tagIncest/TabooKitty Does Daddy

Kitty Does Daddy


Author's notes: #1 I want to acknowledge Andygeo and his story 'Discovering Amy" as the inspiration for this story. After leaving him a comment about how I thought 'Amy' could be improved, I started playing with a parallel story, just to see what I could do with it. Naturally this is not even close to 'Amy" nor is it as good, but as my fingers roamed over the keys the characters took control and the Darn thing seemed to write itself. Thanks Andy

#2 All characters in this story have reached their eighteenth birthday.

#3 This is a work of fiction, nobody gets hurt and nobody catches a STD, unless it's written into the story.

#4 The Author wrote this as an adult fantasy. Taking these actions in real life will surely result in your spending time as 'Bubba's girlfriend.


While nineteen year old Kitty gazed at green fields of corn so rapidly slipping past the Greyhound's window, she didn't really see any of it; she couldn't think of anything except how stupid she'd been. Could Mom be right? Could she be pregnant? Instead of blowing her cool and talking back, maybe she should have simply gone along with what Mom said, just like she'd been doing since Dad left.

It was just that Mom was so—so what was the proper word—irritating? Yes that described her, she was like a pair of too tight shoes, rubbing, rubbing, rubbing until you had a blister and then she still kept irritating the blister, just like the shoes, until finally it burst.

Mom had finally pushed her past the limit and Kitty had burst out of the tight restraints Mom had used to control her since Dad left. Kitty still couldn't believe she'd had the nerve to stand up to Mom. She tried to remember just what brought things to a head—it all seemed like it had happened to someone else.

First Billy acted like such an ass, not at all like the Mr. Cool everybody claimed he was, then Mom had seen the stains on her precious dress and everything got kind of fuzzy from there. Sitting there, staring out the window of the Greyhound taking her ever farther away from the only home she'd known, except for brief stays on Dad's farm, parts of her life flashed through her mind.

Kitty had suffered a serious illness when she was in the second grade; something to do with her liver, Mom and Dad had shielded her from the gory details. The end result was she missed an entire year of school, and she didn't physically mature as fast as her friends.

Kitty found herself thrown in a third grade class with a complete set of strangers, all of whom were bigger than her. When she complained to Mom about not having any friends in her class, Mom tried to convince her if she was friendly, the other students would become her new friends. Kitty immediately set out to make everybody like her and in the process she developed a great personality. By the time she reached high school she was the most popular girl in the class.

Popular when at school, that is—when Kitty was in the sixth grade, Mom and Dad had a big time falling out about something; they would never tell her just what, but Kitty sort of pieced things together. Rightly or wrongly, she concluded Mom and Dad had joined the local swingers club and one or the other couldn't handle it. The result was Mom kept the house and custody of Kitty, while Dad moved to the farm he'd grown up on. With Dad living over ten hours away by bus, Kitty only saw him during the summer and on either Thanksgiving or Christmas. She thought it sucked.

Making matters worse, Mom became paranoid about Kitty and boys. She ran a tight ship after Kitty became a teenager, allowing her to be very active for school functions but never letting her hang with friends after school hours. The net result was Kitty moved into her senior year older than her classmates in age but much younger socially.

Her only sexual experience consisted of rare moments of slipping behind the bleachers at ball games, where she'd allow a boy to get to second base a few times, but never would she let a hand get under her clothes.

Of course like all teenage girls, she and her friends would have sleep overs, where they'd giggle and talk about their experiences with boys. Sometimes they'd get together at Linda's house when her parents were at a party of their own. Those nights Linda would break out her dad's stash of porn tapes and they'd watch, spellbound by the action, until time for Linda's parents to return.

By the end of their senior year all of Kitty's friends had confided that they'd 'done the dirty deed' and Kitty felt like the Lone Ranger, or better yet, The Lone Virgin. That was a title she swore she wouldn't take with her to Clemson.

With the help of her best friend she put operation "Cherry Popper" into action. The first step, getting her a proper date for the prom, worked out sooo perfect; Kitty had been almost walking on air when Billy, the football star, all around jock, and supposedly number one stud around school, finally asked her to be his date for the prom.

Kitty rushed home,hoping Mom would be in one of her good moods today; she'd been subject to wild mood swings lately, so wild that her friend Betsy had commented that Mom acted like she needed a man. Kitty's hopes were realized, and she gave her mother the good news.

What she didn't tell Mom was her plan to lose her virginity on prom night. After all, this was the seventies, not the boring fifties, and a girl wasn't expected to be virgin on her wedding night. Mom had been almost as excited as Kitty. Together they dug into the cedar chest, pulled out the dress Mom had worn to her prom, the same dress she was wearing in the pictures Kitty had admired for so long, and by the time they'd finished, it fit Kitty perfectly.

No, the words, a perfect fit, didn't do justice to the result. Kitty's olive skin and black hair, trimmed to just below the shoulders, combined with her petite body that seemed to have been made for the mint green dress, all came together to produce a young woman who would make any cock stand at attention.

Or as Momma had said, "Don't worry, Honey," You look absolutely beautiful. All of the boy's will want to dance with you.

Kitty frowned as they studied her image in the full length mirror. "But I look so small, so young," she protested.

They won't give a wit that you look so young. Believe me; the day will come when you'll appreciate looking younger than you are. I guess you inherited those genes from your Dad's side of the family. That man's forty five and still doesn't look a day over thirty."

"Maybe so, Mom—but I get so tired of looking at my friends, with their big boobs, knowing mine are the smallest in the whole senior class—senior class nothing, there are girls in the tenth grade with bigger boobs. Gazing into the mirror, she turned sideways and stuck her chest out. Her breast really weren't as small as Kitty thought. They were about the size of an orange, but Kitty wished for the grapefruit sized boobies some of her friends had.

Mom made the appropriate soothing sounds as she put the finishing touches on Kitty's outfit, and in the process almost managed to convince her that she was indeed beautiful. "Don't worry, Honey. Everything will be perfect. After all," Mom reminded her, "You are Homecoming Queen, aren't you?"

Yes everything had started out so perfect for Kitty, and had continued for the first part of the night. True, Billy hadn't paid as much attention to her as she would have wished, but still that's just how boys are; boys will flirt with every girl in sight, even if their date is sitting right there.

He did dance with Kitty a lot; she was pretty sure he danced all the slow dances with her. And he was very attentive to her needs, every time her glass got almost empty, he get her another glass of punch. What she didn't know was, toward the end of the night, the glass contained a little bourbon, not enough to get her drunk and attract attention, but plenty to lower her inhibitions enough that, when his hands roamed over places they shouldn't, she didn't stop him. After the prom broke up, she readily agreed to skip going to the lake house, where most of her friends were planning to spend the night, chaperoned of course.

Giggling, she eagerly followed Billy to his nineteen fifty seven Chevy hardtop, where she cuddled next to him for the short drive to Billy's favorite parking spot. Once there Billy backed it behind some bushes, where it wouldn't be readily visible should another teen have the same idea he had.

"Come on," he pulled her to him. "Let's get in the back seat where it will be comfortable." Kitty was all for that since she fully intended not to still be a virgin at sunrise. Once in that big back seat, Billy's kisses set her afire while his hands roamed her body at will. Kitty's heart raced, her breathing sounded like she'd run the three minute mile, and when his fingers twirled themselves in her little patch of hair before finding their way into her moist inner core, she couldn't keep her undulating pelvis still.

Time seemed to become a meaningless blur of a tongue probing her mouth, suckling lips nipping and pulling on her taught nipples before sucking them into a warm mouth, and fingers tracing the outline of her throbbing labia. She had no idea when her panties disappeared. All she knew was that her prom dress was bunched up around her waist and her green panties were hanging across the seat's back. She was in such a state of ecstasy she didn't care what happened—just so long as she didn't leave here as the only virgin in school

She'd read a lot of romance magazines, seen the adult videos and like every teenage girl, she'd twittered and giggled while listening intently when friends related their actual experiences, so she had a convoluted idea of what was about to happen. She willing spread her legs wide, at Billy's urging, and she even adjusted her position for better comfort when Billy knelt between her legs. She was determined the next time she got together with her friends, she'd have something to tell about also.

"Here", he said, "you guide it in."

Kitty hesitated, she had seen the women do it on the videos, but she'd never actually touched a boy's thing with her hand. Billy grabbed her hand, and pulled it to his cock. "Take it," he urged. Kitty finally did as she was told; she wrapped her hand around his cock. She'd never felt one before, so she had no idea if the girls had been exaggerating about his size. She did know it was all she could do to get her hand around it, it felt warm and stiff, and when she stroked it like she'd seen in the videos, it started to throb.

"Oh shit, don't do that; I won't be able to hold off." Billy changed his position until his cock was mere inches Kitty's waiting pussy. "Now guide it in like I told you."

Kitty brought the head to her labia as Billy lowered himself. His cock touched but wouldn't penetrate. Kitty rubbed it around, trying to get it right, but nervousness and excitement combined with inexperience to prevent success. Finally Billy could stand it no longer. Supporting himself on knees and one hand, he pushed Kitty's hand away from his cock and with one swift movement he had it between the lips of Kitty's virgin cunt. He swiped it up and down her moist slit until he had it just right.

Kitty had never felt anything like it in her life. As the mushroom head of Billy's cock slipped along her entrance, she moaned, "Oh Billy; that feels wonderful." She wondered why she hadn't done this long ago. "Give it to me," she gasped.

Billy had his cock close enough to where he wanted it; he could feel the barrier standing between him and paradise. Since Kitty's comfort wasn't a big factor with him, he gave a mighty shove, and his cock popped into her warm sheath; she screamed in pain and started beating at him with her fist.

"Get off! Stop! That hurts," She yelled, but Billy had paid no attention. He didn't break stride as he pumped his cock in and out. It felt like her insides were being torn asunder as he rapidly pounded into her, completely ignoring her cries for him to stop.

Thankfully for Kitty, he was far too excited to last long and soon he was pumping his hot jism into her clutching, abused pussy.

"That good Baby?" He sat up when finished and switched on the interior lights before wiping his cock with tissues. That's when he first noticed the blood and sperm draining from her swollen cunt. A continuous small string of the mixture was draining down her butt cheeks, some being absorbed by her dress, but much was puddling on the car seat.

"You stupid bitch!" Billy's face turned pale. "Look what you did to my Dad's car! He'll kill me."

Kitty was in shock. She tried to clean herself up as best she could; unfortunately that wasn't very good.

That's not the way it's supposed to be, she thought as they sped back toward her home. She'd read enough romance stories and gossiped enough with experienced girls to know it wasn't supposed to be like this. Sure, all the girls claimed it hurt a little at first, but they'd quickly got over that and it had felt wonderful. They had to be right; who'd want to have something crammed up their cunt, hurt like hell, throb a few seconds and leave her completely unsatisfied, with sperm all over her and her prom dress—the same dress Mom had worn to her prom and was so crazy about.

"Mom's gonna be some kind of pissed," She could thought. Naturally Mom had waited up to greet Kitty when she got home and of course the first thing she noticed was the blood and sperm stains all over her precious dress and 'Pissed' wasn't the word.

As soon as Mom saw the blood stained dress, her first reaction was to make sure Kitty wasn't actually hurt, which she wasn't. Then she started yelling about how Kitty might be pregnant and how she, Mom, wasn't going to be tied down raising a bastard baby at her age.

That's when Kitty lost it, "Fine, she yelled right back, "I'll go live with Dad. He still loves me."

"Good! Go ahead! Hank always was sympathetic to whores anyway."

"Okay, I'll go now; I won't wait to see if I'm pregnant!"

"Fine!" Mom had grabbed up the phone. "Here, I'll get him on the phone for you!" She started dialing. As soon as her Ex picked up, she started shouting into the phone.

Hank Jones heard the phone just he returned from spending all day and a good part of the night plowing his sweet corn. The last thing he expected was a call from his ex-wife and he surely didn't expect to hear the screaming tirade coming from the mouth of his 'Oh So Good Ex,' the woman who was so nice a dick wouldn't melt in her mouth. He tried to reason with her and when he finally got her calmed down a bit, she started yapping something about Kitty having gotten knocked up tonight by that good for nothing Billy Sharp, and how she wasn't raising a bastard baby for anybody.

"Wha...How...tonight—that doesn't make any sense." Hank was thoroughly confused. He knew his Ex was high strung and subject to making mountains out of molehills, but this was ridiculous. "Whoa! Whoa! Calm down and let me talk to Kitty. You're not making sense."

Horrified Kitty listened to her mother rant on. The last words she heard Mom shout were, "Damn right I'm sending her to you. About time you see just what whores come from your side of the family". For some reason, every time Kitty did something good, she'd inherited the genes from Mom's side, while all the bad traits came from Dad's family.

Her legs wobbled and seemed to have a mind on their own when Mom held the receiver toward her. She reached for it as Mom spat out, "He wants to talk with you, Missy. You'll get yours now." With that final word, she'd disappeared into the back of the house, leaving Kitty to face the music alone.

"H...Hello," Hank could barely make out Kitty's words. She sounded like she was scared to death.

"Hey, Pumpkin, what the heck is Mom talking about?" Hank had never dropped the habit of addressing his Ex as Mom when he was around Kitty.

"I... I went to the prom tonight with Billy Sharp."

"You're not telling me Mom got that upset because you went on a date, are you? There's got to be more to it than that." Hank wanted Kitty to tell him herself. He'd understood enough from Mom to realize Kitty had had sex with someone. It was like pulling teeth, but bit by bit Hank got the story from his daughter.

"Aw heck, Baby, don't worry about it; Mom did a lot worse when she was your age. If she starts in on you again, just ask her if it's true that her father showed her what it was all about."

"You're kidding, aren't you? Mom and Grandad?—naw, it couldn't be." Wow! Kitty didn't know what to think. When she considered it, she realized Grandad was still sexy, for an old man. It just could have happened. Wow!

"You still with me, Baby?" Hank wondered why things had gone quiet on the other end. At first he thought Mom—he still couldn't think of his ex-wife as anything but Mom, when talking to Kitty—had stormed back in and jerked the phone line from the socket.

"Yeah, Dad, I'm here. Can I come live with you? It'll just be until I start Clemson—that is unless I really am pregnant."

"Of course you can, Honey. And don't you worry about a thing; I'll take care of you, no matter what. I've missed you so much, Baby." It was good she couldn't see Hank wipe the tear from his eyes. "Let me talk to Mom. She must have calmed down by now."

By the time Mom had hung up the phone she had agreed to help Kitty pack up and ship most of her things ahead to the farm. Kitty would just keep the things necessary until she got her diploma next week, then Mom would take her down to the bus station, since there were no taxicabs in town.

Kitty wouldn't have believed Mom would let her leave so easily. She'd have bet money Mom would have tried to keep her just to make Kitty's life miserable by constantly reminding her what a bitch she was, to say nothing of trying to spite Dad.

That night, however, when she overheard Mom talking on the phone, things made a lot more sense. "Good news, Jack!" Mom sounded excited. "The little bitch will be gone in a couple days and you can finally move in here. No more slipping around—won't that be great?"

As mad as Kitty had been at Mom, those words broke her heart. Somehow she managed to get by until graduation and the very next day she'd said goodbye to Mom. Standing bedside the open bus door, Kitty had tried to hug Mom bye, but she just turned away. As Kitty peered out the bus's window for one last look the woman who'd cared for her these last years, she saw Jack step behind Mom and wrap his arms around her. She'd silently cried until the bus left the town limits behind.

It took a couple hours until Kitty finally recovered from her dark funk and started considering where she wanted her life to go from here. She'd sworn she wouldn't be a virgin when she entered Clemson in the fall, and she'd put her hopes on Billy showing her the 'joy of sex.'

Technically, she supposed, she was no longer a virgin. At least her hymen was no longer intact, but she could hardly say she'd been fucked. Raped was closer to what had happened, for she and Billy surely hadn't made love. All of her friends had gushed on about the joy of sex, so she couldn't help but think she still hadn't fulfilled her vow of losing her virginity—not really.

When Kitty thoughts turned to being with Dad again, she could hardly wait to give him a hug. Mom could be such a bitch when it came to Dad. She raised so much hell about Kitty visiting him it was simply easier to just stay a couple days, like she'd done last Christmas. Well, those days were over—Mom could do whatever she wanted but Kitty was going to show Dad just how much she loved him.

As she thought about Daddy, her thoughts turned to Grandad and what Dad had told her about him and Mom. Could Mom really have lost her cherry to her father? Wonder how making love to Dad would feel, she thought. A picture of her naked body stretched out on Dad's bed, wrapped in those arms that could throw a two hundred pound fertilizer bag in the back of a pick-up, popped in her head. Heck, she'd bet she could wrap her legs around his waist and he could hold her up while screwing her, just like that picture in the magazine her friend brought to school.

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