tagRomanceKitchen Playground

Kitchen Playground


With intent of surprising you I quietly open front door and slip inside. The house is very quiet making it difficult to sneak up on you. Making my way through the house coming to the kitchen door finding you standing in front of the window staring out. Sunlight coming through the window makes your light blue sun dress transparent. Unaware of my presence, I enjoy the pleasure of viewing your voluptuous body exposed by the bright light of the sun.

While watching desire and passion begin to rise. Moving from the door, back around the corner, quickly and quietly remove my clothes. Taking a look around the corner you are still standing in the same spot. Apparently oblivious to my presence, in a trance just staring out the window. Moving quietly across the floor coming from behind you, your first knowledge of my presence is when I lightly kiss your neck. Startled you quickly turn head around and begin to say something, stopping you and signal you to remain quiet and continue staring out the window.

Turning your head back to the window my lips return to your neck, hands begin exploring the luscious body underneath the dress. Lightly kissing your neck, arms reach around and hands gently fill themselves with your breast. Soft but very distinct sounds of pleasure begin to emanate from you giving permission to continue. Hands leave soft breast finding the top of the zipper and slowly unzip your dress. Moving back to your shoulders fingertips push the dress off allowing it to fall to the floor.

Reaching back to touch me expecting to feel clothing, surprised as fingertips touch flesh. You again turn around and begin to speak and once again I stop you. Putting a hand on your mouth, letting you know that no words are needed. Fingers quickly undo your bra letting it fall to the floor. Finishing by sliding panties down shapely legs, letting them join the rest of the clothes on the floor.

Sensual passion takeover as lips forcefully come together, arms tightly wrap around each other. Mouths open and tongues begin dancing as lustful sexual appetite rise to an uncontrollable animalistic hunger. Warmth of naked bodies so tightly intertwined driving us closer to the edge rapturous bliss. Tongues continue their dance deeply probing inside first your mouth than mine. Without releasing the hold of our lips or tight embrace moving across the room to the table. Sliding a chair out of the way and sitting you on the table, bringing our passionate kiss to an end. Pulling away and looking into your face your eyes open. Staring into your gorgeous eyes you smile and release from our embrace. Lying back on the table still smiling and staring up.

Gazing on your naked body lying on the table insatiable lust takeover. Placing hands on your knees spreading your legs apart unveiling your sensual treat. Fingertips, slowly and gently, lightly touching make their way up inner thighs. Moving in a circular motion moving towards the precious prize. Finally reaching their destination, the first finger touches your outer lips. Slipping inside and passed the inner lips lubrication of juices allowing easy access, slipping deep inside then back out. Moving upwards till reaching your clitoris, beginning a slow circular massage.

Becoming very receptive to my touches, I apply more pressure. Uncontrollable sounds of pleasure and ecstasy fill the room. Hips moving in response to my massage. Becoming more and more vocal. Breathing becomes shallow and fast, fingers bringing orgasm closer. Juices visibly flowing, fingers move from your clitoris and slide down slightly and slip effortlessly deep within the vaginal paradise. Sliding in and out, sighs and moans of pleasure now turn to short phrases of oh my god, please don't stop, make me cum. Gasping out the short phrases between breaths, adding a third finger and slipping deep inside, muscles tighten, hips raise meeting each thrust.

Orgasm begins, its arrival announced by a loud, MY GOD I AM CUMING, uncontrollably muscles shaking and quivering as they contract and release. Hips rising to meet each thrust, fingers sinking deep inside. With my other hand two fingers quickly find your clitoris, beginning a circular massage applying increasing pressure. Intense orgasm explodes like electricity passing through your body, muscles tighten, shaking, and gasping breath release a long loud moan of pleasure. Juices liberally flowing, every time muscles tighten more of the sweet fluid comes out.

In a few seconds your first orgasm begins to ease. The smell of sweet and erotic juice fills the air. Filling me with a hunger that has to be feed, to taste, kiss, and drink the sweet honey. Breathing had not completely returned to normal as lips lightly begin kissing around outer lips. I hear quiet moans of approval as oral seduction begins, kissing soft folds of flesh and tasting.

The tip of my tongue slide past outer lips, then the inner. I feel hands as they slide onto the back of my head. My tongue slides up and finds your clitoris, legs spread wider open allowing better access. Hips start moving up and down forcing clitoris against my tongue, hands begin pulling me tighter. Again hearing moans becoming louder as hips begin moving faster. Desiring to taste more my tongue leaves your clitoris finding its way to the vaginal opening. My mouth taking in its reward, tongue slips inside. Hands increase their grasp, hips thrust upward allowing my tongue even deeper access. I can tell by the sounds of breathing an intensity of your moans orgasm was near. Continuing my deep exploration while sweet juices flow freely into my mouth.

Just as the first this orgasm explodes, muscles tighten and begin shaking, legs close tight against the sides of my head. Juices flowing freely into my mouth. Hearing muffled sounds of pleasure and erotic desires being fulfilled. Tongue still deep within enjoying the fruits of my labor. Each time muscles contract more of the exotic fluid flows. Like a hungry man after food I want every drop.

This orgasm begins to subside, hands release their grasp, and legs once again spread apart releasing me. Tongue slides from within I hear a slight sigh of disappointment. Quickly assuring that this is only at the beginning of the game with many more delights and pleasures to come.

With that assurance, placing hands on the top of your thighs, calves over the tops of my arms. Pulling you down the table till your beautiful ass is at the edge of the table. Legs still over the top of my arms leaning forward and bracing on the table with my hands, the tip of my hard firm penis slightly touches the soft folds of warm moist flesh of your vaginal entrance. Looking into your eyes as hips move forward beginning a slow entrance slipping easily inside. feeling the warmth of the well lubricated vaginal cavity. Restraining the urge to just sink deep within and slowly proceed. Your eyes close and moans of approval begin. Inch by inch till finally fully inside, pausing and enjoying the feeling of warmth of the soft moist flesh. After a moment sliding all the way back out, plunging back in without waiting. Repeating three more times before pulling out and standing up. Your eyes quickly open a look of surprise and disappointment on your face.

Taking your hands and helping you to your feet. I sit down on a chair, and smile because I know how much teasing makes you wild but for now it is your turn to please me. Smiling as you kneel between my legs knowing what I want. Fingertips lightly touch and stroke my penis. Intense pleasure cause muscles to contract forcing a generous supply of precum to flow from the tip. Mixing with your own juices that I was already drenched in. Moving your mouth over, quickly lick and swallow the sticky thick fluid. Your tongue starts running up and down the shaft, looking down finding you looking back.

Your tongue stops, placing the tip to your lips, sliding me into your mouth. The ecstasy is too much, muscle again contract shooting a massive amount of precum directly into your mouth. Unable to keep watching my eyes close. Just wanting to enjoy the pleasure you are giving me. Knowing that in a short time it would not be precum that would be shooting into your mouth.

Trying to relax and enjoy knowing that orgasm is just moments away. Instinctively hands find the back of your head, fingers playing with your hair desperately trying to control the urge of pulling down.

Sliding in and out as the incredible feeling of warmth and softness of your mouth sends me into unbelievable realms of erotic pleasures. Would truly like for the feelings to last for hours but I know it will only be minutes more before exploding.

The sensation of teeth lightly scraping along the shaft as you move up and down. Sliding up till teeth catch the bottom rim, tongue swirling around the tip then starting back down. Each time bringing closer the eruption building within. Reaching the top your tongue swirls around than start back down the feeling is more than I can control. Muscles tighten hips raise and hands press down. Quickly sliding deeply in, causing you to choke. Removing hands and grabbing the sides chair making sure not to do that again.

Slipping my penis completely out of your mouth, and begin light kissing and nibbling around the head sending me into complete bliss. The intense pleasure causing tightening muscles to force out generous amounts of precum flowing from the tip. Warm moist lips envelop the head sucking gently as if getting a drink through a straw. Consuming the clear sticky liquid pumping into your mouth with each spasm of pleasure as orgasm begins. Pleasure intensifying and overwhelming beyond control in seconds no longer would it be precum flowing as orgasm takes over.

Small rush of sperm and semen shoot into your mouth followed quickly by more intense orgasmic explosions pumping large amounts bursting into your mouth with each contraction. Immeasurable pleasure consumes me with each tightening convulsion, gaining in strength. Rhythmic contractions bringing awesome waves of pleasure and sexual ecstasy as the thick fluid rushes out with each one. Climax so intense every muscle tightens shakes and quiver till finally at its maximum then begins to ease.

Beginning to subside and lose strength still producing contractions delivering small amounts of sperm and semen into your warm moist mouth. Eyes opening and focusing as the head slips from your mouth and you look up. Opening your mouth revealing the thick fluid still there closing and with a smile and a hard swallow to reopen revealing its contents now gone. The lips encircle the tip once more cleaning off the small amount of cum still oozing out from the tip swallow and look up in anticipation of what is coming next.

Standing I take your hands helping you to your feet. Turning around and bending you over placing hands on the table. Hands begin exploring and lightly touching your back starting at the shoulders and working their way down. Moving fingertip slowly lightly touching warm flesh working their way across shoulders down your back immediately signs of desire begin to build within and become apparent. Sighs and slight moans letting me know that you enjoy the sensations of my play and exploration. Leaving shoulders coming to your upper back leaning forward allowing hands to slip over your sides to your breast semi erect penis presses against the cheeks of your round full ass. Hands make their way to cup and squeeze the soft mounds of flesh of your breast.

Taking them into my hands squeezing and releasing showing approval through the sounds of pleasure becoming more vocal and your hips begin to sway back and forth against me. Nipples becoming firm and erect as I capture them in-between my finger and thumb gently squeezing pulling and rolling them in-between their captors.

Sounds of pleasure becoming louder longer moans as fingers become more aggressive squeezing a little tighter searching for boundary between pleasure and pain. Approaching threshold and letting it known with a subtle change in voice making aware of discomfort. Reducing pressure but still holding nipples prisoner. Showing gratitude by pressing tighter against me with your swaying ass rubbing against me excitement within becomes evident as erection returns. Swinging hips back and forth against fully erect and hard member allows it to slips in between the soft mounds of flesh of your ass. Trapping the shaft in-between as movement changes from back and forth becoming up and down jacking off my penis between your butt cheeks. Arousal level rise as precum begins to flow once again with copious amounts lubricating allowing you to slide up and down on the shaft with your cheeks. With each movement excitement level increases not wanting to cum again so soon I pull away releasing my hold on your nipples hands returning to your back. Lowering yourself on the table to your elbows as hands worked their way down to your waist and stepping back giving them access to your ass. Massaging each side allowing fingers to go as far as the crack at first but with each pass coming closer to exploring what lies in between the mounds of flesh finally fingertips part the flesh and sliding between.

Watching for any signs of disapproval as fingertips explorer between soft cheeks briefly touching their objective there is a slight tightening. Sounds emanating from you are giving me permission to continue. The lubrication of precum still present allowing finger to slide freely in between the fleshy cheeks. Slowly with one finger sliding down slowly between your mounds passing over anal opening surprised as you press hips back against my finger. I follow on down finding your vaginal opening and slide my finger inside covering with sweet lubricating juice moving in and out a few times than back up once again relocating opening. As it touches you press back to again this time it is covered with vaginal lubrication allowing tip to slips inside.

Surprised you pull away only to push back again as the tip slips back in. Audible moans and sighs become more intense as we explore this area. Finger slides slowly in going deeper until fully inside then slowly slipping back out to repeat several times. Excitement and pleasure Is now extremely evident in both of us being the first to explore anal cavity as finger slides out in moves back down and once again find your vaginal entrance this time lubricating two fingers deep within soaking them in your own fluid. Moving back up again and applying pressure to your opening this time with two fingers. Slipping inside and slowly begin their journey into your tight anal cavity, moans become broken phrases of pleasure and warning.

Hearing oh yes, my god, also hear gently please gently, please go slowly, as my fingers find their way deep inside. Once completely inside I begin moving them back out to the tips then slide them back in, relaxing and beginning to enjoying the new feelings. Fingers moving little faster hips moving to meet the thrust your breathing becomes shallow as you begin discovering new forms of ecstasy. Enjoying your new sensations as the other hand finds and plunges two fingers deep inside your warm wet pussy the. Beginning to lose control no longer voicing any warnings but only explanations of the orgasm about to take over. Fingers in your ass and pussy pushing you to the explosion that you want so badly, as my fingers sliding deep into your pussy I add two more making four fingers now sliding very deep inside you and your body is beginning uncontrollably quivering as another orgasm blows up within you.

With a very loud confirmation screaming Yes My God Yes. Increasing speed of both hands, pressing the two fingers deeper and harder into your ass as four fingers slide deep inside your vagina. Now shaking tremendously as extremely strong orgasm now takes over your entire body only able to say oh yes my god yes don't stop.

Eventually orgasm begins to lose its intensity and slowing my pace and removing fingers out of your anal opening, continuing to slide the four inside your extremely wet vaginal paradise. With each thrust forward your body jerks, several times I bring them almost out and then slip them back in, finally sliding them all way out. You collapse on the table as I quickly encourage you to find strength to move to the floor so that I may continue your complete and total seduction.

As I help you from the table and ease to the floor I noticed the insides of your thighs are wet with your juices. Kneeling on the floor at your feet and spread your legs with my hands as I do they bend at the knees and spread wide open. I lean forwards and support myself on my elbows and slowly start licking the inside of your thighs enjoying the taste of the sweet liquid.

Working my way to the fountain from which it flows slowly using my tongue to get every drop. Enjoying the sensation of my tongue sliding along your thighs first one than the other voicing approval lightly saying, oh yes that feels so good please take your time. Finally reaching the top, fingertips spread open your vaginal lips exposing the well lubricated tunnel as well as your clitoris. My tongue slides deep within you and my mouth fills with your taste as a hungry man I quickly swallow.

I move my mouth up slightly to your completely exposed clitoris and with a few quick kisses before I suck it into my mouth. Gently sucking at first but increasing, tongue begins slipping back and forth across it. Your hips began rising and falling in rhythm with my tongue, hearing breathing becoming shallow and the sounds of pleasure once again becoming louder as this orgasm builds quickly and will not take long before it consumes you in sexual ecstasy.

Not being able to stand the escalation of passion and desire within myself just before your orgasm explodes removing my mouth and quickly move up your body and positioning myself for my entrance into the depths of your warm wet vaginal paradise.

Looking into eyes filled with passion, lust and desire. Feeling the tip of my extremely hard member against moist entrance. Instinctively moving my mouth to yours. Lips meet, tongue slides deep into your mouth. Dancing with yours as my hard and erect penis slides deep inside you.

The overwhelming feelings of lust, pleasure, ecstasy, and intense sexual delight take over as without control my hips begin moving sliding me in and out of you. Each thrust in a little stronger than one before. Breaking our lips embrace as orgasm runs through your body so intensely that I can feel your pussy as it contracts around me.

With a loud voice you announce your pleasure I feel your hands grab my back as your fingers scratch and your mouth finds my chest I feel you start to bite and release. I hear you say sorry, as I assure you that I enjoyed the pleasure your mouth returns as the feeling of your teeth biting and fingers stretching only intensify the joy and pleasure.

Your orgasm in full rage mine nearing as I continue sliding in and out of you enjoying every stroke with each thrust trying to go deeper than the one before. Your slick wet vaginal walls contracting and squeezing me as I begin to lose myself in the joyous sexual pleasure of being inside you.

Your orgasm becoming less intense as you stop your biting, wanting to fully enjoy the pleasures of my orgasm I pull out of you and roll over to my back and let you know that I want you to take the top. Struggling you move over and get on top moving back until the tip of my penis is once again at the entrance, bringing yourself to a setting position sliding me deep inside again.

Your hips begin rocking back and forth as the awesome pleasure is almost too much to bare my hands reach for your breast capturing your nipples between my fingers and thumb rolling them in between. Your rocking motion bringing orgasm about to lose myself in the joyous throes of passion, barely notice that you yourself are once again there also.

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