tagLoving WivesKitty Tales: Blair Pt. 01

Kitty Tales: Blair Pt. 01


As usual, this is a true story. Names have been changed to protect the guilty and some dramatic license has been taken. I hope you enjoy the story. I love to receive feedback, so keep it cumming.

My husband, Paul, and I are swingers. We meet couples with a bisexual female for full swap. By full swap I mean that the bisexual girls play and the guys exchange female partners for fucking. We are a d/s couple (domination and submission), but play with couples who aren't into d/s. In fact, most of the couples we play with aren't into d/s, but there are those occasions when having a d/s background comes in handy, which was the case with Blair and her boyfriend — the subjects of this Kitty Tale.

When we play with other couples, we always fuck in the same room, and usually the same bed. It is so kewl to fuck right next to another couple who is also engaged in a little "in and out," especially when one of them is your spouse. Many times, I hold the hand of the other woman as my husband fucks her. That's a head trip.

If you have never watched your spouse fucking another person, you have missed an exciting experience, assuming that you are not the jealous type. In order to do this, you have to compartmentalize sex. You make love to your spouse and fuck others. Does that make sense? To me, sex is sex, and a cock is a cock.

Hey! Swinging beats the crap out of having affairs and ruining your marriage. If nothing else, think of it as a preemptive strike. It's normal for people, especially males, to have affairs after a number of years of marriage. Psychologists call this the biological imperative. Men are biologically conditioned to further the species by having multiple sex partners. Given this, why not have affairs together? The motto of a swinger is: Those who fuck together are stuck together.

I can understand why men have affairs. I've talked to many men over the years and a constant complaint is that their wives lose interest in sex. Frequently, this occurs soon after marriage. Now, some of these men may have been feeding me a line of bullshit in order to get in my pants, but there have been too many to discount the complaints carte blanch.

If this complaint is true, how can you blame men for fucking around? Something is wrong if your wife decides immediately after the wedding that giving a blowjob is unsavory and disgusting. Sometimes I'm not proud of my gender. Women can be such selfish bitches.

"Give me security baby, but don't expect me to fuck you like some $20 whore" seems to be the call sign for too many women. Some women just fail to understand that they need to be a whore in the bedroom in order to keep their men at home. Of course, men can be real assholes, but that is subject for a later Kitty Tale.

For the most part, I have really enjoyed swinging with Paul. Of course, there are situations that are frustrating. Some couples are not really couples, some men say they are into it and forget to tell their spouses, and some couples must get some form of visceral satisfaction from communicating that they are into swinging, with no real conviction to meet anyone.

These types of situations increase my skepticism when someone contacts me, which leads me into the story about Blair. One lovely day a couple of years ago, I received a Yahoo instant message from Dan. He wanted to know if my hubby and I would like to meet his partner, Blair, and him for sex. Given my skepticism, my first reaction was "here we go again."

I must have been having a PMS day because I ragged him pretty well. If he were a fake, as I suspected, I thought that he would quickly tire of my bullshit and seek a more gullible neophyte.

Normally, I am very friendly, gregarious and loquacious when online, unless I am working. I love chatting with people. However, there is one caveat. I love chatting except for cyber sex, which I think is absolutely dumb and does nothing for me at all. Plus, I do get tired of people who misrepresent themselves, and have become less tolerant over the years, which is unfortunate.

Oh well, I guess you have to expect to wade through some crap to get to the goodies. Believe me, when a swing encounter goes well, there are plenty of goodies for everyone. They are utterly fantastic sexual experiences. Assuming that the other couple is agreeable, we take tons of pics and videos of our experiences. Following an encounter, I love fucking my hubby while watching the video. I will hate the day when we finally give up swinging.

To my surprise, Dan was quite tenacious about meeting us. He explained that he had a "girlfriend" who wanted to have her first bisexual experience. He further explained that they were both married, but not to one another. He was her "boy toy."

Those were not good signs. First, I hate the "I want you to break in my wife" scenarios. This usually means that the male has a fantasy and his wife doesn't have a clue. It also usually means that he wants to fuck me, but he can't handle my hubby fucking his wife. "No fucking way, baby," is my response. Our standard rule is that both play or neither plays. I guess they think that I can somehow talk their wives into fucking me, and I will want to fuck them. Well, that rarely works.

I don't mind inexperienced women who want their first bisexual experience. Statistically speaking, well over 50% of women will have some form of sexual experience with another woman at some point in time, and over 30% will have multiple experiences, whether they be bisexual or lesbian. In short, most women are receptive to having sex with another woman given the proper circumstances, but they need the opportunity. I must say that I am very good at introducing newbies to the joys of sex between women.

The second negative sign was that they weren't a married couple. Don't get me wrong. I don't have a problem with people having affairs. I couldn't care less. But becoming sexually involved with such a couple can become complicated. Plus, we like to exchange a pic and talk on the phone with the couple before we meet. When a couple is having an affair, it is difficult to do either.

Dan did seem credible and eventually piqued my interest. The part that secured my interest was that Blair was in the middle of a divorce and wanted to "break out" of her blasé suburban lifestyle by having sex with another couple. She wanted to be used and abused sexually. When he added that she was from an upscale area of the city, and her "soon to be ex" was a high-powered attorney, I was hooked. I thought that it was so appropriate to fuck the wife of an attorney who spent his time fucking over other people, and having pics and videos to enjoy afterwards were added inducements.

I have to be honest. The thought of fucking her did add a little whip cream to the sundae. I was excited about having the opportunity to grind my pussy into the face of a country clubber socialite.

Dan did send me his pic. He was very attractive in a sort of "boy toy" way. Of course, he had no pic of Blair, which I found mildly irritating. He did provide me a brief description of her. He stated that she was model material (yeah, sure). She was about my height, 5'7", a brunette, with full c-cups and great legs. Again my skepticism kicked in, but he added she was in her early 30's, and was sexually insatiable. So, why shouldn't I take it to the next step? Sounded pretty damn good to me.

I explained to Dan that I would have to talk with my hubby, Paul, and get back to him. With that, we exchanged Yahoo profiles in our messenger and went about our business. I was pretty sure that Paul would be agreeable. He rarely passes a chance to fuck strange pussy.

Paul came up with some interesting ideas when I talked to him about my conversation with Dan. He suggested that I tell Dan to meet us at a motel and we would photograph and videotape the tryst. And, since Blair wanted to break her suburban restraints, we should have a light d/s session.

Paul wanted her to be blindfolded the entire time while all three of us took turns with her. He didn't want her to know what we looked like prior to fucking her. He wanted her totally in the dark, so to speak.

We would also use a few of our toys on her, such as butt plugs, anal vibrator, nipple and clit clamps, riding crop, remote vibrating egg, double-headed dildo, strap-on, ball-and-gag, wax candles, and arm and leg restraints. How about that for a sexual buffet? LOL Thank God for online sex stores.

Paul also wanted her attired a certain way. She was to wear a skirt that barely covered her ass, and she was to not to wear panties or hose. She was to wear a button-up blouse and no bra. She also had to abstain from sex for at least three days prior to our meeting. He wanted her totally motivated.

Paul, my hubby, is exceptional in these types of encounters. When we do vanilla swing, he avoids any Dom characteristics or behaviors. He always treats the female of the other male with utmost respect. But in d/s encounters, once the limitations and expectations are established, he is within his true element. He is a trainer of subs and very skilled.

When we do meet for vanilla swing encounters, he will take the initiative if the situation warrants it. That's just his way. He can be intimidating to some without trying. Standing over 6'1" and weighing around 230, he is physically intimidating. His voice is deep and resonates masculinity. The first time I spoke with him, my pussy began to moisten just from his voice.

Paul is a retired officer from the Army special forces, and has a way of speaking that commands respect and obedience without trying. But he never tries to intimidate others. He tries to make both the male and female of the other couple comfortable and relaxed before we start the fun, He jokes, smiles and laughs. He is a good-natured soul who just happens to be a Dom. He is over 50 now. That can't be too intimidating. LOL

Please don't think that Paul is a sadist when you read the term "Dom." There are many different types of Doms in this world, and the hardest part of d/s is for a submissive to find the right Dom. Some are sadistic assholes who only want to degrade and hurt a woman. But there are also those who I call "sweetheart" Doms. They will push the sexual limitations of a woman based on established parameters, but they respect hard limits. By the way, soft limits indicate hesitation and are the focus of d/s exploration, while hard limits indicate something unacceptable and are excluded. However, the crux of d/s is expanding limitations by making hard limits soft and eliminating soft limits.

Many women are socialized to be sexually repressed. I should know. Growing up in the deep South, I had my share of criticism anytime I expressed any sexual thoughts. Unfortunately, sexual repression is a mainstay of our culture, but many women crave to eliminate their socialized inhibitions and experience sexual freedom. Even some of the most dominant women you will encounter have a fantasy of being sexually dominated.

Sometimes, women need someone to guide them and to make it acceptable to do things that others would perceive as totally unacceptable, unexplainable and reprehensible. Guidance and the absorption of guilt are part of the Dom's role.

It sounds like a head game and to some extent it is. But sex is partly a head game. Maybe I should rephrase that. Sex is as much a mental as it is physical. Once you have accepted the psychological aspects of d/s, a submissive is ready to do what his or her Dom or Domme (female) requests, simply because he or she wants it regardless of whether the submissive finds physical pleasure from it or not. Even if there is no real physical pleasure, the submission to your Dom provides you with psychological pleasure. Of course, it's great when a sub receives both psychological and physical pleasure.

Many who are not into the d/s subculture have a hard time with this issue. But the real issue is that a submissive finds sexual fulfillment from giving sexually. Many who fail to understand this are more focused on what they can get, rather on what they can give sexually. Making another happy by giving up everything sexually is the epitome of d/s relationships. But the relationship is reciprocal because the Dom provides sexual freedom in exchange for total submission.

I know that for me, pushing my limits is something that I must do. I want to be sexually liberated from any pre-conceived guilt or conventions about my sexual desires. In my mind, there is nothing sexually taboo unless it hurts another person. I haven't reached my full potential yet as a sexual submissive, but with Paul's continued guidance, I eventually will. I can say for a fact that without d/s, I would have never become the slut that I am. LOL

As I previously mentioned, Paul is very skilled at conducting d/s sessions. I should know. That's how we met. We stayed in an Embassy Suite for four days straight the first time we met, and only came up for air for food. He took me home after our four-day "honeymoon," and I have been his ever since.

I was his collared sub for a year prior to our marriage, and he has "trained" 3 subs since we've been married. Yes, I do participate with the training of subs. When I was collared (the d/s symbol of total devotion), I pledged not have any sexual limitations. In other words, if Paul tells me to do something sexual, I will do it without hesitation, and I always have.

Paul's d/s sessions are not pain intensive as some d/s sessions are. They are more erotic than painful. Oh, there is usually a modicum of pain involved, especially when I need to be punished. I'm not a pain slut, but, as with many women, a little pain seems to intensify the sexual pleasure. Blair was in for an extraordinary sexual adventure. This was one day she would never forget.

The next day, I communicated Paul's suggestions to Dan. He was in full agreement. He would also provide her with some Valium to decrease her apprehension, because she was normally high strung. He told me that she would have no problem with any of our ideas, but would talk to her about it to be sure. Dan also agreed to allow Paul to orchestrate the entire encounter. He just wanted to make sure that he got his, and he was excited about watching Blair be sexually dominated. We established the date and the motel that would be the scene of her d/s indoctrination.

When the day finally arrived, we set up the motel room with the video camera and toys. It was a large room, with a king-sized bed, a recliner and a couch. Once we finished setting up, Paul told me to attire myself in my lingerie de jour, while he got a bucket of ice. Oh shit! I thought. He's going to do the ice play with Blair. Damn, the girl would be writhing in agony and ecstasy, and I would have it have this on tape.

We also brought a boom box and a number of tunes selected for the liaison. Some of them were strip tunes, such as "You Can Leave Your Hat On" by Joe Cocker. Paul was going to make her strip for us. That should be pretty degrading to a country clubber.

As we waited our d/s debutante, Paul had me warm up by sucking his cock, which is one of my favorite pastime. I fucking love to suck cocks. I am a devoted cum slut. I love to suck cum from pussies and asses, off of dicks and the bed. It doesn't matter to me. Heck, one of my fantasies is to have a group of men cum in a glass and feed it to me.

The cell phone interrupted my slurping. They had arrived and needed to know what room we were in. Paul reminded Dan to blindfold Blair before entering the room and that she was not to remove the blindfold until given permission. With that, Paul hung up the phone and told me to take a seat on the couch.

The knock at the door came, and Paul rose to answer it. I had to catch my breath when she walked in. She was gorgeous—tall, slender, pretty and blindfolded. As instructed, she wore a short, pleated skirt that barely covered her ass. Her legs were trim and muscular. Her breasts looked firm, even without a bra. There was no noticeable sag. Her brunette hair was short, but attractive in a suburban wife style.

Since she was blindfolded, she clutched Paul's arm as he escorted her to the center of the room. As I met Dan, I reached down and squeezed his cock. It was already beginning to spring to life. He gave me a tentative kiss, but I pushed my tongue in his mouth. I wanted him to know that he would have a little fun with me, too. Once my tongue was exploring his mouth, his tentativeness receded and he played tongue twirl with me. His hand reached for my small titties and he kneaded them. All I could think of was the fun we four would have.

Paul had his arm around Blair as he welcomed her to her deflowering. He covered the rules that she was to cooperate fully with his commands and the commands of Dan and me. He told her that if anyone was doing something that she didn't want or was hurting her too much she was to say "stop" and whomever was involved would stop. She was not to remove her blindfold until told to do so. With the crackle of excitement and apprehension, she agreed to all of the rules, and understood the safe word.

Paul told her to turn around so that both Dan and me could take a look at her. As she turned, Paul stopped her when her back was to the camera and us. Paul grasped the hem of her skirt and raised it to exhibit her naked ass to us. It was magnificent. Although there were a few small bruises, her ass was the perfect shape that just begged to be licked and fucked. From the bruises on her ass, the girl obviously liked her sex a little on the rough side.

While Paul was showing off Blair's tight little ass, Dan and I got comfortable. I sat next to him on the couch and unzipped his pants. I slithered my hand into his shorts and pulled out his cock. It was long—maybe seven inches—but thin. There was not much of a head. But his cock was serviceable, and I certainly wanted to suck it and taste his cum. I contented myself with stroking the shaft and lightly squeezing the head.

Dan was as cute as his picture. He had to be in his early 30's. He was trim, had a great smile, and a comfortable voice. He didn't have a deep resonate voice that brings my pussy to a boil, but at least he didn't have a high-pitched, squeaky voice. That is such a turn off to me.

Paul turned on the boom box to the selected strip tunes and took a seat on the edge of the bed. He instructed Blair to put on a strip show for us. Blair started gyrating to the music. She loosened her blouse and began the slowly unbutton the front. As she did, we caught quick glimpses of her tits. The looked like two ripe grapefruits with pinkish stems.

Dan was getting into watching his girlfriend strip for us. His cock quickly began to leak pre-cum. Using my index finger, I gently stroked the pre-cum from the tip of his cock and licked my finger. I didn't want to waste a drop of his delicious nectar.

When Blair removed her blouse, she gyrated so that her tits swayed with the music. The sway of her breasts was delightfully seductive. Her nipples were already protruding. They were very long and large. I was thinking that the nipple clamps would work well on them.

She dropped her arms to her waist and grasped the hem of her short skirt. She seductively raised and lowered her skirt, providing us with momentary glimpses of her pussy and ass. She had a small brown patch of pussy fur above her lips, but her pussy lips were shaved. Her pussy lips were already swollen with lust. A glint of moisture was evident on her lips and inner thighs. She was a woman in heat.

After a few minutes of teasing, she reached behind and unclasped her skirt. As the zipper was lowered, the skirt fell from her body, leaving her totally naked. As her body was presented to us for our combined pleasure, all of us visually feasted on our socialite buffet.

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