tagMatureKissing Mum's Friend Goodnight Ch. 06

Kissing Mum's Friend Goodnight Ch. 06


All characters over the age of 18.

In case you've not read earlier chapters, note that the mother's friend is termed "aunt" as was once common practice for family friends. It would have been tedious to use inverted commas for "aunt" throughout!


Neither of them spoke about it, but they were both conscious that the days were rapidly passing and that she would soon be leaving, to move into her new house.

As she worked and lived about sixty miles away, it was inevitable that their times together would end, either with a grande finale or simply fizzle out. The distance was the major issue. Although only sixty miles from his mother's home, he had no transport of his own, and in any case he was away at college for much of the time, a further hundred and seventy miles or so from her home town.

The other issue was the difficulty of maintaining discretion. It would arouse neighbours' suspicions if a young man turned up reasonably often to visit a woman twice his age. It wasn't viable to stay overnight, and less viable to close blinds or curtains at her home during the day. She was also due to return to work once she had moved in.

Realistically, their affair was drawing to a close.

From her perspective, it was perhaps as well. She hadn't been in a relationship for a while, and she felt it was time to try to change this. Besides, it was becoming difficult to act normal in the house and not to give his mother grounds to guess what was going on. It was difficult for Sue and her friend's son to avoid undue eye contact or other body language that might give the game away. Sue had moved away eight years ago, but Angela, his mother, was still her closest friend. Sue wouldn't want to hurt her, or to lose her friendship.

There was no denying that the limited time they had remaining together intensified their desire.. They had shared slow, lingering foreplay and after-play as well as full-on sex while his mother was at work. They had also enjoyed fleeting gropes, fumbles and flashings behind her back when she was at home.


He awoke some time before his mother went to work. She was commencing her spell of morning shifts. He dozed off again, and half-awoke to the sound of the front door closing and the car engine starting.

A short time later he heard Aunt Sue stirring and going to the bathroom. A few minutes later she returned to her room. As usual, he was partly hard awakening. His anticipation of sex with his mother's friend made him harder still. He decided to take a shower.

He didn't bother bolting the bathroom door behind him. Having taken a pee he stepped into the shower cubicle and stepped under the shower head.

After a few adjustments to the thermostat, he was content, and began to lather himself with the shower gel. He was washing his genitals when he was conscious of the bathroom door opening.

Through the wet and steamed glass screen he saw her outline. He felt oddly embarrassed to be washing his private parts, and resumed washing his chest and armpits. He saw her plum coloured satin robe slide off her narrow shoulders and off her petite body. His member stood to attention in response.

She felt a little surge of delight at spotting his mother's dressing robe hanging on the back of the bathroom door, another reminder of the furtiveness of their times together. She stepped towards the cubicle door, swung it open, and stepped inside to join him.

Despite their having had sex on a number of occasions, he still gazed longingly at her, his eyes sweeping over her naked, petite body. Her mature, slender body itself enthralled him, and so did the way that the water jetted onto it and streamed down it. Once more the eagerness in his eyes made her feel sexy and desirable. It was also empowering to note the effect she was able to have on a lad young enough to be her son.

He gestured slightly nervously towards the window. Although made of opaque glass, it was open to let out the steam.

"I'm not sure this is a good idea, Aunt Sue," he said quietly, in case the next door neighbours should be outside and overhear. "Someone might see that there are two people in here, not just one..."

"If we stand close together nobody will guess," she countered.

He sensed that she was right, but the risk of being seen and of their activity being guessed, however unlikely, excited him. She stepped closer and put her hands on his waist. She looked up into the eager, youthful face of her best friend's son and pursed her lips, encouraging him to kiss her, and wanting him to make the first move. He stooped and kissed her on the mouth, his lips moulding against hers. He placed his hands on her slim waist, then, as their kisses became deeper and more passionate, his hands swept over her narrow back and fondled her firm bum cheeks, savouring the feel of her smooth, wet skin.

They both relished their mutual kissing, deliberately avoiding touching each other's genitals, content for now simply to enjoy their French kissing. He even avoided touching her breasts, too, other than holding her close against him. From time to time they swung round so that each could get the benefit of the warm, cascading water, and their synchronised movements as they did so seemed very erotic. The jets of the water stimulated her nipples and made them hard.

She nibbled his ear with her teeth and kissed his neck and throat, admiring the feel of his young body as she caressed him. Whilst he wasn't muscle-bound, he wasn't over-weight either, and his body was well-toned in a natural way. She looked down at his erection, trapped against her belly, and she pressed against it in gentle squeezing movements.

"The best way to avoid our both being seen would be to kneel down and eat Aunt Sue's pussy, love..."

She groaned with anticipation as he sank to his knees beneath the jetting water. With her coaching his technique had improved greatly, and he was now able to kiss, lick and suck and give her a powerful climax.

She hooked one leg over his shoulder and rubbed her inner thigh against his neck as he planted kisses on her thigh and crotch, spiralling towards and away from his goal , but each time he neared it he lingered longer before withdrawing.

He took her protruding labia between his lips and tugged on them tenderly, and ran his tongue up and down her slit. The cascading water lubricated their bodies and made her skin tingle. He licked her hard clit and sucked on it, then swirled his tongue over it, over her pouting lips, and up and down her slit. She crooned her pleasure and cradled his head against her with her hand, gently thrusting against him.

"Lick that clit and finger me, love. Finger-fuck my cunt and frig my hard clit with your tongue... oh yes, like that, yesssss!" she hissed as he probed her with two fingers, then with three bunched together.

With his left hand he kneaded her bum cheek in synch with the thrusting of his fingers. He groaned at her taste as he lapped her juice and the rivulets of water that streamed down her. He moaned with delight at the feel of her wet body pressed to his, the firmness of her buttock under his hand, and at the feel of her hand caressing the back of his neck.

"I'm going to come against your face, Michael, I'm going to come, love..."

He pressed his tongue against her nub and felt her give a few twitches of delight as her climax approached, then she ground against him as she convulsed in her ecstasy.

She remained standing with her leg hooked over his shoulder for several minutes. Her orgasm had made her ticklish, and after a brief kiss on her inner thigh, he kissed the front of it instead. He ragged breathing fed his desire for her, and her rubbed his erection against her shin. His gaze alternated between her pouting pussy lips and her modest breasts, tipped by her erect nipples. The downward trickling of the water from the shower made her skin glisten and seemed to emphasise her nakedness.

"Oh Michael, love, that was the best yet, I think..." she whimpered.

Slowly she unhooked her leg from his shoulder. She ran her fingers over his wet chest and played with his nipples. She kissed him, tasting her own juices, and reached down for his throbbing member. He stared at her fingers as she stroked and caressed him. She stared down at the lewd sight, too, her mature hand clasping his eager young erection, the erection of her best friend's son.

"Your turn now, love. You can give me a pearl necklace..."

She noted his puzzled expression, and smiled.

"You'll see, love," she crooned, as she sank to her knees.

She cupped his hard balls and kissed and licked his tender tip, already wet and gleaming from the cascading water. She looked up into his face as she took his tip into her mouth and began to suck: his expression was almost one of pain. She held his shaft and took him deeper, her mouth clamping around his throbbing manhood as she rocked back and forth and sucked him harder. His back was toward the shower head, which was as she wanted.

She slid her mouth off him, and they both watched the lewd sight of his bare young nob sliding free of her experienced mouth. Still staring into his face, and still holding his erection, she rubbed his tip, dripping with the warm water, over her cheeks, under and over her chin, and over her lips. He stared, spellbound, as she slapped his length against her cheek and mouth.

She leaned her head back a little, and began to shaft him slowly and firmly. He groaned, watching her eager face and her slender hand as she pumped it up and down. She leaned back slightly more and began to jerk him harder and faster, pointing his erection at her throat. He grinned with delight, finally understanding the term "pearl necklace" that she had used.

It seemed more crude and primitive somehow than penetrative or oral sex, a shedding and wasting of his seed onto her instead of into her. He gritted his teeth as he felt his climax approach.

"Oh yes, Aunt Sue, do it, DO IT!" he croaked, tensing and gasping as she jerked and aimed his spurting seed onto her throat. His body was screening her from the water from the shower, but the moisture on her skin made his cum dribble down the skin of her throat, adhering to it in an uneven creamy string.

Her mature hand was almost a blur as she teased another two smaller beads onto her modest breast and pale, hard nipple. She slowed down her jerking movements as his orgasm began to subside, but wiped his residual goo over her other breast.

They both gave a long, low chuckle of naughty delight. He stared down at her spattered skin and at her slutty expression. Then she rose to her feet and took the shower gel. As he stepped aside, he saw the water catch his seed and draw it slowly down her body, dispersing it into the shower tray and down the plug hole.

"Time to wash each other down and get dressed now, love. Don't forget that you promised your mum you'd do some weeding in the garden. I'm going to do the ironing for her. But we'll have a break form our chores later. A tea-break. And a fuck-break, before we resume..."

Her coarse language excited him, as she usually spoke politely. For a few delicious minutes they caressed the shower gel over each other and let the shower rinse it off. He stepped out of the shower cubicle and she shadowed his movements so as to prevent her outline from showing against the window. They dried each other of with the towel, and headed, naked, into their separate rooms to dress.

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