tagRomanceKnock at the Door

Knock at the Door


The knock on the door wasn't a surprise.

She took a deep breath, walked to the door and looked through the peephole. It was him. She had been waiting for this for so long, with so much electricity building up between them.

The work day was long, yet fun. They were doing so much, being put together on a team for the first time. There were little glances, occasional bumps as the space backstage was limited. She got cold, and asked to borrow his sweater that he had just taken off. He was more than happy to lend it to her, seeing her in something that was his, almost claiming that she was his, even though they've barely even touched. She could smell him from the sweater, and made her warm all day...not just from the wool.

The work day had ended, and everyone made plans for the evening, going back to the hotel to shower and get rid of the grime of the day. He asked if she wanted to join up for dinner, and a walk around the Vegas strip. He tried to be casual about it, but holding in his excitement was difficult. Tonight was the night. He couldn't wait any longer, he had to tell her.

The past few weeks had been interminable, laying alone at night, thinking of her while touching himself, finally exploding when he thought of her mouth on him, her beautiful body above him, luminous skin. It was at the point where if he saw her in the hallway at work, he'd start to stiffen, and have to distract himself for a while. But it didn't do any good, as he'd have to work with her in the studio at night, and there she was, laughing, smiling, that gorgeous mouth, those eyes where he felt he could see her soul. Her hair, he longed to touch her hair, run his fingers through it. Take her out on his boat, watch her in the sun and wind and bury himself in her neck, her scent.

She, too, was having problems concentrating at night. Her drive home from work was long, and she thought of him most of the way. Once she got to the apartment, things calmed as she had to focus on her husband, but when they went to bed, she dreamed of him. Thought of him. Wanted him. While she was getting penetrated by her husband, she imagined him, his smile, looking down at her, sucking on her breasts, pleasuring her.

The work trip to Vegas was a compliment, as they only brought the best of the network with them. She was pulled from another show to go work on the live coverage, and he was there, making sure everything went smoothly. Everyone got hotel rooms paid for by the company, and the group who went were all great people and had fun together.

She was asked if she wanted to go to dinner that night with the group, and demurred as she had a "headache". They were leaving Vegas in two days, and the company wanted to take everyone out on the last night in town. He opted out, saying he was tired and needed to rest, when all he could think of was how rest was the last thing on his mind.

She exhaled, calming her drumming heart, hoping he wouldn't be able to hear it on the other side of the door. It was just dinner and walking around. That was it. Why was she so nervous?

As she pulled open the door, his smile got brighter. He was freshly showered, and dressed nicely. She, too, had showered, as well as shaved. Everywhere. Her clothes were basic for her, yet flattering and comfortable.

They locked eyes, and the electricity came back. She gasped at the intensity, and stepped back. He stepped in and closed the door behind him, still looking at her. She managed to look away, and turned to get her shoes and her purse.

"I need to talk to you."

She froze. She was sure he could hear her heart slamming in her chest. Inhale. Exhale.

He didn't believe in any deity, but still prayed that he could do this.

"Sure. What's up?" She tried to sound lighthearted.

She turned, and looked at him again. He was looking into her soul.

He said nothing, stepping forward and taking her face gently, softly, in her hands, never wavering his gaze, and she could smell him again, that wonderful, slightly spicy smell.

His lips touched hers. He was doing it. He kissed her deeply, and she melted in his arms. They tasted each other, feeling, sensing, moving even closer together, arms wrapped softly yet tightly around bodies. Their tongues danced, played, as the intensity again increased. Hands moving over bodies, touching places for the first time physically, but long dreamed. His fingers through her hair, her hands on his back, neck, arms, caressing. They broke the kiss and looked again. There was no room, no other world. Just them. Everything around them blurred. No words needed to be spoken.

She reached for his chest, and started to unbutton his shirt. Her hands touched his skin, the gentle hairs, and ran her fingers over his nipples. He breathed in sharply, seeing this beautiful woman touching him, as he's wanted for so long. His excitement was obvious, and she now noticed. She kissed his warm chest, licking his nipple briefly, and starts to kiss her way down his body.

Unbuckling his belt, she breathes in again. He is large, and thick. She cannot wait, as she pulls down his trousers and underwear, he springs to attention. To get his pants off, he has to sit on the bed, so she pushes him back against the pillows, gently but insistently. He complies easily, but not without another deep kiss.

She kneels beside him, licks her lips, and takes him in her soft mouth. How he manages to not explode right there, he doesn't know. His dream, that he has seen in his mind for so long, is happening. He watches her mouth move softly, wetly, up and down, taking him in, her nose getting buried in his hair at the base. Her tongue moves along, and he can't keep his eyes open for the pleasure. Her hand moves to his balls, cupping, pulling slightly. She finds the muscle that runs to his ass, and rubs it firmly, but gently. She feels his balls twitch. As she looks him, he closes his eyes for a minute, but can't bear to not look at her. As he opens his eyes, she is looking at him, wet coming out of the corner of her mouth, her lipstick on him. He climaxes, shooting cum deep in her mouth. She groans with pleasure, and sucks him gently dry. As she releases his dick, she licks her lips, smiles, and swallows everything. His penis twitches, just at the sight of her and her raw sexuality radiating off her.

He touches her face again, and she comes up next to him, lies down, and kisses him deeply again. His hands play on her body, touching, squeezing. She moans softly, as his hand finds her breasts and caresses them. He starts to take off her top over her head, and then, she is exposed to him. She reaches behind her to unclasp her bra, and slides it off her body. He, again, twitches, and moves his hands over her skin, lovingly. Everywhere. He leans forwards and kisses her stomach, making her involuntarily flinch from the tickle. She smiles down at him, as he looks up at her again. His hands reach around her waist and draws her to him, and he devours her breasts, nipples he's dreamed of sucking on, and hearing her gasp and wiggle and enjoy.

His hands reach down to her pants, and slip them off over her hips with her help. She, too, is now naked and they look at each other, drink in the beauty of the body in front of them. But the electricity is rising again, and the hunger is beginning. He wants her and she wants him. They almost lunge for each other, and as their mouths meet again, there is an urgency there. He is almost completely erect again, and his hand at her waist feels the heat rising from her. His hand slowly moves from her round, creamy ass towards her cunt, the smell rising up from her. He finds, not unsurprisingly, wetness. She moves, so that his hand touches her more, and moans, softly, again. He lays her back on the bed, kissing down her body again, stopping at her nipples, her soft stomach, and heading further down. Her legs part, and he has full access. Her hands play with her nipples, as she watches him. He is mesmerized by her, and breathes in her scent deeply. Leaning forward, he kisses her thigh, her labia, and oh so gently, his tongue comes out to touch her clit. The sharp inhale again tells him that he is doing well, and he starts to kiss, lick, suck her folds, her clit, and his fingers start to find her hole.

She is in heaven. She cannot see anything but him, his face buried in her. The feelings that he is creating are like nothing she's ever had before, his warm tongue, the fingers that have entered her and are curled up to find her g-spot. She breathes, watches, and starts to feel the waves building. Her hands leave her nipples, where they have been pinching and pulling, and move to his hair, just connecting with him. He feels the squeeze on his fingers, and intensifies his movements. She starts to rock her hips more, moan more, and then it peaks, and she cries out his name over and over, while she rides the orgasm and he sucks up her juices.

So far, it has been almost wordless. Their eyes have been doing the talking, and their mouths have been otherwise engaged. Now, he pulls back, looks at her, and tries to speak, but cannot. He is too overwhelmed by emotion, passion, longing and the love that he has been holding in for so long. Tears form in his eyes, and she pulls him, again, to her mouth. She tastes herself on him, and kisses him longingly, even though she is still out of breath. She kisses his face, and looking in his eyes, she sees the tears, the love.

He's fully erect now, and is pressing against her thigh. Even after the powerful orgasm, she needs him in her. Her hands move to his hips, and guides him to her. He slips in easily, at first, due to the wetness. Then she is still so tight, and he goes slowly, while gazing at her. She can't break the gaze this time, she's too deep, and he sees her flinch while he pushes deeper. He pauses, worried that he's hurting her, but her hands encourage him to go further. He strokes, short movements, until he's fully in. He starts to gently pump, while kissing her again, until her hands kneading on his back show that she's wanting more. Her tongue darts around his, entwining, desperate, wanting. He starts thrusting more, her hips meeting his, his breath increasing, her moans getting louder. They look at each other, as he's thrusting, and the feeling increases and increases. He pumps and pumps, and feels his ball tighten, just as he feels her walls start to squeeze again. Looking in each others eyes, they climax together, one being, one in the universe, combining, seared together at the hips, the eyes.

He collapses on her, moaning. She gently strokes his back, his hair, as she still can't get enough of him. They stay like that for a while, until he rolls to her side and she curls up against him, gentle kisses on his body, him rubbing her arm, back, tender sides of her breast, anywhere he can touch.

Finally, she speaks.

"What did you want to talk about?"

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