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Knightly Encounter


The day of the jousting tournament started with bright sunshine and a warm gentle breeze. I was sitting along the side of my father, the Lord of the Manor. When suddenly my eyes caught sight of a knight, in shining armour, sitting astride a magnificent black horse. He came to where I was seated and held out his lance, I then proceeded to tie my kerchief to the end. Off he rode to the starting position. When my father dropped his kerchief to signal the start, the knight’s horse reared and powered forth.

But alas it was not as it was supposed to me, The black knight burst forward, lance forward, knocked my knight to the ground piercing his armour. I screamed, ran to his side and removed his armour, put my hand over his wound to stem the flow of blood. I removed his helmet, and to my surprise I was looking into the most magnificent pair of dark eyes I had ever beheld. My father ordered him to be carried to the manor and was laid upon my bed.

For three weeks I bathed this knight, never knowing his name, but falling deeper and deeper into enchantment of him, as though a magician had waved a spell over my heart.

Finally he was well enough to take small walks with me around the grounds and into a small forest. We rested upon the banks of a small-secluded lake. I sat on the warm soft grass, resting his head in my lap, gently brushing away a dark strand of hair, which had fallen.

He lifted his hand and gently caressed my cheek, looking deep into my eyes. I felt my heart skip a beat, and a warmth flood through me I had never felt before. He moves his hand to the back of my neck, pulling my face closer to his, and I felt the warm sensual breath upon my face. Our lips met in that first kiss. Slowly he started to part my lips with his tongue, and pushed it into my waiting mouth. As our kiss deepened, his tongue was working in circles over my own, sending heat flowing through my body.

He slowly removed his hand from my cheek, and started to unlace my bodice. I knew this was wrong, but I was trapped within his embrace. But then I did not want to stop this wondrous feeling. Alas I suddenly realised that because I dressed in such urgency this morn, I had omitted to put on my under things. What was I to do?

As my breath deepened, his fingers grew more urgent at the laces, and eventually ripping my bodice open, exposing my breasts to his gaze. His hand gently cupped one breast, running his thumb across my nipple, teasing and pulling on it. Then moving to my other breast and doing the same. His mouth moved closer and closer along my neck, raining small kisses along the way to my breast. I inhaled deeply when suddenly his mouth captured one nipple, teasing it with his tongue and sucking it into his mouth. Sucking it as a baby would suckle its mother. My nipples became hard and tender under his masterly touch.

I could feel his hardness pressing against me. My hand moved to touch his manhood, to feel it in my hand. But alas he grabbed it, and raised it above my head. I learnt I was not to touch him.

His lips moved down my chest, over my stomach to my navel where he kissed and licked around it, sending shivers through me. He slowly removed my skirt, and here I was lying naked under his gaze. This seemed so unfair. I needed to see his naked beauty, to caress him. I know every inch of his chest and back, but I wanted oh so much more.

His hands start at my calves, caressing and massaging up towards my thighs. I could feel his manhood pressing into me, but knew I should be stopping this, but was powerless to do so. His fingers reached my inner things, caressing enticingly. His thumb brushes against my womanhood, sending exquisite shivers through my body.

He inserts one finger caressing on the inside, setting my juices flowing. Driving me to the brink of ecstasy, when he inserts a second, which sends me into my first orgasm. The first I hope of many to come. He holds me in his embrace, fingers still inside me, waiting for me to return to him from the heavens. He slowly moves away from me and stands. He removes his clothing, and finally he stands before me in all his magnificent glory.

I rise to my knees in front of him. Breathing in the scent of him, I lower my lips and gently kiss the head of his manhood. Tongue sliding across the slit, tasting him for the first time. When I lower my head to take him completely in my mouth. Tongue sliding over the rim, down his shaft and back again. Feeling him getting harder, my hand moves to his sac, caresses and squeezes gently, all the while my mouth is sliding up and down. I want to taste his juices, feel him explode in my mouth, and as I am about to get my wish, he pushes me gently away and lies me back on the warm grass stating that there is a better place for him to be.

He lies atop of me, his knee prying open my thighs. I feel his manhood at my entrance, rubbing up and down my womanhood, juices flowing he enters me. He is so huge and I am so tight. He stops, waiting till I am used to him, then he thrusts forward till he comes to my obstruction. Again he stops. Takes his hand and gently rubs my clit, enticing more of my juices to flow over his rigidness. He wants me wetter for him, so his manhood will slip easily through.

Again he starts his thrusts till he is through. The pain soars through me, he stops till it has eased, and a new feeling washes over me. He starts up again, this time moving more rapid; I thrust my hips to meet him. Harder and harder, faster and faster his manhood moves all the way in and almost all the way out. My juices flowing freely, I am burning with desire, wanting to travel to the stars with him as one. When suddenly he convulses, rapidly moving taste and faster till I feel him explode inside me, which in turn sends me over the edge to ecstasy. Our juices joining as one, we both collapses wrapped into each other’s arms, we rest.

My first encounter with my knight was to be a daily occurrence for the rest of our lives. Only more exotic, more explosive and more sensual, as we explore each other’s bodies, till we are laid together for all eternity.

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