tagIncest/TabooKissing is a Gateway Drug

Kissing is a Gateway Drug


Attempting to write a shorter story than usual, I took twice as long and wrote possibly the longest entry I've submitted so far. That being said I think there's plenty to keep you all entertained throughout without biting the bullet too soon. Please enjoy and thanks for reading.



I thought all mothers kissed their sons on the lips. Don't they?

From the very beginning when Danny was nothing but a squidgy little poop machine, right through school and right into adulthood, I always kissed my baby boy on the lips and his sister too. Granted, he died of embarrassment a few times outside the school gates, but I'll tell you something else. A kiss on the cheek is a custom between friends in Europe and a kiss on the cheek can lie.

But you have to be the worst kind of liar to kiss on the lips and yet to convince me that you mean it when you don't. My son grew to be completely honest and to honour his mother. And the few times we ever rowed or fell out, a kiss on the lips soon changed that. I can see in his eyes what he's feeling when he kisses me and what changes soon after. Just like him, it's a beautiful thing.

But, "it's weird," they said. "Nobody does that," they said. And yet it wasn't me who gave their kids cold sores, also known as facial herpes. Explain that one, Mr and Mrs Oh So Innocent...

Thought not!

Just like his dad couldn't explain the lipstick around his cock the night he threw his eighteen years of marriage away like my life meant absolutely nothing. I may have given him the benefit of the doubt a couple times, but I wore gloss and I certainly didn't pack his lunch before he returned to the office to get those things he forgot.

I don't quite know how it happened though; how those kisses became sexual. I know all too well the steps I took to go down that path. Maybe I just had it in me all along. Maybe my new friends are a bad influence. But you know what?

I don't even care. I love Danny in every way; even his faults. And I wouldn't change us for the world. This is my story!


My name is Cheryl and I'm now a divorced and single parent. I'm at the wrong side of thirty and the right side of forty. I'm a domestic goddess with a bona fide yoga butt, but with ample cuddly stuff, if you know what I mean.

The great thing about being a shorty at 5'3" is that my curves stay in the right places with a bit of hard work (of which I am no stranger to) and the better thing about being a middle-aged natural blonde is that the silvers creeping in don't show up unless you have a magnifying glass.

My son is my life and yet he's generous enough to leave me to my hobbies when I get into my reading or movie nights. Danny, now 20, swings between introvert and extrovert, one day living out of his bedroom and the next playing bass with his band.

He likes classic punk rock. It's loud and scary and out of tune but he looks too adorable, playing in his room dressed like a rag doll, for me to make a thing out of it. I just put in my earphones and listen to my own music until the trumpets of hell take a break for the night. I'm savvy like that. His father, who disapproved of everything, wasn't.

Before Danny introduced me to one of his closest friend's mothers, I'd lived a pretty straight-laced life. Sure I knew how to get drunk. I could drink any man under the table if the moment allowed, but I'd never done drugs of any kind. I was up to date on what drugs there were and what they did, as a concerned mother would be (so I should hope), but either I was naive or I was stuck up.

It turned out that I was stuck up!

Connecting with Kelly on Facebook, I was tempted into the world of political incorrectness, deliberate childishness and the kind of belly laughing that would make a mom think "wow, I might even be able to give up those hundred sit-ups a day here..."

What can I say? The world is in a desperate place and partly because it's forgotten to laugh at itself. God knows I'd forgotten how until I became the centre of Kelly and her kids' daily pranks. Nothing was off limits.

I think they horrified most of the in-laws away within the space of two weeks, all but for my sister from another mister - Jeff's sister and my one time sister in law - Jennie, who was the only member of that family who had always been the outsider.

I was liberated by the shameless. I didn't need to be asked to fall in with them. That came naturally. I needed to meet these people and it just so happened that they had planned a picnic, or more like a mass gathering of hippies, punks and goths, in the local park to celebrate the last heat wave of the summer.

I don't know about anybody else, but I can get pretty drunk on laughter alone. If I am faced with so much hilarity, my brain will seize with fits of hysterics and I won't be able to remember anything about what happened. Well that day I added a bottle of vintage cider and then Kelly offered me a bite of her magical cookie.

That's not a euphemism or a sexual innuendo by the way. Well, okay it was. But she wasn't offering me THAT cookie. I'd never tried marijuana in any shape or form as much as I was aware. Two hours after devouring a quarter of a very strange tasting chocolate chip cookie - safe as houses - my life was all giggles and hiccups wrapped in an invisible warm, fuzzy blanket of love and joy.

And to put the cherry on top, I absolutely didn't make a fool of myself in public, I didn't black out, I didn't turn gay, and I didn't end up in a gangbang or summon Satan. I did however get home to bed that night to the greatest night's sleep in a long time, followed by the most intense masturbation session the morning after. I never said I was a prude.

I saw Danny that afternoon. He'd slept in late. I let him, seeing that it was Sunday. Greeting him with a sheepish grin, I don't think he could still quite believe that his mother had done such a thing. I kissed him good morning on the lips and hugged him tight with my face buried in his chest, just to muffle my own laughter.


It was the next time we went to visit Kelly that things changed. Or do I say that they went a little further as I discovered a bit more about myself under the spell of this magical green plant I'd been introduced to so late in life.

There was a little gathering at her house. We started in the living room, but it was soon overrun by loud, chaotic teens. Kelly pulled me aside and took me to the kitchen where we opened a bottle of wine and shared stories of our childhoods, comparing ourselves to our kids. She ducked back into the fridge at some point and pulled out a block of something wrapped in cling film, which I soon discovered was called "magic fudge".

I love fudge. All I have to do is to breathe in its immediate vicinity, though, and I'll put the weight on. But again this didn't smell the same and it didn't taste the same. I had double the dose that was in the piece of cookie given to me the other weekend and it worked its way into my bloodstream much faster.

I spent much of that night cuddling Danny to the point of clinging onto him. All the while I'd disappeared into my own little bubble where all I could think was how nice it was to be pressed up against him while I looked up to him in adoration.

'You're going to give him mummy issues if you carry on like that,' one of his intellectual friends joked.

'Yeah no more wine for me, Kelly,' I declared.

'I don't think it's the wine,' she replied with a devilish chuckle.

'Oh I'm sorry, Lee,' Danny spoke up, grabbing me by the hips and pulling me back in close. 'Am I cock-blocking your efforts to woo my mother with Discovery Channel trivia?'

While everybody was laughing, I was thinking about how Danny had no clue what he had done to me. I may not have been dripping, but I'm sure that weird tasting fudge was making me horny. But for my own son, for God's sake?

Hysterics activated - night forgotten!

We were on our way home in the back of the taxi when I initiated another cuddle, tucking my head into his chest and wrapping an arm around his belly. 'You have no idea how much I missed these,' I told him.

'Mmm, feels nice,' he mumbled drunkenly in agreement. He smelled my hair, then brushed my fringe aside to kiss my forehead and for a moment - and I think I sighed a little too suggestively then - I was transported back to so many perfect nights that ended along these lines, save for the inevitable inebriated but no less passionate sex.

'Can I have another?' I asked. And so he kissed me again, this time on my cheek as I raised my face to adore him some more. I pouted dutifully and looked to his lips. When he kissed me on the lips, I closed my eyes and thought things that I never expected I would. Oddly they seemed right at home in my head. I opened my eyes and smiled at him and kissed him back, more a peck really.


The thing about kissing is that it's just like the softer drugs like marijuana. While the novelty's there it makes you feel so good that anything bigger has to be better. You grow to want more from the experience and so, depending on what your personality craves, you'll chase what you need.

By the time we got to the front door of the house I was well aware of what I wanted. If only he'd have stumbled off to bed as soon as we got through that door instead of following me into the kitchen.

My thirst was raging. I filled a pint glass with a quarter of orange juice and diluted it with water to the three quarter mark, then handed it to him and did the same for myself, guzzling it like I was putting out a fire. But the fire didn't die down.

'Did you have a good time, mum?' he asked, putting his arms around me for another cuddle. Oh sweet Jesus fudging female Viagra fuck, fuck, FUCK - I was putty in his arms there and then. I took in his scent and nodded, overcome by that warm, fuzzy loving sensation and when I looked up to him, I swore I saw it in his eyes too.

'I don't know why I ate that fudge but for the life of me the more you cuddle me like this the more I want those kisses,' I confessed.

'Aw mum, you can have all the kisses you want,' he slurred. But he wasn't wasted drunk. His eyes were nowhere near glazed and vacant. I pouted and stood on my tiptoes to reach him, humming my appreciation and-


He kissed me and-


I kissed him back and-


'I love you so much,' I gushed and-


I screeched with laughter as he pretended to eat my face off with those little nursing baby booby snogs he used to give my nipples as a toddler. And those hysterics blanked out everything else once again.

When I came to, our tongues were all but swirling and my body was on fire. I backed off, whooping like I'd just come up from the seabed and broke the surface for air, laughing defensively all the same and asking him what just happened.

'I was kissing you goodnight. Goodnight mum,' Danny said in a hurry and turned to leave.

'Good save,' I blurted and turned to wash the glasses. But I poured myself another and took the time to gather my wits. I hadn't needed fucking in a long time like I did then and there. I remained breathless a good half an hour after.


I always sleep in the nude. Nothing beats the feeling of sleeping in the nude, even alone. For some reason my mind cannot rest if my body can't breathe, and well, what's the point in maintaining a body like mine if even I can't appreciate how it feels?

I climbed into bed with a weary yawn and dug deep into the pillows, but I had no intention of sleeping just yet. The sensations of kissing, of cuddling, or soft lips and smooth tongues, still all lingered on the senses and my imagination was running wild.

With the duvet folded just below my hips, I ran both hands smoothly down my tummy, then returned one to cup and squeeze one soft breast as the other cupped my pubic bone. How my pussy was throbbing and aching to be touched. I ran two fingers deep down and tested the waters with a sigh of gratitude and found myself very... very wet!

In the dim glow of streetlight filtering through my bedroom window I could see the familiar gloss of my own lubrication and thought, 'Danny, what the hell are you doing to me?'

I tasted myself, mingling the mildly salty sweetness with my own saliva, coating my fingers for the pre-wet dream adventure that was surely to come. Then happy that my fingers were slick enough, I attacked my clit with firm circular motions - around the engorged hood and labia - before delving into myself with a stifled hum of satisfaction.


'Kiss me some more,' I whispered to the night and closed my eyes to see the scene unfold. Then out of nowhere...


I tried my best to whip up the quilt before he could see me, unaware that he was already in the doorway. Had he seen? He sure as hell saw me slap myself in the face as my hand lost its grip on the duvet on its return flight.

'Mum?' he repeated. 'Are you still awake?'

'Yes, sweetie,' I replied. At least he couldn't see me cringing for as little as I was suddenly worth. 'What's the matter?'

He hesitated, just standing there. As my eyes adjusted to the dark I could almost see his mind ticking over. He was dressed only in a pair of white cotton boxer briefs, his lithe but muscular body toned and sinewy against the streetlight that bathed the wall beside him.

'Can I join you?' he asked. I worried about the context of that question, because of what he may or may not have seen. 'I thought you might want me to.'

'But I'm naked, Danny. Wouldn't you mind?' And why had I even asked that? Why couldn't I have just left it at the initial excuse? At that moment it dawned on me how strongly I could smell my own arousal on my still-wet fingers. And he was to blame for this, by my utterly fudged rationale.

'Cuddles are supposed to be better naked, aren't they?' he asked with a hint of cockiness.

'You smooth bastard,' I remarked. 'Okay but just remember that I'm your mother,' I concluded, still unable to remove myself from the aroused state caused by having accidentally made out with him some forty minutes before.

He pulled the duvet down on his end of the bed, almost revealing my own nakedness in the dark. Then climbing in beside me, he pulled it up to his waist and leaned in to kiss me. I responded in kind, drawn in by the sticky warm wetness of his lips, and realised that I was in danger of being lost to him all over again. So I did what I thought couldn't possibly fail.

I took his arm and pulled it around me, turning away from him with the duvet tucked around my naked breasts to shield myself and I drew him in to spoon with me and settled in for the night.

'I love you, mum,' he slurred. 'You're the greatest and I never want to leave you.'

'Aw I love you too, more than you'll ever know,' I mumbled sleepily. 'Do you really mean that?'

'Ah-yuh,' he breathed into my ear. 'If you weren't my mum...'

I started to laugh before cutting in. 'Whoa there, stud.'

'I'd marry you if I could. I really mean it. You're perfect in every way.'

And that really was an erection resting against my lower spine. 'Aw baby that's so sweet. Go to sleep now...'

Eventually he did and I could feel him breathing deeply against the small of my neck, cuddling in close to me. Horny and scared senseless all at once, I dared not move away, let alone to finish what I'd started, but I could rarely sleep without masturbating either, so stealthily I tried, slightly lifting one thigh to give my sneaking hand the access it needed. Frustratingly, I couldn't make the effort for having to elbow my son in the ribs for every time that my working hand retreated.

Call me depraved. Call me what you want to. I had needs that night and they weren't letting me sleep. Even worse, I was getting more turned on for the feel of his naked body pressed against mine. By the time I did get to sleep I unknowingly rolled onto my back, made possible by Danny eventually rolling away.

When I came to later that morning, I found myself draped half over my son. My face was pressed to his, one breast was pressed suggestively against his chest, but the real booby prize for Danny was my thigh straddling his hip with my foot having somehow found its way into his boxers and pulled them partway down. And when I opened my eyes, all I could see was the proudest erect cock standing to attention.


And he was awake!

'Fucking hell,' I gasped.


'Jesus fucking Christ, Danny,' I choked as my jaw dropped wide open. Then my eyes tore free and met his with a mixture of embarrassment and remorse. What could I say? What did I want to say? Of all the things that could have fallen from my open mouth at that point, the mention of a cold shower might have been the most sensible.

But I needed it more, something cold and unpleasant to tear me out of my confused and heated state. I left the bed in a hurry and darted for the bathroom.


As disturbed as I came to be that morning, though I distinctly recalled what I have already mentioned here, breakfast was the setting for a much needed talk, because I felt it would have been unfair to the both of us not to put minds at ease as quickly as possible.

I greeted Danny in the kitchen with steaming coffee, French toast and bacon, which he went to town on like some grizzled mountain survivor. Again, as usual, I had greeted him also with a loving mother's kiss on the lips and immediately the nerves - or were they butterflies? - began to thrum.

'Breakfast of champions this, mum,' he said gratefully as he dug in.

'Well you made love like a champion last night, babe,' I remarked with a wink. It was now his turn to choke and I felt like a total bitch there and then for laughing.



'We didn't...'

'Relax, no, we didn't,' I assured. 'But I did wake up with quite the vista this morning,' I added with a hint of scold.

'Oh that old chestnut,' he said in between bites and then hid his face in his coffee mug.

I smirked knowing that I shouldn't have. 'Is that what you're calling him?' Then seriously, 'Danny, what the fuck - I remember bits of last night and I'm apprehensive to say the least. It's not entirely your fault. We were both a bit out of it, but I really have to ask and I need you to be as honest with me as you always have been...'

'Alright,' he relented with a weighty sigh and he met my deer in the headlights glare from across the table, just as scared as I was.

'Why did you come into my room last night?'

'I don't know,' he began. I raised one eyebrow and crossed my arms defensively at the same time; a question and a wall to hide behind in case I couldn't handle the answer to come. 'You just kept kissing me and it became...'

'Inappropriate?' I suggested.

'That's a bit of a shit word isn't it,' he observed, then, 'it became heated. I don't know if you remember but you asked me not to stop, so I didn't and we were... fuck...'

'Ing Hell,' I added.

'I went to my room and I was all over the show. I couldn't think straight.'

The distress in Danny's eyes was enough. I covered my mouth with both hands and snuck a baited breath so not to stop him. Whether he wanted to say what he was saying or not, maybe selfishly I needed to hear it for myself, because he was telling me things I couldn't have known or just didn't recall yet.

'I heard you get into bed and then all I remember was that part of me wanted to make sure you were okay and then part of me wanted to see if you still wanted me to.'

'Wanted to what?' I asked, clueless and unprepared.

'You told me you wanted me to come to bed with you,' he claimed. 'I didn't think anything of it really but you were just so happily wasted that it was like your life depended on it.'

'I said that?' I begged. 'No I did not,' I denied.

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