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Knicker Elastic


This story is dedicated to Katie and Nikki who wrote and said how much they preferred the word knickers to panties.


I work in an accounts office which I share with my assistant Steve, a shy but quite good-looking nineteen year old. I sometimes wonder what he thinks of me, a married woman in her thirties. He's never shown any sign of being interested in me, though I did once notice him sneaking a peek when I bent over while wearing a slightly low cut summer dress.

One morning I was stood by the filing cabinet when I felt something snap and my knickers suddenly fell round my ankles. I stood motionless for a minute, then picked them up, and with a joke about cheap elastic I stuffed them in my handbag. I looked at Steve and he blushed like mad. There was an awkward silence, then he left the room and went down the corridor to the loo.

After a minute it suddenly dawned on me that the sight of my knickers had excited him so much that he'd had to go jerk himself off (admittedly they were lacy black ones).

Neither of us said anything when he came back, but there was a definite tension in the air.

It was odd walking round with no knickers on. I felt exposed and vulnerable, but at the same time rather sexy.

Straight after lunch I had to go see my boss. I know he fancies me because at the Christmas disco he got me to dance to a slow number and his hands were all over me. He tried to persuade me to slip down to the basement storeroom with him, but I don't fancy him so I refused.

Now I stood next to him as he pointed out figures on the computer screen. I wonder what would have been his reaction if he had known that all he had to do was stick his hand up my skirt and he would have easy access to my pussy.

More to the point my assistant Steve knew about my lack of underwear and I knew that he knew. I found myself wondering what his reaction would be if I accidentally on purpose flashed at him. At first it was just an amusing flight of fancy - I could imagine him blushing away even as his prick got harder.

But of course it was a fantasy that was relatively easy to carry out and as I thought about it I was surprised to find my pussy pouting wetly.

As the afternoon wore on the temptation to expose myself was irresistible. It was all I could think about and finally I resolved to do it. With my heart pounding away I waited till Steve was near my desk then knocked a pen on the floor and asked him to pick it up. As he bent down I parted my legs. He gasped and stared at my sex. Finally he put the pen on the table with trembling fingers.

I told him there was a job that needed doing in the basement storeroom and he had to come with me.

He followed eagerly and as soon as we were in the basement he grabbed me and started mauling me. That wasn't what I had in mind so I pushed him away and told him to wait. I went over to the farthest corner where we were safely out of sight behind all the cabinets and shelving. Then I sat on the carpet and parted my legs for him. He just stared, so I told him he ought to unfasten his trousers. He scrabbled with his belt and zip as I stroked my inner thighs. His pants came down and revealed a lovely erect cock - big, firm and stiff. I was wet through and ready for him. I teased him by slipping a finger into my pussy.

Big mistake! He cried out and grabbed his cock as sperm jetted out of it. Most went on the floor, but a few drops splattered on my legs.

"What the bloody hell is going on here?" a voice demanded.

My boss was stood watching! Steve pulled his trousers up and fled. I stood up, smoothed my skirt down and tried to walk out as coolly as I could, but my boss grabbed my arm.

"If you can do it for him you can do it for me" he said.

He pushed me against the wall and started kissing me. I struggled and said no, but he just ignored me. He began to pull my skirt up. I fought him, but he was too strong and it ended up bunched around my waist. Then he got his prick out and tried to get it in me, but because we were standing up it was too difficult, so he pulled me down onto the carpet. He pushed my legs apart and thrust at me. I wriggled and he missed. This happened again, and again.

He told me to keep still, but I kept wriggling and he became frantic, desperately begging me to keep still as he kept thrusting unsuccessfully. It was odd because even though I was pinned down he was pleading with me and I felt triumphant and in control of the situation.

Then it happened. I wriggled to one side just as he thrust there and his prick rammed deep into me. I cried out and he groaned with relief and commenced to fuck me. He was a big powerful man, but a lousy fuck. It wasn't long before he gave an extra deep thrust and I felt his prick jerk inside me as he pumped his spunk into me.

When he'd finished he lay gasping on top of me. Then I froze in horror as a voice I recognised asked my boss if I was any good. Geoff and Dave from the office were watching!

My boss got up and told them I was great and they should have a go. Geoff came across unfastening his trousers. I tried to get up but he pushed me back down, parted my legs and guided his prick to its target. I gasped as he entered me and fucked me with fast, deep strokes. He told the others I was bloody juicy, then it was his turn to fire his sperm into me.

Having just taken two men for the first time in my life I didn't think it would make much difference to take a third, so I didn't even try to get up when Dave came across. He positioned his prick against my cunt lips then slid into me. As he fucked me he told me that he'd always fancied me and he could hardly believe he was having me. I could hardly believe it either.

Then he told me that when he was fucking his wife he often imagined it was me. It's odd and I've no idea why, but that sent a wave of love juice surging to my pussy.

I laid there passively, but despite the sordid setting (me on my back in a basement being fucked by a work colleague while two others shouted their encouragement) I was turned on. Perhaps it was because I'm a relatively shy woman and this was the only outrageous thing I'd ever done.

Whatever the reason it came to an end when Dave buried his face in my neck, groaned and flooded my cunt with his spunk. He lay on top of me for a while and then eased himself off.

His limp prick slid out of me and sperm trickled out of my well-fucked cunt. As the men walked away I heard them say that it had been great and they should do it again soon.

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