps up every time you touch my tit."

"It is very exciting to feel your tit. I passed over her nipple with my fingertips."

"That feels weird, but good," she said inhaling.

She continued to stroke me as I fondled her tits.

"Can I see them?"

She stopped stroking me, again, and looked at me. The time that passed for her to say yes or no was excruciating, then, she let go of my cock reached her right hand to her left shoulder and lowered the strap of her nightgown and did the same with the right strap with her left hand. She looked at me, again, before pulling down her nightgown to her waist just above the elastic of her white, cotton panty.

Her breasts were a definite B cup. They were round and symmetrical and stood high up. She had beautiful breasts more beautiful than all those breasts that I had jerk-off over in a Playboy magazine. She had very dark nipples that were already erect, so erect that I wanted to lean over take them in my mouth and suck them.

I grabbed at her tits with both hands.

"Easy, there fella," she laughed. "They are attached to my body and you just can't pull them like that."

"I'm sorry, Viv." I removed my hands and stared at them. I poked them with my fingers and felt the weight of them by cupping her breasts in my hands, first one and then the other. "It's just that your tits are the first ones that I have ever seen and felt and this is so very exciting for me."

"Well, it is for me, too. You are the first boy who has ever seen or touched my tits. I mean, I've had boys feel me up through my blouse and through my bra but they never saw or touched my naked tits." She looked down at her breasts and then looked back up at me. She stuck out her chest making her tits climb even higher. "Do you like them?" She looked back down at her tits, running her hands over them and reached her hands under them cupping them and holding them higher, as if offering them to me.

"They are beautiful. You have better tits than any tits I have ever seen in a Playboy magazine."

"Thank you but you are just saying that." She looked down again at her tits. "They are not as big as the tits those women have who pose in Playboy."

"No, they are not as big but they are shapelier. You have tits like Ursula Andress, only a little smaller."

"Really?" She looked down at her tits, again, then back up at me? "Do you really think so? She has great knockers."

"Yeah, your tits are just like hers."

She took my cock in my hand, again, and started stroking me while I fondled and caressed her tits and nipples.

"Can I suck your tits?"

She stopped stroking me and got this weird excited look on her face like she was about to steal something at the five and dime and was torn about stealing the item or not, afraid of getting caught.

"Okay, but be gentle. I told you that my nipples are very sensitive."

I leaned over and took her right breast in my mouth swirling my tongue around her nipple.

"Ooo, that feels nice." I saw her reach her hand down between her legs and clamping her thighs shut on it.

I leaned over further and took her left breast in my mouth and sucked her nipple. I thought I was going to cum. I sucked her nipples for a few minutes until she said something that shocked me.

"I want to suck your cock."

"What?" I could not believe my ears. Did she just say that she wants to suck my cock or did I imagine she said she wants to suck my cock?

"I want to know what it feels like to take your cock in my mouth." She held her fingers up to her lips. "I've never had a cock in my mouth and I'd like to try it," she paused, "to see if I like it." She smiled. "A lot of girls in school have already given guys blow jobs, even letting them cum in their mouths, and I'd like to know what it is like to do that, for you to cum in my mouth and for me to see what it tastes like."

"Are you sure?" I looked at her in disbelief. "You want to suck my cock?"

"Yes," she said with her hand still glued between her legs and the other tightly around my cock.

"And you want me to cum in your mouth?"

"I think so," she said nodding her head.

"Wait, before we do that, there is something that I would like to do."


"I've never French kissed a girl?"

"Oh, God," she said. "That's a little weird, Freddie, don't you think?" She laughed. "I know, I've already jerked you off and showed you my tits and had you suck my nipples, and asked if I could blow you, so, now, why am I balking at French kissing you?"


"I don't know."

"C'mon, it's just a kiss but with tongues."

"Okay, but you had better not tell anyone, especially your fat friend, Jimmy, he's weird. He's always staring at my tits."

"Don't worry, Viv, I won't tell anyone."

We both leaned into one another and kissed. As soon as we kissed, we kissed again and again and again. We were making out. My cock was so hard. I thought I was going to cum just by her French kissing me. She reached down to hold my cock while I reached over to caress her breast. Then, she pulled away.

"Okay, are you ready for your blow job?" She laughed.

Am I ready for my blow job? I've been waiting for this moment ever since I discovered my penis.

"Yes, of course, I am ready for my blow job."

"Why do they call it a blow job when it is really a suck job?"


She got on her knees between my legs, put her forearms on my thighs, lifted up my cock with her hand, and took me in her mouth. Her mouth was so wet and warm. It felt good. It was so hot to watch her stare up at me with my cock in my mouth.

"Ow," easy with the teeth. Don't put your teeth on it. That hurts. Use your lips and your tongue more.

"Like this?"

"Yeah, that's better."

"How's that," she removed me from her mouth.

"It's good, but don't stop. Also, stroke me with your hand as you are blowing me."

"Okay," she said putting my prick back in her mouth. She looked up at me again and asked me with a shrug and without removing me from her mouth, if it was okay and I answered her with a nod of my head.

Just as she looked up for my approval, I shot a huge load of warm cum in her mouth. Immediately, she pulled away but before she did and as soon as she pulled my cock from her mouth, my cock shot spurts of cum everywhere. There was cum in her hair, on her forehead, in her eye, up her nose, on her cheek, on her chin, and across her tits. There was so much cum, maybe, because I was so excited from receiving my first blow job that I shot more cum.

"Geez, Freddie, you didn't cum off this much when I jerked you off." She coughed. "I swallowed some of it." She coughed again. "It tastes salty and it felt weird going down my throat like phlegm or a raw oyster."

"Viv, that was unbelievable. I have never been as excited. Damn, that was incredible." I looked down at her still on her knees between my legs topless. "I can't believe you sucked me off."

"Me either. We are both depraved." She wiped her face with her nightgown. "But, you know, I enjoyed the feeling of your cock in my mouth." She paused to wipe cum from her hair and from her tits. "It gave me a sense of power over you."

"Can I see your pussy?" Still excited from the blow job, I figured it was now or never to ask.

She gave me that funny look again like she was contemplating it but was not sure if she should. She stood up, allowed her nightgown to fall to the floor and rolled her panties down and kicked them off. She had a big bush of dark brown hair.

"Wow, you are so hairy down there."

"Not as hairy as you are," she said laughing. She pulled up her pussy lips. "See, there's some pick in there," she laughed, "somewhere, under all that hair."

I reached out my finger and touched her. She was moist. She took my finger and moved it to her clit and over it.

"There, touch me there with gentle pressure." She put her head back and closed her eyes. "Yes, like that."

"Does that feel good?"

"Yes." She moved closer to me straddling my thigh.

She held my finger directing me where to touch her. Then, she moved my finger down to her hole and let me finger fuck her while directing my other fingers to play with her clit.

"I'm going to cum."

She was silent when cumming; it was nothing like me. There were no spurts and gushes of oozing cum, just a quiet trembling.

"Can we have intercourse?"

"No," she said, without pausing. "I'm a virgin and that would be wrong, so wrong to fuck my cousin." She looked at me with a look that made me understand that she did not want to hurt my feelings and would fuck me if she could. "I could get pregnant."

"Yeah, you are right."

"But, tomorrow, I'll blow you, again."


"Yeah, I'm here for the next two months and I'll suck you off every day, if you want."

If I want? Hmm, let me think about that. Do I want my hot cousin, who just blew me, to continue to blow me every day for the next two months?

"Okay." I stared at her bushy pussy. "Can I see what it is like to eat your pussy?"

"Yes, tomorrow."

"Can we try 69?"

"Sure, maybe, another time."

Over the next two months we did everything short of intercourse. We taught each other what to do and how to do it. I have fond memories of those times with her. I wonder if she thinks of me.

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