My kitten,

So far, my list for you for our trip next weekend is:

Black and silver pvc outfit, plus matching shoes and underwear.
Casual traveling clothes.
Bikini, not a once piece bathing suit. Must be two piece. you get nothing if you don't have a two piece.
Sexy going out clothes, short sexy miniskirt, white blouse or shirt. Shoes to match, and underwear to suit.

Toiletries, and other items as per a normal weekend away.
Disk of all pics and videos made to that point, plus any stories you have written.

Any toys you happen to have, if any.

Nothing really other than that will be required. As I do intend to keep you naked for as much time as it suits Me. Apart from taking the time to shop for a few things. As there are some things you need, but they just might be in the care package I bring. Going through those things will take some time.

I am looking forward to spanking you, filling you full of My cum, attempting to wear you out, and teaching you everything you need to know to be a good little fucktoy for Me.

I doubt there will be time on the weekend for the threesome we talked about previously, perhaps at later in the year we will have the time to organize something. But I know I would rather have you please Me, than have to share attention with someone else.

Tonight, I want you to write Me that story if you have time.
In addition, you are to strip off, and sit on your chair in front of the
computer, spread your knees as far apart as you can, leaving your feet at
the base of the chair, grab your tits hard, try and lick your nipples, now, squeeze those nipples, try and wait as long as you can before touching yourself, then, fingering yourself till you almost cum. Stop, and wait two minutes, then you are allowed to start again, this time you are to cum. Before you do, you must say thank you Sir, for allowing your cunt to cum for you. Say it, then you are allowed to cum.


Dear Sir,

With pleasure Sir, i will bring everything You have asked for *smile* i am looking forward to this more than You can imagine!

i know You want a story from me, so i thought i would try to tell You how you made me feel when i read Your last earlier - hear goes, i hope it pleases You!

* * *

i need this, after a long day, to slip under Your control and lose myself in O/our pleasure.

Sometimes i, think i have gotten myself into something i can't handle, but the burning desire in my pussy and the heat of my skin betrays me and i know i want this, need this. To be Your little fuck toy.

I prepare myself first, undressing slowly and thinking about You, wondering where You are and if You are thinking about how hard Your cunt will cum for You tonight. Grinning at the smeared black marker "afternoon fuck toy" written above my shaved pussy. Your words, the ones you made me put there earlier today at work… the ones that made me struggle to hide the wetness between my legs for the rest of the day.

my hands start trailing delicately across my stomach, and i close my eyes and think of You standing over me, with that devilish grin on Your face. i find it difficult to stop from fondling my already moist pussy, however, You have taught me to try not to for as long as i can - so i clasp my hands firmly behind my back and read Your email over again. Shivering, I think of how much i already owe to You for bringing me such pleasure.

Biting my lip i let my arms out from behind my back, the blood slowly beginning to circulate again - i had not realized i had them clasped so tight! i reach up and run my finger nails over my stiff nipples, so sensitive now as my excitement grows. i start Pinching them softly at first, rolling them around between my fingers, and then harder, making me gasp. I grin thinking of how You would enjoy that.

my pussy demanding attention, i cannot wait any longer and my hands fingers move urgently to my clit. Pressing and pinching i play with myself and moan with delight, so close to cumming already. I slide two fingers inside and then stop quickly, knowing that if i move even an inch i will cum. Breathing deeply i think about how i would look to You right now, legs spread wide on my computer chair, eyes closed with just two fingers sitting still inside me.

i watch the clock closely, and two minutes drags like an eternity. I know You are making me do this to test me, and sit perfectly still with legs still spread my pussy exposed.

As the last seconds finally crawl pass, my fingers immediately move back to my pussy and i roughly pinch my clit feeling the pleasure like an electric current coursing through my body. With one hand pinching and my nipples, and three fingers pumping in and out of my pussy, i moan and whisper how much i want to be Your little fuck toy, how i need to be used and fucked and filled by You.

I feel myself beginning to cum and louder now, loud enough for the neighbors to hear i yell 'thank you Sir, for letting Your cunt cum for You, thank you, Sir!'. And with those words for You i cum hard, spasming and writhing and calling Your name.

Closing my eyes, i sit shaking, my hands rubbing my juices all over my stomach and i smile, knowing that how pleased You would be with me.

* * *

Sleep well, Sir *hugs* i hope we can talk soon!
Your kitten xxooo

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