tagIncest/TabooKitchen in the Morning

Kitchen in the Morning


I moved up behind her silently. A single well-timed, fluid movement of my body saw my left hand slip easily beneath the loosely fastened midnight blue of her comfortable old terrycloth robe to cup her unfettered left breast supportively. Even as my fully erect cock nestled itself comfortably in the man-made material covered cleft of her, oh so inviting, ass.

Her Ripley contoured mature body stiffened at the shock of the sheer unexpectedness of the intimate contact. The tiny, near inaudible gasp of surprise which escaped her full lipped mouth quickly gave way to a whisper of suppressed approval as I teased her nipple into aroused life between my gently administering finger and thumb. Despite herself, she responded by unconsciously pushing her lower body back, causing her converted rear to grind insistently against my ready and eager manhood.

"Lyndsey..." She said softly, her tone wavering uncertainly between sudden fear and barely controlled desire.

"Is practically comatose, as usual," I replied reassuringly, even as I slowly bent her compliant body over the antiseptically gleaming kitchen worktop and deftly flipped up the concealing hem of the old worn robe. Exposing the milky white flesh of her nicely rounded buttocks to my ever-appreciating eyes. "Your dear daughter is as sound asleep as the rest of the neighborhood. All that matters is here and now."

"But it's so dangerous..." She protested with ever weakening resolve, as I traced a slow, lingering finger across the already wet lips of her delectable pussy, causing her to shudder lightly and spread her legs to allow me easier access. "Yes it is," I whispered simply into her ear. "Which is why it makes us both too horny to walk away from this now."

I didn't give her a chance to raise any further objections. With the slightest of effort, I slid my thick and ready cock smoothly into the warm and delicious wetness of her waiting pussy. Eyes closed, I silently savoured for a moment the indescribable sensation of being inside her once again. Then, I began to pump. Slowly at first, then with ever increasing vigor, I watched with quiet satisfaction as her body began to move in ever increasing synchronization with my own. The small, animal-like gasps filtering from her mouth combined with the spectacular sight of her ample breasts rubbing roughly across the shining surface of the worktop spurred me on to greater effort.

Her beautiful ass pushing back to meet the steady thrust of my cock and the slap of my balls with increasing abandonment, I said through my own muted grunts of pleasure: "Tell me what you want."

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh Godddddddd...." She hissed through tightly gritted teeth. "I want your cock. I want it in me all the time. Fucking me. Filling my pussy. Goddddddddddddddddd...."

Before another word could be spoken, I withdrew and spun her around to face me. "And now?" I asked directly.

"My ass, baby," she pleaded, even as she sunk to the floor on hands and knees, ass thrust high in a provocatively posed invitation. "Fuck my ass hard. Give me what I need...now, please. I'm begging you!"

I didn't need to be asked twice.

Lowering myself to her level, I rubbed the well-lubricated head of my swollen member across the small and delicate puckered most highly prized entrance to her body. With only a slight grunt of effort, I coxed the engorged length of me into the welcoming confines of her most personal of channels. The feeling was exquisite. Her moans of sexually uninhibited bliss even more so.

"Hard, baby." She crooned with a barely stifled combination of pain and pleasure. "Fuck it hard. Fast. Flood me with your fucking lovely hot cum!!"

I was more than pleased to oblige. Grabbing a handful of her thick head of grey tinged auburn hair in a clawed fist, I proceeded to fuck her wondrous asshole as if these were our final moments of pleasure in a world, which would soon be coming to an untimely end. We fucked for what seemed like hours, but realistically could have been little more than ten or fifteen minutes at most. The stifled sounds of our wordless lust mingling with the impact of our bodies and the sight of her relentlessly fingering her large clit pushed me on to an ever mounting frenzy of wanton ass fucking.

For the most fleeting of moments, I felt as if our illicit coupling could last forever. But the moment passed almost as swiftly as it had arrived. And with a final combined convulsive thrust, I released my milky white load long and deep into her demanding body. Even as I came, her own climax exploded within her, sending tremulous ripples thought her sated body and covering her hand liberally in a sweet clear coating of her own juices. Following a final deep kiss, our first kiss of the entire episode, we disengaged our sweat soaked bodies and silently composed both our night attire and ourselves.

"Goddddd! That was so fucking incredible, baby." She smiled with a girlish playfulness that only enhanced the mature hint of wantonness in her large brown eyes. "No other man has ever come close to satisfying my needs the way you do."

I allowed myself a slight smile and nod of appreciation in return. "That's simply because no other man could ever come close to understanding you the way I do." I said with utter conviction.

"True enough, hon," Was her only answer.

"Yes, true enough, indeed...Mom." I replied as I made my way across to the fridge for my regular moving OJ.

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