tagRomanceKitty: A Girl Named Cat Ch. 02

Kitty: A Girl Named Cat Ch. 02


So the dish of the day my neighbor blathered endlessly about after he came home from work was that this friend was coming in town for a weekend before leaving to fly into his next destination for business.

We'll call his friend "Utah". Utah is where his friend got transferred to for work and where he was trying to get transferred out of. "Utah" was flying in on a Friday in two weeks. I was asked if I could let Utah in for him to his place, better, could I pick him up at the airport. Sure. I didn't have anything scheduled that would interfere and told him I would keep my schedule clear in case he got in late. I have job flexibility that he doesn't have, I was happy to help out.

A few days before picking up Utah I had a client who was trying to wrangle her sons, ages 1, 3, and 9, for a quaint family photo.

As time is money, my client was freaking out that she couldn't get the younger ones settled and my tricks had failed. I told her to go ahead and take a breather; I could hang out for a while, no problem. I did not have another client after her so I was not pressed for time. I mindlessly started playing with her kids building blocks. The kids came over and started playing with them as well. I got some amazing photos of them building together and my client was very pleased.

I stood between the security exit and the escalator with a blown up picture of the building blocks spelling out "Utah". Staring off into space, I didn't notice that Utah had found me.

"Kitty," he inquired.

"He has you calling me Kitty does he?"

"What should I call you by," Utah asked.

"Kitty is fine, but most people call me Cat."

"Can I combine the two," he mused.

"Sure, just for you Utah." I extended my hand, "Kitty Cat here to take you to your weekend destination."

We shook hands and I sized him up. Utah was terribly handsome. He was tall, had dark curly hair that came to his shoulders. Behind his beard he had a youthful cuteness. Well groomed and the scent he wore was intoxicating. (Yes I have a thing for guys that smell good.)

Utah and I kept giving each other glances while we waited for his bag. We made small talk in the car. Apparently Utah talked frequently to my strange bedfellow via e-mail. Who knew? Utah said he had heard a lot about me. He asked me questions about photography, expressing an interest into taking it up as a hobby.

Making our way into the apartment I gave a quick tour, showed him his room. I let him know it would be 5:30- 5:32 spot on when he should expect his friend's arrival home from work. Food was in the fridge, beer too if he wanted it. Had I gone through everything I was expected to go over for Utah's drop off? Check, check, check. I told Utah to relax and where to find me if he needed anything.

"Will we not be seeing anymore of each other during my stay Kitty Cat?"

"How much more of me do you want to see," I prodded with a wink.

Utah seemed to enjoy that response, giving me a huge smile.

"I'm not sure what he has planned for the two of you this weekend. He didn't mention I was in the equation for anything other than your arrival."

"I hope that's not true," Utah said before extending his hand. "If I don't see you again, it was wonderful to meet you."

"Likewise Utah," I said during our goodbye handshake. I smiled and let myself out.

It was all of 10 minutes later when I heard a faint knock on my door. I saw Utah trying to retreat back into his quarters, but I caught him.

"I didn't take that long to answer," I proclaimed.

"I don't want to bother you," Utah explained, "I have just one question that I wanted to ask before he comes home."

"Come in Utah," I said and pulled him by the arm inside.

He stood across from me in my hallway.

"The two of you are not together," Utah stated.

"Was that the question, or...." I asked confused.

"A conformation, you two are not together."

"We're friends. I tried to be more, but he didn't want to, so we've moved past it."

"Yeah," Utah agreed, "He's said basically the same thing."

I was hurt thinking that Utah knew more about my neighbor's feelings about me than I did.

"I had asked him if you were attractive and he said yes. I thought he was just being polite," Utah said with a nervous grin.

I was perplexed, "Should I be offended or feel complimented right now Utah?"

"Complimented," Utah laughed and came over and hugged me, which caught me off guard and turned me on a little. He smelled so good.

Utah stepped back from me and said, "I don't want to make you feel uncomfortable or anything, but I think you are gorgeous. Red hair, it's kind of a weakness for me."

Yes, definitely liking Utah more and more. "Between all the stories he's told me about you, and just from meeting you I can tell what a fun girl you are. I would like to spend some time getting to know with you while I'm here, even if it is not "scheduled" time."

I must have been blushing. He noticed.

"You're so damn cute." Utah stammered and then hesitated before asking, "You don't have to, but can I see you with your hair down?"

Now I was very turned on.

I unclipped my hair and it fall down past my shoulders. Utah came closer to touch it.

"Curls, too," he said. "You're definitely the type of girl I would go for."

I looked into Utah's eyes, which at first glance I thought were brown, but he had shades of green and gold in there too. I bit my lip playfully as I smiled.

"That's cute, the lip biting thing," Utah commented.

"I do it automatically in certain situations," I said shyly as I looked down at the floor.

"What types of situations are those?"

"Situations that turn me on," I blurted and then laughed at myself aloud for not coming up with something clever before the truth tumbled out of my mouth.

"Would it be okay if I kissed you," Utah asked as he pressed up against me. "I wouldn't mind if you wanted to do a lot more than that to me," I quipped before mentally scolding myself for saying it.

Utah put his hand on the side of my face and bent down to kiss me. It was very slow and sensual. Being a girl, I love when a guy kisses me with his hand on my face so I was already moistening with excitement. They don't show guys doling out kisses like that in movies all the time for nothing.

Pulling me into an embrace with his free hand, I was close enough to feel Utah's arousal growing against my stomach. Enjoying myself, maybe a bit too much, I pulled away being fearful of losing any control over the situation.

Utah started swaying back and forth, his cock throbbing against me while staring into my eyes.

"Here are the rules Utah," I said sternly, but with a cute face. "No sex. No face to genital contact. No hands..." I said while rubbing my groin against him. "Hands," he said looking down at my chest.

"Oh," I said, "You're adorable. They are in play. Hopefully you'll want to use your mouth there too."

Utah thrust his cock against me, "I agree and will adhere to your rules."

"We have about two hours before he gets home, so please, since I have been sex starved for so long, please do your best to give me masturbation material for the coming months."

The next kiss was insane. I don't recall how we made it into my bed, who took off what, or how we both came to be completely naked. We kissed and played, torturing each other endlessly. After a good hair pull and a hard bite to the back of my neck, I was one bend forward away from his cock sliding in from behind. "Utah," I stuttered, gasping for air, "I need to cum." Utah pushed his cock in between my thighs. It was almost too much to resist.

"No," I said breaking away from his hold. "You can watch me make myself cum." My hand went down to explore my smooth, saturated pussy. "I don't know if I've ever been this wet," I pondered out loud.

Utah had his cock in his hand. "You don't mind if I," he said knowing I could fill in the end to his sentence. I smiled and smacked my pussy playfully before spreading my legs wide.

Telling Utah was having a difficult time finding a position he could both view me and be self-productive in, I told him to get up. I turned my body so that we made a letter "T" on the bed; I slid my leg under his arm as he lay on his side and rested my other leg over his thighs. His cock was now only inches away from my needy pussy.

Utah's breathing was already becoming erratic as he watched me massage my clit. He slowed himself down and I watched as a little bubble of pre-cum formed. He took his finger and rubbed it all over the head of his cock. It made me squirt a little to watch him.

No, have never been this turned on. So much pent up desire over the past five months and it didn't matter that I was acting it out with Utah instead of...oh never mind. Utah had a very hard cock he was stroking for me. I was going to focus and be thinking only about Utah.

"You have a beautiful cock my muse. I would do wonderful things to your beautiful cock if I would let myself be as bad as I want to be."

Utah closed his eyes and then looked back at me with a devilish grin and asked, "What kinds of things?"

"I would start with the tip of your cock and rub it against my clit, just like if your cock was in place of my fingers. Then I would slide the tip up and down so that it was covered in my wetness."

Utah grabbed my upper thing with his free hand. I could see how serious his face looked; he was trying not to cum.

"Then I would place the tip right here," I said as I continued to use my fingers for demonstrational purposes, "at the opening. Pulling it in a little and then pushing it out. Just giving your cock enough of a taste to tease you with." I slid my fingers in deep and watched as Utah thrust himself dangerously close to me.

Utah stopped touching himself and grabbed the tops of my things with his hands. I squirmed around moving my fingers in and out harder and faster. He moved and lowered his face directly above my pussy and kissed the back of my hand that was inside me.

"Please let me taste you," Utah asked pleadingly.

I was beyond my known limits at this point of arousal. I withdrew my fingers from my pussy and laid them over it. I could see them glisten as the light hit them.

Utah licked down from my knuckles to my fingertips. I felt his lower lip graze my pussy as he sucked my fingers into his mouth.

I could not stop squirming about. I grabbed at my sheet and let out a vocal burst of frustration as he sucked my juices off of my fingers. I loved the feeling of having my fingers inside his mouth, his tongue running between them.

I was having sensory overload. "I'm helpless right now," I said as my body started to tremble. Utah then dove into my pussy with his mouth.

From the moment he started pleasuring me until I was hoarse from screaming during climax, I was nowhere to be found. He sent me away on a mind altering, excruciatingly exhausting orgasm.

Utah looked very pleased as I started coming back from my trip. He made his way up my stomach with kisses stopping at my breasts. I knew he was going to try to fuck me.

"I can't," I managed to utter.

He looked up at me and got up on his knees between my spread legs with his cock in his hand stroking himself.

I taunted, still trying to catch my breath, "You're going to cum all over me, right? I bet you have so much thick cum to cover me with." My hand slid back down to again play with my clit.

Utah groaned and stroked faster as he watched me touch myself. "I want to make myself cum as you cover me. I bet you wish I had let you fuck me so you could make me taste myself all over your cock while making me suck out every last drop of your sweet cum."

Trying to remain stable with one arm he lowered himself, practically laying on me, with his cock aimed at my stomach. I could feel his balls bouncing on my hand as I rubbed myself feverously. I tilted my pelvis back and rose so that his balls were smacking against my swollen wet cunt.

"Fuck," Utah exclaimed as the first stream of hot cum landed on me, hitting the side of my face and went into my hair. Dots of it fell in straight line down my body.

My eyes clamped shut as I felt myself cum again. I could feel stream after stream of cum fall all over me. I still wasn't finished when Utah collapsed next to me. We both were panting and dazed.

I happened to glance at the clock on my nightstand. "Good news first," I managed to get out, "excellent use of time. The bad news is he'll be home in about 20 minutes."

"You are very messy," Utah said with a very proud grin after looking me over.

I felt the side of my face and rubbed his cum between my fingers before licking it off. Utah leaned in and whispered, "What I wouldn't give to have you as my neighbor."

I couldn't get Utah moving fast enough. Apparently he didn't see the need in trying to get ourselves together before my neighbor got home. I was pushing him toward the door when I heard the knob turn. I checked the clock. 5:28. Damn!

"Hey," my neighbor said excited as he went over and greeted Utah with a hug. He then looked over at me.

"Hanging out with Kitty," he said inquisitively as he came over and felt a strand of my wet hair.

I was trying to come up with something believable.

"Yes," I began, "silly me, I forgot to tell the poor lad what time you would be home. I was just saying any minute you would be here and then you popped in."

My neighbor smiled and nodded as if he expected me to forget details I was supposed to give to Utah.

"So hopefully she picked you up on time and all of that," he asked Utah.

"Yeah," Utah said grinning, "she's been a real peach."

I could feel myself blush as Utah and I exchanged glances. I looked at my neighbor. I could tell he had picked up the awkward energy between Utah and I.

"Well boys," I said as I backed away, "go and make merry. I have a headache; I'm going to lie down."

"I'll tuck you in," my neighbor said as he grabbed me by the arm. "I can help you pull down the covers."

I was busted.

"No need," I said freeing my arm from his grasp. "The covers are down. I got up to let Utah in, have fun!" I scurried off into my room, shut the door, threw back the covers and jumped in bed.

My heart was pounding. I still couldn't relax even after hearing the front door close. I thought had no need to be worried about my indiscretion with Utah, but after seeing my neighbor's face and how he pounced on me, I knew he wasn't happy. Then of course maybe I was overreacting and everything was fine. Maybe I was feeling a tad....a whole lot guilty.

I didn't see the boys Saturday. They could have stopped by though; I had a wedding to shoot. By Sunday morning I was a bundle of nerves. I had to get out of the apartment. When I opened my door to come out, the boys were heading out too.

A huge smile enveloped Utah's face, "We were just coming to see you Kitty Cat!"

He came over and gave me a kiss on the cheek before throwing his arm around me. I felt uncomfortable by his open display of affection.

I looked at my neighbor who said quietly, "We thought you might like to go grab some breakfast."

"Sure," I said.

Utah kissed me again before heading back into the apartment to go grab his forgotten wallet.

I walked over to my neighbor and held his hand. He interlaced his fingers with mine and pulled me closer.

I stood and inch away from him and raised myself up to nuzzle his nose with mine. He nuzzled me back, let go of my hand and hugged me. I squeezed him gently and could feel some of the nervousness that had built up dissipate.

I buried my head into his neck as he whispered into my ear, "I have not slept well the last couple of nights."

"Me either," I confessed.

Utah was touchy feely with me at breakfast. I managed to endure it up to the point where he slid his hand under my skirt and up my thigh. I shifted in my seat as he continued to rub and feel me while he told a story. I was very uncomfortable. He went to rub the outside of my panties. I had enough and tugged at his arm. He got the point withdrawing his hand and put his arm around me instead, not pausing for a second as he continued on with what he was saying.

Thankfully Utah excused himself shortly after to go to the bathroom which gave me a break to shoot a scrunch nosed unhappy glare across the table.

My neighbor smiled and scolded, "You started it." Rolling his eyes he added, "That was the version of the story I got anyway."

"What did he tell you?"

My neighbor sat there and began to whistle looking anywhere around the diner, but at me.

I checked behind me to make sure Utah was not in sight and threatened, "Spill it or you'll be sleeping alone tonight!"

"You're going to punish me by sleeping on your couch," he quipped.

"Fuck you," I spat huffily.

My neighbor caved. "To summate," he got out and then had to clear his throat, "your refusal to fuck him only has made him want you more, especially knowing have a desire to be dominated."

Caught off guard, I had to think. Had I actually told Utah about the domination thing or did he just conclude? I sat back looking at the table trying to recall.

My neighbor chimed in another nugget for me to digest, "You must have done a number on him because he's talking about transferring here to get to know you better."

I started to choke on my saliva and began coughing vigorously. I grabbed my glass of water and chugged it down. Still not able to stop from coughing, I managed to get out, "What? Why would he do that?"

"I thought you guys hit it off," my neighbor inquired. "It would be nice to have him round."

I gasped, "You really want to share me with him?"

His eyes got big and I hid my head in my hands. What the fuck was I thinking to even say that to him?

Did I make out with Utah before he left to catch his flight? Yes. I felt like I had to. I was not into it though having this annoying replay in my head of me asking my neighbor if he wanted to "share" me with Utah. I could not shake it.

After Utah left, I closed the door and felt a wave of heat take over my whole head and run down my chest. I was overcome by emotion. I had to get a handle on this. The feelings I had for my neighbor were not gone, if anything they were intensified. I had to put a stop to it. I was going crazy.

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