tagIncest/TabooKitty Tales: Uncle Johnny Ch. 04

Kitty Tales: Uncle Johnny Ch. 04


This story is the fourth (and final) part of Episode 2: Uncle Johnny. It is better to read the first three parts of the story in order to understand the storyline more fully. As with all of my stories, this one is true with appropriate name changes, and a little dramatic license.

As I skipped up the stairs toward the master bath, I yelled back to my Uncle Johnny, "Sweetie, would you bring my luggage to the master bedroom, while I get ready for the boys, please?"

I knew this morning would be something to remember or maybe to forget. Within a couple of hours, three of my Uncle's golf buddies, all in their 50's and 60's, were coming over so that I could fulfill each of their sexual fantasies. On top of that, they were each going to pay me $1000 for my participation.

Without hearing a response from my Uncle, I proceeded toward the master bath so that I could once again languish in the Jacuzzi. As I slid my body into the hot water and started the jets, my mind energized with anticipation. Since my talk with my Uncle this morning, I was emotionally prepared to take on the PEP boys: Manny, Moe and Jack.

I had no idea what they would select as their fantasies, but I had to be prepared for the worst. Since I limited them to three hours, they at least couldn't do something such as make me exhibit my pussy to a waiter or something like that. Come to think of it, that might be a fun.

I anticipated what Manny wanted. After being stopped by my Uncle from raping my ass last night, he was sure to want to fuck me there this morning. Well, that's not a problem as long as I am prepared for the assault.

After finishing my bath, I dried off and walked into the master bedroom, where my Uncle was waiting with my luggage. Plopping my butt on the bed, I asked him, "There are two vibrators in my bag. If you don't mind, would you get both of them out for me and bring the lubricant, too?"

After a little searching, he located both. One was quite long and thick and the other was shorter and fairly thin.

"What are you planning to do with both of these," my Uncle queried.

Laughing, I retorted, "Come over here and bring them with you. You're going to do something with them. I'm not."

I flipped to my stomach and placed a pillow under my hips. Looking back at my Uncle, I told him to lubricate the smaller vibrator. "Now, work some of the lubricant in my ass."

I closed my eyes and focused on his thick finger massaging my anus. The sensation drove me up a frigging wall. As his finger continued its manipulation, I sighed and relaxed my sphincter. After a minute or two of massage, I asked my Uncle to insert some lubricant inside my ass.

I jumped a little as his finger pushed through the entrance. Damn that felt good. With a staccato voice I asked my Uncle to gently finger fuck my ass.

The vibrator was next on the anal agenda. "Take the smaller vibrator and turn it on. Now, push it into my ass as far as it will go. Just leave it alone and let me enjoy the sensations."

I was in heaven. I have to admit that there was one thing that I like more than having my ass fucked. I gain the greatest pleasure from having a vibrator stuck up my ass and left there, while having my pussy fucked by a nice thick cock. I get goose bumps just thinking about it.

My Uncle seemed to be getting into watching his 30 something Niece on the bed with a vibrator in her ass. He might have been staring at my ass, but he was concentrating on his cock that he was rubbing to full erection.

Damn, he had a nice dick. It was just perfect for me. Rather thick and about six to seven inches long. It was cut with a purplish head. Cocks can be so attractive. There should be some kind of national contest for the best looking cock. Maybe MTV will sponsor it or it can become a new X game on ESPN. That can't be any worse than some of the crap they show.

I rolled over on my back, and asked him to turn on the larger vibrator. This one was about 7 inches long and had a clit appendage. I told my Uncle to push the second vibrator into my pussy until the appendage was pressed against my clit.

Since I was already wet, the vibrator entered without much difficulty. I just closed my eyes and reveled to the vibrations stimulating my ass, pussy and clit. If this went on for any time, I knew I would cum in a torrential flood.

Since my Uncle had his cock at full mast, I asked him to lower it to my face. Within a second I had his beautiful member in my mouth. Sucking him with the techniques I'd used the previous night, it wasn't long until I could feel his orgasm building. This time, I wanted my Uncle to cum in my mouth.

As my index finger made entrance into his anus, I massaged his ass as I sucked his cock. As I felt his orgasm building, I felt my pussy beginning to spasm, which meant my orgasm was not far behind.

Wanting to cum simultaneously, I told him to fuck me with the vibrator inserted in my pussy so that I could get off.

When I felt his cock enlarge, I prepared to drink his cum. I just love the taste of cum. It's actually more a feeling than it is a real taste. I love the feeling of the sticky goo as I swallow. Although most cum has a salty tinge, for the most part, there is little taste, unless the guy has been eating lots of spicy food.

When his cum hit my throat, I pushed my pussy into the vibrator to stimulate my orgasm. As I drank his cum, my pussy clenched the vibrator in one of my harder orgasms.

With both of us spent, I slowly pulled both vibrators from my body, which I was reluctant to do. I hate the empty feeling I have after a vibrator or man vacates from my pussy or ass. I love to just lie there and enjoy the feeling of fulfillment. Men are just too damn quick about pulling out sometimes.

Noting the time, I realized that I needed to finish getting ready for the boys. They would be here in les than an hour now. I still had to put on some makeup and get dressed.

With my Uncle seated on the bed in a semi-comatose state, I rummaged through my luggage until I found the clothes I would wear. I am a habitual packrat and always bring more clothes than I think I will need. Many times, this bad habit has saved my butt.

I pulled out my black leather miniskirt, and a weird top I found in a sex shop it Atlanta. It was nothing more than a leather bra, with black fringe that extended to about waist level. I then pulled out a pair of Victoria's Secret thigh highs, the kind that don't require any attachments to keep them from falling down your legs. By the way, if you ever buy me thigh highs, the only brand I like are Victoria's Secret.

The last part of my attire was a pair of black, "fuck me" pumps. The heels made me about 6 feet in height. There were no panties to put on. If you have read my earlier stories, you know that I never wear panties.

I decided that it was too late to do much with my hair, so I just pulled it up and secured it with some berets. At least it would be difficult for Manny to pull my hair this way, which he had a habit of doing.

I put on a little makeup of which I don't use much, and decided to polish my nails. I used a deep red color nail polish on my fingernails and toes. I think that a woman should always polish her toenails. They look much more visually appealing.

Once my nails dried, I put on my favorite perfume, Happy, and dressed. I was now ready for the boys. But I wanted to get an inspection from my Uncle. I wanted my stud Uncle's approval before fucking his golf buddies.

I strutted out of the bathroom to show off, demonstrating my sexiest walk I could muster. You know how the runway models walk. They place one foot in front of the other so there is significant movement in their asses. That walk gets the guys every time.

"How does your Niece look, Uncle Daddy?" I purred.

My Uncle damn near fell out of his chair. "Damn girl, you look good enough to fuck," he responded. "They will certainly like what they see. If you fuck as fine as you look, I will be winning golf matches for weeks."

"Too bad you'all had to give up your golf game. Well, at least they will get three holes in today," I quipped. "Why don't you go downstairs and wait for them? Lay down the ground rules when the get here, and let me know when I should make my entrance."

"I probably need to tell you that I have a little surprise for you this morning," stated my Uncle. "I hope you like what you see."

"No prob, Bob," was the only answer I could muster. That's all I needed. On top of a gangbang in front of my Uncle, I was getting a surprise. Well, I would make the best of it. At least I'd have another interesting entry for my diary, which I had been keeping since my teenage years.

I became quite nervous as my Uncle waited for their arrival. For one, I was fulfilling a fantasy of mine of being a high-priced escort. That was a good thing. On the negative side, I was a little worried about Manny and his proclivity for humiliating and dominating me. At least my Uncle would be there to protect me.

Getting caught by my son was another thing that made me nervous. To avoid that problem, I called my son, who was staying with friends, to make sure that he wouldn't interrupt his mother's gangbang. It's hard enough to explain to your children when they catch you having sex with their fathers, but explaining a gangbang would be mortifying, to say the least.

After pacing the bedroom floor for what seemed an eternity, I heard the doorbell ring at 10 minutes to nine. My heart jumped, but I chuckled a little. At least one of the boys was anxious.

Within five more minutes, I heard the doorbell ring two more times. Well, they were all assembled, and I assumed that my Uncle was establishing our ground rules for the gangbang.

As I was preparing myself to make my entrance, I heard the doorbell ring a fourth time. Now I was really nervous. The agreement was with only the three golf buddies. I had no idea who could be the fourth, or even if there was a fourth. I doubted that it was just a neighbor. It was 9 a.m. on a Sunday morning.

I heard muffled talking and laughter emanating from downstairs. At least it seemed that everyone was in a good mood. I heard some movement of furniture, which started me wondering of what they were planning.

Just as I was getting nervous to the point of biting my nails, I finally got the call from my Uncle to make my entrance. With more than a little apprehension, I began the "Green Mile" to my gangbang.

As I was about to turn the corner to the family room, I hesitated. I needed one last moment to solidify my confidence. As I stood there, I heard the voices of the men. They were joking and congratulating each other on their conquest. I heard Manny comment that he didn't get much sleep because of thinking about fucking my ass. That comment was par for the course for Manny.

Interestingly, I heard a higher pitched voice: the unmistakable voice of a woman. Butterflies fluttered in my stomach. Kewl beans! Someone wanted me to have sex with another woman. That was not a problem at all for me. Heck, I am very bisexual. I just hoped she wasn't butch or anything like that.

Sucking it in, I turned the corner and announced, "Howdy boys. Here's your fuck toy."

I received the obligatory wolf whistles and comments I had hoped I would get, except from Manny, of course. There was no way that dip shit would give me a compliment.

Then I saw her. Damn, she was great looking. I just stared at her without making a sound. My chin must have dropped to my chest. She sure as hell wasn't butch.

My Uncle broke the silence by introducing her to me. Her name was Sherrie, and she was the close friend my Uncle had mentioned during our morning conversation.

My Uncle explained that he had called her early this morning so that she could come over and assist me. He further explained that she was not present to have sex with Manny, Moe or Jack. She was there to have sex with me only. The previous night Jack had commented that his fantasy was to watch two women have sex, so Uncle Johnny set it up to kill two birds with one stone: assist Jack and introduce Sherrie to me.

I wasn't surprised about Jack's fantasy. Many men fanaticize about women having sex, but many get pissed thinking of their wives involved. What's that all about? At least now one of their fantasies would be fun for me. I could get into having sex with this woman any time, place or circumstance.

Sherrie was approximately my height (5'7') and a little heavier than I. She must have been around 130 lbs or so, and I was about 115 lbs. She was probably my senior by a few years. I guessed her to be about 38-40 years old. Her breasts were much larger than my b-cups. She was a good c-cup. She was wearing shorts, so I got a good look at her exquisite legs.

She was a brunette, which would be a nice contrast to my blonde hair. Her skin was dark from a great tan, but her skin was olive tone, so she probably was dark year round. When she smiled, she exhibited gleaming white teeth. The white of her teeth made a startling contrast to the dark skin of her face.

It was obvious that she took care of herself, and took pride in her appearance. She looked perfect from where I was standing. I could go on and on about my first impression of her, but to sum it up, she was hot. Nuff said.

After scoping her, I looked at my Uncle and smiled my approval. My excitement grew about tenfold in the last couple of minutes, but I can say about 100 times when she approached me and gave me a hug.

As she hugged me, Sherrie purred, "You are everything Johnny said you are and more. You are gorgeous."

I just melted in her arms. I embraced her in return and she gave me a light, soft kiss on my lips. She whispered into my ear that we were going to have some fun putting on a show for the men.

Although I was choking a little from anticipation, I managed to respond, "You are one of the sexiest woman I've seen in a long time. I will enjoy making love to you."

Uncle Johnny interrupted us with the announcement that Manny, Moe and Jack had drawn cards to determine the order of their fantasy fulfillment. I was actually relieved to hear that Moe was first, Jack second and Manny third. Manny would be the coup de grasse.

My Uncle assumed the role of Master of Ceremony and asked each to give him the payment for their whore. Jack and Moe immediately presented Johnny with $1000 cash. Manny hesitated.

"I'm only going to give the slut $500 now," Manny spat. "The other $500 I'm going to keep until I am satisfied she can fuck like a whore. I don't want some dumb Alabama hillbilly giving me some lousy fuck and getting $1000 for it."

My Uncle started to challenge Manny, but I stepped in.

"That's not a problem Manny," I countered. "I just hope you can tell the difference between a good fuck and a lousy one. I might be wrong, but you don't strike me as someone who has had too many good fucks in your life."

My comments brought laughs from everyone with the exception of Manny. They loved witnessing Manny getting put into his place. The only problem was that I would pay for it later when he got his turn with me.

Glaring at me, Manny gave $500 to my Uncle, which was the cue for my Uncle to get things rolling in the fuck department. First up was Moe. My Uncle asked Moe to share his fantasy with me.

With a sheepish grin, Moe explained, "I want to fuck your pussy and cum on your face."

I smiled and told him that we could do that and that I would enjoy feeling his cum on my face. I asked Moe, "Do you want me naked or do you want to just pull my skirt up?"

Looking straight into Moe's eyes, I grabbed the hem of my miniskirt, and lifted it until my pussy was in view. I spread my legs a little and slid a finger between my pussy lips, and asked Moe, "Is this the what you want?"

Moe looked like a kid on Christmas morning. He walked forward until he could touch me. He unclasped the top I was wearing and pulled it off of my shoulders.

His stubby fingers caressed by tits. He bent over and took a nipple in his mouth. I peered over his shoulder (he was only about 5'8") and looked at Sherrie. I could tell she liked what she saw. Soon, she would taste it.

Moe's hand reached for my pussy and be fingered me. He was a little rough, but that was not a big deal. I expected a lot of rough play this day.

He pulled me to the couch and told me to lie down. He took my right leg and lifted it over the back of the couch, and pushed my left leg off the couch so that my pussy was gapping. His face descended and he licked my pussy lips.

He pulled down the pants of his jogging suit and his underwear. I took a look at his dick before he entered me. It looked decent. Not huge or anything. Average I thought.

Soon his weight was on me. Damn I hate it when heavy men don't support themselves well with their elbows. He had my ass pinned to the couch as he tried to find my pussy with his cock.

Once he finally located the entrance, he started pumping with earnest. Since I was already wet, penetration was easy. I just kept looking at Sherrie as Moe fucked my pussy.

I told him that if he wanted to cum on my face, he needed to lift himself up by his arms so that I could slide under him when he came. I was so relieved when he did. I could finally breath.

As he pumped my pussy, I felt his belly slapping my stomach. I got a kick out of that. But I wanted him to cum, so I started moaning as if I were getting into his fucking.

"Gawd, you feel great!" I moaned. "Fuck my pussy, baby. I want you to cum on my face. I'm your whore." (yadda, yadda, yadda)

His face was turning a bright red with his exertion. His arms were trembling from his own weight. I knew he couldn't last much longer, so I got ready to slide under his cock. He was either going to cum or die trying.

Within a few of seconds, he yelled that he was cumming. He pulled out of my pussy, and I slid my ass down and opened my mouth. He stroked his cock once or twice and his first shot of cum splashed my face. The first shot hit me in the forehead, but the rest was went into my mouth, lips and cheeks.

I lay there until he was finished cumming. He stood and I was about to clean myself when Sherrie kneeled by my face. She kissed me and licked Moe's cum of off my lips. She then licked the cum off of my cheeks and fed it to me with her mouth. That was awesome. Kissing a gorgeous woman and sharing a man's cum made for a kick ass trip.

Sherrie's mouth was moist and warm. Her tongue pressed against mine as she swirled the cum around my mouth. As she fed me, her hands caressed my tits and tweaked my nipples.

I groaned a complaint when her mouth left mine, but I had another fantasy to fulfill and we both knew that I had to get to it. A deal was a deal.

I looked at the spent Moe and asked, "Moe, did you get your money's worth, sweetie? That was some sweet tasting cum, baby. Sherrie, did you like Moe's cum?"

Playing along, Sherrie responded, "Oh yeah! Moe tasted like nectar, sexy."

Based on the wicked grin on her face and her response, I knew that Sherrie and I would have a lot of fun together today and in the future.

Moe merely smiled as he sat on a family room chair with his deflated cock resting on his crotch.

Next up was Jack. My Uncle asked Jack to explain his fantasy to me. I waited, with baited breath, for his explanation of what he wanted me to do with Sherrie.

"I've always wanted to watch two women having sex," explained Jack. "But I want to also fuck Kitty and have Sherrie eat my cum out of her pussy."

My Uncle Jack looked over at Sherrie to check her response. Eating his cum from my pussy was not part of the original arrangement between Johnny and Jack.

Without any hesitation, Sherrie agreed, "That sounds good to me. I think that's kinky and we all love kinky."

I turned to Jack and asked him if he wanted me to remove my miniskirt to which he agreed. Unsnapping and unzipping the garment, I pushed it to the floor. I was now completely naked except for my thigh highs and "fuck me" pumps.

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