tagIncest/TabooKissing M Snuggle Bunny

Kissing M Snuggle Bunny


My daughter and I had been kissing good night ever since she was little. Her forehead, her cheek. It wasn't something we planned. She'd throw her arms around me, give me a big tight hug. I'd do the same and kiss her. Sometimes she'd kiss me back, and sometimes she'd kiss me.

Well, everything changed when she was eighteen and we accidentally kissed right on the lips.

I swear, it wasn't intentional. I guess maybe that we weren't paying attention. Our lips met and her eyes went wide. She giggled and hugged me harder and ran off to her room.

The next night, she kissed me right on the lips again, only I knew that it was intentional. Once again, she ran off to bed.

When she had been younger, she would sit on my lap while we watched TV, but once she got a little older she stopped.

My wife and I are divorced. Her wife had custody until she remarried. Her new husband didn't want a child that wasn't his own. Fives years ago, a month into her new marriage, my wife had shown up in the middle of the night with our 13-year-old daughter in tears and had left her with me. My daughter had slept on the couch for two months until I moved into a two-bedroom apartment. She had even wet the bed for the first two weeks, so we'd had to buy a new couch too.

My former wife doesn't even visit our daughter. Her new husband is a very jealous man.

A few nights after we were kissing on the lips at bedtime, my daughter came and sat on my lap. She still did it occasionally, about every couple weeks.

She put her arms around me and leaned toward me and kissed me smack on the lips. I put my arms around her and squeezed her and we watched TV for a while. During an ad she kissed me again.

They were lip-to-lip kisses, not French kisses, of course. They weren't lingering kisses either.

Another ad and she kissed me again.

Although she was in her first year at college, she didn't date and hadn't seemed to take any interest in boys. She was a homebody, coming directly home after school or her part-time job at a daycare center. She still cooked for me and did all the cleaning and laundry.

We were snuggled together, her sitting on my lap, and she turned to me and kissed me during each ad. Her kisses began to linger.

I didn't object. I'd hug her tight and she kissed me again.

She was smiling at me, too.

"Daddy, I like kissing you."

"I like kissing you too, sweetie." I tickled her, and she giggled happily.

She kissed me again, a lingering kiss, her arms around my neck. I put my hands on her hips and held her while she did it.

She giggled and asked, "Can you be my boyfriend?"

"Sure thing, sweetie." I was amused, assuming that she was joking.

"Janet has a boyfriend, Millie too, and Susan Tzu." She had another friend named Susan, Susan Caine, so she always called them by their full names. "Susan Tzu's parents are real strict, so they don't know that she has a boyfriend."

My daughter is a bright girl and her friends had had boyfriends since high school, so I assumed that she was simply teasing me by listing her friends with them as a way of pretending that she was ready for a boyfriend now herself and that she'd chosen me as the lucky guy.

I tickled her side and then her belly again, and she giggled and squirmed.

"You can be my secret boyfriend too." She kissed me again, another lingering kiss.

I laughed. "I'd love to have a girlfriend again, especially a girl as cute as you."

She kissed me, her mouth opened, and her tongue touched my lips.

Suddenly my heart raced and I blushed, not knowing what she expected. My daughter was a beautiful girl, with a lush young body. I'd be lying if I said that I'd not noticed before and not had the occasional forbidden fantasy about her.

"Daddy, come on, kiss me."

She kissed me again, her mouth open. I opened my mouth and her tongue met mine.

We kissed for a long time. I got a woodie, even.

"Wow, daddy, that was awesome!" Not my woodie, she meant just our open-mouthed kissing.

I laughed nervously. It was pretty good. I hadn't kissed a woman like that in more than two years, since before my daughter moved back in with me.

"Sweetie, you can't tell anyone that we kiss like this, not even your friends."

"I know, daddy. I can't tell anyone that you're my boyfriend either. If I were little, that'd be okay, but now that I have titties and all, it's not okay, even though everyone knows that what adults do in private is up to them to decide. People would say that it's like Mikey Mulligan bringing his mom to the prom or something, only worse, I'm sure."

I laughed nervously, but instead asked her, "Mikey Mulligan?"

"Daddy, everybody knows. He is a boy at the vocational high school who brought his mother to the prom."

I suspected that Mikey Mulligan was just an urban legend.

She kissed me again. "Will you take me on a real date?"

"Sure, love. Where do you want to go?"

"You pick. A guy should plan a date, right?"

"Okay, I will." I was amused again. I was afraid it was getting out of hand with the kissing, but a pretend date with me seemed like a fun idea, actually.

Maybe my daughter just needed a us to pretend date before she'd be ready to go on one with a boy her own age as practice, as a safe transition. I was turned on, I'll admit that, but I just wasn't sure what she had in mind.

The next day I picked her up at school and took her to the mall. I bought her a long skirt and a nice blouse and a matching set of pumps, all for our big date.

We were walking by Victoria's Secret and she dragged me in. We left with a pink bra and panties set and a plumb-colored one too.

That night we kissed a lot again. I thought about putting a stop to it but didn't. I'm not sure why. Part of it was that I was enjoying it, but another was that she was enjoying it so much too. And I didn't want to hurt her feelings. I also didn't want to have to explain to her why it was wrong. Hugging and kissing is okay but not a lot of hugging and kissing? Kissing on the cheek is okay but not on the mouth? She was still quite innocent, and I didn't want to spoil that.

A few days later I took her to an Italian place that I liked, a chain, Carrabbba's. We had a wonderful time. We went for a drive afterward, and I took her to the ocean, and we sat looking at the moon over the water, the waves coming in. Then I took her to a little Thai place where we shared a serving of coconut ice cream, something she'd never had before.

Afterward, I had already rented us a movie, American Pie, which I thought something we'd both enjoy. It was Friday night, so she didn't have school in the morning. I hadn't seen it before, but I remembered that I'd read that it was sort of a subversive, pro-romance, teenage sex comedy, where the girls end up being treated like human beings rather than as merely objects of teen-boy lust.

She went to change, but when she came from her room she only had on her new hot-pink bra and panties. Occasionally during the summer she had watched TV with me dressed in just her undies.

"Wow, you look so cute!" I said.

She giggled happily. "Thanks, daddy!"

My daughter is a b-cup, I guess, and her hips are swelled and her butt very sexy.

She said, "Look at this, the bra hooks in the front!" It had a golden metal U that held the bra closed in the front. "All a guy has to do is lift one side, and ---" she giggled and unhooked her bra, showing me how easy it was. She didn't open it and show me her breasts, but she hooked and unhooked it a few times to make the point about how easy it was.

But then she added, "I practiced, I only need one hand to do it! She held a hand over her head and unclasped the bra by gripping and lifting one side up and the other side popped open, exposing her left breast. She giggled and quickly covered up again.

I whistled and said "SEXY!"

We both laughed while she did it again.

She came and sat on my lap and kissed me right on the mouth again.

I had changed into my pajama bottoms and a tee-shirt. I had worn a sports jacket and a button-down shirt for our "date." Only now I had a raging woodie.

I thought that I had to put a stop to this before it gets out of hand.

"Thank you, daddy, for taking me out. You know, as my boyfriend, you have to take me out at least once a week."

I laughed. "I know. I plan on it." Why not? I like going out. Over the last couple years I'd done it very little.

She kissed me again, an open-mouthed kissed, and we kissed like that for a while.

I put the movie on. It was pretty good, but a little more mature subject matter than I realized. But she seemed to enjoy it, and she seemed to understand all of it, even the male masturbation stuff.

There's a scene where a couple take turns performing on oral sex on each other and she said, "Becky sucks Tommy, but Tommy won't eat her."

I laughed and said, "That's so unfair!"

"I know, daddy." She giggled.

She turned and kissed me. My arms were around her, my hands on her skin. There was so much of her bare skin, since she was just in a bikini bra and panties. I found myself caressing her beautiful skin, running my hands over her back, belly and her legs.

She wasn't really paying all that much attention to the movie. She confessed that she'd seen it before, on HBO, at one of her friend's house.

She had even turned around so that she was straddling me legs, facing me, leaning toward me, kissing me. My hands were on her back, and I couldn't help myself, I reached down and started to caress her butt too. I was very aroused. There's a knockout girl in the movie, an "exchange student" from the Czech Republic in a nude scene, and I'd sprung wood.

Well, the truth is, I'd started to sport wood as soon as my daughter came out in her new pink Victoria's Secret bra and panties. Then when she'd shown me her breast twice had made it full-blown. And there was all the kissing and touching I was doing with my own daughter. But the actress on the screen had set me off too.

We have an HDTV, too, so the girl in the movie looked luscious.

My daughter kept kissing me, and I started to squeeze her ass. I kissed her neck and she reached down and put her hand on my cock. I stopped squeezing her butt, thinking that things were way out of hand, when she slipped her hand into my pajama bottoms. There was only one button left on my old pajamas bottoms and she popped it, perhaps without meaning to, since it was thread bare and rather loose, and had gotten her hand through the fly. I wasn't wearing shorts under them.

My own daughter was holding my hard cock in her warm hand

"I never touched one before, daddy, I swear."

She started to stroke it.

I don't know if she was telling the truth. She did seem pretty uncertain about how exactly to stroke my cock.

She kissed me again and slipped my cock out through the wide open fly of my pajamas.

Part of me wanted to push her away, but I was really turned on too. I hadn't been touched by a woman in more than two years. I had stopped masturbating precisely because my daughter and I had been kissing. I'd start to jack off and think of her, so I'd stop, feeling guilty. I hadn't cum in five days, after having done it twice a day for the last two years.

She was kissing me. She giggled and while still stroking my cock with one hand reached between her breasts and unhooked one side of her bra from the shiny golden U that held it together. Her breasts spilled out when it popped open.

She took my hands and put them on her bra breasts. I was blind with lust. I squeezed and manhandled my own young daughter's bare breasts. She lifted herself up and thrust her little chest toward me and mashed her breasts into my face. I sucked one of her nipples as hard as I could.

I reached for her hips and started to pull her panties down. She giggled and grabbed my hands. "Hey, buster, what kind of a girl do you think I am? This is our first date!"

I laughed and she was giggling, but I wasn't to be refused. I grabbed her and picked her up and carried her into my bedroom. She played at resisting, pummeling my chest with her little fists and kicking her legs, but she was giggling the whole time she was saying "no."

I tossed her on my bed and she let me pull her panties off.

She grabbed the back of my head and pushed me toward her pussy. "Ladies first, Daddy!"

I ate her and she came quickly. I kept licking her but she pushed me away.

My cock was still sticking out of my pajamas and she leaned down and tried to take it in her mouth. She scraped me with her teeth and nearly bit me. I had to talk her through it, but she wasn't all that good at it, and she knew it.

"Daddy, I really am a virgin. Janey said that she bled like her period, so you better get a towel to put under me, and I hope you planned this date, since I didn't bring a condom!"

I did have condoms, although I hate them. She went and got a towel while I looked around and found my stash of condoms.

"Sweetie, are you sure you want to do this?"

"Yes, daddy. I want us to make love every night and I want to sleep with you from now on. No one night stand for us, daddy, and no changing your mind after tonight." She giggled. "No backing out now, either, buster. We already went to far to go back, you know. I had your penis in my mouth, and you ate me until I came."

She was right. You can't just pretend that all that hadn't happened.

"You're going on the Pill tomorrow, then."

"I know, daddy."

I showed her how to roll a condom on my penis. "Daddy, these things are nasty."

"I know, baby." I remembered that they were old too.

"Bobby lets coach Tenny fuck him up the bum. You can fuck my bum. I can't get pregnant from that, right?"

I was trying to get my mind around the fact that my daughter knew that a boy from her college who was having anal sex with his soccer coach. And "Ten" Tenny was a married man with kids, too, and a deacon at his church as well.

"Bobby says you gotta take your time, and get it to open up first, with like your fingers or something."

I had never had anal sex.

"He says coach Tenny gives him a reach around, plays with his penis while he does it."

Instead, I got the baby oil from beside the bed and showed my daughter how to masturbate me.

She stroked my cock slowly. "Daddy, tell me before you cum, I want you to shoot in my mouth. I want to swallow it. I want our first time to be perfect."

I held her hand in mine and showed her how to do it, guided her through it. I did cum in her mouth, and she did her best to swallow all of it.

She giggled happily. We went and started to wash up but ended up taking a shower together.

"Dad, you promise, no turning back?" She was washing my cock.

"I promise."

In bed, both of us naked, she said, "I want you to know. I never did anything with a boy before, ever. No kisses, no hugging, no touching, no playing doctor even when I was little. One time me and Janey practiced kissed, but just one time. I do finger myself, most nights. I started when I was nine. Mom caught me once, but she didn't say anything. When girls talk about it, I pretend that it's gross, that I don't do it. I'm only telling you because I want you to know everything, to know the truth."

I believed her.

I told her that she couldn't tell anyone, none of her friends, not even Bobby, who had his own secret to keep.

In the morning she took her morning dump and half an hour or so later I fucked her up the ass. I remembered that I had read somewhere that that was the best time to do it. I bent her over the sink and fingered her butt with my oiled fingers first while she fingered herself, but it was pretty easy to get her ready.

She lay on her side and I pushed my baby-oiled penis up her butt slowly while she masturbated. Once I was all the way inside her, we rolled over so that I was on top of her, me on her back, and I ass-fucked, slow and easy at first, but by the end I was doing it to her very hard and deep. She was moaning and moaning. I think she came about five times. I shot a load up her butt, moaning myself.

She was very happy. We showered and then lay in bed kissing until noon, when we went to the free clinic. Her lady doctor suggested the Shot, so that she wouldn't have to remember to take pills. The doctor was very complementary about me bringing her in. "Too many parents are in denial, even those with girls who are already 18 years old, like your daughter," she said, "so too many girls end up pregnant and with STDs."

The doctor gave her a inoculation for some forms of the hapiloma virus, too, some forms of which cause cervical cancer.

Over the next few days, I fingered her with first one finger, then two, then three, breaking her hymen slowly. The Shot still hadn't taken effect, but I have very good self-control, so we actually fucked after that. Then she just sucked and stroked me until I came in her mouth. She got better at sucking my cock too, especially after I thought to suggest that she practice on a banana.

She loves it when I'm on top of her, her ankles on either side of my head, her legs bent back, her fingering her asshole with one had and rubbing her clit with the other, while I fuck her as hard as I can. We fuck three times a day now, morning before school, when I get home from work, and then again before we go to sleep.

And every night she sits on my lap and we kiss and kiss and kiss.

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