tagFetishKnicker Fun with Marie and Julian

Knicker Fun with Marie and Julian


I made contact with Marie and Julian through a little known indie publication, now sadly defunct, called Pamela's Knickers and Up skirts.

It was a great little magazine, that catered for enthusiasts of traditional underwear. The ladies and gents who enjoyed the viewing, the wearing of and the kinky fun related to these erotic items of clothing.

We corresponded, initially, by post. This being in the days before the real boom of internet social activity. Marie, Julian and I would write about our fantasies, desires and interests. And, found we had much in common. I was twenty-three at the time. Marie and Julian were fifty-one and fifty-three, respectively.

They would send me Marie's worn underwear and various video clips of their favourite porn films and of themselves too. The pleasure of watching Marie gobble Julian's big prick, whilst I masturbated and inhaled her aromatic mixture of perfume and cunt from her gusset, was indescribable.

We eventually started to chat to each other over the phone and the friendship and connection grew to the point, that they both invited me to stay at their home, for a weekend.

I arrived with flowers, wine and we pleasantly chatted over a delicious meal Marie had prepared. Wearing a summer dress, Marie's hazel eyes were mischievously seductive. Julian smiled when he noticed me gazing at her sexy hourglass figure and lovely full bottom, as she tidied our supper dishes away.

Afterwards, we changed into our favourite underwear. Lovely rayon Directoire knickers. Julian and I had cream ones on, whilst Marie chose peach coloured ones with shiny, tan stockings, a cardigan and her favourite fluffy slippers.

We settled on their living room couch. Marie between Julian and I. Her elegant perfume intoxicating the excited air around us.

My cock was already tenting the silky material of my Directoire knickers, which felt fabulous, as was Julian's eager member. Marie smiled, as she exclaimed that she adored seeing the sight of stiff pricks straining at the confines of silky knickers.

She then pressed play on their video system so we could watch our favourite porn at the time. Old Ladies Extreme and a pussy-pump clinic-themed porno.

Julian then proceeded to tell me that his wife had inserted some vibrating balls, into her warm cunt, prior to us relaxing. She turned and grinned at me, as my cock twitched in my knickers at the thought.

Marie started to gently stroke and fondle my excited, stiff knicker-bulge. I moaned her name at her touch. Delighting in seeing her slender fingers and red nails contrast with the cream coloured material stretched tight around my pulsating excitement.

"Oh look, Julian! Young Rich is staining our beautiful knickers." Marie yelped with mock-horror.

Pre-cum, indeed, had started to ooze out of my throbbing cock-head. Overwhelmed by the lovely, erotic situation I was in.

"Well, I can't say I am surprised, dear. Between these knickers, your touch and his age. I am surprised he hasn't spunked his young load in them already!"

With that he reached over, his hand joining his wife's, to stroke my throbbing knicker-bulge.

Their combined fondling had me in heaven! Julian gently massaged my silk covered balls, as Marie deftly worked my shaft and sensitive tip. They both stopped when my breathing indicated I was about to past the point of no return.

We settled back for a breather and watched a bbw granny moaning, as a pussy-pump was used on her excited cunt by a young doctor.

"Julian and I love this scene, Rich. Especially at the end when she pisses everywhere after being covered in his cum." Marie whispered, like a naughty schoolgirl in class.

"Did you enjoy the clips we sent you of me pissing MY knickers, Rich?" She asked with an enquiring look.

"Very much so, Marie. In fact, it made me want to join you and piss in my knickers too!" I nervously blurted out.

"Ooh, Rich! You naughty boy!" Marie joyously exclaimed.

She turned to Julian, with a gentle prod of her elbow in his side.

"See, my love? I told you our young friend would be perfect for our many 'interests'." Marie delightfully trilled to her husband.

Julian nodded to his wife in agreement. I looked down at Julian's large and prominent erection, poking obscenely through his knickers.

"Mmm.. My husband does have a lovely, looking penis doesn't he, Rich?" Marie's voice whispered in my ear.

I looked up to see them both smiling warmly at me. Julian winked at me, as Marie started to stroke his engorged prick through his knickers. I settled back and watched her hand manipulate her husband's lovely, large, knicker-covered cock.

Marie's reached over to me to resume my pleasure. We gasped and moaned as her hands worked their sensual magic.

"I think we are going to enjoy having young Rich as a guest, aren't we, dear?" Marie asked her excited husband.

"Yes, darling.. Most certainly!" Julian gasped.

I looked down and his thick cock was visibly red and straining through his DK's. Marie squirmed and giggled in excitement.

"I am going to adore having you both fuck my wet pussy later. And, of course, my husband and I gobbling your young penis too!" She breathed. Her voice heavy with lust.

"Yes, Marie, please do." I moaned and started to buck in her grip.

"Maybe, you could help me pleasure my Julian too? With our mouths. What do you think, Rich?" Marie enquired as she rubbed her thumb over my silky, bulbous end.

"Oh, Marie! Yes! I'm going to shoot my creamy cum in your lovely, silky knickers!" I cried out.

I moaned, my balls drew tight and I shook and exploded in her knicker grip. A dark stain appeared, as I flooded my Directoire knickers with hot cum.

"Oh, Rich! Good boy!" Cooed Marie.

I looked over to see Julian start to tense, almost on cue, at seeing me spurt my warm, sticky cum.

"I'm cumming, darling! Oh, my dear! I'm going to shoot my seed, my love!" Julian cried.

Marie, quick as a flash, pulled his knickers down to release his thick, angry red cock. Which then proceeded to pump thick wads of jizz into the air. I was mesmerised by his large dick pumping it's load out joyfully.

"Mmmm.... Lovely cum-loads, boys! Now then? My turn!" Marie laughed devilishly, as she spread her nylon-clad legs...

To be continued..

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by Anonymous

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by JhMcKn11/19/17

Knicker fun with Granny

I too remember the halcyon days of women wearing DK's and how they came down the thighs to cover the welt of a ladies stockings. My maternal grandmother, who resided with us, wore them, but not all themore...

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by Anonymous10/10/17

Knickers Galore

Well done, I trust there will be sequels.
A bit more description of the knickers, clothing etc. would be nice.
As others have mentioned it brought back memories

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by Seamstraight10/06/17

Many thanks.

Thank you so much for these encouraging feedback comments. First dabble at writing about my experiences and fantasies. So, to hear any constructive criticism is music to my ears. Busy working on the nextmore...

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by Anonymous10/06/17


I remember buying Upskirts mag as a teenaged boy.

It gave me my love of all things panties. I had many a wank over panties ever since then. In fact I have worn panties whenever possible since those daysmore...

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by Anonymous10/06/17

What lovely memories this triggers!

I remember Moriarty's Up Skirts with a lot of fondness -- thank you for reminding me of it.

I did love this story -- I hope there is a lot more of it to come!

Thank you -- five stars.

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