tagLoving WivesKitty Ch. 02

Kitty Ch. 02


Unhampered by clothing, Kitty beat me to the bed easily. I shed my clothing as quickly as possible as I chased after her. She was under the covers as I tugged down my pants. My boxers felt incredibly snug as they struggled to contain the most rigid erection I had ever experienced.

Kitty laughed as she pulled the covers up to her neck and said, "I won the race that means we get to do what I want to do. Maybe I just feel like sleeping."

I was naked now and sliding into the bed next to her.

"Like hell, you will go to sleep. I have needs and expectations!"

Kitty giggled again an replied,

"Of course I will take care of that." she gestured at the tent my cock was erecting from the sheets and said, "You men are all the same, threaten to send them off to bed without dessert and they pout like a six year old."

"Six year old kids don't sport stiffys in the presence of naked women." I replied.

"Which makes every mother on the planet extremely grateful!" Kitty shot back .

After a moment of letting me dangle, Kitty began to speak again. "I'll give you what ever you want Doug, I am on the pill, but I hope that most of the time you will be considerate enough to use a condom. A girl can't be too careful." After a moment Kitty got a curious look on her face and asked, "Has Matt talked about our bedroom activities?"

That was not a question I had ever expected her to answer. Matt was the kind of guy who liked to tell tales out of school. He had been quite effusive about his wife's sexual abilities and appetites. It was because of Matt's influence that images of Kitty moaning under me often came to my mind unbidden. As much as I loved Matt, he tended to rub it in when I was between relationships. When my well was driest he filled my head with thrust by thrust descriptions of his marital encounters. Rather than let the cat entirely out of the bag, I replied with a noncommittal, "A bit."

Kitty read all of the truth despite my lie. I'm not much of a poker player. She rolled her eyes and said, "I knew it! Matt couldn't keep from gossiping if I sewed his lips together!" Oh well, it is water over the dam."

Kitty sat up, allowing the sheet and blanket to fall away. Her beautiful large breasts looked fabulous in the full light of my room. I ached to touch her but Kitty surprised me. She pulled away the sheets, buried her breasts in my lap, an placed her mouth even with my throbbing manhood. Her blue eyes met mine as she gazed at me. She said,

"Doug, how about I start with a nice slow blow job? I know that Matt likes my technique."

Then without another word, Kitty slid her sweet little mouth over my maleness. She closed her eyes, a look of intense concentration danced across her features. The look of intensity was soon replaced by one of pleasure. I watched enthralled as the wife of my best friend worked my pole like a pro. I didn't realize how primed my pump had been. Long before I wanted release I felt myself coming. Kitty's head froze at the top of my shaft, then, without any fuss, Kitty spat my seed onto the sheets. All I could do in response was to praise her repeatedly

Kitty wiped her mouth and said, "You are very welcome, Doug. You have a nice cock. I'll take your early ignition as a sign that you more than happy with me."

"That is the flattering way to describe what just happened. I promise to last longer next time."

I made a move to kiss Kitty and was one again overwhelmed by her sweetness and softness. Kitty Frenched me and I Frenched her back. Having out tongues interlock was a intimacy I had not expected for a few days. Its arrival now was a pleasant surprise. I did not see any obvious reasons for it. Kitty did not seem to be angry with Matt. A bit miffed at him, but certainly not enraged. Her yielding to me seemed sincere. All I know for certain is that I was hard again faster than anytime since college. I decided that this erection was destined to empty itself inside of of Kitty.

"I do have a large supply of condoms, Kitty. However, I think there are times when I will be entitled to go bareback, as in now, the first time I take you. If it upsets you I am sorry, but I'm the one in charge of the next ten days."

Kitty's eyes got a far away look as she stated, "Of course, Doug. I'm scrupulous about taking the pill and it has never failed me before. I just hope that you consider my feelings from time to time. I know that I will be better able to relax if you wear protection. That will make things better for both of us."

I took a moment to ponder her words and came up with my answer.

"We have a span of time ahead of us. Certainly we will do things how you want from time to time but you can not lose focus of the fact that you are in my house to please ME. Now I won't be a hard ass because I am not wired that way but don't try to get into the driver's seat. I'm not pleasant when I am angry."

"OK, Doug. So long as you remain a gentleman, I'll live up to my end of the deal."

"Excellent!" I replied as I bent my head to begin nuzzling her breasts. Before my lips set about their delightful task I murmured, "Let's focus on the pleasure aspect of our deal."

Kitty tits are amazing, The firmness and roundness are perfect. Kitty's skin is clear and even aside from an irregular wine birthmark on her left breast just where it meets her rib cage. Fairly small, but intense in color, I had never seen it before. Kitty's fairly conservative bikinis had had possessed enough material to conceal it. I gently kissed and stroked the blemish. It looked almost like a fingerprint. That caused me to imagine that God when he was creating Kitty was careful to include this flaw. I imagined the creator saying, "Kitty is nearly but not quite perfect. Perfection is only permitted to myself."

By now I was beyond ready. Gently, I positioned Kitty until she was under me with her legs parted. I knew that this particular moment would never be eclipsed. Whatever we did in the coming days would surpass this moment of anticipation and desire. I took a long moment to savor it before I plunged my maleness into Kitty's femaleness. Matt had told me that Kitty was pretty tight. That was putting things mildly. I have had a lot of girlfriends, none had owned a pussy as astonishing as Kitty's. I began to pump away and my manhood felt as though it had just entered the orifice of some exotic creature. It is almost impossible to describe. I could say that Kitty felt more like an enchanted wood nymph or sorceress, than like a normal woman.

Inane, I know. Part of what I was feeling, was undoubtedly the result of the pedestal I had placed Kitty on for so long, but the vast majority of it was pure Kitty. Just like her face and her figure, her sex was unique. As I pumped away, Kitty subtly yielded, opening just a bit more. I could feel her wetness of arousal. Kitty began matching my beat, I heard her soft breath in my ear purring like a kitten. I felt sure that, had I lasted just a bit longer, I would have gotten us both off. Again I came before I wanted to. Kitty caused me to lose all self control and restraint. I surrendered all power to my little head.

Dejectedly I whispered in Kitty's ear, "Sorry. Kitty."

To Kitty's considerable credit her voice betrayed no hint of disappointment as she replied,

"You have nothing to be sorry for, Doug that was very nice. I'm flattered that you find me so desirable."

I countered with, "Ever the diplomat, you minx."

To avoid any further awkwardness I stood up and announced, "I don't know if you have had dinner yet or not. If you have, I will make you a light snack. If not, You know how good a cook I am. I will make you anything you want for dinner, provided I have the ingredients on hand,"

Kitty swung her legs off of the bed and arraigned herself in a sitting position.

"Dinner sounds good, Doug. I'm afraid that Matt and I spent most of today arguing. I barely had time to pack let alone cook."

"I'm sorry that Matt is being such a prick," I replied in a concerned voice.

"He is so frustrating." said Kitty dejectedly. "He first suggested this idea of me sleeping with you, but once our agreement was reached, he became a petulant, jealous jerk. Matt is convinced that you will 'steal me away' and make me a 'slave' to your cock. I really should crack down on the kinds of pornographic movies I let him watch. I suppose that many men would suffer a similar insecurity, but Matt's is downright comical. I LOVE the little boy in him but sometimes, the little boy takes up too much of his personality. It doesn't matter to him, how often or how vociferously I proclaim my love to him, he's convinced that the first rich, handsome man that shows interest in me will have me eating out of his hands. I explained over and over, that there was no way I was going to fall in love with you, Doug. Matt won't really believe that until he picks me up when our little sojourn on the wild side is over. And once I am am home, I will have to be quite adventurous in bed to prove to him that I intend to stay."

Kitty's expression changed and she said,

"You have no idea the frustrations you have avoided by staying single, Doug."

"Its not for lack of trying, Kitty. More than anything I want to come home to a lovely smiling face it just that none of them ..."

"...were me!" said Kitty finishing my thought in a far more authentic manner than I would have.

"Look, Doug, what I am doing for the next ten days is not exactly easy. Its bad enough I have to deal with a whiny husband when I go back, I'm not going to put up with a love struck puppy while I am with you. I like you a great deal, Doug, otherwise I would not be here, I will obey you, lavish you with feigned affection and cater to your every whim, but I am NOT going to fall in love with you. Are ALL men this delusional?"

"Kitty, I understand what you say, but I DO have feelings for you. Even if you never love me back, my desire is undiminished. It will be hard to drive all the romantic notions from my head but I will try my best. You have to understand that when a man has a dream and that dream morphs into reality, he has a hard time dealing with it. You are a dream that breathes and walks, Kitty. I can't just turn off my feelings for you."

"I can live with infatuation, Doug," replied Kitty slowly, "but if you have any notions of these ten days ending with me moving in with you and becoming the smiling fantasy wife of your dreams, you should banish them immediately. Look at it this way, Doug. For more than a week, you get me at my best, you get whatever you want and you don't have to deal with any of the headaches. You won't see me at my worst. You will not see my anger, my occasional moodiness or have to meet MY emotional needs. For the next ten days you get a little honeymoon. You won't have to do any of the hard work that comes after the couple settles back into normal life. If you were my husband, Doug, you would soon discover many things about me that annoyed you or even caused you to hate me. Marriage is no picnic. I am a very content wife, but Matt has lots of faults. So do I, Matt sees my faults and does not care, we are well matched. I exist in your mind, Doug as a fantasy creature. I will remain that. It is something you should treasure. Every honeymoon has its end, but our little idyll can remain in your mind with white hot intensity. Years from now, when you ARE married to some sweet and beautiful woman, you will think back upon our time together and smile. The next ten days can NEVER be taken from you or diminish with time. If that's not heaven, what is? Apparently I have resided in your dreams for quite awhile, Doug. I can remain in your fantasies for the rest of your life as well, so long as you get a firm grip upon your emotions."

Kitty stared at me intently for a log moment, making sure her words had an impact. Then, she brightened, rose to her feet and strode over to me. She embraced and kissed me deeply and then said,

"Let's have that dinner now. I would like some of the Asian chicken you make so well."

Wearing one of my striped dress shirts, Kitty sat in my naked lap as I fed her. As we ate we talked. To my surprise most of the conversation was about my work. Kitty seemed interested in hearing about the minutiae of my day to day routine. If she was acting, she was doing a superb job. We also talked a bit about current events and even touched upon the sad fate of Kitty's mother. It did me considerable good to get my mind elsewhere. I suppose that was Kitty's intent all along. She was not only beautiful, she was intelligent, just the sort of combination ...

I forced my mind away from focusing on the elephant in the room and asked,

"By the way what's in the suitcase? You didn't need to bring anything."

"Well there is my toothbrush, dental floss and my birth control pills for starters. There is also a little black dress with heels in case I can talk you into taking me to a very expensive restaurant or show. A couple of changes of clothes and a little bit of extravagance from Victoria's Secret that I bought especially for this occasion. No way in hell are you going to see me in anything I wear for Matt. Still, I expect it will have the desired effect upon you."

Kitty shifted on my lap as my erection throbbed.

"In fact, I can see that just the thought of me in it turns you on."

With that kitty stood up and said, "I will model it for you at bedtime. Its time for a few ground rules."

Kitty wore a sober expression as she stated. "Now, Doug, I will be VERY accommodating to you but anything involving pain is off the table. Also I am for YOU, Doug. No bringing in other guys or having me turn tricks or stripping for strangers. I KNOW that you are not that type of guy, Doug but I want it clear what I will and won't do. As for pain, I don't consider a little spanking pain." Kitty winked at me and continued, "I'll let you take photographs, but I have final approval over the ones you get to keep. It goes without saying, Doug that those pictures are for your enjoyment alone. I don't want to find them on the internet. I know that the pictures will be yours to do with as you please, Doug but if I ever find out that you shared them in any way our friendship is over, whether the sharing comes in two weeks or twenty years. Also, no radical haircuts!"

Kitty gazed at me intently, her eyes daring me to contradict or challenge her. "I can abide by the vast majority of those rules, Kitty. The last thing I want is your anger or unhappiness. I can tell you now that at some pint of our adventure I intend to collar you like a slave. If you have to sign for packages from the post man or UPS driver while in that condition, well then that is hardly my fault now is it?"

Kitty nodded her head in assent. "OK, Doug. But not too much of that."

After a beat, Kitty stated, "Let me take care of these dishes. Yes, you have a maid as well as a lover for the next ten days, then we can get ready for bed. To be honest, Doug this has ben a very trying day for me. I'm positive that a good night's sleep will make me much more eager in the morning. Is that OK?".

I told Kitty that it was more than fine. To be honest the excitement of the day had gotten to me as well, still I looked forward to taking Kitty at least twice before I drifted off to sleep. It would be a very rare gift, I realized, to have Kitty slumbering next to me while she also occupied my dreams, a person CAN be in two places at one time!

A short while later I was sitting on my bed awaiting Kitty's entry. After preparing for bed, Kitty had me enter the bedroom first while she donned her trousseau I had already bought some things for Kitty to wear but this was different. Kitty had picked out this outfit, whatever it was, with me in mind. It was a secret between the two of us, one Matt would never know. It occurred to me that this was just the first of many secrets Kitty and I would create and keep over the next few days. Suddenly I had a great deal more respect and understanding of how much of a challenge Kitty's task would be. Marriages abhorred secrets, yet for the future sake of Kitty's, she would have to erect a virtual Wall of China right in the middle of hers. I hoped that Matt could accept the edifice that Kitty was about to build, if not then things would go badly for the two of them.

I thought long and hard about my friend Matt. I knew he would be curious as to what transpired between his wife and myself. Perhaps he too would want thrust by thrust descriptions of Kitty in action. I knew implicitly that I could never relate such information to Matt. He would either have to kill his curiosity of learn to live with it. The Matt I knew was a rather resilient fellow, still I could imagine that the ten days Kitty and I shared would be a constant scar on Matt's psyche For a passing moment, I felt guilt about the pain I would be inflicting upon my best friend. Perhaps, had I thought further, I would have become morose, but at that moment Kitty appeared in the doorway.

My favorite color is robin's egg blue. Kitty and Matt know this, as they often gifted me oddball items like flyswatters and ashtrays they came across, that happened to be manufactured in that color. Kitty was arrayed now entirely in that hue. I'm sure my jaw was on the floor as Kitty slowly spun in the doorway of my bedroom. Under a gossamer peignoir Kitty was wearing a lacy bra, tiny panties and a garter with stockings, all in a matching shade of my favorite blue.

"So much more original than traditional slut black." said a smiling Kitty. "Sorry there are no shoes to go with the outfit, this color was hard enough to find as it is, matching footwear was an impossibility, I take it you like?"

"Yes indeed, Kitty. If I wasn't so horny, I'd leave you in that all night. Come here, I want to undress you."

"As you wish, Master."

Kitty was in my arms a moment later, I practically inhaled her as I kissed her full on the lips. Kitty knew just what effect this outfit would have on me. I realized that it gave her, at least for the present, the edge in whatever was passing between us. The gossamer wrap fell to the floor. I loosed Kitty's fantastic tits, gathered her up in my arms and lowered her to the bed. With my teeth I worked the tiny panties over her hips and down the long, nylon clad legs. I decided not to undress her any further.

"Oh, Kitty!" I cried as I nibbled on her succulent snatch and then positioned myself to enter her.

"Enjoy yourself, Doug. Enjoy yourself."

This time I rediscovered my familiar staying power. I was delighted as I saw the tremor of orgasm flow through Kitty's body just before I came in an impressive torrent deep inside Kitty's quim. I held the wife of my best friend close, listening as her breath and heartbeat slowed.

"I really liked that, Doug. There is no reason we can't make each other happy like this many times while we are together."

"Kitty, you are so beautiful and so wise, I will always envy Matt you."

"Thou shall not covet thy neighbor's wife!" Kitty said and then burst into a round of hysterical laughter.

I laughed right along with her. In that instant I was able to see her for what she truly was; a good friend doing me a favor in exchange for a favor of my own. Suddenly the upcoming days would be enough. I would not feel a life long ache for Kitty once she left my house. We would fuck like rabbits, have a blast, and return to our ordinary lives. Kitty was more than a friend. Yet, despite the sex that had already passed between us and would in the future, we were not lovers. I knew that I could face Matt with my head held high and tell him, "You are a lucky man to have Kitty for a wife, but she is not for me. She gave me nothing that you don't don't get in infinitely larger amounts."

I held Kitty just a bit less tightly as our laughter ended. The subsequent kiss had a very different flavor. We were two people who understood each other in a way we hadn't before. I realized that I had had to travel further than Kitty, but at last we were at the same destination. I no longer desired to possess Kitty. Enslaver her, collar her, spank her,shave her, boss her around, and fuck her every way till Sunday, unquestionably, but the desire to own had passed. Now the desire was to enjoy, to fill my senses and treasure the memory of her and that is exactly what I intended to do.

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