tagNonConsent/ReluctanceKitty Cat Capture Ch. 01

Kitty Cat Capture Ch. 01


Catharina Orloff by all rights should not have been beautiful. Her eyes were too small, her nose was too big, her chin not strong enough, her hair, long and flowing, always had a mind of its own and she could never shed the extra pounds she put on during a depression in the 7th grade. It didn't matter though, everyone knew who she was. Her looks, though imperfect, melded together to create a stunning masterpiece. Blue eyes, deep set and pensive were framed by lush dark lashes and perfectly arched brows. Her lips, full, and naturally red were always slightly parted. Her cheekbones were high and sharp, giving her face lovely angles and contours. And her crowning glory, her untamable hair, fell to the nip of her hips, black as coal and curly. Though she was thicker than the average girl, the extra weight padded her breasts, hips and buttocks, rounding and filling them all to capacity. She was tall, 5'11" and curvaceous, boasting a 42 E bra, a 32 inch waist and 40 inch hips.

Though Catharina was a sexy and desirable 20 year old, she had spent most of her life attending the needs of her sick father and thus was still a virgin. Not that the boys in her town hadn't tried, she just never accepted any offers to be deflowered. Most men thought she was an icy bitch. Cold as her Russian vodka. In reality, Cat just wanted to be loved for more than her body and she did not believe in settling for sexual pleasure when her mind would be un-stimulated.

It was precisely this attitude that got Cat in trouble in the first place. A boy she knew from her university, Henry, had been pursuing Cat for months. He had tried everything from asking nicely to begging, but nothing got her attention, at least not enough for her to accept. Henry and his fraternity brothers, after months of being rejected, decided that their best course of action was to kidnap the lovely Cat and make her purr. Confident her pride would never allow her to admit she had been raped, they began to formulate the plan.

Cat was a stickler for routine. Even a casual observer might notice she was obsessive, to the point of a compulsion, and that a clock could be set by her attention to schedule. Every day at precisely 7am Cat would rise from her bed, and tend to her grooming. Showering, doing her hair, makeup and getting dressed she was out of her dorm by 7:50. From her dorm she would take a short walk to the parking lot where her old Honda sat every night, and then she would take a 20 minute drive to see her father at the convalescent home. She made one stop on the way, at a local bakery and coffee house, where she would get a dozen fresh croissants and two espressos. At 8:35 she would arrive at her father's hospital, where she would remain for 3 hours. Then she would get back in her car and head back to the college, where she would attend her three block classes from 12pm to 6 pm. Mondays and Wednesdays she took Art History, Psychology and Literature. Tuesdays and Thursdays she took Calculus, Theology and was a TA for her Literature professor. Her only free day was Friday, where she could be found at the library during class hours. After her classes she would go back to her father's hospital to eat dinner with him, and then return to her dorm by 8 pm. She spent an hour and a half at the gym every night from 9 pm to 10:30. The 15 minute walk back to her dorm left her home safe and sound at exactly 10:45pm. Her weekly routine never changed, never varied, and thus, Henry and his frat brothers were able to formulate a plan.

On a Friday night, shortly before 10:30pm, Henry and his frat brothers Paul, William, and Daniel lay in wait behind Cat's dorm building. The steep steps to the front doors were flanked by trees that provided the perfect amount of cover for the darkly clad group. Henry stood at the forefront; he would be the one to distract Cat as his friends crept behind her with chloroform rags. Paul had managed to swipe the chloroform from his chemistry lab.

At 10:40 Henry stepped out of the shadows and sat upon the third step of the dorm hall's staircase. Cat approached, perfectly on time, and frowned when she saw him sitting in front of her, casually smoking a cigarette. She had to admit, he was handsome, if not ridiculously persistent. And if her circumstances were different, she might be inclined to let him take her out. He was tall, at 6 feet 5 inches, and muscular. His dark hair was clipped short, but dark stubble shadowed his jaw, and his eyes held a brooding mysterious quality that Cat found wildly attractive. On top of his looks, he was smart, and charming. But Cat still said no every time he approached her for a date. She knew he wouldn't stop until she said yes, but she assumed he was harmless, if not a little pushy.

As she approached the steps Henry rose, and smiled.

"Cat, hello! What a coincidence running into you here."

"Sure Henry, it was coincidence. You had no clue I lived in these dorms, and you had no clue I would be on my way back right now. What is it you want?" Her tone was glacial, and derisive, and she breathed deeply, reminding herself she ought to be flattered by his pluck.

"Geez Cat, you don't have to be so sarcastic. Can you blame me for wanting to talk to you? I can't get you out of my head." Henry descended the steps to stand right in front of her, blocking her path to the steps and staring into her azure eyes. "I just wanna know what it is about me that you hate so much. You won't go out with me, you won't talk to me. What is up with you anyways?"

Cat clicked her tongue impatiently and made a face. "Oh my, I see, I've bruised your ego, have I? Let me tell you something Henry. You're fine the way you are. You're amazing even, handsome and smart. But you're not my type, so leave me alone, please!" Her cheeks were stained red, and she glared at Henry as he stood before her, hands up in a silent apology.

"Aww, look, see, you like me, just a little. Admit it Kitty Cat." He stepped forward, blocking her view of the stairs and the trees to the right as he tried to lean in for a small embrace. This was the signal, and Paul and William and Daniel crept forward from the shadows, preparing to pounce the second Henry released her.

"Let me go you asshole. I don't want a hug, I want you to move so I can go to bed. I've had a long week, a long day, and all I want is to go to bed. Get the FUCK off of me." Cat didn't yell, because that would be un ladylike, but she hissed at him in the cold night, and shoved at his arms as he held her in a vice grip of a hug. When finally her shoving seemed to do it's trick, he let her go, and that's when she saw them. The three boys standing behind her and on either side of her, she recognized as Henry's frat brothers, and panicked.

Before she could utter a scream Paul pounced, placing the chloroform soaked rag over her mouth and holding on for dear life. Because of the hour and the relative desertedness of the campus, no one was around to witness the kidnapping. And as Cat's lifeless form slumped into Henry's arms, the four boys and their captive began to quickly make their way back to the van they had parked in the closest lot.

When they had slammed the doors to the van behind them, they began to tie Cat up for their journey. First they cuffed her ankles, then her hands, in front of her, finally a ball gag placed in her mouth and a blindfold slipped over her eyes. On the off chance that their sleeping beauty woke up before they reached their destination she would have no chance of escape.

When they reached their frat house they carried their still sleeping captive down the stairs into the basement, which they had redecorated to be the new dungeon. Of their frat brothers, they were the only ones with keys. And their plan, to turn Cat into a cock whore, would mean discretion, or payment, of some sort. But first they would need to break her, and that was a job only the four of them were involved in.

The basement was one big room, which they had had turned into four smaller rooms. One room boasted a bed, with a head and footboard that cuffs could be attached to. A second room was a bathroom with all the necessary amenities one could ask for. A third room had a min fridge, a small table, and a hot plate, not much, but enough of a kitchen that even their captive would be able to eat. The last room however would be the most terrifying for naïve Cat. The fourth room held a pole, and table to which Cat could be tied as well as a wall of toys and props with which she could be tortured, and enough chairs that a large audience could enjoy her at their beck and call. But that room wouldn't be used until later.

When Cat was sufficiently attached to the bed the boys stood and waited, hoping she would wake soon. They didn't want to be gone when she realized what had happened and that she was theirs now. Henry grabbed a pair of large scissors and grinned at his cohorts.

"Well, what do you guys think? Should we unwrap this present while we wait for it to wake up??"

Paul and William grinned evilly as Daniel laughed and all nodded their heads in agreement.

Henry began with Cat's shirt, cutting the thin cotton from her skin, exposing ripe peach colored flesh. He pulled away the shreds of her shirt to expose her dark grey sports bra, which was working overtime trying to contain Cat's monster tits.

"I think I'm gonna wait to let those suckers out. Let's see what kind of panties she's got on."

The boys murmured their agreement, and Henry began cutting Cat's workout pants from her legs, slicing up to her crotch on her right leg and then starting over on her left. He snipped the waist band of the spandex pants and then tugged them out from under Cat's perfect ass. A pair of skimpy grey bikini briefs was exposed to view, her mound only separated from them by a thin layer of cotton.

Henry whistled. "Well, look here boys. The ice queen shaves." He slid his finger over her cotton clad slit, and grinned when her lips seemed to pout even more through their confines.

"When she wakes up, do we get to fuck her?" Paul asked.

"Yeah Henry, I want a taste of that bitch now." Daniel added

Henry smiled. "Boys, boys, never you fear. As soon as this cock tease wakes up, we are all going to take her for a spin. But I get to pop her cherry, you understand me? And that means both cherries. I'm going to fuck her pussy and her ass while she begs me to stop. You guys can fuck her mouth and cum wherever you want, but the first dick in either of her holes will be mine. Got it?"

The boys all nodded their agreement, and went back to watching the lovely Cat's chest heave as she breathed deeply. Soon her breathing became shallower and her limbs began to move, though not far due to their confines in the cuffs. The ball gag they had put in place muffled Cat's insistent cries, and the boys all rose to stand over her.

"What's that Kitty Cat? I don't seem to be able to understand you. I'm gonna tell you a few things, and then if you promise to be a good girl, I'll take that gag off of you. Nod if you understand me, Kitty."

Cat nodded frantically and the boys all smiled.

"Good girl. Ok, listen up. No one knows where you are, and no one saw us take you, so you're ours until we say otherwise. And by the time we're done with you, you won't want to leave. Don't bother denying it now, because you'll be inclined to agree with us when you see how good our cocks can make you feel. We are going to fuck you. That's me, and William, and Paul and Daniel. Then when we've broken you in a bit, we're going to get our friends to fuck you. You're going to get fucked so much you won't be able to think of anything but cock deep inside all your holes. Now, we're going to start stage one by fucking you now. This room is sound proof, so you can be as loud as you want, but I want to set a few ground rules. Rule one, no screaming or begging to be let go. You are ours. Get that through your head. Rule two, no biting or I will personally beat you until you beg me to stop. Nod if you understand me Kitty."

Cat nodded again, tears were streaming down her face under the blindfold, and her chest heaved, but she stayed silent.

"Good girl. Now Paul is going to come take the blindfold and gag off. No screaming at all or you will regret it."

Paul moved to Cat's side and slid the blindfold from her head. Her eyes darted about frantically, but the room was dark, and all she could make out were the shapes of the boys who were now her captors. He then took the ball gag and removed it from Cat's sore mouth. Her mewling sobs were audible now, but none of the boys seemed to care much. All four had shorn every stitch of clothes except their boxers, and they all stood waiting for the moment Henry said go.

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