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Kissing Cousins



"Sure Mom. I promise I'll give her a call when I hit town. Ok, love you too." I click off my cell and drop it on the car seat beside me.

That was my mother, still trying to maintain some semblance of control over my life, despite the fact that I am 27 and haven't lived at home in 7 years. My name is Clark and I'm in sales, heading for a conference in Dallas. The reason for my mother's call is that my cousin Holly has recently moved to the metroplex and she's hoping that I'll catch up with her. Since she's fresh out of college, there's some concern in the family that her wild times aren't all behind her. My uncle is still footing most of the bill for her upkeep, according to my mother. If they are hoping for me to report back on my findings, they're barking up the wrong tree.

I can't even recall the last time I saw Holly. It must have been three or four years ago at least. Once she graduated high school and went off to college on the left coast, I haven't seen her at any of the usual family functions around the holidays. What I can recall was that she was a handful for her parents, especially in her teens. I finger the Post-It note I've written her number on and sigh. Might as well get this over with. I'm sure that a 22 year old, single girl has better things to do than meet her cousin for dinner on a Friday night.

"Hello?" I hear after the first ring.

"Holly? Hey, it's Clark." There's a pregnant pause of silence before the name registers.

"Clark! Hey, long time no hear! How are you?" She actually sounds excited to hear from me and I fill her in on where I am and the reason for my call.

"Dinner? Sure, I'd love to! Some of the girls and I go out to a local Mexican place for dinner and drinks, well, mostly drinks on Fridays. Do you want to join us?"

"Sure, that sounds great. I'm about an hour out. Give me the name of the place and I'll find you there tonight." She gives me the info and I promise to meet her later.

By 8 pm, I'm checked into my hotel and have showered and changed into more casual clothing. I find the restaurant easily enough. It's packed tonight and I shoulder my way into the scrum, looking around for Holly. I hope I recognize her as it has been sometime since I last saw her. She spots me first as I hear a high pitched squeal, followed by "Clark!" I turn my head and spot Holly standing on her chair, waving her hands wildly over her head. I smile, wave back and make my way over.

Holly is whispering conspiratorially to two of her girlfriends as I walk up. She hops off her barstool and heads towards me with arms outstretched. I sickly notice that she has definitely grown up since I last saw her. She crushes the big tits I've spotted against me in a tight bear hug (Ed. Note: You didn't honestly think you'd get through one of my stories without that particular attribute cropping up, did you?). She pulls back and then surprises me by leaning back in and planting a big, wet kiss on my lips. I note the smell of liquor on her breath as she turns to introduce me to her friends.

"Nicole, Shelly, this big hunk is my cousin Clark. Clark this is Shelly and Nicole!" I blush at her description of me, but have to admit I'm nothing to sneeze at in the looks department. I am big, 6'2", 210, and played college baseball. I have sandy brown hair and green eyes, keeping myself fit with thrice weekly iron pumping sessions. Despite Holly's embarrassing introduction, things are definitely looking up. Both of her friends are gorgeous with long blonde hair and curvy figures. I can see from their appraising eyes they find me attractive as well. Holly nudges Nicole over so I can sit beside her. I roll my eyes at Nicole who grins as she gives up her seat. Holly brushes those soft tits across my arm as she sits and turns towards me. I should take this time to better describe my cousin so you can better understand what I'll be dealing with later.

Holly hasn't gotten any taller, still standing around 5'4", but as I mentioned, her figure has definitely flowered. I can see the shifting of her boobs beneath the peasant blouse she's wearing and can't help but wonder if she's wearing a bra. She has this long, middle of the back, dirty blonde hair that has always been impossibly full and lustrous. Her facial features are sharp and defined, highlighted by a big, full mouth which she's giving a workout as she chatters on about our family and things that the two girlfriends couldn't possibly be interested in. I offer a weak smile to the two and am rewarded by big smiles from the both of them.

"Oh! Here we are!" Holly exclaims, turning to the waitress who is setting a tray on our table. "Shots!" It's appearing that my families' suspicions are correct as four shot glasses of Patron' are lined up in front of us. Not one to miss out on a shot myself, I participate in the three part ritual and savor the smooth taste of the premium tequila sliding down my throat. Holly immediately orders another round and I can tell it's going to be a long night.

Four rounds later, I'm getting to know Nicole much better as we have progressed from idle chit chat to her warm hand resting on my thigh. She works in an office with Holly and Shelly and wants to try out for the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders this season. I'm mentally patting myself on the back for coming out to dinner when Holly reaches across me, rubbing her boobs on my arm for the umpteenth time, and pokes Nicole in the shoulder.

"Come to the bathroom," she yells over the crowd noise, her words slurring slightly from the tequila. From the expression on Nicole's face and the seriousness on Holly's, I can tell this isn't just one girlfriend keeping another company. As they leave, I look at Shelly with a 'what the fuck?' expression. She rolls her eyes.

"Holly's just pissed that Nicole's hogging all of your attention, that's all."

I'm surprised. "Why?"

She glances over her shoulder to presumably make sure they're out of earshot before leaning towards me. "All she's done all afternoon is talk about you. How she's missed seeing you, what a great friend and cousin you are, blah, blah, blah. Says you were her first crush." She waggles her eyebrows at me.

"What is this Appalachia? We're cousins," I say laughing it off, but in the pit of my stomach I know she's right. Holly had always acted different around me, especially once she hit her teens. Surely she's grown out of that, right?

Shelly and I chat amiably for a few minutes before I see Nicole returning from the back, with Holly nowhere in sight. Nicole is stone-faced as she picks up her purse.

"Leaving already? We're just getting started good," I say, as Nicole gestures to Shelly with a 'come on'. She sighs and pats me on the arm.

"Clark, it was really nice to meet you and I had a nice time getting to know you." She leans towards me and kisses me on the cheek before whispering in my ear, "I just can't deal with Holly's proprietary bullshit. Call me if you're ever back in town." She slips me a business card and with a wave and shrug from Shelly, they are gone. I sit there, dumbfounded, for a few minutes before a pissed off looking Holly appears.

"Holly, what the hell was that all about?"

She shrugs as if it's no big deal, sitting back beside me. "I just told Nicole she was being rude, as I hadn't seen you in so long. I've hardly had the chance to talk to you all night!"

I look at her dumbfounded. "Grow up Holly! Nicole and I were just talking. You're acting like you're jealous or something!" I can't believe my own cousin just cock blocked me! While I get my fair share, pussy is not just falling out of trees and I think I had more than a fair shot of hooking up with Nicole.

Holly's now pouting, her arms crossed underneath her tits and her lower lip actually protruding. "Can we just go?"

"We?" Now that my shot at Nicole has vanished, I'm more than ready to call it a night. "Don't tell me you just blew off your ride, did you?" She nods her head and I roll my eyes. "Great, just great." I get the attention of the waitress and settle up with her. Without a word to Holly, I head out the door. I know she's right behind me though when I feel her finger in my belt loop as I push my way through the crowd. I make a beeline for my car and get in, popping the lock for Holly. She gets in and reassumes her pouting. I start the car, and then turn to her.

"Holly, I thought you had grown up. I don't know what got into you, but what you did back there was not cool." She doesn't answer. I sigh and pull out of the parking lot. Between one word directions and finger points, she leads us to her apartment complex. I park and we sit uncomfortably for a moment.

"Do you want to come up and uh, hang out?" she asks.

I shake my head. "You don't get it Holly. I'm pretty pissed right now!" She nods her head and is looking at the floorboard. I start to actually feel bad, even though it's her immaturity that brought us to here. "Look, I'm over at the Embassy Suites. Why don't you meet me for breakfast?"

She brightens instantly. "I'd like that Clark." She leans over to presumably hug me. I turn to her and am again caught off-guard when she kisses me and this time I feel the hint of tongue against my lips before I jerk back.

"Good night, Holly."

She's looking at me intently, but turns and gets out of the car. "Good night."

I sit and watch her go up the walk and enter her apartment. I'm puzzled by her behavior and more than a little embarrassed by my reaction. I'm getting wood, but its common knowledge that a hard dick has no conscience. I sigh and back out, heading for the hotel.

Entering my room, I pop on Sports Center and drop onto the bed. Fifteen minutes later, I find myself still thinking about Nicole and sickly, Holly. I turn off the TV and fight back the urge to rub one out. It's at that moment that the phone rings.


"Clark, it's me Holly." Her tone is somber and I assume something is wrong.

"Holly? What is it? Are you ok?"

"I'm fine, but I need to apologize to you."

I resist the urge to sigh into the phone. "Yes you do, but can't this wait 'til the morning?"

"No, it really can't. Can I come up?"

"Wait a minute. You're here?"

"I'm in the lobby. Can I come up, please?"

This time, I don't stifle my sigh of exasperation. "It's late Holly, I..."

"Please Clark? I won't keep you up, but I can't sleep without..."

"987," I say into the phone and hang up. Unbefuckinglievable I think, turning the TV back on and going to the door. I open it and insert the security bar in the gap. I lie back on the bed and wait.

In a few moments, I see the shaft of light from the opening door pierce the darkened room.


"Yeah." I hear the door shut behind her.

"I just need to use your potty, ok?"

"Sure." I can partially see her enter the bath and I lose myself for a few moments in the major league wrap up. When the bathroom door opens back up and the light clicks off, I don't immediately look over, but when Holly turns the corner, I can't help but.

Somehow, while in the bathroom, all of Holly's clothes have fallen off her body or that's my first thought at least. I stare open mouthed at her, but when she poses against the corner, one hand on the wall, the other on her hip, her long legs crossed one in front of the other, my alcohol slowed brain realizes that the disrobing was intentional.

"Wha...?" I manage.

"I realized that a simple apology for cock blocking you tonight wasn't going to be enough," she explains. My eyes drink in the lusciousness of her ample curves, overpowering that common sense part of my brain screaming, "This is your cousin pervert!" True to their look and feel, Holly's tits are abundant; two soft melons perched on her chest, their weight giving them a sexy slope. She is a D cup, at least, but they don't overpower her slim frame, given her curvy hips. Framed by her hips, her pubic region is shaved bare, her full labia protruding wantonly. Holly flips back her long, thick, slightly curly hair and soaks up my look. She smiles slightly, probably amused at my inability to form a complete sentence.

"Why?" I finally manage to ask.

"That's easy," she says as she walks towards me sexily, her hips swaying and her boobs bobbling in that way that only natural tits do. "I happened to catch a glimpse of you changing into your swim trunks at the family reunion at the lake." That was four years ago by my calculation. Looking back, I could recall being puzzled by Holly's overt rough housing with me in the water, but the reason was now clear. "Once I got a look at your big cock (Author's Note: Second attribute...check), I knew I had to have it, cousin or not." By now, she's standing beside the bed on which I am reclined, but not relaxed. My body is a bundle of nerves, especially the ones in my groin which are signaling my groin to marshal all available troops. My suddenly swollen and dry tongue cooperates with me slightly.

"But my mother...your dad..."

"Will never have to know," she whispers. She's sliding my leg nearest to her off the bed and insinuating herself between them, while sinking to her knees. It occurs to me that my current state of dress, just boxers, gives me no additional layers of defensive clothing, but as Holly's warm hand slides into the opening of my fly, I admit that I couldn't care less. My sexy cousin literally has me by the balls and as she tugs gently on my full sack, I give myself over to my dark side, relations be damned.

"Suck me Holly," I croak.

"With pleasure," she murmurs and hauls my lumber out into the opening. It rises from my groin, a thick slab of pork too big for her to get her fingers around fully. She waggles it in the air and skims her soft hand up and down. Leaning over, she drools a glob of spit onto the shaft and expertly begins to work it into my taut skin. Positioned as it is in front of her full lips, she only has to open her mouth before my drooling cock head is bouncing on her waggling tongue. Holly is literally salivating as her pink tongue lolls over my spongy knob, rivulets of saliva trailing down my pole. She continues to jack me while running her long tongue up and down my length. My hips are rolling on the bed under her attention.

"So hot," she whispers. "And so big." Holly then turns her head to the side and pursing her lips, skims them up and down my cock. Her tongue extends and curls around my shaft, catching droplets of cum as they ooze out and down. Spying a bottle of water on the nightstand, I take a quick drink, my eyes never leaving the incestuous scene unfolding in front of me.

"I take it this is not your first blow job?" I ask. Holly licks her way to the top and fixes her smoldering brown eyes on mine.

"Not even close, but this is definitely my biggest cock to date. I can't wait to feel it fucking up inside of me." My snake twitches of its own volition. "But first I want you to shoot a big load in my mouth." My eyes almost bug out of my head. "We didn't have dinner and I'm hungry." Holly opens her mouth wide and drops it down over my cock. She takes a third of me deep in her mouth, her cheeks hollowing around my tube as she begins sucking voraciously. I sit up from my reclined position and settle both feet to either side of her. Reaching out, I tangle my big hands in her thick hair and begin to guide her sweet, sucking mouth back and forth on me.

The slurp of her wet mouth fills the hotel room. Her eyes are fixed on my face as she submissively allows me to face fuck her. The hand that was rubbing me has joined its mate on the floor, bracing her body against my thrusts. Looking past her face the sway of her boobs mesmerizes me, the hard nipples carving the air in figure eights. I reach down and fill my hands with them, marveling at their weight on her slim body. With a slurp, she draws her mouth off of me.

"Wanna tit fuck me?"

It's my turn to answer with, "With pleasure." My hands drop away and I lean back, propping myself erect on my elbows. I don't want to miss a second of this scene, certain it can only be a dream. I fully expect to wake up alone in this room, sweaty, in a tangle of bed sheets. I experimentally reach down and pinch my stomach. Holly notices this and giggles before gathering up her mounds and wrapping them around my big pole.

"You're not dreaming Clark. You're really getting your cock sucked and fucked by your very own cousin. Like it?" I nod slowly as my prick is encased in soft, warm flesh. The combination of my precum and Holly's spit ensures that there is lubrication to spare. She begins to raise and lower her tits. They are so big that my normally huge cock is rendered inadequate, with only the head protruding slightly as she bottoms out at the end of each long stroke. This is obviously not her first titty-fuck as she expertly works her mams up and down with just the right amount of delicious pressure. Amazed that I have lasted this long, I imagine that my mother and uncle are standing behind Holly; this in an effort to stave off what I am sure will be a ball emptying orgasm. She's bouncing her jugs rapidly on my shaft and periodically bends down to either spit between her tits or suck loudly on my mushroom. Even adding our grandmother and her knitting circle to our imagined spectators is not enough to hold off the first rumblings of climax deep in my groin. Remembering her hunger, I warn her of the impending release.

"Fucking fill my mouth," she says, releasing my cock from its tit prison and sucking me deep in her mouth. I grab her head, pulling her down until she coughs, my head brushing her throat. I let her pull back, but bring her back and forth rapidly, taking short quick strokes over her wiggling tongue. Her eyes are wide and pleading, hungry for my load. With a barely stifled roar, I begin to fire off in her mouth. She whimpers obediently, the big globs sliding down her throat. Her hunger is evident as not a single drop escapes the vacuum that her mouth has become. When I have given all I have to give, I drop back on the bed, gasping for air. With nary a word, Holly stands to her feet and forcibly lifts my legs onto the bed.

"Gotta get that thing in me before it tries to go down," she explains. I scoot over into the middle of the bed and gentlemanly extend a hand to her as she joins me on the bed. She straddles me smoothly and reaches between us, positioning my still swollen tool in her cunt. She closes her eyes in pleasure as my hands reach up and cradle her swinging tits. With a sharp grunt, she drops her weight upon my pole. Her already wet pussy opens dutifully, allowing me to slide deeply inside of her ultra tight box. Her overtaxed pussy walls flutter around my thickness, squeezing and milking me as she rises up and drops down again sharply. This time she takes me almost all the way in before she stops, rotating her sweet hips, bucking back and forward. The route is loosening slightly, but her experienced muscles continue to squeeze me pleasantly. I drop my hands to her lurching hips and hunch up, my swinging balls smacking up against her taut butt.

"Oh, you sweet fucker you!" Holly moans, fully impaled on my sword. I drop my hips back to the bed, but my hands remain on her hips, helping to raise and lower her as she begins to bounce on my rod. Her eyes are scrunched shut and an undecipherable litany of grunts, groans, and curses emits from between her clenched teeth. Holly's body, especially her tits, shake and shudder as she twitches atop me. I am pleased to note that my cock hasn't flagged for a second; it's still as rigid as it ever was, slicing juicily up into her time and again. Her pace quickens, her hands now braced on either side of my head. I can feel the tickle of her nipples on my hard chest as they flounce back and forth.

"I'm gonna cum baby, oh, make me cum!" Holly screams and I wonder how many of my hotel neighbors have their glass cups pressed tightly against adjoining walls. I decide to add to the cacophony she has sent up.

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