tagSci-Fi & FantasyKnight's Conquest Ch. 1

Knight's Conquest Ch. 1


You are breathing heavily. You are sucking air into your lungs like you almost drowned. Technically, you almost did. By the skill and intensity that Luna attacked your cock with her scalding mouth and her dexterous fingers, you stopped breathing to focus your concentration to not ejaculate your essence for this vessel of evil. Fortunately, she stopped. She stood up and looked down at your throbbing organ. Her eyes moved up (proud of her expert manipulations), she smiled and shows you her pearly whites.

She is sent to corrupt you. You know it and she knows it. She took it as a challenge to break you. Rather than be a helpless virgin nymph seeking protection from a holy knight of Kagnas, she appeared to you in all her demonic glory – bright white extended canines, arm-length leathery wings, tiny horns protruding from her forehead and long, slender dark-red tail.

In spite of her supernatural amenities, you cannot help but be aroused by her. After all, without her extra features, she is the most beautiful woman that you laid your eyes on. She has an evil yet sensual facial features, ample breast, very slim waist, slick clean-cut pussy and well-defined legs and thighs. To accentuate these features she is a wearing a finely crafted chain-mail where the breast area is exposed, a studded collar, thigh-high five-inch stiletto boots and a belt made up of tiny bones. To complete the ensemble, she has two big circular earrings and she is wearing arm-length gloves, but with her finger exposed. She exudes lust, in the most extreme definition of the term.

She knew that the strict and conservative life of a knight contributes to the pent up debauchery in one's subconscious. A knight is trained to be gallant, respectful and always in control. She knows the idea of losing control, to be forced to submit, fear and the idea of helplessness is in your innermost fantasy. The fantasy and longing that you repress because of society and your duty. But she is going to unearth that craving and letting it consume you. She is going to use any weakness and any fetish a person might have to accomplish her goal. And now, her goal is you.

The spikes of her heels rested about five inches from each side of your waist. She knelt down and grabbed your pulsating member and direct it to her moist nether region. She leaned towards you. The cold sensation of the steel, the pressure of her hard nipples and the softness of her breast coming in contact with your bare chest, sends a thousand volts of electricity coursing through your whole body. You can feel her warm breath as she whispered, "Prepare knight, the world as you know it will cease to exist. As soon as your manhood are enclosed in the folds of my dungeon of pleasure, you lust will devour your humanity. You will be reduced to a rutting animal, unable to think and comprehend." She brushed aside the hair the is partly covering your eye and saw the fear, the helplessness. But she also saw the desire, the lust. She cherished the power she has over you as she slid your member into her steaming pussy.

Her pussy is as soft as jello, as smooth as silk, as hot as fire. You gasped as you have never anything like this before. She is pumping your cock at a gradually increasing rhythm. As she sat down on your organ, you thrust up in response to the intense sensation. You don't only feel your cock go into her. You feel the tickle and sensation upon your every internal organ as the friction of her slippery tunnel grazes against your cock head increases. As she pulls out, she is squeezing her cunt so tight that it feels like a vacuum sucking out the cum straight from your balls. You never felt anything remotely like this. You are moaning loudly, now. Synchronizing with the movement of this orgasm-inducing creature.

You open your eyes. She gave you that lusty triumphant smile. She ran her tongue around her bright red lips and sharply pointed fang in anticipation of your surrender. "Come on, knight. Submit to the ultimate pleasure that your body is longing for. Shoot your rich seed into the depths of my being." Her eyes are getting brighter with each thrust.

She knew that your moans of pleasure are getting louder. "Yes, that's it. Let go."

You tried to fight the urge to come. " You know you cannot resists me much longer"

You tried to remember your mission. "Give up. Give it up for me."

You tried to remember your years of training. "Uuungghh… Yyyeeesss." She yelled in intense orgasm. You can feel her love juice flowing down her cunt. The flesh around you member is gripping and quivering ever so tightly. But yet, she kept pumping.

You closed your eyes. You wanted to just to let go. It feels so good to surrender yourself to the temptress skillfully riding your cock. She leaned down again as she enclosed her lips around you mouth. Her tongue snaked out and exploring every crevice within. You responded your tongue found hers and they are now slithering around each other. She disengaged as another orgasm rocked through her. She puts her finger into your mouth as you tried to gasped for air. You readily accepted. You licked and sucked it as you are doing with her tongue earlier.

She is relentless. She didn't miss a beat. She reached down and roll one of my nipples between her finger. "Stop fighting it. You know that you have lost. So, just let go and join the many others that have surrendered their soul to me."

"Come now and abandon this world that you are living in. Let go. Let your hot seed fill my being. I can feel you balls churning. You are very close now. I can sense every throb of you majestic cock as I pump your cum out of your balls. You are almost there. You cannot hold it back, anymore. I can feel it moving up to erupt into my waiting cunt." She arched her back as she continued to slide her sweet pussy in and out preparing for this knight's defeat.

Your worn down body and the intense activity clouded your mind. But you still have a very weak paralysis magic left. You doubt that it would have any effect on Luna. So you cast it on yourself. Concentrating on your cock, in an attempt to ignore and block out the erotic pleasure between your thighs. You prayed that it works, while a small part of your wish that you haven't thought of it.

It's working. You don't feel your cock anymore and it is getting limp.

You open your eyes. You can see the frustrated look of Luna as she disengaged from your staff. "Thanks, anyway. It has been a long time since I had an orgasm fucking a man. None of them last this long. Some of them even shoot off as they feel my tongue around their lips." Breathing hard as she explained.

She stood up beside you. You looked at her sweaty body as you breathe in synchronous with her. "At least, let me taste what I will be looking forward to, later" With that she reached out to your softening cock. She traced her long, dark, shiny fingernails around the hole. And drag the sharp nails down along the vein ever maddeningly slow. She then grabs hold and slowly squeezes up with a twisting motion. She managed to draw up a big bead of precum.

With her hand still gripping your cock, she then leaned down. Her extraordinarily beautiful face came into view and her bright red lips are within an inch from the tip of your penis. She looked back at you and again gave you that heart-stopping smile, just to let you know what she intends to do. She stretched out her tongue and traced circles around the tip of your cock until she lapped up the liquid oozing out of the your man hole.

Satisfied with the taste of the essence of your being, she released your cock and inserted her index finger into her pouting mouth. She ever so slowly drew it out and ended the performance with a small lick. "Mmmmm.. quite tasty. You are going to give me more of that later.. much more.." she giggled. Even though the sensation of your penis have not returned yet from the spell, your cock twitch in anticipation of what's to come. She saw it and gave you another of her lustful smile.

She flipped a switch and your manacles are released. She then turned her back to you and started to walk away. You tried to stand but your spell affected everything below your waist. Besides even if you manage to get out of the bed, you would not have been able to stand after that energy-draining ordeal that you've been through. You just watched her perfectly shaped ass rocked back and fort. You can even see the silhouette of her pussy hairs. Even though she is planning to drain the life out of you in the next hour or so.. maybe even earlier, you can't help but admire her extremely desirable features.

You collapsed like a heap of meat on the floor. As the door of the cell is closed and locked, you fell into a deep slumber.

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