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Kiwi Candles


"Baby," I called to him, "I'm back."

The apartment seemed to be empty, no lights on, o sound from the TV, I was starting to think he wasn't here.

I smiled, standing in the door of our room looking at him, asleep on the bed. I dropped my bag quietly to the floor and approached him.

I kissed his cheek, "my sexy baby."

And he was, I liked when he dressed in his sweats with his wifebeater and hat, I kind of emulated his style on this hot day in Oakland, I was wearing dark blue shorts, and a white tee, with a green hat.

To my surprise I see him open one eye, then close it. "No one told you to get on my bed."

"Boy," I said slapping him, "This our bed."

"Get off for I make you get off."

I made a face, and laid back down, making sure to rub up against him.

"Ay, motherfucka, I wasn't playin with you."

He sits up, and starts ticklin me, I'm in a fit of giggles.

"Hehe...stop....baby stop!"

"Didn't I tell you to get off my bed?"

I couldn't stop laughing.

"Didn't I?"


He stops tickling me and pins me to the sheets staring down and me. He kissed my neck, then my cheek, then my lips, "Sexy trouble maker."

"Hehe yes."

We stare for a moment until he breaks the chance, "Guess what I brought for you?"


He gets up, and I sit up to watch him get his gift. He plants candles around the room, it was so romantic, white candles.

"Aw...how sweet Cookie."

Taking a match he lights each one, then

He hopes back on the bed, "They're vanilla chocolate scented."

"Yay! Chocolate....lol I'ma fat ass."

"Indeed," he kisses me, "But that's my sexy ass."

We start to passionately kiss, but before we get too far along I stop him. "Wait, wait, I got a surprise for you."

I hope up and go over to my bag, "Kiwi wine coolers!"

"Yes," he says grabbing for them, "Enough to make me tipsy, but not make me drunk enough to not remember..."

He leads me over to the bed lying me down, "Every..." kiss, "little.." kiss, "thing, that I'ma do to you."

He starts to turn, so now I'm on top.

"Hehe I like where this is going." I take off my shorts, and sit on his crotch, and feel it through his pants, "Why so hard?"

He smiles up at me, "I don't know you tell me."

I feel his stiffness (for use of a better word)

"Why dont you sit on it?"

I do, but don't let it go in.

"Poke," he puts his hands on my hips lowers my body, and as he slides in he asks, "Why so wet?"

I completely lower myself onto it, "I don't know you tell me."

He leans me over, so I'm laying completely flat on him, he takes my breasts into his mouth, and while doing so, slowly begins to grind up against me. I let out a moan, and he smiles, then sucks harder, I was in a daze. He looks up to me, "And how'd that feel love?"

"Soo good."

His hands move to my ass and he lifts it, then begins to move faster, in and out, and it feels so good..."I'm suppose to be ridin you remember?"

"Too bad."

And he goes even harder, he bites his bottom lip whenever he does this, and I think it's cute. The cutest love face he makes. He stops, "Now you ride."

I adjust my position, and start grinding at a slow face, and I watch his face change.

"You feel so good....so warm...so tight..."

It's so cute. He watches as my breasts bounce back and forth with each movement, then he gets an idea.

"Bounce on it baby."

As I begun, I watched his eyes close and his head roll back, "Shit when did you get good at this.."

I smile, and go faster.

"You like that?"

"Yes...I love when you bounce that sexy ass on me."

I start to feel him swell, so I go as fast as I can, he lifts me off and motions my head towards his throbbing erection. He was still cumming, "That's it baby...suck...swallow."

He pulls out of my mouth, with his sitffness still dripping, on my face, on my breasts, he kisses me. "I wanna fill all of you with my love and I want all your love on me."

He motions me back onto him, and sits my ass directly on his stiffness, his hands rest on my ass and he maneuvers me onto him, then he tells me to lay on him.

His hands wrap around my back and he embraces me.

I shift myself up and down, and he stops me. He closes his eyes, and lifts my ass an inch or so off him. Then he starts to thrust at his own pace, fast, and untaming, which sends me into ecstasy.


"Yes love," he pants.

"Mmm....I'm...cumming...it feels so good..."

He smiles, "That's right baby...cum..."

I cum, which makes him cum, and then, worn, I just lay on him and we just breathe. We look up at each other and laugh at each other, "Lol, damn baby."

I fall off of him then lay on my side, and laugh, "Baby, now that I think about it, we didn't even drink the damn wine cooler."

"Oh well," he laughs. "Let's drink em now."

I open the wine cooler and we toast, to what I'm not exactly sure. But that's how a good relationship goes, you never know what your doing or why, like why you make love with most of your clothes on.


Lol, well never know

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