tagBDSMKitty's Sensual Prick Teasing Pt. 04

Kitty's Sensual Prick Teasing Pt. 04


We've been playing a little "follow me" game, with me strutting around in front of you in my shiny black, thigh-high spike-heeled boots. My tiny little black vinyl booty shorts are hiked up my ass so my butt cheeks are spilling out, and they really accentuate my curvy rump. And so does the wiggly jiggly strut I'm performing for your visual titillation...

I've been informing you of certain erotic activities I have planned for the evening, and you are completely unable to speak as the idea of all these delicious explorations completely envelopes you. You just continue to follow me around like a lovesick puppy, losing your mind to me as my suggestive words sink right into your soul.

I laugh as I toss my long, flowing hair to one side so I can glance back at you following me, and I continue to march around in front of you. And then I slow down a little so you can get closer, pausing momentarily, posing for you with my hands on my hips and watching you approach.

You come close to me, but instead of grabbing me, which you could easily do, you slow down too and stop right behind me, instinctively knowing that I want to keep you close, but not let you have me. And you just stand there, your eyes absolutely drinking in every inch of me. You really DO like being teased, don't you baby!

Mmmmmm, now this is the reassurance that I have been waiting for, to know that you will play along with the kinky tease and denial activities that I have planned for you tonight...yes, my dear, you have nibbled at the bait, and now it's time to start reeling you in!

But before I begin playing more yummy games with you, I simply must get you even more worked up, all nice and hot. I have found it is very effective to go ahead and give you just a little taste of my feminine charms, but then take it away, just to make sure you are completely aroused and excited, and to make you want more...all so I can have my wicked way with you!

Having described some of the little games I have planned, I know you are already completely obsessed with certain parts of me, and the ones I have pointed out will be central to my teasing activities with you tonight...my sexy boots, my hot little ass, and my long, shiny red fingernails!

So I continue to make you follow me around some more, really playing up the sexy strut, taking little mincing steps so my whole body wiggles and squirms as I walk. My plump ass cheeks go up and down like pistons with each step, and my curvy hips sway side to side as I prance along. My deliciously feminine motions are almost like doing an exotic dance for you.

Overall, the sight of me displaying myself like that for you is absolutely titillating, and you are becoming quite lost in its effects...

You keep following me, and I just keep toying with you like that for a while, speeding up and slowing down my strutting walk, glancing back at you to observe your compliance to my game. And again, you obediently stay right behind me, and when I slow down you don't touch me, but stay a couple of feet away.

It's like you're asking me to tease you without actually doing it verbally, you are simply allowing it to happen like you actually want it...how delightful!

Anyway, as I said, to continue to stimulate you and ensure my complete control over you, it's time to give you a little taste of what lies in store for you tonight! So I turn around to face you, looking into your eyes with a big smile, and slowly come toward you.

You just stare at me, your eyes glazed over as your heightened arousal overwhelms you. Your cock is sticking out like a flagpole, completely hard and desperately in need of my sensual affections.

I reach out as I get closer and gently rub my hands up your chest, slowly encircling my arms around your neck as I pull you towards me. I lean forward to kiss you, and you stay still, not wanting to wreck the lipstick on my juicy red lips.

The head of your cock brushes up against my body momentarily, but I move my midsection away just a few inches, keeping myself just barely out of reach of its desperate neediness. Again, you could thrust it forward to try to get more physical contact with me, but you simply accept my denial of you and you keep still as I slowly continue to reel you into my web.

Despite your intense desire to reach out and touch me, something inside you tells you to just stand there while I have my way with you, and I immediately notice it...and it excites me greatly!

I reach forward and kiss your cheek gently, slowly pulling away and then moving my mouth closer to your ear. I blow arm air in it and give your earlobe a little nibble as I whisper, "Touch me..." in your ear. It takes you a moment to comprehend my instruction, but then your hands reach out to touch my hips, gently moving around behind me onto the lower part of my back.

I could easily reject this advance you are making, but I decide to allow it, letting you have just a little bit of me before enacting the little naughty plan I have in store for you.

As you hold me gently in your arms, I push myself up against you, capturing your erect cock between us. I caress it with my tummy, and you moan in ecstasy as I cuddle your sexual organ delicately up against my soft body. I continue doing that gently, caressing your head and neck with my fingers, and I whisper in your ear, "Tonight...you're MINE!"

My long, shiny red fingernails move over your earlobes, tantalizing you with the sharp tips, causing little tingles of pleasure to course all over your body. You arms move around me some more, caressing my hips and ass, and again I allow your advances for the time being.

"Oh my god, Mistress," you moan in my ear, "you are so beautiful, sooooo sexy, I can't help it, I can't resist you! I want you to prick tease me and make me do your bidding, I promise I'll be good and obey your whims! Please, please, PLEASE make me be your teaseboy tonight!!"

Who am I to argue? I mean, after all, you can't resist me, can you? No, you can't! And don't worry, baby, your dreams are about to cum true...

I start kissing you, slipping my tongue into your mouth, just a little. At first you don't respond, but when you start to kiss me back, I pull away a little, telling you, "Now be a good boy and let me give you kissies, but don't kiss back yet, okay sweetie?" You obey, letting me kiss you for a while, until I softly tell you, "Okay, now you can kiss me back, baby!"

I lean over and position my lips right near yours, letting you come and get me, and I allow you to kiss me for a second or two. Then I pull away for a moment, and slowly reach toward you with my lips, but when you reach for me I pull away.

"Hee hee," I giggle girlishly, "now you stop that, you silly boy!" I playfully push you away from me with my hands on your chest, but instantly come toward you again, snuggling up against you and offering my juicy lips to you, but pulling them away again when you try to kiss me.

And so it continues for a while; you repeatedly reach out to kiss me, but I push you away, rejecting you and giggling wickedly at your inability to resist my naughty little mind game. And I make it a point to lick my glistening red lips right before your eyes each time I reject you, slowly moving my tongue over them seductively.

Slowly, the repeated teasing and denial begins to have its effect, and as you start getting more and more frustrated, you begin to simply beg for my charms. I have been waiting for this, and I smile broadly as I observe your pleas for a few moments, my eyes twinkling as I enjoy the sight of you groveling like that...and I reject your advances several more times.

And then, finally, right when you are starting to go completely out of your mind, I come to you and snuggle up against you. I allow you to kiss me deeply, passionately swirling my tongue against yours as we embrace and hold each other lovingly.

It is so sudden, and in so much contrast to my behavior up to that point, that it takes you completely by surprise and you can barely accept what is happening. You immediately begin thanking me for letting you have me like this, and I smile to myself as my scheme continues just the way I planned.

Instinctively, your hands begin to explore my body a bit, which I allow as you pull me closer, and you begin rubbing around my waist, onto my lower back and upwards. But then your probing hands start to go downward, and I smile to myself as I feel you touch my bottom, both of your hands grabbing my ass cheeks and pulling me up against you.

It is at this moment that I push you away again, somewhat abruptly, and the look on your face is priceless as my rejection of you sinks in. Your cock is fully erect at this point, on the brink of explosion in fact, and it sticks out proudly toward me, throbbing and pulsing at the sight of me standing there right before your eyes.

I put my hands on my hips and say, "Now whoever told you that you could touch me THERE?" My accusatory tone is firm but has a hint of continued sweetness, and I just stay posed like that, watching you standing in front of me with that clueless look and your hardon sticking out at me, bobbing up and down a bit in its state of heightened arousal.

I smile mischievously as I undo a pair of metal handcuffs from my belt and dangle them before your eyes, saying, "Now since those naughty hands of yours don't know how to behave themselves, we'll just have to put these on them...maybe that will teach them how to act!"

And before you know what is happening, I grab one of your wrists and clickety-click the handcuff on it, slowly guiding it behind your back as I move around behind you. I reach around and grab the other wrist, finding no resistance on your part, and suddenly the other cuff is on that one as well.

And just like that, you are restrained, unable to touch me at all, and the sudden feeling of vulnerability and helplessness takes you by surprise. But before you can feel even a hint of fear, I come around in front of you and push my buxom breasts up against you, resting my arms on your shoulders.

"Now then, I do believe that is the way I was hoping I could have you tonight!" Your feelings of helplessness are suddenly replaced by a sense of being taken care of as my hands start rubbing all over you - your chest, your neck, shoulders, arms...

With you restrained like that, I know I can stimulate and tantalize you physically and there's nothing you can do about it to respond, and I take full advantage of that fact as my hands continue to explore your body. I use my long, sexy nails to titillate you as well, focusing in on your ears, your scalp, down onto your cheeks and over your nipples.

As I continue to seduce you, your cockhead pokes up against me just a bit, and I allow it for a moment before pulling away, taking a step back and posing with my hands on my hips once again. After the sensual onslaught of my hands and sexy fingernails all over body, you are simply going wild with desire, and the sight of me in front of you only makes it worse.

I look down at your aching, throbbing hardon and pick up the small dick whip I was using earlier on you, reaching out and poking your cock with it. I playfully swat the head of it, from below a few times, then from above, and then I begin flicking it side to side.

And I say sweetly, "Now then, slaveboy, let's go into my bedroom and have a little talk about this naughty cock of yours..."

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by tuch8503/25/18

Incredible how You wield each part of You like a seductive weapon... Lips, nails, skin, heels... And so well captured with Your words!

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