tagBDSMKitty's Adventure Ch. 02

Kitty's Adventure Ch. 02

byMasters kitty©

To all the people who wrote in response to the first installment of this story : kittens adventure. i want to thank Y/you and apologize for taking so long to finish this chapter.


Master picks his pet up out of the car, the jacket falling to her waist, He carries her sleeping form into the house. Pride and love for His pet showing as He watches her stir in His arms. Smiling wickedly to Himself as He thinks of what He has waiting for her upstairs. But first He must take care of His pet.

He carries her up the stairs, laying her gently on the bed, watching her chest heave as she breathes. He turns and runs a hot bath for her, returning to the bedroom he shakes her gently awake. her eyelids flutter open, instantly she feels her swollen pussy respond to His touch. He smiles and shushes her with a look before she can speak. Picking her up He carries her to the tub and dips her under the water. Chuckling to himself as she comes up sputtering and giggling. The warm water enveloping her bruised but loved body.

Master grabs the wash cloth gently washing her bruises, smiling as she winces knowing that she loves the marks as much as He does. kitten lays back in the hot water feeling Masters wonderful hands caressing her sore body. her mind wanders to the last hours where she had been whipped until she came. a smile plays across her lips. Master sees and chuckles as He thinks of what lies ahead.

Lifting her dripping body from the tub Master carries her to the playroom. her hands weave around His neck holding on as He carries her, her damp hair brushing His shoulder. she nuzzles His neck, her body refreshed from the bath. In His arms she feels so delicate, she whimpers at the pure power He holds over her and prays she never loses it. Master pulls his face back to look into her eyes and in a calm calculated voice He says, "My pet, you did very well tonight and made me proud. Now I will reward You. MY way!" an evil but loving smile plays across His lips as He sits her down gently but firmly putting her in her place.

Placing His large hand in the small of her back He "walks" her over to the saw horse in the middle of the room. Grabbing her hair He roughly pushes her over the saw horse. her breathing increases as her swollen pussy rubs against the gnarled wood. Master ties her hands to the legs of the saw horse and presses His crotch into her face. The rough jean material the only thing blocking her anxious lips from closing around His throbbing cock.

"ah ah ah My pet, You're much to anxious" Master says as He backs away. kitten whimpers and Master uses her whimpers as a reason to shove a large cock gag into her mouth. her eyes open wide as Master shoves the cock gag in, strapping it to the back of her head. He steps back and watches as her lips naturally start to suck. "you're such a good little slut" Master says as He smiles walking behind her. He slaps her ass hard, His hand print turning white around the edges.

kitten jumps from the slap moaning around the gag. her arms pulling at the binds. Master kicks her feet apart, attaching a spreader bar at her knees. her legs forced wide Master grabs the paddle. Bringing it down none to soft on her perfect globes. kittens feet dance as her ass grows redder with each whack. her pussy drips as Master picks up speed and strength. her ass glowing bright red. tears sliding down her cheeks. Master drops the paddle and can no longer contain Himself, positioning His perfect body behind her. she hears the rasp of His zipper and knows what is coming next, bracing her body.

Master drops His pants and slams is cock into her tight ass. behind the gag kitten cries loudly. thinking He's going to rip her in half, her pussy spasms hard in pain and pure ecstasy. Master bends over her as His cock buries all the way in her tiny tight ass. Whispering in her ear "no pet - you are not allowed to cum tonight. you came once that is all my pet gets, W/we can't have you spoiled can W/we? " kitten shivers but shakes her head no. trying to control herself.

Master grasps her hips hard. is fingers bruising her waist. Grunting as He violently slams His cock deep into her bowels. listening to His pet whimper, feeling her body try to keep from spasming out of control. His last coherent thought is how well His pet obeys. Then He howls like the Master He is and cums hard in her ass. her ass tightens around Him as she tries to concentrate on His needs not her own. Master pulls out of her gaping hole as the last of His cum sprays across her ass and back. SMACK SMACK SMACK!!! her eyes bulge under the pressure of His hand spanking her freshly fucked asshole. tears pour out in frustration needing to cum so badly.

Master laughs as He watches her fight for control. Talking to her in His "Daddy" voice "no no no pet mustn't cum until I say so." her body shakes knowing she will not disappoint Master. Master pulls the cock gag from her lips and gives her just enough time to take one gulp of air before shoving his cock down her throat. "clean it up like a good slut."

Happy to be able to concentrate on something besides the aches in her cunt, kitten sucks Master clean. He POPS out of her mouth, bends down to untie her hands. sliding His hand between her legs He pinches her clit until she is whimpering in pain. He smiles knowing she would never disobey Him. He slides His finger in her sopping cunt fingering her until she is literally sobbing with the aching need to cum, then viciously pulls His fingers from her. leaving her aching to cum. "I said no pet" Grabbing her leash He hooks it to her collar and finishes untying her.

she gets on all fours and begins to walk to the door. "pet where are You going?" Master asks as He pull her leash back. she stumbles and Master catches her before she falls. lowering her to the floor Master points to the cage in the corner. "pet tonight it will please me to watch you suffer like never before. Can you handle that?"

kitten nods and whispers, "yes Master anything for You." Master smiles and pets her head, tangling His fingers in her hair. "that's My girl." kitten moans in pleasure as Master pulls her hair. she knows that He knows that she loves that more then anything else. Master pulls her to the large cage, He had special made, in the corner of the room. Large steel bars painted an ominous black, hooks and chains hanging strategically throughout the cage. she shivers hoping she won't be in too long, yet yearning for the pleasure of remaining there for her Master's pleasure.

Master helps kitten to stand. her blood is pumping fast through her veins, her pussy is twitching in anticipation. Masters cum still dripping from her abused ass. Master grabs her chin and pulls her face to His. Kissing her with all the love He possesses for His pet, His hand tangling in her hair as He over powers her entire body. her knees go weak. Master holds her up, devouring her mouth. His heart pumping next to hers. Both of their hearts beating faster. Reluctantly pulling her away from Him, knowing He must push her over this last hurdle.

she is barely breathing, her bruised lips slightly open in awe and love for this Man... her Master, her lover, her best friend. Master smiles and before she realizes what He is doing He viciously clamps two large alligator clamps onto her hard nipples. Gasping in pain her eyes raise to His and she knows Master is truly making her HIS!!! holding back the tears she watches Master attach two thin but heavy chains to the clips, pulling her nipples down painfully. biting her bottom lip she makes no sound. Master smiles and continues.

Grabbing another large alligator clamp Master SNAPS it onto her engorged clit. "AAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" kitten can't hold back the scream and Master chuckles. "pet make all the sounds you want." Tears form in her eyes but she barely gets herself under control. He attaches the same heavy chain as on her tits to this clamp. Master then grabs the ball gag and slips it between her lips. her eyes on His, He latches the gag behind her head, her lips curled back around it, her mouth forced far wider then it would normally go by the ball gag. drool begins to form in the corner of her mouth.

Master pets her face and winks at her. forcing her to bend forward. Master grabs the vibrating butt plug, it's about 6 inches long and 2 inches around. slipping it easily into her ass, His cum lubricating her hole. Master twists until it fills her ass up. kitten breathes hard through her nose, trying not to cum. Master then grabs the 10 inch vibrator and rams it inside of her cunt. kitten pleads with her eyes for permission and Master again denies her. tears pouring in frustration. needing to cum. aching to cum. knowing she won't do anything to ever disappoint Him. crying as she uses every trick to not cum. her legs buckling under her, she grabs for the floor with her hands. Master chuckles and continues.

He grabs her hair and pulls her to the cage. "Back in slut." kitten turns and backs into the cage. carefully avoiding the hooks. Master gets on His hands and knees in front of her. Grabbing the chains attached to her nipples Master pulls them hard, attaching the to the hooks in the floor. her nipples pulled far she arches forward trying to ease the tug. tears pouring down her face. Master laughs and pets her face. "trust Me love." she nods.

Master then tugs at the chain on her clit. Pulling it forward to a hook about a foot in front of her. her clit stretches and she jerks forward. Master gently but firmly pushes her back. pushing her head down Master leans farther into the cage and pulls her hand behind her back. Grabbing a set of cuffs Master binds her hands behind her back. Master backs out of the cage. Going first to one side then the other, Master secures her knees to bars on each side of the cage. Hovering over the cage He pulls her handcuffed wrists up and ties them to the top of the cage.

Walking around the cage He smiles as He watches her struggle. Master reaches through the bars and lifts her head, forcing her eyes forward Master secures her head in place by unhooking the ball gag from the back of her head to tie it to the top of the cage. Thus pulling her mouth that much more wide. Tears flow as kitten struggles to not cum. humiliation, degradation, lust, passion, anger, pain, ecstasy, and mostly love and submission race through her body and her eyes. Master laughs at her predicament. He walks behind the cage. slapping her hass through the bars, Grabbing her hips He moves her a bit until the plug in her ass is tightly fitted against a bar. He nods finally finished, He walks to the front of the cage and locks the door.

Patting her head He whispers "is My pet comfy?" she has no way to answer but is definitely not comfy. she NEEDS to cum. Master laughs and walks out of the room, turning the light off before gently closing the door. kitten screams behind her gag. she can't do this. she is too scared. Fighting off terror she listens for Master. He stands outside the door listening quietly. Seeing if she will grant Him obedience. He waits and hears her crying. His heart beats faster. Willing Himself the control not to release her until she submits. and then He hears it. her breathing starts to control itself. she stops crying. He knows she is His completely. HE opens the door and switches on the light.

How long was He gone?. It felt like hours but it could have only been minutes. she is unsure. but she is His now and she doesn't care as long as He is happy. her eyes plead with His and with one word their bond is sealed for eternity.



Please vote for this story if you like it or not. All feedback and suggestions are welcome. Thanks to all that voted for the first story and if Y/you want more please let me know.

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