tagLoving WivesKitten is a Tease Ch. 02

Kitten is a Tease Ch. 02

byErotic Reverie©


Dear Reader- to best understand and enjoy this story, I recommend you first read "Kitten is a Tease". If you chose not to, here is a quick summary:

1. My wife Cindy and I are in our 40s. Cindy was away on a business trip. While away, we engaged in some hot teasing phone sex and sexting, leaving us hungry for her return home.

2. Cindy came home and I was waiting for her in a formally set dining room to serve her a romantic candle light meal.

3. Dressed in vintage stockings and high heels, she curls into my lap and regales me with a story of how she teased a total stranger- "Mr. Sexy"- on the airplane ride home, first exposing her breast, then her stocking clad legs, and then, mistakenly, her sex.

4. I know Kitten never strays and likes a good fantasy to 'spice' it up. Kitten also like it rough and will do anything to get me riled up for a good taking.

5. During her "confession" Kitten stands, bends over the dining room table, asks for punishment, and then continues her teasing tale, trying to work me into a raged frenzy as I viciously take her. Here is where our story continues:


Panting. Furiously panting, our animal moans still echoing in my head, the post climax haze descending on us, and my body draped over my wife Cindy, or "Kitten" as I affectionately call her, she pushes up her ass trying to keep me deep inside her. I rise up, my chest still heaving, and slowly remove myself, my cock anointed with our licentious nectar. Kitten remains bent over the dining room table.

"Honey, don't forget," she says in a throaty voice, "I've been a naughty girl.... You know what I want... just like we discussed...."

Forget? Never. And, not because of the temptations Kitten desires, but, because Kitten takes such good care of me that I gladly indulge her desires. Now, some of you might think, based the way Kitten teased me into climax with her story of exhibitionism with another man that I am a submissive cuckold. That is far from the case. Like I said before, I know Kitten never strays. She is perfectly faithful but likes her fantasies vivid and erotic and uses them for what they are best worth- playful exploration and gratification.

Silence and anticipation hang in the air as Kitten waits. I lay my hand on her ass with playful force. Kitten flinches. I say just before slapping her ass as second time, "You've been a naughty kitten, a very naughty one at that..." This one makes her yelp and ass ripple. Then another.

"You know I really didn't do it, don't you? Its just another one of my fantasies... you know that, right?" she asked sounding a bit insecure.

Intentionally, I do not respond. Rather, with a staccato pace, I gently spanked her right cheek into a light pink hue. "Oooh... that's so hot," Kitten moans, "keep it up..."

I notice the first nectar droplet rolling from Kitten's hairy sex and take the warm viscus pearl on my finger tips. With the other hand I ball Kitten's short hair in my fist and pull her head back. Kitten knows what is next and eagerly opens her mouth.

I gently offer my fingers. Kitten's wet warm lips close on them and she ever so tenderly suckles.

"Mmmm," she muses as I slowly withdraw, the cum rolling across her tongue and down her throat.

"Who is my naughty girl?" I asked playfully administering to her left cheek, her soft ass rippling and now equally hued light pink just like the other one.

"Me," she proudly says.

"That is right, Kitten. But don't think your punishment is over just yet. There are other ways to torment the disobedient..."

"Honey?" she asks wanting to know more. A few more precious droplets begin to roll from Kitten's honey pot and I gather them before they slide down her inner thigh.

"Turn around," I say as I kneel before her, "Hold up the dress and show it to me." Kitten does as asked and looks down watching me with anticipation. I bring my fingers to her and slowly spread it, working it into her, the droplets clumping on her bushy pubic hairs.

"Oh Honey," she gasps as I gently touched her sensitive lips. We both love the taste and smell of our mixed cum- its sensuousness represents the culmination of our love. I noticed a bit more sneaking from her, take it in hand, reach up and gently apply it to her nipples, at first spreading it on them in a slow circular motion, then mildly pulling and twisting the nubs pert. Kitten has very sensitive nipples. "Oh yes," she gasps and I pull away, not eager to go to far to fast.

I take Kitten's ankle in my hand and slowly caress the vintage silk stocking before leaning forward and kissing her. "Fool for Your Stockings," the song sums me up. I don't know why I fixate on a woman in heels and hose but I do. Maybe its because Kitten dresses up just for 'me' and it strokes my ego. Maybe its because the lingerie represents a woman perfectly packaged in a most feminine way- a perfect gift for unwrapping before tender defilement. Or maybe its just the "forbidden" nature and "Ooo La La" of it all. I just don't know why but what I do know is that I find extreme pleasure in my fetish, Kitten knows it and gladly indulges me, just like I oblige her fantasy play. We both appreciate our mutual willingness to please one another without question or judgment. It draws us closer and into a deeper relationship. That is the way it should be between committed partners.

My hand firmly holds Kitten's ankle as I slowly kiss upward,, slowly in worship of her body, my lips and cheeks softly brushing against her sexy silk clad leg, her calf, her knee, past the reinforced stocking top to her thigh. I smell her scent and know it all to well. It always excites me. I feel her warm flesh and find comfort in it. I hear her sigh and relish in the fact that I pleasure her.

"Kitten," I start as I kiss her inner thigh, "Would Mr. Sexy do this to you?" I ask referring to the fantasy man she claims to have teased, exposing herself in the darkened first class cabin of an airplane.

"Maybe," she says.

I drizzle more kisses on Kitten's inner thigh. My hand moves to her pubic mound and a thumb comes to gently rests against her dewy furrow. I continue kissing, carefully moving past Kitten's mound, tracing along her hairline until I reach the top edge of her hairs and kiss horizontally.

"Would Mr. Sexy kiss you like this Kitten?"

"Maybe, Honey."

I apply a little more pressure with my thumb and teasingly move it up and down the edges of the slick slit.


"Yes, Honey?" she asks.

"And did Mr. Sexy give you the children who came to life right here?" I asked tenderly kissing her taught lower abdomen. Kitten momentarily freezes at the question, the juxtapositional nature of it jolting her from fantasy.

"No, Honey," she meekly says taking her dose of reality.

"That is right Kitten," I say, "... Kitten, do you want me to eat you?"

"Please," she says.

"Maybe," I reply as I gently press my face forward, my warm breath caressing her sex as I nuzzle my face against it, musing over her scent.

I wait a bit before slowly barely dragging my tongue through her slit. "Oh shit," she quips.

"Kitten, who is the only one to ever taste you?"

"You Honey," she says in a confessional whisper.

"That is right Kitten," I say just before slowly dragging my tongue through her furrow again, this time slightly deeper, parting her thick hungry lips, her salty juices gracing my senses.

"... and who is the only one to ever touch you?" I ask.

"You know, it is you..." she replies and my fingers part her and my tongue tenderly, lazily lashes her swollen aching bud.

"... and who is the only one to ever be inside you?"

"You Honey," she barely says, the intensity of the moment taking hold of her as I draw her bud between my lips and suckle it, making her softly moan as my tongue rolls around it.

"Kitten, do you still vividly remember the first time?

"Of course," she gasps, throwing her head back as I taunt the bud again.

"... and Kitten who is the only one to ever cum inside you?"

"You..." she barely states, her knuckles white as she grips the edge of the dining room table, slightly raising her hips so she meets my face, eager for me to give her release.

"Do you want me inside you now?"

"Please... yes," she replies in a mesmerized voice thinking it will be my cock. Instead I insert a finger.

"Oh," she cries in a warbled hushed tone. At the sound of her impassioned voice I grow hard. She is at my mercy as I gently tease her with tongue and finger until her abdomen tightens and breath quickens and hands come to rest on the back of my head as I play with her.

Then I stand, keeping my hand on her sex, a finger inside and a thumb on her button. I kiss her lips, soft kisses ans we sink into a pool of tender passionate kisses. Kitten mutters three simple words, "I want you."

"But Kitten... you can't have me just yet," I say as I remove my finger and run my hand through her thick bush, my fingers finding the base of her hairs. I slowly draw them into a fist, grasping her hairs tight at the base. Kitten moans as I pull up, tugging her hairs, pulling her lips. I release and repeat the motion, slowly, over an over, each time pulling up on her harder.

Kitten groans with pleasure. My mouth next to her ear I whisper, "... you want me buried in that hot mess now?"

"Please..." is all she manages to say.

"So, is Mr. Sexy this good?"


"No what?" Kitten.

"No, Honey."

"That's better Kitten," I say as I lean Kitten back on the dining room table and pull her sexy ass to the edge, her feet flat on the table, knees up and thighs spread, I stand towering over her looking down and bring my swollen hungry head to rest on the edges of her salacious rose. Kitten raises her hips teasing, trying to coax me to enter. I reach out and grab her tits, squeeze and ply her erect nipples and watch her face contort in pleasure.

"Kitten, who owns it?"

"You do Honey," she says and I reward her by slowly passing into her until we join, the base of my shaft meeting her greedy lips. My fingers gently rub her swollen bud, the slick tender flesh begging for attention. My other hand goes to her face and I offer her two fingers to suckle, which she takes without hesitation. My fingers strum her clit and the ones in her now closed mouth feel the vibrations of her low moans as her tongue dances around them as I look down at the woman who gave herself over to me in marriage, committed herself without knowing any other. Blind trust and faith- powerful and intoxicating blind trust and faith.

I pull out, push Kitten back onto the table, climb between her spread thighs and place my swollen head against her wet waiting lips, momentarily keeping it there, making her wait with anticipation for my entry.

"Oh please," she impatiently begs as I rub my swollen head up and down through her wet furrow.

"Where is the rush Kitten?" I ask just before I lower myself into Kitten's hot sex. Her stocking clad legs greedily wrap around my hips as I slowly slide deep into her. As I begin to ride her, the long stem glasses on the table begin to wobble. My eyes are closed but my body feels every inch of Kitten's warm body. We move in a synchronized rhythm. I'm now hard and close. I open my eyes to gaze down on my beautiful sexy Kitten. The palms of my hands flat on the table, elbows locked and chest upright as I look down at her face, eyes closed and deep concentration on the intensity of the moment as the light from the fireplace and candles flicker, throwing shadows, veiling her beauty- she is just as beautiful as they day we met, the time I first had her and every day thereafter...

My short shallow strokes across her entrance tease her wanton body. "Yes," she quips feeling my passion as I push myself deeper with each penetration, to join with her, meld as one, deep inside her warmth.

"Kitten, would it be this good with Mr. Sexy?"

"No," she whispers, "I just want you..." she says, hands gripping my shoulders, holding on as I increase my pace. I slowly push as deep as possible and then hold still. Kitten's legs, wrapped around me tighter, trying to pull me closer, deeper. She thrusts her hips up, hungrily impaling herself on my steel hard cock.

"C'mon Honey, fuck your naughty Kitten," she begs frustrated, her lips clutching at the base of my sex.

"You want me, Kitten?"

"Yes," she says and I thrust hard, driving myself into her, seeking to control and dominate. Kitten cries in a high pitch and I split her again.

"Give it to me..." she says in a ragged voice.

I thrust hard and deep again. Kitten cries out in passion. I thrust again and she screams "Oh yes, more."

"You want me to cum in you?"

"Yes..." she hisses, her body on the edge, quivering in rapture.

I lower my torso and bring my head to the crux of Kitten's shoulder and neck and continue rutting, hard measured deliberate paced thrusts, slamming my pelvis against hers, my head buried deep in her womb. I feel Kitten's hot breath crossing my ear and I hear her 'oh yes' quips with each thrust, her arms now around my shoulders, long thin delicate feminine fingers gentle draped across the back of my neck. I catch a glimpse of our joined image in the dining room mirror- Kitten's hot stocking clad legs now straight upward, sexy high heels pointed skyward and swaying with each penetration, her body submissively beneath me, a flower waiting for a seed. I surge forward and explode. Kitten feels me climax, raises her head, bites into my shoulder and whimpers as we climax together.

Yes, Kitten is a tease, and I am too.... are you?

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