tagSci-Fi & FantasyKnight's Conquest Ch. 4

Knight's Conquest Ch. 4


[I would like to apologize again for the previous chapter. I understand if you are disappointed. I promised that I would make up for it. So, here it is. I hope you enjoy it.

As before, your feedback and comments (good or bad) will be very much appreciated.]

You reached your bed and flip off the covers, close your eyes and lay you head on the firm but comfortable pillow. You tried to sleep, but after minutes of tossing and turning, the sandman still won't come and visit you. So you just gave up. You are laying on you side facing the window. You open your eyes to the beautiful rolling hills. Then, the scroll got you attention. You hesitantly slide up the bed until you are in a sitting position.

You reached out and obtain the object. It is about five inches long and about an inch or more in diameter. You held it on one end of the scroll and slowly pulled on the pink ribbon to untie the string that held it together. You let the ribbon fall on your lap. Surprisingly, the document did not unravel itself after you release it from its bounds. You look around the object to find the edge of the paper. Instead, you find a small message that says "You can bind your manhood with my ribbon before kissing my lips …". The text is followed by an image of a woman's lips. You stared at the pink ribbon lying on you lap for a few seconds and decided not to do as message says. The silhouette of the lips got your curiosity, though. The image seems to shimmer and change color as the light strikes it at different angles. You let your finger feel the amazing material that can cause such an illusion.

You immediately felt dizzy so you closed your eyes for a second and shook you head. However, when you opened them again, you area no longer sitting in your bed. You are standing in the middle of nothing. You cannot see your surroundings. You cannot even see the grounds you are standing on. Everything is just blank. You know that you are not blind, though, because you can see your own hands and feet. You cannot hear anything else, either. Just your own breath and, now, heavily thumping heart. You started to panic but realized that you cannot move your arms and legs. But, you still feel them.

A moment later, you hear something else in the background – footsteps. It seems to be coming towards you. Noting that you cannot defend yourself, your anxiety grew. Slowly, something seems to be materializing from the white background. It is more like that the white smoke is slowly parting to reveal the creature that is making the tapping sound. You gasp as the she completely materializes just a few feet from you. It's her. The prostitute that "serviced" Prince Oscar a while ago. [See chapter 2 for details]

"Hello, welcome and thank you for trying our sampler. My name is Krysta. I am going to provide you with a guided tour of our facility and show you the services that we provide." She looks different from the last time. She is dressed with a soft, silk, light blue robe. Although loose, it still accentuated the beautiful curves or her body. Her dress does not cover her arms, revealing its soft and smooth texture. She is also wearing a gold chain bracelet around her left wrist. Her hair is curled and extends just below her shoulders. The top of her head is crowned with small multi-colored flowers. She now looks more like an angel or a fairy than a whore. She continued her introduction. "This is pre-recorded, you cannot influence the outcome nor participate in it. However, you can see, smell, hear and smell everything as if it is reality. Therefore, I would suggest that you just relax. Put away all you apprehensions and enjoy the tour. So, shall we get started? But before that we don't need those".

She used her index finger and pointed to the clothes you are wearing. It vanished before your eyes, every fiber of it. Your nakedness is now exposed to your beautiful escort. "And I need something to hold on to as I lead you though our village." Immediately your manhood sprang to full attention. You have never experience being this hard since your teens. It's so hard it hurt. She looked into your eyes and her soft warm fingers envelop themselves around your penis. She bit her lower lip as she caressed up and down its length. You felt yourself twitch every time her finger slid by its head. She smiled at you and seemed satisfied of what she was doing. A few more strokes and she spun around walking ahead and leading you with your dick in tow.

Your surroundings begin to change. The blank page became a lush green meadow surrounded the high mountain ranges. You can smell the fresh air around you. You can also hear the birds chirping. You are amazed at the details understanding that this is all an illusion. You were brought to the entrance of the village.

The town is organized as a circle with smaller tents surrounding with an enormous structure in the center. The structures are mostly tents made up of cloths and sticks. The structure in the middle, however, is made up of stones and bricks. She let you absorb the sight for a while before dragging you to the right. You assumed that you visit each tent counterclockwise.

As if reading your mind, she said "We won't be able to see the entire village, due to lack of time. However, we will gladly give you a live tour if you requested. We will show you how to get here at the conclusion of the tour." You arrived at the first tent.

"Upon arrival to our village you will be greeted by two of our lovely ladies. You will be brought here to be cleaned and bathe." Two young petite women appeared out of nowhere accompanying a man. Each one held one arm as they guided him to the tub filled with clean and scented water. There is something familiar with the man. It's you. As you watch yourself getting undress by these nymphs, you turned to look at your mistress. She is also intently watching the scenario unfolding.

"Our girls will help the customer relax and comfortable. Although the girls would perform sexual favors if requested, the client knows that there are far more superior women in store for them." You are shocked to see yourself kissing, licking and toying with the women's nipples. You are barely in the water before you started to press your tongue inside their mouths. You know yourself better and concluded that you won't do such ungentlemanly acts. "The customer usually flirt with the girls and the girls would flirt back. They will try to get the client hot, their cocks hard and their libido pumping for the next activities of the evening."

You are in the tub now. The water is up to your chest. One of the women is sitting on the tub behind you wrapping her smooth legs around your neck and her hands is busy massaging you scalp. The other one is sitting on you lap rubbing your chest with one hand and stroking you cock with the other. You hands are not resting, either. One of your arms is wrapped around the legs on top of your shoulders caressing and feeling her smooth skin, while the other is busy pinching the nipple and alternately squeezing the soft but taunt breast of the one sitting on your lap. You cannot clearly hear the conversation among the three actors but the women are giggling and you seem to be enjoying the circumstances.

You are now enjoying the show but Krysta you felt the tug on your "handle". You went out of the tent and the people vanished, More accurately, they seem to fade away. She brought you from one tent to another. Each tent caters to a difference kind of fetish. Some of them make you cringe, but since you don't have any control over the activities that are happening. Nor do you have any option to look away. You followed Kysta's advice to be open-minded and just enjoy the show. "At last, we are at the end of our demonstration. I hope you enjoyed it. I hope you visit us, sometime. Look for me, and I will make it worth your while". She brought me back to the entrance of the village. My cock went limp and returned to its original size.

"Before I say my final goodbye, I am going to give you an hands-on demo. The succeeding portion may vary to suit your personality. It is customized by the sender, me, to give you the utmost satisfaction. If I misinterpreted your desires, I do apologize."

Suddenly, the trees and the blue sky disappeared. I am in a dark cave. I can hear the cracking sound of fire and the dripping of water on the limestone floor. The cave is humid and the smell is pungent. I am chained to its cold walls with rusting iron shackles, both hands and feet spread-eagled. The distinctive sound of a female voice came from nowhere and now filled the room. "Hello, my knight in shining armor. Or my knight in his breaches, I should say." The armor that protected body is now gone. I am now wearing tattered rags, and standing barefoot on the cold damp floor.

The tapping sound of the stiletto heels followed the voice and getting closer to my prone figure. The image of rough and uneven stone walls is replace by a scantily clad woman. The cave is still dark but I can clearly see her. She seems to illuminate. She is wearing black sleeveless leather vest that barely covered her breast. Thin leather straps criss-crosses at the opening of the vest to hold them together. The item is just wide enough to barely cover her nipples. The soft and tender skin of her mammary can be seen through the leather straps.

Your eyes moved downward. She has a red gem hanging on a short silver chain pierced though her navel. The gem ends two inches from her pussy opening, which is covered by a diamond studded black leather panty. The fetish-wear is tied at the back around the waist. The item is about 1/8 of an inch wide from the loop and gradually increase to about a quarter of an inch below the pelvic bone. The shiny stone ornaments would start to show as the two sides meet forming a valley that would just cover her juicy opening.

The same leather straps is used to form the pair of boots she is wearing. The boots are knee high and the straps expose her muscular calves. The pointed-toe matches the sharp ending of her heels, which is at least 4 inches long. As your gaze started to move back up, you noticed that swinging cat-o-nine tails whip she is holding on her lace covered hands. Her arm-length gloves covered her fingers but her shiny red fingernails are exposed and reflect brightly upon you eyes.

She started to speak again. So you lifted your face up to face your captor. Her shiny blond hair is pulled back to form a ponytail. She had her silver helmet on top of her head but her incredibly beautiful face is shown with all its glory: deep dark mysterious eyes, which is enhance by the heavily painted eyeshadow; Bright red sumptuous lips that begs to be tasted. The vision exudes lust and desire, but at the same time, elicits fear from her captive.

"I can feel your desire. I know your desire. Your voyeuristic adventure in the barn didn't go unnoticed. We are trained to be empaths. Our trade requires us to anticipate the fetishes of our clients. I can feel your anguish every time Brundt's whip cracked my skin. I feel the anger. However, I can also feel the erotic sensations running though you vein even though you hide it so well. You spite at the person giving the lashes, but you have a secret longing to be the one receiving it." With that said, the remaining clothes that you are wearing vanished and the leather whip started it assault on your skin. If this is not real, how come you feel the pain and sting of every welt on your upper body.

"Oh, my knight. I would not think of you to less of a man, if you cry once in a while. Here. Let us remove your inhibitions." As if transformed from being a repressed knight of valor to a five year old mischievous kid, I howled and wailed at very sharp contact. I found my tearing welling up, bawling uncontrollably. "That's more like it. Let yourself go. Surrender yourself to the pain. So that later on, it can give you pleasure." The whipping went on and on. It seems like eternity has passed and then it stopped.

She moved even closer. You are mere inches apart. She stretched her powerful hand, grabbed you by the hair to move your face close to her. You can smell her sweet breath as she speaks again. "So how do you feel Darien. Do you feel anger? Do you hate me? Do you wish you can break through the chains and choke me to death with your bare hands? I think not. Having me this close to you is flaming the heat in you a lot more. But it is not anger or hatred, it is lust and desire. Isn't it? You have never experience being beaten down, being defiled. But this is what you secretly longed for. Being dominated and being abused. But you cannot allow yourself to be in this feeble position. You cannot just surrender yourself. You also what to be helpless, to be controlled. You want an excuse to be able to defile your faith, an excuse to be coerced to do things that your righteous mind would not want you to do. With me, you can do all of that and more. I know you so well. The very first time that you grunt in defiance of what the prince is doing to me. You desired me and want to consume me but in a totally different way."

"Isn't it true, moral one. Rather than use your powerful arms to man-handle me and escape from your predicament. You would prefer to let my scent fill your nostrils. As I look deep in your eyes, your lips are quivering and you tongue slick. You wanted to taste my sweet lips, don't you? Even if I tell you that my saliva is poison and your heart will stop beating in an instant. But you still lick your lips in anticipation of your demise. This is what you want. Isn't it, Darien? I dare you, knight. Our lips are less than an inch apart. Our noses are almost touching. You inhale in the warm air that I just breathe out. I dare you not to cover my mouth with yours. I dare you not to stick your tongue down my throat. I dare you to choose life over the lust and yearning you have to taste my vile but sweet honey lips."

You tilted you head, opened your mouth and accepted your temptress waiting lips. She is right. You didn't really care if your soul will leave your lifeless body just to taste her juices. She reciprocated. Her tongue is exploring your mouth and yours is exploring hers. The world no longer exists. You are no longer the protector of your kingdom. You are no longer the husband of the most handsome maiden of the land. You existed just for this kiss. You no longer have a body or a mind. Only your mouth and tongue exist.

Krysta disengaged herself from you, leaving you with your eyes closed and mouth opened. Your shook your head to awaken from the daze. You sucked in as much air as you can into your starving lungs. You saw her smile. She is amused at what she saw. The previously proud and confident knight begging for another kiss from the lips of woman that swallowed the seed of so many other men. Your cuffs disappeared. And being unprepared for that turn of events. You fell to the floor on your knees.

You looked up at the form of the seductress that sapped your will away from you. She has her feet apart and currently undoing the knot that held her flimsy underwear together. "Tell me, Knight. Have you ever sucked a woman's pussy? Have your tongue ever slid between her folds? Have your mouth and lips ever been drenched by her juices? I guess not. Come and have your first taste." With that she roughly grabbed the back of your head and guided your face to her hairless cunt.

"I am already wet from our exercise earlier. How you like the scent, knight? How do you like the taste? I bet your loving it by the way you are lapping at my cunt."

"Oh, you are a good pussy licker. Come on, stick out your tongue. Put it in my love tunnel. Drink more of my fluids. Oh yes.. You are really enjoying yourself. Aren't you? That's it go in deeper.. faster."

"You are going to make me come. Suck on my clitoris. Here, put your mouth on where I am rubbing myself. Put your tongue between the folds of my skin. I will let you know when you.. Ahh.. that's it. Keep at it."

"Haahh. Stick you finger inside my pussy. You know what to do. Do it faster, pump it as fast as you can. I'm very close."

"Almost there.. "

"Here it comes.." Her juices started flowing. It's like a dam that broke wide open. She is still holding your head with her incredibly strong arms. As her orgasm continues, she is undulating and mashing your face to her cunt. You don't have a choice but to swallow her excretions. Your nose, eyelids.. your whole face is now slippery and covered with the slimy liquid. She continued to fuck your face for another minute or so. After the last of her orgasms subsided she let you go. With no energy left, you fell to the floor gasping for air.

"Wheeww.. That was probably the best orgasm I ever had. Don't be too proud of yourself, knight. You are a mere accessory. Remember I control everything you do and feel. At least, you know how to please me next time we do meet in person. Stand up. It's your turn."

You did and the shackles bounded your arms and legs again.

"Don't pout. I am doing this for your own safety. Your knees would have probably turned to butter in the middle of my ministrations. You will be like a piece of rag. You will just be hanging by these chains by the time I am done. I know what you feel. You probably want to bend me over and fuck me with that big hard cock that you are sporting, right now. I would love for you to stick that pole of yours in my slippery pussy. I bet you could fuck like a racehorse. You could make me scream my lungs out. But I want to leave a lasting impression. One that you would longed for every time that you are alone. I want you to masturbate thinking of what I could be doing to you. I know you don't play with yourself. But you will."

She took a few steps back and bit her fingernail. She stared at you cock for a couple of seconds and looked deep into you eyes. She reached out her other hand and grabbed your hard organ. She, then, knelt down in front of you and started to slowly stroke your cock.

"Don't be nervous, Darien. I know you never have somebody touching your cock before. But doesn't it feel good? I bet your wife would never allow herself to feel your manhood in her hands. Where is wifey, anyway? She should watch. Maybe she would learn something."

The image of your wife appears a few feet in front of you. She is standing and watching the witch have her way with your erection.

"How about the King? He may want to watch, too. I know the Prince would love to see this." The image of the King and the Prince appeared beside your wife.

She stroke and twist your penis is her soft lubricated hands. Up and down. Up and down the shaft. She giggles as she heard you gasped when her hands grazed the crown. She is now torturing you by continuously sliding her finger at the head of your penis. The sensations are unbearable. You have to close your eyes because of its intensity. But yet she continued. Faster and faster. You started to see stars out of your closed eyelids. You hips are undulating in tandem with her fingers pass through the crown. You feel your own fluids rising out of your balls begging to get out.

But she won't allow that. She suddenly grasped hard at the base of your penis to stem your rising come. You feel yourself ejaculate but nothing came out. You felt like you are in limbo when she successfully stop your impending orgasm. You continuously pump your hips hoping she might slip and let the volcano spew out its lava. But she held tight.

As the sensations died down a little bit, you almost bursted again as she wrapped her sweet lips around your raw and sensitive organs and slid it over the head a few times. But she fingers never let go of their grip. She slowly released her grip and gave your cock a few more tugs. Your cock twitch in the air after she released it.

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