tagIncest/TabooKissing Cousins Ch. 08

Kissing Cousins Ch. 08


Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction, and as such, any similarities to real people, places or events are strictly coincidental. This work contains graphic depictions of a sexual nature between consenting adults. The story also refers to aspects of sexuality that may be offensive to certain people, such as BDSM, consensual humiliation and lesbian themes. If these topics offend you, then stop reading now, moving on to stories that you might better enjoy.

Kissing Cousins is a multi-part work of fiction. Taking place in the late nineteenth century, it contains references to period customs and mannerisms and is written in a style closely resembling the age.




I often wondered why I had been so strangely seized with the submissive desires that had so controlled my adult life. Even before encountering my cousin, I had been taken with the lives of the servants in my parents' household. The way they bowed to the condescending attitudes of not only my parents, but their guests. I would often feel a thrill when the housekeeper would berate someone for a job not done well enough. I would feel badly for them, of course, but would try and put myself in their place, nonetheless.

Sarah came to me the next morning, excited over the prospect of a party we would be attending. I had only just been made aware of the event, and was thinking how unbearable the last party was for me, having to lie about myself. She assured me that this party would be very different, indeed. Instructed on the correct outfit to wear, found me piecing together the most provocative clothing I had ever worn, in public.

The bust was cut in such a way that should I bend over too far, my breasts would surely have tumbled out and into full view. The front of the gown was tapered up the front, forming a sort of inverted 'V", the apex peaking between my knees and sex. Although when falling straight, it was seemingly innocuous, even a slight breeze would have revealed the fact that I was wearing nothing underneath. I wondered if Sarah's taste for humiliating me, might have re-emerged. That was until I saw her own rather extraordinary frock, which left very little to be imagined. The thin, gauzy fabric clung lewdly to her every curve of her frame, and the final effect made it seem that she wore nothing at all, as the dress was cut in the most realistic of flesh tones.

"We really are quite a pair, aren't we?" She jested. Her hands smoothed the sheer fabric of the gown against herself, outlining her breasts finally, her hands stopping to bounce them seductively.

"What sort of party is this, that would allow us to wear anything so exhibitory?" I spread open the front of my gown in demonstration of my point.

"You shall see my sweet and most hairless lover." She ran her hand over my head, its nakedness a contrast to the ornamented gown which I wore.

"Which wig shall I wear?" I begged, holding up two of them as if to decide between my favorites.

"Oh, you shan't be wearing any." My look of surprise must have shocked her, for she giggled nervously over the idea.

"Sarah, I cannot possibly go out like this." My outstretched fingers accentuating my baldness like radiating sunbeams.

"Worry not, my love, for it will surely make you the life of the party." Now my curiosity was mixed with a sense of foreboding. The time had now come to ready ourselves as a carriage was being sent. I simply dreaded the idea of venturing out without the protection of my wigs, but Sarah seemed so positive that I would enjoy myself, that I was forced to believe her.

All manner of ideas flew though my head, as we traversed the Devonshire lanes that lead away from Exeter. The afternoon light had begun to soften into twilight, as we pulled into the courtyard of an elaborately decorated house. Spires of gothic ornament rose above the age stained limestone, giving Markworth Hall a sinister appeal. Three other carriages were waiting in the yard, but their occupants had already entered. As Sarah offered me her hand, I nervously looked about, before I exited the carriage.

The late afternoon breeze caressed me, and accentuated the feeling of extreme exposure as we approached the exquisitely carved doors. Before we had reached the top stair, they swung open in a welcoming gesture, revealing those who awaited our arrival. I recognized some the faces from the previous party, but in contrast to their conservative dress, all were in attire quite as provocative as our own.

After many complimentary comments on my drastic style, we all filed into a grand dining room, where the most delicious feast was laid out before us. My glass was filled more than a few times, as we ate our way through the various dishes that were so elegantly presented. Before we had completely finished, a young woman came to my side and begged me to follow her. Glancing at Sarah, she nodded her approval and I was led out of the room and into a well-appointed kitchen.

"You undress please." A very strong accent of a language I did not know, eased from her seemingly benign features. I thought to decline her request, but then something overcame me, and it was as though I was unconsciously obliged to obey her. As the last fragment of my clothing was shed, she instructed me to lie on an enormous platter. My mouth dropped open as she insisted, assuring me that this was a great gift to me. Was she going to cook me? I immediately put the idea out of my mind. The platter was cool, and felt smooth and wet under my naked skin. At last I had taken my place, and wheeled into an adjacent room which was considerably colder. Shocked, I was immediately surrounded with people, cooks apparently. Not only women but men as well.

"You must be still, or the effect will be lost." A young man insisted, so I stilled myself as their hands began to adorn me with every sort of fruit, candy and jelly imaginable. My legs were opened, no part of my body remaining a secret to their ministrations. I began to find the entire process incredibly arousing, and I heard comments being made in the same strange tongue as moisture was wiped from my drooling sex. My head was tipped backwards, my bald scalp also being decorated.

When they had finished, there were words of approval as they stepped away to admire their creation. I knew what was next in store for me, so it was no surprise when I was wheeled back into the ornate dining room and presented to those same guests which whom I had cajoled with during supper. There was a vigorous round of applause for the cooks, as I was presented.

At first, their approached was measured and polite. Spoons were used to serve the delectable confections from their living platform. I think it was Sarah, but I could not have been certain who first licked me. It was closely followed by another, and then yet another. Their tongues becoming bolder, until many mouths feasted upon my body, indirectly. One very insistent mouth had lodged itself between my legs, lapping eagerly at my sex. I was no longer able to maintain my composure, and began to move with the many mouths and hands that now explored me. It was the most exquisite torture imaginable. For when I was nearly at my peak, I felt the platter once again being rolled from the room, eliciting a round of boos from my appreciative admirers.

I was once again in the kitchens, and an exclusively female staff washed me with almost too hot water. They were very thorough, and left no part of me untouched. When I had at last been most thoroughly cleansed, I was curious if my clothing would be returned to me. I was not to see them again, until much later.

What could possibly await me now? I felt like I glowed pink, I had been scrubbed so thoroughly, and now I was brought up an elegant staircase that encircled a grand foyer. The women were giggling and obviously aware of what I was about to walk into, although I had a notion. Behind a pair of doors that must have been twenty feet tall, I heard the unmistakable music of Mozart. I was made to stand before them, unopened for many minutes. My anticipation was exquisitely piqued as the doors finally cracked and the music spilled out. Before me was the most amazing sight. A tangle of bodies writhed in a bramble of torsos and limbs, spread out on an enormous collection of pillows and beds. At the opposite end of the room a quartet of musicians, all blindfolded, played away as this orgy unfolded before them.

There was a cheer that rose from the mass of flesh that suddenly stood and became people I recognized. I knew that I must have turned crimson with their praise, but I was soon rescued from my humility by Sarah, who came to fetch me. She too was naked of course, and somehow, seeing her put me at ease. Leading me over to a small group of women, the others found their way back into their previous positions.

"Elizabeth, this is Eloise, the lady of Markworth Hall." She offered me her hand, which I graciously accepted.

"Thank you so much for inviting us." I mused, to a small titter of laughter from the immediate group.

"My dear Elizabeth, it is we who must be grateful to you. You were incredibly brave to have offered yourself so unselfishly at supper. We all did partake of your pleasures, my dear." She had me sit beside her, insisting that I rest so close that the flesh of our behinds pressed into the others'. Sarah raised an eyebrow, as Eloise ran a hand over my head. "So exquisitely sleek, it is nearly irresistible." I glanced nervously at my lover, who suddenly was engrossed in a quiet conversation with a blonde woman who seemed very familiar with her. I watched with angst as she caressed Sarah's breasts with her fingertips, toying with her nipples as they repeatedly slipped off the tips. I became so engrossed, that I barely noticed Eloise nestling between my legs.

I wasn't shocked with the sensation as she began to nibble my freshly shaved lips, but it did take me by surprise, causing a slight gasp to escape my mouth. Sarah looked around to watch me as I succumb to her tongue lashing. Slowly each of the women turned to see me as I reveled in the pleasure she gave me. I was suddenly the center of attention once again, and it was not long before the other women, Sarah included, began to worship me. One at each breast and Sarah making love to my mouth with her tongue. It was heavenly, and evil all at once, for I knew what I did was the most carnally lustful thing I had ever experienced.

Slowly, almost imperceptibly, people paired off and disappeared into the house, I imagined to find a secluded bedroom to quell some unimaginable urges that could only be satisfied in private. Even the musicians filed away, leaving the room in relative silence as Sarah and I enjoyed the pleasures of the other women. Eloise had long since retired, trying to take me with her, but being denied by Sarah's insistent grasp on my ankle. She finally waved her hand at me in disgust, and relinquished her desire.

My nether lips were sore from the insistent attention of many tongues, and it was not entirely unpleasant. So, when Sarah announced that it was time to take our leave, it was with some disappointment.

"We have not been invited to spend the night, Elizabeth. Perhaps, on our next visit." We slowly gathered our things, my clothing being left neatly folded on a side board in the dining room. It was a stark reminder of the earlier frolics, and I was reminiscent of the sensations that so overwhelmed me on that dessert platter. What a fascinating evening it had been.

Sarah insisted on my sleeping with her, despite being so tired, neither of us could barely move. I wondered if her sharing me with so many, had left her wanting closeness, and it was not unwelcomed, as I felt the same.

"Thank you, cousin, for bringing me to something so rare and erotic. I hope we can go again, and again." She smiled with my words, insisting that we would indeed be going back, although she could not promise I would be made a sweet. In spite of the maids' thorough washing, I could still smell the slightest scent of fruit and milk. I hoped that it would never fade, although I knew that it would. Sarah curled up behind me, and cradled me in her arms, and I was quickly asleep, dreaming of the evening and all the pleasure it had brought. Close to morning, I stirred slightly, and I realized that we were facing each other.

"I love you, Elizabeth." She whispered, and the revelation caused me to spin a little, but I had no qualms over returning her admission.

"And I love you too, Sarah." For whatever reason, I felt the need to elaborate. "I never knew that we could ever feel this way about each other, but I am so very grateful that we do, cousin." She squeezed me tightly, causing a slight gasp to escape my lips. Had I not been so well satiated, I was certain we would have been embroiled in dewy morning sex.

The morning was bright, the sun streaming in through the windows. I opened one, and allowed the cool dawn air to caress my naked body. I did not even consider that I was most visible to the street. A young man walked up the lane that lead to my cousin's house, and seemed to stop suddenly. It was at that moment that I remembered my naked condition. He gazed up at my window, until I withdrew self-consciously. What a treat for him, but then I also remembered that I wore no wig, so the spectacle must have even more fantastic.

Making my way down the stairs, I quickly lit the fire in the stove, and began preparing breakfast. I wanted to have everything made before Sarah awoke, but she soon surprised me in my work. Despite my insisting she not be bothered, she wrapped an apron about her own naked frame, and began to cook with me.

"You know, cousin, that should I ever win back my fortune and with it, Pendleton, this carefree nudity we so enjoy would be lost." She pulled up behind me and caressed my naked bottom with her palms.

"The thought has crossed my mind, cousin." She paused for a moment, allowing her chin to come to rest on my shoulder. "Perhaps, as there is only the two of us, we could simply stay here, and visit Pendleton...occasionally." She mused, but the idea made more sense than I think she knew.

"Shall I always be your maid?" I pouted, but I think she saw straight through the fraud of my expression.

"Do you not want to be?" I knew that I would be very content in things remaining as they were. The idea of a stranger, interjected into our intimate lives, was not attractive. Besides, I enjoyed my low position, now that it came with ribbons and bows. I ran my hand over my head, the slight stubble now causing some small resistance.

"Yes, I am very content in being your servant, Sarah." She smiled with my admission, and took me in her arms, kissing me passionately on my lips, her tongue snaking into my mouth to join my own.

"Then let us keep things as they are. We shall strike a bargain over it." She slipped over to the cupboard and removed a small bottle of brandy, pouring each of us a glass. Despite the hour, it was customary to seal any arrangement, so we raised our glasses. "I promise to always care for you, and to treat you with the respect you so deserve." She nodded, as I was now expected to make my oath.

"I promise to remain your servant, and share with you any and all things that are mine, or will be mine. You shall not want for anything, and I make this pledge freely and without impediment." We touched our glasses, and as I brought the cool glass to my lips, I felt a deep arousal course through me. So, as the spicy brandy slipped down my throat, my moist sex dribbled in response. Sarah, slipped her fingers inside me, and the soreness of the night before had seemingly passed.

"I will never give you cause to regret your decision, Elizabeth." I did indeed trust her, and were it not for the lack of a place, and breakfast cooking on the stove, we would most certainly have been ravishing each other.

We were off to visit her solicitor later that day, so we prepared. I had to present myself as being fully competent, so one of my best gowns and a daily wig was chosen. When I was finished dressing I appeared as I had for so many years, before all of this had begun. It was refreshing to see my old self again. Sarah was insistent that I do most of the talking, something I was no longer accustomed to doing.

An older gentleman, Mr. Albemarle was an attractive man, for his age. He greeted us and had us sit across from him at a large oak desk, the sort you only see in the finest offices.

"I have looked into your situation, Miss Pendleton, and it would appear we have an inroad if we present the case as one of being truly incompetent at the time, but now in full possession of your faculties. If we paint the trustee as being unwilling to relinquish her grasp on the estate, even in light of your current state of being, we may very well have the upper hand." We left the office with some sense of confidence, where there was none before. The solicitor would arrange a competency hearing, where both Diana and myself would be present. She would present her side of the argument, then mine would be heard. All of this was weeks away, so I did my best to put it out of my mind.

I couldn't wait to be rid of the wig and gown that day, and return to my natural state. I had begun to enjoy my baldness, and found that I even relished maintaining it each morning. Since the party at Markworth, I had begun to take some pride in my appearance. Eloise had even toyed with the idea of cutting her own hair, during a conversation, touting the ease of care. I doubt she would ever actually go through with it, a woman of her station.

We would be returning there the next evening, although the circumstances of the party were to be different, and we would be spending the night. I would fall into a routine with my chores, and although I lived lavishly in all other ways, I had agreed to be my cousin's maid. I took pride in my work, and lived for the compliments I would receive from Sarah. Gone were the condescending attitudes of the past, for Sarah seemed to love and respect me in every way. In return, I gave myself over to her. It was a liberating feeling, but I worried that the old ways may try and creep back into our lives.

Eloise had insisted that we arrive well before the supper bell, so we set out just after luncheon. The carriage that arrived for us was much more elaborate than the previous one, being a barouche box, and was appointed lavishly on the interior. I was nervous over this party, as I was for the last. Sarah had been apprised of the evenings activities, but had kept me ignorant of them. In a way, I think I was better off not knowing.

Upon our arrival at Markworth Hall, Sarah was left at the front door, where a small party of friends awaited her. Being told to stay in the carriage, I was alarmed when we once again were on the move, the carriage quickly depositing me at the servants' entrance to the estate. There would be no such grand entrance for me. I stepped out unassisted, and was told by the driver to leave my clothing in the box. Still being afternoon, it was not yet as cold as would be, so I quickly disrobed. It was unnerving to say the least, to be naked out of doors, and in front of the driver, who looked on lasciviously.

Once inside, I was fully expecting to be the dessert all over again, but this was not the plan for me that day. All of the other staff were fully dressed, and I began to feel uncomfortable with my position. I really had no idea what I was to do, so I stood awkwardly against the wall of the kitchen, until a young man took me by the arm. Pulling me along, and not so very gently, we once again were back in the great dining hall. The table was set with the finest of everything, and at it's head, a sort of cross, but in the pattern of an 'X'. I thought it looked strangely out of place, being of rough hewn timbers.

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