tagSci-Fi & FantasyKnight of the Succubus Zero

Knight of the Succubus Zero


This is a preview of my first erotic piece that U am currently working on, no real sex, but some sensual seduction, the big time sex and erotic workings will come with the finished product if this gets some good reviews.

Knight of the Succubus

Chapter Zero

A hooded figure moved through the darkened streets, his foot-steps barely echoing as he glided down an ally and then stopped as the sounds of rushing armored feet drew closer. Through the low light of the few fiery street lamps he could make out a single figure running his way and he ducked back some into the alley grumbling slightly. A hand slipped underneath the coal black cloak he wore, grasping at the weapon hidden there and his muscled arm tightened ready to swing a quick opening killer strike. The next moment a figure ran into the ally and his arm moved to slash them down but stopped short when he found himself staring into the most beautiful blue eyes he had ever seen. They were like sapphire jewels upon a sea of endless crystal clear blue ocean and he almost gasped in shock at depths of emotion within them. He was knocked out of his stupor when she ran full tilt into him causing them both to stumble and fall against one another, her lean full figured body laying upon his own. "Hey why don't you watch where you are going...."

"Ssssshhhhhh! Be quiet.... Please...." Her voice, to his ears, was like the soft spoken words of some angel yet there was something more to it that sent shivers down his spine in the worst way. Her face was like something most would only dream of, thin yet well rounded almost like an elven woman, yet her ears were rounded like a human. Strands of pure platinum hair decorated her face as she breathed deeply an obvious sign she had been on the run and he watched as a slender hand softly brushed some hair away from her plush looking lips. "It looks like I lost them... at least for now..."

Just as he was about to ask her what was going on the girl backed up some as a group of imposing armored knights suddenly appeared around the corner brandishing swords and shields. The cross shaped symbol with a sun behind it and a angel on either side told the man that these were knights of the Holy Order, and that could mean trouble for him.

"There she is! Foul demon your times of bringing ruin to mankind is finally at an end!" The head knight stepped forward standing easily 6 feet and holding his wicked blade tipped solid steel pole-arm as if were a mere toy, his silvery white armor gleaming even in the low light. The hooded man stood up slowly from where he was sitting and his towering figure made some of the knights back off a step, but not their leader. "Stand back stranger unless you want to lose your life and your soul to this succubus!"

The hooded figure was just moments away from asking the Order knight what he was talking about when he felt it creeping over him. It started out as a strange warmth that seemed out of place for such a cool night, but then as it enveloped him his body shivered slightly from the aura filling the alley. The girl was wearing nothing but a thin sheer silky negligee colored in a rose red that shifted about slightly as she stood facing the imposing knights as if they were nothing. The man backed away another step from her as a burning bright red aura finally flared into existence around the girl's slender figure. Her platinum silvery hair flowed riding the air slightly as it swirled with power around her giving her the look as if she were flying though she stood feet planted firmly to the ground.

"You Order knights are a very persistent bunch of bastards! Come now you don't want to hurt me... I am but a mere girl and if you would not hurt me I could bring you pleasures you could never imagine..." That voice echoed in the stranger's ears again, but this time gone was the softer tones, replaced by a sultry seductive voice that most men would become excited by. She had to be a succubus because even he was feeling the urging within his own loins, a calling that he struggled and finally fought back down. She moved to open her robes and he gazed upon the full figured body beneath which was covered by an easy to see through negligee. Her figure was perfectly curved with legs thick yet elegantly toned and following them up they could all see her pussy was clean shaved. The folds of it were already puffy and glistening with her sweet smelling juices, the aroma wafting out from it slowly full of potent aphrodisiac. His eyes were drawn to her perky full sized breasts, easily sized to be handfuls and she moved her arms up under them to make her breasts perk even higher. The nipples were a soft rosy pink and they peaked pressing against the slightly tight fitting silken clothe, obviously aroused by so many eyes upon them. Some of the men behind their leader shuddered a little and their swords dropped a few notches from the defensive position they had been in. A small smirk of triumph began to creep across those luscious full lips of the girl and her slender long tongue slipped out to lick them seductively as her eyes shifted from the endless sapphire to a golden rimmed red.

"Weak willed fools!" The next instant the lead Order Knight slammed his pole-arm into the ground and began a soft chant of ancient magic, arcane runes appearing within the jewel embedded within the chest of his armor. A burst of flickering blue waves of aura magic slammed outward from the ground and the succubus girl stumbled back cursing as her own red aura was blown out of existence. "We know the truth of your pleasures... the price that comes with such ungodly pursuits, we are men of the Order and we will not yield to you hell spawn!"

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