tagLesbian SexKitten and Miss T

Kitten and Miss T


Her screen name was Kitten. She had been my online friend now for a month giving her age as twenty on the night we met. On several occasions she had showed me her face in private chat. I could see her long light brown hair falling to her shoulders and her full lips.

I go by the screen name Miss T. I had allowed Kitten to see my face in the same private chat session. I gave her my age as twenty five, which is my real age.

At twenty- five another girl could arouse me sexually for the past dozen years. One dirty fantasy after another went through my head night after night. The web cam chat room gave me the outlet that I felt I needed. The outside world was not aware of my sexual proclivities. I could feign interest in boys.

The room came up. Kitten was online. I sent her a private message.

"Hi baby," I said.

"Hi," she replied.

My camera was angled so that it could see most of my body. I showed it to her. Like me Kitten was excited by another naked girl touching herself.

I pulled off the print pattern tunic over my head then unfastened my bra nudging it to the floor.

"Yes! nice," said kitten, " nice boobs!"

I have buxom boobs but otherwise my waist curves more gradually and my butt is flatter than the classic "hourglass" female shape.

Bringing my hands up to my boobs I cupped them and squeezed gently. Those were Kitten's hands on my boobs, Kitten's fingertips brushing my nipples. I couldn't let her know that the fantasy included her.

I watched my imaginary lover do the same. Her boobs were smaller. Though taller and leaner than me and less buxom, none the less, she could turn me on. It was still clearly a woman's sexy body.

I opened my slacks and pulled them off slowly then pulled off my panties. Now I repositioned the camera to have a view of my clit as I fingered myself. I moaned softly. Though the computer muted the sound, Kitten heard it in her imagination.

I enjoyed being naked in front of my web cam as did hundreds of other girls who would never admit to such behavior. During the day the colleagues at work and other's with whom I interacted saw a girl who was friendly but private. Those who knew me well correctly concluded that I do not have a significant other. Usually a girl will mention him in some context or another.

Within a few seconds my come was flowing freely. It had dripped onto my thighs. By now my fingers were so wet I could barely type.

Many nights I lay in bed having graphic sexual fantasies. The lesbian couple engaged in all the acts that one does not confess. My fantasies did not include an actual person but rather someone I could invent.

This night things began to change gradually.

"My name is Stephanie."

"It's nice to finally meet you. I'm Katelyn."

"Hi Katelyn," I said.

"Hi Stephanie," she said.

"It's a little difficult for me to type right now."

"Giggles," she replied. "I'm having a little trouble here too."

There had been a lot more than just virtual sex between us during the past month. I learned about her or at least I learned what she wanted me to know. Everything I had told her about me was true, and i had told her quite a bit. She knew that I had worked the past four years as a dental hygienist. That was just the beginning.

During that month I learned about her life style. She liked romance novels and read them exclusively because they're easy to follow. She lived in her parents home and was the youngest of four. There were three older brothers. ages 27, 25, 24. She was the only left at home. The 25 year old, she said one night, is gay. She worked in a hospital as support staff.

"Where are you from?"

"Texas," she replied.

"Can we meet?"

As soon as I typed that I began having second thoughts. Oh shit I said to myself. Did I just ask that? Up to now I had lived in the safety of the virtual world. There everyone was a nice person and everyone was legal age. She could be a rat. She could be a minor for all I know I thought.

"I would love to meet you."

The offer was out there I thought. I guess I'll take the chance. That said I gave her an Arlington, Texas location.

Like every girl she enjoys shopping. "I'll meet you at Six Flags Mall this Saturday morning at 10 when the stores open. There's a Kiosk with the name of the Mall."

She would, I knew, be coming up from Houston but if she really wanted to meet me she'd be there.

"I'll be wearing a pink ball cap, blue denim Lee Comfort Waist, and a Canyon River blue smock V neck T shirt. and black patent wedge shoes."

"I'll look for you."

"OK," I replied.

"I'll be dressed in denim jeans and rose red jeweled halter top."

The die was set. Now I looked forward to the first Saturday in March. There's nothing to lose I thought. She's the one going miles out of her way.

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