tagInterracial Lovekk kk kkkk k kkk kkkkk

kk kk kkkk k kkk kkkkk


I was somewhere west of Nairobi when the k key in my old Underwood stuck and for the next half hour I filled three pages with Kk kk kkkk k kkk kkkkk all in perfect rhythm with the rattle-tat of the train on the rusted rails. "How did they rust out here in the rock, grit and sand?" I asked the conductor.

He just stared at me and murmured, "Ticket."

Finally realizing I was in jeopardy of running out of paper for the typewriter before the trip was over, I stopped the noisy, but inspirational clacking. Pushing the typewriter aside I let my mind drift as my eyes focused on the bead of sweat slowly accumulating on the neck of the young woman sitting across from me. It slowly grew, combining with several other burgeoning droplets and then meandered downward, across her upper chest and then down the flowery valley of her unbuttoned blouse finally to disappear as a damp spot in the material.

As I moved my eyes back up her neck, I heard the words, "Why don't you take a picture, it would last longer."

My gaze quickly flashed up to the woman's dark brown eyes and I was immediately devastated to think such an unoriginal cliché could roll from the lips from the beautiful black woman who faced me. In past lives such beauty was adorned in diamonds, sparkling jewels from the continent set in an elegant tiara, but instead the woman had a gold stud on one side of her nose, had three small hoops pierced through each ear, and a single gold stud in her tongue. I immediately wondered if either of her nipples was similarly adorned and glanced down.

Yes, the outline of her left nipple had an odd kink off to one side and I suddenly felt the need to adjust my posture in the seat. I straightened up, pulling on my pants as unobtrusively as possible to adjust my erection. Looking back at the woman's face I realized she was awaiting a response. Remembering her, not so clever, comment, I took a breath and said, "I'm sorry, it's just that the sunlight sparkled off of a bead of perspiration and I ah... well I guess I kind of stared, please forgive me."

She tilted her head a bit causing the beads tied in her hair to clatter as they rearranged themselves over her forehead and down her neck. With a sly look on her face she said, "Forgive you? Tell me why should I forgive you?"

"Well," I said glancing up the aisle behind her and then turning and looking down the aisle behind me, "It looks like we are the last ones in this car and it would be such a shame to waste the afternoon holding grudges."

She smiled and then leaned forward and whispered, "To be honest, the rocking of this train has made me horny and I've been sitting here wondering what that mustache of yours might feel like running up my thighs."

I hesitated, wondering if I actually heard what she said, if I truly understood her correctly. "Am I to understand that you just asked me to run my mustache up your thighs?"

"Up my thighs and beyond, if you're game."

I'd never been with a black woman before, never kissed one, never had the opportunity to make small talk or flirt with one before so I still was not entirely sure of myself. "So you," I paused...

Sitting back in her seat and spreading her legs so I could see her wonderfully soft thighs disappearing into her loose fitting shorts she said, "Read my lips, the car is empty, I'll pull off my shorts and if you run your mustache up my thighs and well, go down on me, I'll give you a blow job you'll never forget."

I glanced up the aisle behind her and then turned to look behind me confirming the car was still empty and by the time I looked back to her, she had pulled off her shorts and panties. Her dark legs were spread open and I looked down at her dark thatch of curls just above her gently curving lips. As I watched they seemed to swell outward, opening the tight slit to expose a hint of pink.

Kneeling on the floor in front of her, I placed my hands on each knee and then kissed just inside her knee cap. Slowly kissing her soft skin, I let my mustache trail along her thigh as I eased closer, ever closer to her blossoming pink lips. Taking a deep breath I drew in her fragrance, a heady combination of sweat, perfume and a bit of an earthy smell. I could hear her breathing quicken as I got closer and closer to her pussy.

I finally drew my mustache over her lips and then quickly plunged my tongue between her lips and as deep in to her pussy as I could push it. We gasped in unison as I was flooded with her tart flavor and as she lifted her hips to push against my face. I moved my tongue around exploring the wet, softness of her, savoring her taste, lolling in her fragrance.

Feeling her hands move through my hair, I slowly slipped my tongue out of her and then followed the tight slit upward searching for her clit. As I moved, I saw it, a huge pink nub pressing her lips outward. Immediately running my tongue over it, I coated it in my saliva before sliding my lips over it and sucking it in. I let her clit fuck my mouth as I sucked the numb in and out of my lips as my tongue moved up and down the tight, soft skin of it.

Her hips pumped wildly and I felt her legs wrap around my shoulders as she lifted up off the seat, shoving her pussy onto my face. She moaned and announced, "Oh yes, I'm coming." I quickly moved my fingers up and shoved two into her soaking pussy as I sucked her clit deep into my mouth. I stopped moving as her pussy squeezed and then released my fingers again and again.

As the pulsations subsided I glanced up at her and asked, "Well, was the mustache anything like what you expected?"

She smiled and replied, "The mustache and the tongue, especially the tongue." Quickly bending over, she grabbed her shorts and panties and pulled them on. "Okay now it looks like I need to do something memorable for you."

"It has already been memorable, so anything else will be just that much nicer."

"Nice? Well I hope this is better than nice," she replied kneeling down on the floor between my legs and grabbing for my belt.

I simply leaned back in my seat and let her unfasten my belt, unhook my pants, slowly unzip them and then reach her hand inside. She carefully worked my cock out of my underwear and then opened her mouth wide. Looking down I watched my pale cock slip into her mouth and immediately felt the incredible suction as her cheeks pulled inward and she began sucking on my erection.

The suction was incredible but there was something else, yes, the stud on her tongue, the hard but smooth metal rolling under and around the shaft added a delightful sensation. It was so delightful that my breath quickened and I felt a pressure building in my balls. I had hoped to draw out this little escapade but in just this short time I could feel an intense pleasure surging up my cock. I moaned loudly, pushed my hips upward, thrusting my cock as deep into her mouth as she would let me and then I came, spurting my cum into her mouth again and again.

Grabbing hold of the shaft with her hand, she quickly swallowed several times and then pulled her head back, letting my softening cock slip from her lips. Working her hand up the shaft, she milked a couple of small droplets from the tiny hole in the head and quickly lapped them up. We then felt the train beginning to slow down and she quickly glanced outside.

"Oops, this is my stop," she said, standing up from between my legs and stepping out into the aisle. Reaching up into the overhead compartment she pulled out her small bag and then looked down at me.

"You've got a little bit on your face there," I said, pointing ot my own face near the corner of my lips.

She ran her tongue over her lips and drew that last droplet into her mouth. "Thanks, I needed that," she said as she turned to head for the door.

"Thank you, I will never forget this."

She looked back and replied, "I told you you'd never forget it." She then moved through the cabin door as I quickly got my pants zipped up and fastened.

Looking out of the window I saw her walk quickly toward the station building and then embrace a young black man, her boyfriend I guessed. Without a glance back toward me she walked away, arm in arm with the man. Inspired, I grabbed my typewriter, slipped in a piece of paper and began clacking away as I watched the woman disappear from my view. Only then did I realize I wall still typing only kk kk k kkk kkkk. I reached into the typewriter and freed the stuck keys, all the time wishing I knew her name.

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