tagSci-Fi & FantasyKnight's Conquest Ch. 2

Knight's Conquest Ch. 2


[Note: First, give me the chance to thank you for reading the first Chapter. I specially appreciated the nice feedback I got.

This chapter is not a continuation of the first. I know people are aching to know what will happen to our hero. Well, I am afraid to that you probably have to wait months before we get to that. I am planning to narrate the events leading up to where we are now. I am guessing that there are about 5 more chapters to go. So be patient. For now, get to know our hero and the world he is living in.

By the way, I am planning to spin-off our dark angel - Luna. I don't have much free time in my hands. So writing her story will slow the development of this one. Let me know which direction you want me to proceed.

You would notice so far, I'm not good at coming up with people's names. So if you have ideas, let me know.]

* * * * *

Your life has been so peaceful and void of worries just a week ago. You are lying in your bed, turning and started to awaken. As you open your eyes, your beautiful wife welcomes you to a new dawn with a warm smile. She blew you a kiss and then gave your newborn son another one in the forehead as she gently rocks him in her arms. You smiled back, stood up and walked towards her. As you reached where she was standing, you bend your head down to acknowledge the kiss. It is unfair that this is the best that you can do to show her you love her and that you love her even more as each day passes. But she knows you do and that is all that matters.

Your request for one-week leave from your duties has been approved. Just a couple more days of military planning, training and providing security inside the castle walls. After which, you are going out of the city walls into the countryside to spend time with your wife and your baby. You are going to visit her parents, which is at least a day of travel on horse-drawn carriages over hills and streams. You wife is looking forward to this escape. She never cares much about the convenience and amenities of living inside the castle. She loves the open country, the scent of fresh daisies in her mother's garden, the butterflies scattering as her pet dog chase a squirrel out into the field, and the sky's transition from black to red to blue as the sun tries to peek through the rolling hills.

After breakfast, you put on your uniform and proceed through the great hall towards the chamber of your commander - Frankel. Your fellow knights are already gathered around the bed awaiting instructions from your leader. The commander is old and sick, but the King won't allow him to relinquish his role. The king fears that the only thing that is keeping Frankel alive is his sense of duty. The king regards Frankel as his own father. The former king died very young leaving the boy to rule the kingdom. Frankel raised and trained the prince to be a great king. And a great king he has become, peace and prosperity reigned. After the last people arrived, Frankel revealed the duty roster. You are assigned to the prince – the heir to the throne. You cringed at the role that you are going to play.

After each one got his assignment, the knights are dismissed. The prince's room is at the other side of the castle. The person assigned to the Prince is sick, so you are suppose to take his place for the time being. The prince is nothing like his father. He is rude, ill mannered, lazy and immoral. Only once have you been assigned to him before. All the while you thought that your impression of him cannot possibly go lower. Well, it did.

It was about 6 months ago, during the festivities of the new treaty that the king has signed to open up trade with a neighboring town. The prince excused himself from the palace and went to the stable. Of course, since you are assigned to him, you have to go where he goes. You climb the wooden ladder up to the second level that serves as the storage of excess hay. You are in shock of what you saw.

The executioner is armed with a horse whip and is giving lashes to a woman on her hands and knees. The executioner is a big man. At least, twice your size. What's odd about it is that the woman seems to be enjoying it. Sensing you contempt, the prince exclaimed, "Knight, relax, watch and enjoy. It beats talking and exchanging hypocrisies with those people in the palace." You wanted to tell him your disgust, but decided not to. It will just be one night. You are just a substitute, but you will definitely have a talk with the regular guy that is assigned to him.

The woman looked up to see who was with them. You see tears rolling down here cheeks, but is all smiles when she saw the prince. "Good morning, my prince. It has been a while since the last time you sprayed your semen all over my face." She then moved her eyes to your direction, "My, my, who do we have here? Hello, handsome. Do you like what you see? Maybe you can join us later. I bet you have a long hard cock, unlike your impotent buddy. I would love to slide the whole length down my throat. You can fuck my mouth as hard as you can. I promise I won't bite… hard." She grinned at her own little joke and continued, "I will make it spurt, again and again, and eat your sweet cum until there is nothing left."

She is still staring at you intently, waiting for your response or any reaction to her words. You gave her none. You just stood there like nothing is happening. She yelped as the whip cracked on her bottom. "Harder you piece of shit. Is that the best that you can do? You weak, pathetic excuse for a man." She yelled at the executioner. "Oh please, my prince. Find me a strong, powerful man that can give it to me. And not this sissy boy that wield his whip like a girl trying a ribbon around her hair." She said to the prince but obviously is intended for the executioner to enrage him. And that, she did. The sounds from the succeeding lashes are definitely louder. And yet she continued to curse and demean the bulky figure that is dealing her "punishment". You found the whole acts deplorable, but yet you are intrigued. Of course, nothing showed in my stiff exterior.

The red welts started to form where the whip came in contact with her skin. One time when she tossed her long blond hair to one side, you noticed the image of a coiled-snake drawn on her left shoulder. The coiled-snake is a trademark of the trader in one of the villages outside the city who rents out filthy and decadent women to the highest bidder. Most of their clients are travelers, who are away from their wives. These women will do anything that the client requires them to do. You remembered that the congregation discussed on cracking down on his trade, but the king dismissed it upon the prince's request. The king has no other children. That is, most likely, the reason why he tolerates the brats behavior.

The routine continued on and on. She will look up on a regular basis to check on her audience. Her face is wet with tears and sweat, but you also see that she is in ecstasy every time the rough leather stings her skin. You glanced over your prince to see what he is doing. He is sitting on a pile of hay gently stroking his cock through his trousers. "Is this the person that is to rule our kingdom?" you said to yourself. As you returned your gaze at the performance, she is already off her hands and sitting straight up on a block of hay.

She tossed her hair, extended her arms and said "Please come to me, your highness. Let me help you with your problem." She is, of course, referring to the throbbing cock the Prince is sporting. The prince stood up and giving the executioner a nod. The executioner returned an affirmation nod himself, discarded the whip and started to remove his own clothing. The prince, finally, reach where the whore is sitting. He reached out his hands and ran his fingers through the whore's lustrous hair. He, then, used the back of his hand and caress her lovely face. She, in return, titled her head to feel more of the soft caress the prince is giving her. This is the first time you took notice of the woman's features.

She has a beautiful face that is framed by curly, golden locks that are swept to one side. She has deep-set eyes (green) and thick pouty lips that are painted bright red. Her breasts are huge but taunt, with nipples the size of kidney beans. She has nice smooth body, which made the welts stand out so noticeably, on top a slim waist and continued to a full and rounded ass. Her nether regions are cleanly shaven, exposing her soft puffy pussy. Her moist cunt glistens in the light of the oil lamp hanging on a post nearby.

Her eyes are closed while she purrs as the prince grazed his rough hands on her bare skin. All the while she managed to undo the prince's trousers, removed his underpants and started to stroke the hard cock, now free of its confines. The executioner, on the other hand, is now on his knees behind her and massaging both of her breasts. You shifted you weight as you have been standing in that same pose for a while already. That move made a little creak in the wooden floor. The men don't seem to mine and continue with their ministrations. The woman turned to look at you, while not missing as stroke on the prince's cock using its loose skin.

"Is castration a requirement for knighthood? Come over here. I can definitely bring that thing to life." You didn't react to her taunting. "What's the matter? Are you afraid that once you experienced the pleasure that I can give you that you will leave your wife and seek a whore like me for your worldly delights?" She is interrupted when the executioner lifted her up. He took her position in the bench and lowered her onto his lap. He, then, guided his tool into her waiting cunt. His organ must have been 1 foot in length and at least 3 inches in diameter. Yet, she doesn't seem to have any problem in accepting it into her folds. She returned her focus on the cock in front of her face.

She continued pumping the organ with her fist while she caressed its head with her tongue. She, then, enclosed the head with her soft lips and sucks the air out of her mouth. You saw the prince leaned back in pleasure. She continued in sliding the head in and out of her mouth a few more times before the prince grabbed her head while moving his lower body. He is trying to fuck her face. All the while, she is fucking herself on the stiff rod of the executioner. She is thrusting and plunging herself unto the fuck pole with the help of the owner who is lifting and lowering her using her breasts. She would, sometimes, undulate her hips as the huge cock pistons in and out of her pussy. She would, also at times, use her spare hand to massage her clitoris, as if the assault that he is receiving is not enough.

She removed her mouth from the penis but continued stroking it with her fist. She grabbed the executioner head behind her as she drive down his cock much more forcefully. The executioner suck on her neck and shoulder. She stiffened and screamed like a banshee as the waves of orgasm passed through her. She made the cock slid in and out her gripping cunt continuously. She will rotate her hips on each upward motion, much like unscrewing a cork. As the turbulent orgasm died down, she is panting hard but her arms never lost her rhythm on the Prince's cock. "They might have gone through rigorous and regular training in whore school", you said yourself.

Her motion slowed down considerably after the peak of her orgasm. The executioner's balls are now covered with her fluids. As she catches her breath, she noticed her lone audience is still unmoved. "So Mr. Righteous, did you enjoy my performance? I'm sure I did. This is the nice incentive in my profession. I get paid doing what I enjoy doing most. And people pay me because I am the best of what I do. Don't tell me that you aren't a bit curious. Don't you wish that it were your cock that my soft fingers are squeezing, right now. Are you not a bit envious of the proprietor of the cock that is sliding in and out of my tight, slippery tunnel. Hmmm.. I commend you for your self-discipline knight. But you and I know that your heart is longing for this. You may be able to control your desires because of the shame that a knight will be willing to corrupt his body and honor in return for a moment of decadence with a sinful person like me. Just to let you know. It will be worth it. That moment when you're cum flies through the air. That moment when your body twitches and your cock spurt your honor and holiness out into my waiting mouth. That moment will be engraved on every bone of your body. You will be willing to throw away your love of God and country just for the promise that I will fuck your brains out, again and again. Come here. I still have a hole that hasn't been filled yet. I bet that your hard cock will feel so good inside my anus."

"Shut the fuck up, bitch and concentrate on sucking my dick." The prince reprimanded. She grabbed his cock with both hands and pump it for all its worth. She twists her head clockwise while sucking his cock with full force. He is losing it. He started to jerk his hips. His knees are buckling. She released the organ from the confines of her mouth but the hands continued its activity. "Ok bitch, here it comes. Get ready for the your baptism. Let my milky fluids bathe you and cleanse your soul. Aaaahhhh…" His cock erupted multiple times effectively covering her face and most of her chest. She continued to squeeze and pull to milk out every bit of cum out of him. His cock jerk a few more and the remaining semen ooze out of the hole.

The prince collapse on the floor panting. She continued to ride the man below her. Not long after, she retaliated with her own series of orgasms. The executioner then gave the final salvo. The stable is filled with sounds of moaning as each person released their cum. What's left of the scene is a pile of worn down bodies that stench of sex. The woman collapsed unconscious due to exhaustion. You just stood there and watch as the Prince ordered the executioner to bring the whore back to her village. He puts his clothes back on and we proceeded to his quarters. The rest of the night is uneventful as you stood outside his door.

You sigh at the realization that the prince is hopeless. The king is still young, so there is not much to worry about yet. You hope that today will be easier. There is a chariot race that will take up most of the prince's day. Then at night, he will be watching a musical with his mother. As far as you are concerned, you are practically home free.

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