tagRomanceKnight in Shining Armour

Knight in Shining Armour


I can't believe I am actually escaping this nightmare.

Firstly I'll start off with an explanation of why I want to escape my marriage. I fell in love when I was 19. Jeff was 26. I was so in love with him I wouldn't listen to warnings about him from anyone, not even my own parents. He treated me like a princess, until we were married and then everything changed.

When we had been married for about 3 months, he made me quit my job at the library. After 4 months I couldn't go out with my friends and after six months I was a prisoner in my own home. He had taken my car keys off me and he put a toll bar on the phone so I could not call anyone.

We were living out in the country so it was not easy for me to have any contact with the outside considering the restrictions he had put on me.

I'm 23 now. In fact I turned 23 last week. I have been handed a gift, unsuspectingly by Jeff. He given me an opportunity to get away.

This morning a woman came to the door, introducing herself as Lizzy-Mae, my husbands secretary. She told me she had been sent to get his suitcase and clothes because he has an emergency business meeting. I'm not stupid, I knew that meant him and his latest bimbo are going off for a sexfest at some secluded destination. While I was packing his suitcase I also got out the other suit case and started to pack it for me. I handed Lizzy-Mae Jeff's suitcase and when I did she said he'll be getting in touch with me frequently. I bet he would.

About a month earlier I had accidentally come across where he had hidden my keys. I had transportation and opportunity, so I was leaving. I went out to the garage where my car that hadn't been started for over four years was being kept. For my 18th birthday my aunty had given me her car, and Old Betty started up first time. I was gone driving in the pouring rain away from that never ending hell of a marriage. I was so overcome with relief and emotion that I had to stop the car and cry for a bit. And then I saw them, a set of head lights. He couldn't have realised I was missing so quickly could he?

I started screaming and crying and shaking. I was so close to get away and now it would end. I heard a tap on the window so I turned away from it still screaming and crying and all of a sudden the passenger door opened and a big man got in and looked at me and all of a sudden I was pulled onto his lap and he was holding me whispering calming words into my ear. When I had calmed down we sat, he was rubbing his hand up and down my spine and I must have fallen asleep because the next thing I knew I was in the passenger seat of his truck and we were driving down a bumpy drive way.

He picked me up out of the truck and carried me through to what I presumed to be his bedroom from the clothes draped over the back of his chair and boots thrown on the floor. As he laid me on his bed I looked into his eyes, then I drifted off to sleep.

I woke up sometime in the middle of the night and drifted out of bed to find water. As I walked through the tongue and into the kitchen I heard a deep sensual male voice say, " So, she awakens." I stopped in my tracks and turned towards the voice just as he flicked on the lights and I pulled a very grotesque face as my eyes adjusted to the light and he chuckled.

I was stuck for words, so I walked over to him and flung myself in his arms saying thank you over and over again. And he held me again.

He said his name was Kane Weatherly and I told him my name. Kelly Walker. I explained to him about my husband an das I spoke I could see his anger growing and he pulled me into his arms saying no one will ever hurt me again.

He carried me up to his bedroom the whole time looking into my eyes saying that he would never ever let me be hurt again.

He lay me on his bed and undressed me so slowly, like he was worshiping my body. He kissed all over my naked body. He was stimulating places I didn't even know you could stimulate. I fell in love with him that night while we were making love.

I woke up in his arms the next morning and he was smiling down at me, then the doorbell went. He got out of bed and pulled on some pants and I followed after him pulling on his bath robe. We went to the door holding hands and as he opened the door. My smile faded. Standing on the other side of the door was my husband.

To be Continued...

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