tagRomanceKitty: A Girl Named Cat Ch. 06

Kitty: A Girl Named Cat Ch. 06


The next two weeks were chaotic. I did not have a day off. Not that I am complaining, it is hard to make it as a professional photographer in a big city. I'm quite grateful for the work, but it wasn't just work. It was my friend's assistant in the gallery that quit right before a big show that I helped jump in to make happen and also another friend was in need after a bad break-up. Life stuff, it happens, so I did not get to dole a ton of attention to my neighbor. It was nice, although I cannot believe that I am actually admitting it, not to be consumed with having him. When we were together it was pretty chill and enjoyable not putting pressure on him for anything more than what we had been doing.

By the time my day off rolled around I was tired. I kissed him goodbye and stayed in bed. I was planning on doing nothing that day, but sleep, eat, and have a quiet evening. I guess when you expect nothing to happen, that's when you get pleasant surprises. I got a big one from my neighbor as he climbed into bed waking me just after 10am.

"What are you doing home," I asked trying to wake, looking at the clock.

He explained there had been a bad gas leak down the street from his building, everyone was evacuated and eventually sent home. He kissed my face and asked eagerly what ours plans would be. He never got days off during the week unless it was a major holiday. This was like a spring Christmas for him. My neighbor rarely called off or took vacation time; he was by all means a "dependable" employee. Hearing how excited he was to get stolen time to spend with me, I was excited to go make a fun day out of it. First I had to get into the shower.

I'm not huge on make-up and don't do much to my hair except dry out my bangs. I threw on minimal eyeliner, some mascara, a touch of rouge and some lip gloss and head back into the bedroom to get dressed. I was stopped by the bed and taken down onto it, by my now naked neighbor kissing me aggressively. It took me a little by surprise, but I was also very turned on that he was being so forceful.

We lay on our sides as he kissed down my throat and onto my breasts. He looked into my eyes as he licked and bit my nipple. I ran my hands though his hair as he sucked as much of my breast as he could into his mouth. He pressed his cock against me. We both moaned as I slid myself up and down, his cock parting my slippery delicate folds.

With his hand, he pressed my shoulder down to the bed and kissed his way down my stomach. I spread my legs receptively to his oral affection. His lips kissed and sucked on my labia mimicking how slow and soft I usual kiss him, with his intense and emotion filled eyes locked into mine.

"It's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen," spilled out of my mouth. I was overcome by ecstasy, overcome by my love for him, "Better than sunsets or flowers, fine art or other coveted items of beauty, that's how much I love looking into your eyes while you pleasure me."

He closed his eyes momentarily while he searched with his tongue to run it across my clit. I grabbed the back of his head with my hand urging him to lavish me with more affection. He was happy to oblige.

The way he knew how to flicker his tongue around my clit, sucking with his mouth, and then lick around it again, did not feel to me that is was not a boasted skill on his sexual resume. His lips were fuller than any other man I have been with and the sensation they gave me while he kissed and sucked me was unlike anything I have ever experienced.

I tossed my head back and forth on the pillow in my own world. He grabbed my thighs in his hands and I rode his face as he continued to suck and kiss me. I reached down and laced my fingers with his and pushed my pussy harder into his busy mouth.

"Please," I whimpered softly, "I want a kiss, please."

Making his way on top of me I wrapped my legs around him and pulled him into a deep yearning kiss. He almost had started to make his way inside me but he stopped himself and kissed his way back down. "I want to make you cum with my mouth, I've been thinking about it since I woke up this morning," he murmured before seeking out my clit again with his tongue.

I allowed myself to drift away little by little and eventually gave in, involuntarily clawing the bed and releasing moans of pleasure as he gave me a deeply gratifying orgasm. Being a true gentleman, he gave me a second one, knowing I needed at least two to feel truly satisfied. It was the third that was unusually hard to achieve and after left me hoarse and sweaty.

Exhausted, I wanted it to be my turn to return the favor, but he resisted. I would not take no after he spent nearly a half hour pleasuring me.

I was still trying to control my breathing as I climbed on top of him, massaging his chest, and gave small kisses downs to his belly button. I played with the small patch of hair on his stomach while staring at his cock. One small kiss on the head, then another longer one with my mouth parted.

I ran my tongue across the tip making small licks, with my lip dragging behind it. I was dripping with excitement to see how I could make all of muscles in his stomach contract and release uncontrollably after every little kiss.

He was anxious, I could tell, for me to do more, but I desired to play with him, take my time and make him understand how deep my desire was to give him pleasure too. I traced a circle around the head of his cock with my finger and then ran it in a straight line down the shaft, making my way to lightly massage his balls in my hand.

My neighbor made a groan as I took the tip of his cock into my mouth while I continued to massage his scrotum. I bobbed my head bringing the tip in and out of my mouth, sucking it to try to get a taste of his cum. I slid his cock deeper and deeper into me changing the direction in which I took him in and out, from left to right, until I had swallowed him whole. I forced him back into my throat and his body responded by thrusting him in deeper. I held my head there, with his cock stretching out my lips, as long as I could before coming up for air.

Panting and making other little noises as I played with him, I used my hand to stroke his cock as I sucked and swallowed him. I grabbed him tightly at the base of his cock and made my way to kiss and suck his balls. I continued to stroke harder and faster once I brought him back into my mouth. One more hard stroke down and up, squeezing the tip I produced a small drip, the tiny reward I had been working for that surfaced from inside of him. I licked his sweet cum, savoring that one small taste of him. I took a break to flash him a huge smile to share what joy that this small accomplishment gave me and that I was eager to taste more.

Just like that, he snatched me up and put an end to it. I tried to pull him on top of me, thinking maybe he would just fuck me instead, but he said that I had enough for right now. I contested, but it was no use.

We got dressed and both had built up quite and appetite so we walked down to a local eatery and got lunch to go. It was such a beautiful day, to not take advantage of the picnic tables on the riverbank next to our apartments would have been a waste.

Hopping a bus to the downtown art museum was next. There was a glass exhibit that was amazing. Then we stopped at a saloon grabbed some drinks before walking back home. It was not even three yet. On our walk back feeling pretty relaxed after cumming three times and having a few drinks in me, I made a comment that the only thing that could make me feel even better than I felt at that moment was if I had a bowl to toke. My neighbor laughed and shook his head in agreement, but made no comment. Once upstairs in our hallway, I made the turn right to go into my apartment and felt his hand pull me left toward his.

Making our way inside I was not sure exactly what we were doing in his place until he pulled out a small box from under his coffee table and showed me a few small nuggets of kind and a very nice Sherlock blue glass bowl.

"Very nice," I said while tipping my imaginary hat at him. We sat on his couch and finished off a bowl. It had been a long time since I had smoked and the kind he had tasted to be a fragrant northern lights which made for a nice, not too heavy buzz. My neighbor played with my toe ring and we could not stop laughing for absolutely no reason. After he got us both glasses of water, he motioned me to come to his bedroom with him.

Grabbing my face in his hands he kissed me gently before beginning to undress me.

He took his time kissing down my back and neck, attending to every spot he knew made me squirm. Right as he was going to make his way on top of me his phone rang. Knowing he was still on work time he answered it, but it happened to be Utah who he quickly let go.

I got up on my knees and sat back toward the end of the bed motioning with my fingers for him to come to me. Smiling, he eagerly made his way down to me as I curled into a ball on my back with my legs open for him. He kissed me with one hand on my face as he used his other hand to rub his cock against my slit and then down towards my opening. He placed the tip of his cock inside me and then brought his full body weight down into me as his thickness slid inside and filled me up.

He stopped kissing me and held himself inside. I could feel his cock pulsing as he lay there. "You feel so good," he said and tried to take slow long breaths.

"Good enough to want to fill me," I taunted.

A huge smile appeared and he whispered, "Shhhhhh Kitty." He reached up and fondled my hair and pressed himself deeper, bringing his lips to mine for soft kisses. "You say things like that I'm going to explode," he explained. "My Kitty will get her cream, patience."

I grabbed his back with my hands and started to rock his cock back in forth while he kept himself deep inside, pulling and milking his cock with my muscles. I was already so swollen and wet, I didn't need him to fuck me hard, or even for him to do anything more than he was doing for me to cum on his cock.

"Cat," he moaned as I began to quicken my pace and feel him start to match every move I made with deeper penetration. "Cat," he confessed between kisses, "I can't take much more." He wrapped one arm underneath me, grabbing my shoulder while his other hand grabbed the hair on the back of my head, hugging me tightly as he kissed me.

I buckled my legs around his waist and tilted my pelvis back. He made full long strides as we kissed and moaned. I felt small bursts of wetness squirt from me as I felt him getting closer and closer to cumming.

"Oh Cat," he moaned into my ear. Hearing my name called while his voice trembled in pleasure was all I needed to be able to cum. I grabbed his ass and forced him deep and held him there as I made small high pitched gasps for air. My whole body started to shake as I clenched down tightly onto his cock. I was grinding his cock so hard I could feel every muscle in my body contract and bare down. The muscles in my face and down my neck were even sore as I tensed up and started to cum harder than I ever had before. He moaned louder as I moaned louder.

"I love you, I love you, I love you," I gasped before going silent, overtaken by a gut wrenchingly powerful internal orgasm. I had experienced internal orgasms before, usually my fingers or a toy. This is the first time I had ever cum with a partner without rubbing my clit.

It was completely different and incredible.

He gave me a quick kiss before he let out a deep groan and I felt a pulse from his cock and a warm sensation was forced into me. It pushed me further into my orgasm as he continued to pulse and fill me with his cum.

I felt cum being squeezed and then pour out of me while I came on him. He had so much cum for me. I felt the rigidness in his back relax as he finished his climax. I was still cumming on him as he tried to catch his breath. I screamed out for one final time before I too succumb and laid there weak and dazed. My hands hurt from grabbing onto him so tightly although he did not complain. He leaned in to kiss me again before pulling out his cum drenched cock.

I pushed him down on his back still trying to come too. Kissing down his stomach and made my way to his cock, sucking into in to my mouth, tasting our juices mixed all over him. He sighed as I sucked and cleaned him.

I finished and collapsed onto his chest.

"Such a good Kitty," he said smiling and patting my head.

I came up for a few more small kisses and we laid there staring into each other's eyes.

My neighbor ingratiated me with another filling that evening, once during the night and then again the next morning. We had to retreat to my apartment for our shower. We didn't even bother to conceal our nakedness as we scurried across the hall.

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