tagRomanceKitty: A Girl Named Cat Ch. 05

Kitty: A Girl Named Cat Ch. 05


For my best friend's 26th birthday I told her I wanted to whisk her away where the air was cleaner and wishes come true; Canada. I wanted her desperately to see the kitschy stuff on the strip at the Falls and experience going to a bona fide big city. Toronto is close to the Falls, so the plan was to hit both. I have always loved running up to Canada, especially on a whim.

For my story I will call her "Lovely" because honestly, I cannot think of a better name to describe her. Even with her having kids and our work schedules being as far away from each other as possible to see each other, or even talk on a regular basis, she will always be my bestie. If there is one person on earth who I know loves me, it is her. We always get into some amazing things together, I have many stories, none of which she'd want me to tell.

I picked up Lovely and I brought her over to my place. She was elated that I had found someone who I could tell her I was happy just to be around. (In her mind, she's helping to plan our wedding.) She had talked to my neighbor on the phone here and there over the months past. He thought highly of Lovely just from the phone calls and was looking forward to meeting her too.

Lovely and I were looking at old photos when my neighbor popped in. I ran up to give him a kiss and made the formal introduction. I could tell from the look of approval on her face, she thought he was cute too.

To my surprise Lovely pulled out a greeting card from her purse and handed it to him. Lovely and I had had been card swapping with or without reason the whole time we have known each other. I knew this gesture was like a "welcome" invitation from her so it meant a lot to me.

As my neighbor took the card, he smiled awkwardly and opened it. On the cover was a picture of a girl holding a sign that said "Happy Birthday Dad!" My neighbor was puzzled and cautiously opened to the card which she instructed him to read aloud.

He cleared his throat, "After all you are the one I have to thank for making me your daughter, because if I was your son, I'd be a real bastard." She then crossed out Happy Birthday to replace it with, "Cat's Fuck Toy". He stopped trying to understand what he was reading.

"Go on," Lovely insisted.

"As Cat likes you a lot, I do too. It's a good thing that I'm into sharing. Kindly Yours, Lovely"

"She's mine," Lovely stated firmly. "Just so you know I had her first so if I want her this weekend I'm taking her. It's my birthday." Lovely then had to add, "It's not like she's going to have your cum all up in her or anything so we should be good."

I smacked her ass really hard in disapproval because I knew he would not know what to make of it. I had not exactly told him she was my one and only confidant who knew everything in detail about my relationship with him up until now.

"We were in a threesome you know and she used to make me cum just by giving me massages," Lovely divulged.

"Barely a threesome when we were young," I said defensively, "we didn't touch, and yes the massage thing is true though. I really liked playing with her breasts even back then."

"They are much bigger now," Lovely touted.

Taking it all in, my neighbor stepped back and put his hand up to his mouth trying to say something, but nothing came out. I saw him look at Lovely's breasts and quickly look away.

"Cat can touch them for you if you would like, I won't be able to stop her from doing it once we are in the car anyway," Lovely said trying to provoke my neighbor after seeing him check her out.

I stepped behind Lovely and cupped her breasts in my hands. She was a double D cup when she was 15 and 115 lbs. Her breasts have to be twice what they were and although not quite as small, still has a slim figure. "Holy shit, they have gotten mammoth! How do you walk?"

I was still cupping her breasts when she said, "I have devotes like you that just walk around and carry them for me. Duh."

My neighbor's expression was beyond words, he is so very cute. I walked over to him and gave him a kiss. I looked at Lovely and grabbed his hand, "We really have to be going, but I want to say goodbye really quick," I said as I pulled him in the direction of my bedroom.

"Don't get cum in her!" Lovely chirped.

I shut my bedroom door and looked at him being as serious as possible, "I'll be good I promise."


"I sucked his cock, she rode his face. We were young. I was still a virgin even."

He put his hands over his eyes and started rubbing them making a soft groan. He let out a sigh, "You've always been bad?"

"Iz a Kitty."

Leaning in he gave me deep, long kisses. "Do I have something to worry about," he got out before sucking my favorite spot on my neck that always makes me squeal in delight.

"She won't fuck me either; I've tried."

Lovely and I got up to the Falls late and went to a club that was doing 80's night. We had drinks, danced, hit the casino, drank some more and then walked down to the Falls in the dark, while it was snow misting. We had too much to drink and didn't quite realize we had walked all the way over from the strip to the other side of the Horseshoe Falls. It was a long, cold walk back.

The next day, we did all the tourist stuff we could fit in before heading up to Toronto. The hotel I got I knew was Downtown off of Church Street, but did not know until we got there also happened to in the heart of Toronto's Gay Village. It could not have been a better fit for Lovely and I to celebrate her birthday. We naturally hold hands and kiss and play with each other's hair so we felt very comfortable to be ourselves while we walked aboot our area to see where what we wanted to do for the evening.

I called my neighbor to check in while relaxing at the hotel before going out for the night.

I could tell from the second he answered the phone he was happy to hear from me. "What kind of trouble are you two getting into," he asked in replacement of saying "hello".

"Oh, not much trouble right now. We're just taking a bath." Lovely said "hi" to him in the background before trying to tickle my foot. "We have a nice room, the view is amazing. We're on the 27th floor," I said excitedly.

"Did you say we are taking a bath," he asked with a huge emphasis on the word "we".

"Yep, we are taking a bath together. It's a huge tub, one with a faucet on the side. We've bathed together in much smaller tubs, this is quite luxurious."

My neighbor said nothing.

"Are you still there," I asked not being sure if we were disconnected.

"I am so jealous right now."

"He said he's jealous", I whispered loudly to Lovely.

"Jealous of you being naked with me while I wash your supple skin with my bare hands or is jealous he's not here to watch me do it," Lovely asked before reaching out to grab my breasts. "I'm playing with her tits right now," Lovely sang.

"Hmmmm...." he said thinking, "Both. I want to be her and watch her with you; wait did that come out weird?"

I laughed then relayed to Lovely, "Both."

"Tell her I sing every time I play with your tits too," he added.

I put him on speakerphone, "Go ahead and tell her yourself."

Lovely and I put on a show for him over the phone of touching each other's naughty girl bits and telling him what all he's missing. He was a good sport listening though most of it with only making a few naughty remarks back.

We told him where we were and what we were going to do for dinner and what club we thought we would go to. After I was out of the bath drying off, I told him I needed to go and get dressed. He asked me if we could be off speakerphone. Lovely feigned being upset and said that if he and I started having "secrets" she would no longer share me with him.

"I really miss you. I'm glad you're having fun though," he said in a way that made me imagine his gorgeous full lips were hanging out in a pout.

"I'm sure Lovely would be up for the three of us having an adventure together next time so that you are not left there all alone," I said waiting for Lovely to chime in.

"He can suck my tits, but that's as far as it goes. I'm not some whore. I do not slurp goo out of other ladies who-ha's, not even yours. You may be able to convince me to fuck him and you could slurp his cum out of me though. I know you don't mind slurping cum and you've only begged me for years to eat me out," she rambled before bursting into uncontrollable laughter. "I'm just leaving it out there."

I had tears rolling down my face trying to contain myself.

"Did you hear any of that," I barely got out to my neighbor.

"Every word, I'll be holding her to it."

There was not supposed to be a next call to my neighbor, but I felt I had to call and ask permission from him before proceeding with Lovely on her quest.

"You okay," he answered groggily. It was about 4am.

"I'm sorry to call, it's just that she can't find her g-spot, she wants my help," I slurred.

"What? Wait, she wants you to help what?" he asked in utter confusion.

I conveyed we had been drinking and dancing. We had seen an ad for the largest sex toy store in Canada by the front door before we left. It was close so we decided to go.

Lovely had been trying for years to have an internal orgasm. I tried to explain it to her as best as I could, but she still couldn't make herself cum. When we went to the store, she was determined to find the best dildo she could and have me verbally instruct what to do while she used it. That also didn't work.

"Does that all make sense so far," I questioned him.

"You are telling me you have been watching Lovely masturbate with a dildo while telling her how to use it," he answered attentively.

"I don't want to waste $80," Lovely said pathetically, "I need her help."

My neighbor made little unidentifiable noises before asking, "So what are you asking permission to do exactly."

"I want her to make me cum," Lovely said.

"With the dildo, you want her to use it on you," he tried to clarify with Lovely.

"Yes. Cat keeps telling me unless I know what to feel for, I won't be able to find it, but can't find what to feel for," she said back hopelessly.

"Is it okay for me to try," I asked fearful he would be upset.

My neighbor laughed, "Is this for real?"

"Yes," we both said in unison.

I cannot even speculate what was going through his head.

"You can stay on the phone and listen," Lovely offered.

He let out a series of "ums" before giving his approval, "I guess it's okay."

"Thank you neighbor," Lovely said as I made myself comfortable between her thighs.

Lovely handed the dildo to me.

"Do you want me to describe in detail what I am doing to her," I asked my neighbor. "Right now I'm just holding the dildo." I stopped mid-sentence to ask Lovely, "Do you need more lube?"

"Oh, god" I heard him mumble into the phone.

"Still okay," I asked him again.

"It's okay," he said reassuringly.

"I won't hear you say in the future, "Remember the time you fucked your friend with a dildo to help her cum? I have a friend who can't cum either so I want to be able to fuck him with a dildo too," I joked thus making Lovely giggle.

"That's where your mind goes Kitty, me fucking a guy with a dildo?"

"You are slightly fem, I would have gone there," Lovely remarked.

"Now Lovely is making fun of me! That's it, I take back my permission."

"No!" Lovely burst out. "I just mean that you are pretty. You are a pretty man. It's not a bad thing. Cat's always had a thing for guys in make-up; you two could easily go there with that. You have the cheek bones."

"Alright," I interrupted, and yes guys in make-up are hot. I have always had such a thing for Robert Smith from The Cure, even now. "In or out, everyone needs to be in agreement now."

"Finish me off," Lovely begged.

"You have permission for launch," my neighbor replied.

As promised, I gave verbal details as to what I was doing to Lovely for my neighbor to hear.

I placed the dildo against her clit and started to rub it a little. "You are very wet," I had to comment.

"I told you I didn't need any lube," Lovely spat back at me.

I placed the tip of the silicone dildo in her and rocked it up toward her pelvic bone sliding it deeper into her.

"Uh...." Lovely began, "That feels a little different."

"It will feel weird. Don't be alarmed if it feels maybe a little irritating until you get used to the feeling. I don't know how else to describe it," I said to comfort her as I kept trying to stimulate the area, rocking the cock harder and deeper into her.

"I'm not hurting you though," I had to ask out of concern.

"No, it's starting to feel better already," Lovely said as she started to match the strides I was making with the dildo in her.

I put my hand on her hip and tried to push hard and deep, to which her body responded immediately to. I kept up my pace, trying to rock the dildo harder and deeper with each stroke.

Lovely was making little moans and bit the back of her hand. Her dark blonde hair was covering most of her chest. She moved it out of the way and began to squeeze and play with her breasts.

I could hear little muffled noises here and there in the phone, but my neighbor remained quiet.

Just then as I really was getting into a good stride, I felt something wet hit my face. I wiped it away and felt Lovely's whole body begin to quake and she threw her hands over her face.

"I'm sorry," Lovely could barely spit out. "I am so embarrassed. I just squirted Cat in the face with my breast milk."

I heard uproarious laughter come across the phone line.

I sat there for a second. "Uh..." was all that I could get out. I had no idea she was still doing feedings for her one year old.

"I can't get him weaned completely. It's not a whole lot; I just need to expel what's built up. It doesn't help I'm so turned on," Lovely explained. "It tastes very sweet; do you want to try some?"

She asked in a way that I could not tell if she was teasing or not.

I heard my neighbor gasp into the phone. I'm sure he was waiting to hear whether or not I was taking her up on her offer.

I pushed the dildo back into her, "I don't care if it comes out, but try not to hit me with it," I scolded.

Lovely continued to play with her breasts as she moaned and grinded her pussy against the extension in my hand. I watched as puddles of white leaked from her nipples and ran down the sides of her breasts. Was it weird I was a little turned on by it? It was like her breasts were cumming.

I fucked her harder and she said she felt she was close. She asked if she should rub her clit. I told her to. I think it helps sometimes to make the spot inside even more pronounced when doing both.

I watched has her body begin to cease all movement with the exception of her hand that rubbed feverishly. I could feel her bare down on the dildo and I gave once last hard push into her as she came. Moans and other various delights of pleasure hung in the air until she went limp in front of me.

We all were quiet for a few moments. My neighbor broke the silence, "Nice work Cat, mission accomplished."

I placed the dildo beside us on the bed. I was disappointed. "No, not a good job, she didn't have an internal orgasm."

"What," my neighbor contested, "she was not cumming right then?"

"How do you know that I didn't, I didn't, but how do you know that," Lovely asked in amazement.

"She had a clitoral orgasm," I told my neighbor.

"I could tell you did not have an internal by the way you came. I just knew it was not an internal orgasm," I explained to Lovely.

"I'm broken," Lovely faked cry. "If you can't do it, I'll never be able to."

"It's not that I can't do it", I said assuredly, "I would have to use my fingers to do it so I know I am in the right place. I'm not willing to give up, I will make you cum," I said defiantly, but was quick to back down, "that is if we are all okay with that."

"Just to let you know neighbor," Lovely said while feeling her breasts, "I am not dirty, not like that other cunt who is her so-called friend. She will not spout fungus or disease from being inside me like she would with her." (There has been an open rivalry between Lovely and my friend Stancy Ass since middle school, both competing for my time and affection.)

I closed my eyes and heard my neighbor say very maturely and sweetly, "I understand. Cat is helping you. This all, while amusing, sounds somewhat educational from my end."

"Thank you," I said in response. "That is truly what it is. I would not do it if it were my other friend, not even with triple gloves and splash guards and a biohazard suit on." Lovely and I both laughed.

"It's not a turn on at all that I'm fucking a girl over the phone with you, educationally or not," I had to ask.

"No comment," he said laughing.

I placed my finger and touched her moist neatly trimmed pussy. I tried to slide my middle and ring fingers in as confidently as a Dr. in the old days when they used to bring women into the office and manually masturbate them to cure hysteria; my fingers could cure her.

Lovely was very swollen and slick. As open as I am to things, it was odd that I was actually inside of my best friend. I can see this night being brought up much like the threesome reference earlier, long into the future.

I felt around and had to push up and in. I grabbed the outside of her pelvic bone with my thumb and held her as if I was trying to hold a bowling ball until I could feel the unmistakable ridge I was looking for.

"Now that feels way weird," Lovely said uncomfortably. I told her to relax and reminded her it might feel irritating. I moved my fingers around the scallop in tiny firm circles.

"It feels good, but I feel like I have to pee," she said nervously.

"Shhhhh," I whispered to Lovely. I had privately had the conversation regarding that feeling when she was trying to do it solo before we called my neighbor. It was not abnormal and is a worry a lot of women have.

I felt her body grind and massage my fingers. It was cool and interesting to feel another woman squirm and quiver. I could tell things were going much better as I milked the spot with my fingers getting her closer and closer. I got up on my knees and fucked her as she rode my hand. She was so loud I had to keep telling her to be quiet. I pushed in deep as I heard her let out a heavy moan and she froze. I could feel all the muscles inside of her have a life of their own spasming uncontrollably.

It was probably close to a full minute that she came on me, my hand being clinched to the point of pain. When she released I sighed and was glad to be able to withdraw my fingers that felt like they were going to cramp up.

"I did not know it was such hard work to get a girl off with your fingers," I said exhausted.

"So you made it happen this time," my neighbor asked.

Lovely laid there spent. She couldn't talk; she just gave a thumbs up. I asked my neighbor to hold while went to the bathroom and got cleaned up. I came back in and took him off of speaker phone, "So...."

"So...." He said back coyly.

"Maybe I shouldn't be but I am really wet from all of this. Even educational and all, I still just made a girl cum. That's all new for me."

He laughed. I could tell he was unsure if he should ask, "Are you going to do something about it?"

"Hmmm," I said with enthusiasm. "Would be up to doing something with me about it over the phone, assuming you have not made yourself cum while putting us on mute."

Again laughing he said, "No, I have not. Are you going to do it there in the same room?"

"We are sharing a king size bed." I glanced at Lovely who looked very content.

"Would you mind if I make myself cum over the phone for him," I asked while poking Lovely in the side.

"Have at it," she said and rolled with her back to me.

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